Bishal Raj Biswas
Bishal Raj Biswas Пре 23 сата
You said forever now i drive alone past your street🙃💔
Maya R
Maya R Пре 23 сата
My parents think I am crazy because: 1. I am wearing headphones and they are joking around. 2. But here I am erratically crying😢😢 This song gets to you even if you dont have bf or a driver's license right?
Cee Ar.
Cee Ar. Пре 23 сата
Olivia - Sabrina 🤔 yeah, it kinda sounds similar
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato Пре 23 сата
I think not...but it's your opinion
Maura Bont
Maura Bont Пре 23 сата
You getting a little obsessed now....
•milkandcookies• Пре 23 сата
Do you get déjà vu? When she's with you?
Palas Shah
Palas Shah Пре 23 сата
She’s just like Ed sheeran.......they’re just incredible when they’re singing live
Venti Barbatos God Of Wind
Venti Barbatos God Of Wind Пре 23 сата
SLAY OLIVIA *sad twerking*
Vasanthi K
Vasanthi K Пре 23 сата
The starting part reminded me of bizzarvark. Is it just me
Rebecca Jolie
Rebecca Jolie Пре 23 сата
I just made it 34m:)
Niña Maskariño
Niña Maskariño Пре 23 сата
no one talking about the girl in a green dress who looks like Sabrina
Dorottya Dotty
Dorottya Dotty Пре 23 сата
So u can't accept their relationship. I
Jake Holliday
Jake Holliday Пре 23 сата
ZOOOTY Пре дан
angela abendan
angela abendan Пре дан
this song is hurtful than her driver's license...imean the lyrics is like
Emily C
Emily C Пре дан
what’s with billy joel i’m kinda confused
유진이광 Пре дан
*sad* *twerking*
Emily C
Emily C Пре дан
my life is complete
isabelle mcgaw
isabelle mcgaw Пре дан
she's really roasted the sh** out of joshua and sabrina. and i aint complaining
Sofia Patti
Sofia Patti Пре дан
<3 <3
THESKSK hshsgsyks
THESKSK hshsgsyks Пре дан
why is everyone twerking?
Angelo Пре дан
sophie stonam
sophie stonam Пре дан
such a shame they did not clean the window screen or used wipers in the video as how on earth can you see out of the window if she was driving?
Janine Brayshay
Janine Brayshay Пре дан
I just can't imagine how ok you are now that I'm gone ..stings like shit man
Ruby N
Ruby N Пре дан
I’m not gonna do it. Why would I twerk? That makes no sense on this video. *sneaky twerking*
Asangla Lkr
Asangla Lkr Пре дан
LMAO The Live Chat is a mess XDDD
vibes always sp00ky
vibes always sp00ky Пре дан
*twerks aggressively while watching glee*
ɴᴀɴᴄʏ Пре дан
emotional twerking
mya field
mya field Пре дан
She’s dropping all the hits
Ashabilla Wardatunnisa
Ashabilla Wardatunnisa Пре дан
omg look at this pretty gurl😍
Wooowww this is so, so, so creative im speechless, this is so good Olivia!
The song is tooooo good.but the video I think doesn't match.
Michael Basbayar
Michael Basbayar Пре дан
1:00 her tooth lmao and aouto tune
use randomly
use randomly Пре дан
this music video is extremely sus
SoloAlex2005 Пре дан
Two half Filipinos are on the billboard Bruno Mars (Peter Gene Hernandez) and Olivia Rodrigo.
Arshita Mittal
Arshita Mittal Пре дан
does someone realize the starting tune is same as wonderland of taylor
Neptune in Capricorn
Neptune in Capricorn Пре дан
The music is fine but the lyrics are just so mean. Get a life girl let him be happy
Asangla Lkr
Asangla Lkr Пре дан
This is a fake story , did u knew that ? She even said that in an interview. And BTW if u disliked the video plz like it :>
Carlos Cortez
Carlos Cortez Пре дан
Olivia Rodrigo my new idol 💖💖💗✨
Leona Пре дан
I don't understand why people say 𝙏𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 in coments😅🤣
Luna Moon
Luna Moon Пре дан
Girls really do compare themselves and see if they’re better than their ex’s new gf
Manny Gonzalez
Manny Gonzalez Пре дан
manny listening
おちんちんヤウィカ Пре дан
Emotional twerking
bangbu crack
bangbu crack Пре дан
is it just me but this song is kinda toxic lol
Zivellas Jember
Zivellas Jember Пре дан
Olivia Rodrigo reminds me of Georgina Wilson
Beatriz Santos
Beatriz Santos Пре дан
A música é incrível mas o clip não é bom
Dellarose Пре дан
do you get deja vu
shesh Пре дан
y'all need to stop twerking *twerks in (HA HA HA HA HA)
Aisha El Haddar
Aisha El Haddar Пре дан
It might be my gay mindset, but this seems like a gay song....
Aisha El Haddar
Aisha El Haddar Пре дан
@Emison Fientis ? whats that?
Emison Fientis
Emison Fientis Пре дан
The music video was actually inspired by killing eve 🤷‍♀️
Madinna Zarifova
Madinna Zarifova Пре дан
This girl looks like Sabrina Carpenter. Look at her eyebrows
Yrn Stoic223
Yrn Stoic223 Пре дан
Love it
Atisha Malwadkar
Atisha Malwadkar Пре дан
okay but why am I crying?!
Amirhossein Fathollahi Madani
Amirhossein Fathollahi Madani Пре дан
Wow!!! it couldn't be better than this! awesome
Krishna Mathur
Krishna Mathur Пре дан
Hii can l get a reply please Olivia biggest fan from India ❤❤❤❤❤
jacques romano
jacques romano Пре дан
she doesn’t reply here on RStoolss
Ariya. Pht
Ariya. Pht Пре дан
I hate u , I gonna cry
Tapan Mondal
Tapan Mondal Пре дан
Well the girl 50% looks like sabrina
multi_bebbbys is my tiktok acc
multi_bebbbys is my tiktok acc Пре дан
Why is everyone commenting about twerking? *confused twerking*
samuel lux
samuel lux Пре дан
she's full of hatred and jealousy. definition of crazy ex.
samuel lux
samuel lux Пре дан
@Asangla Lkr she's on taylor swift phase, so expect more about ex
Asangla Lkr
Asangla Lkr Пре дан
kyan blevins
kyan blevins Пре дан
When did she twerk someone time stamp it
Asangla Lkr
Asangla Lkr Пре дан
rieee Пре дан
The people that disliked this song should get covid tests done, because one of the major symptoms is no taste
Asangla Lkr
Asangla Lkr Пре дан
Tapan Mondal
Tapan Mondal Пре дан
Why everyone is twerking 🤔 **Latin twerking**
thedobre. brothers
thedobre. brothers Пре дан
my fav song!!!
1 D
1 D Пре дан
3:00 she wore an earring that says 'sour '(her debut album's name) sis really is Taylor's daughter
Antrika Yadav
Antrika Yadav Пре дан
OMG! Did anyone else notice that her album cover is right there in the music vid at 3:05?
Hoffy Пре дан
Nice. This can stay on top for as long it wants.
BunnyLlama47 Пре дан
Aan Burr
Aan Burr Пре дан
*satisfied twerking*😌
Fabrizzio Cardenas
Fabrizzio Cardenas Пре дан
I love you
Fabrizzio Cardenas
Fabrizzio Cardenas Пре дан
Te amo
Fabrizzio Cardenas
Fabrizzio Cardenas Пре дан
Linda 😍
Fabrizzio Cardenas
Fabrizzio Cardenas Пре дан
Fabrizzio Cardenas
Fabrizzio Cardenas Пре дан
Me encanta esta canción
Wolfy.Xwólf Пре дан
Yeah ok I don't get it
Cammy Boba
Cammy Boba Пре дан
* aesthetically twerking *
rey Ibarra
rey Ibarra Пре дан
Damn this sings actually not bad wow
youstanme Пре дан
me crying at 1 am for this girl.
ella alvarado
ella alvarado Пре дан
is it just me or the girl looks like sabrina carpenter 😬
Cyn 07
Cyn 07 Пре дан
I'm a 30 something old woman with a wonderful perfect husband and been driving for long... still this song makes me feel like a 15yo broken heart sad bitch.... Can't explain the tears to my husband though....
Akemi Ito
Akemi Ito Пре дан
28k dislikes? there should be zero dislikes... but larry af tho.
Akemi Ito
Akemi Ito Пре дан
dude idk if i can handle a whole album
Mona Lopez
Mona Lopez Пре дан
This song is kinda mean
Akemi Ito
Akemi Ito Пре дан
dude ive been looking for the other girl in the video like who is that then its just in the description.