Venom #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics
A Healing Warrior | Make Me a Hero
GAMER Пре 6 минута
Avengers wait wrong team petengers assemble
GAMER Пре 13 минута
There are alought of betters in the description
ask.projects Пре 16 минута
after sansa and arya stark, finnaly Jon Snow and robb stark join the club.
Neverdid🖤🖤 Пре 23 минута
Mines just gonna go with the classics you in the venom and miles
ImmortalR3 Пре 23 минута
I m soooooooo late😭😭
Shine Пре 29 минута
Does anybody know when this is coming out for DVD 4K?
Vcenza Пре 30 минута
The movie was great 🔥 highly recommended
Faizal Ismail
Faizal Ismail Пре 33 минута
so Peter now Iron Spider leg in his standard suit ?
Big Biggy
Big Biggy Пре 35 минута
Youtube Pirate
Youtube Pirate Пре 37 минута
hello peter changes so many lives 😈😈
Shu Kurenai
Shu Kurenai Пре 41 минут
Too Hard !🔥🔥🔥
Just Marvel Stuff
Just Marvel Stuff Пре 41 минут
Landa uday Kiran
Landa uday Kiran Пре 43 минута
Wakanda forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ATTACKtheWACKisBACK Пре 45 минута
Marvel's looking to take the Christmas-Themed Action crown from Die Hard... with a series
Rodrigo Cáceres
Rodrigo Cáceres Пре 55 минута
"I'm Captain Falcon"
LolhorseGibleaAnimates「ばか」 Пре 56 минута
What happened to marbel tl dr
Space dude
Space dude Пре сат
Has any body realized that in 2:27 there’s electricity ⚡️ that might symbolize electro?!
Prisa Paudel
Prisa Paudel Пре сат
Rip 💔
Muzzeina Пре сат
There's no way the calestials are in this movie and they can defeat them!
velux mitochondriaPH
velux mitochondriaPH Пре сат
I wish they done better job at making it look "real" because it really brings you out of the film and this films creature cgi doesn't feel like it has a marvel budget. Kinda cringe and not good looking. Video game animation
Apollo Пре сат
I absolutely love the Die Hard vibes I’m getting from this
OddOneOut665 Пре сат
I firmly believe Trevor chose to stay in Ta Lo to entertain the Village and to care for Morris. Not like anything is waiting for him back Home, wherever that is...
CBHere Пре сат
It sounds so similar to "night city" from cyberpunk2077
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar Пре сат
I watched this movie hundred times
Steve .Smith
Steve .Smith Пре сат
Looks like crap.
jayeeta choudhury
jayeeta choudhury Пре сат
Is it just me or Ultron sounds like Stan Lee
yunan the observer
yunan the observer Пре сат
I like how perfectly timed that was. Just to add gasoline to the fire, he doesn't even appear smug about it. He just respond back as if he's really thinking about it.
papinbala Пре сат
i dont get why they hired old hags like salma hayek or angelina jolie, they are past menopause
impressed sasuke
impressed sasuke Пре сат
I get the feeling doctor strange might be peter's next father figure while tobey and andrew peters would be his siblings figure
JamesyHamesy Пре сат
prime armor is just op as hell :p
Rajith Пре сат
The king in the North
CrocDoctor75 Пре сат
Looks Nice cool to see who the new villians are what new easter eggs there are what new heros or characters there are what new plot twist and post credit scenes there are but all and all lets be real Loki kind of nerfed the hole MCU so yeah still cool though 🏹
Khaled Hawilo
Khaled Hawilo Пре сат
Nice movie high recommended 👌
9iamking Gaming
9iamking Gaming Пре сат
[Fly Away/9iamking]
OMAT FC - FIFA 21 CLIPS Пре 2 сата
Ramin Djawadi is a legend
Eric Duque
Eric Duque Пре 2 сата
I can’t believe it’s nearly been 4 years since this trailer came out
Suhani Singh
Suhani Singh Пре 2 сата
why was these 2 heros death so painful of iron man and natasha
yeEt the TacoO
yeEt the TacoO Пре 2 сата
The Christmas song in this trailer is to nostalgic and now I want it to be Christmas so bad
Lala ri
Lala ri Пре 2 сата
Kinda disappointed
Георгий Шон
Георгий Шон Пре 2 сата
Song name pls...
Tim Evergreen
Tim Evergreen Пре 2 сата
Is this a marvel film or a Christmas film coz I don't know
LindenIsTheBest Пре 2 сата
This show is a copy of arrow
ice in demise
ice in demise Пре 2 сата
nice to lnow that the world died because the balck bolt was complementing locl jaw
Suhani Singh
Suhani Singh Пре 2 сата
even me i have seen endgame 15 times i wasnt fan of marvel studio but in lockdown i saw the movie this year and now i am addicted and sad
Tyler Bremner
Tyler Bremner Пре 2 сата
This book was sooooo boring. I tried to give it a chance I really did I love X Men and the stuff Hickman set up with House of x powers of x was really good but this was just not interesting. Characters were terrible and uninspired. X Factor was also awful. Benjamin Percy’s X force was pretty good and the Hickman new mutants books. The issue where x23 and Darwin were in the vault was amazing. This really had potential but if this is where it’s going reboot or cancel this it’s not going last anyways don’t waste your money
MR Nobody
MR Nobody Пре 2 сата
I just realised that thor name did not showed there but they showed loki lol
key akun
key akun Пре 2 сата
Pretty 😍
key akun
key akun Пре 2 сата
Noordin Bashir
Noordin Bashir Пре 2 сата
Story line was top notch
Adrian Baillargeon
Adrian Baillargeon Пре 2 сата
When Parker sees Kristen Dunst: Foot face from Jumanji is my girlfriend? Tobey McGuire: *the dancing from Spider-Man 3*
La Yenny
La Yenny Пре 2 сата
I can’t wait to rewatch it on Disney plus. I’m just mad that Marvel didn’t advertise it more cuz I swear I rarely saw any ads for this movie so much that I forgot Awkwafina was even in this movie 💀
Abhisek Pal
Abhisek Pal Пре 2 сата
Real fact: Even after the endgame, after the breaking of the multiverse, This comment section is still active..
DIARIZ Пре 3 сата
LOVE it!
just another me
just another me Пре 3 сата
Hawkeye : Mission Impossible - Die Hard at Christmas Kate Bishop : Mission Impossible when Home Alone
i'm not elsa,i'm mikasa
i'm not elsa,i'm mikasa Пре 3 сата
Orange and blue Reminds me of Naruto vs Sasuke🔥
Rahsaan Hokett
Rahsaan Hokett Пре 3 сата
Great movie
AedyPlayzYT Пре 3 сата
0:54 bruh suddenly there's a spiderman in ultraman shoulder 😂🤣
Katzudu Пре 3 сата
Music is lit !!!
cyberg gos
cyberg gos Пре 3 сата
My favorite is.. alot of u prob going to hate me but Maximum venom suit and the nano bike suit
Joshua Lohr
Joshua Lohr Пре 3 сата
this feels like so much longer than 2 minutes
The King Watermelon
The King Watermelon Пре 3 сата
We loved endgame... But we adored infinity war
💥𝐍𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐓𝐚—O Пре 3 сата
Bryan King
Bryan King Пре 3 сата
I guess I better thank Marvel and Insomniac..... as you can see, I posted here 10 months ago asking for more Marvel and PS collaborations, particularly mentioning Wolverine / Logan. I was incredibly excited when the trailer came up in the showcase..... you guys are amazing.... Bill Roseman, Brian Horton, Bryan Intihar etc. I appreciate each and every team member at Insomniac and Marvel involved in these projects, thank you.
Tiger King Alter Ego
Tiger King Alter Ego Пре 3 сата
Ethan Nair
Ethan Nair Пре 3 сата
I just miss this show so much I wish it was never canceled
King lord of Doom 90
King lord of Doom 90 Пре 3 сата
Venom is my favourite spider man villain
Fulcrum Пре 3 сата
*I'll be home for Christmas meets James Bond*
Amanda Guevara
Amanda Guevara Пре 3 сата
you guys don't know hoy much i cried watching stan lee one more time after 3 years
Ryan Galloway
Ryan Galloway Пре 3 сата
Doctor Strange: <Cuts a hole in the Multiverse> Also Doctor Strange: "The problem is you"
creative ideas by Aryan
creative ideas by Aryan Пре 3 сата
Hype is still active in 2021
captain beastwinger
captain beastwinger Пре 4 сата
This was a Pretty good birthday gift
JimmyPSX Пре 4 сата
It's weird I think the True Grit girl is really hot now...I mean I'm not THAT much older but still...always saw myself as the father figure in that movie when it came out...I was in my 20s at the time...but...ugh...
Seth Ottoman
Seth Ottoman Пре 4 сата
I had no problem with this clusterfuck of an episode and it's desultory plotlines so far but what killed the little left interest I had in this episode was donald fooking duck casually responding to Jane Foster at the party. No matter how many infinite realities the watcher has to offer, that wretched malicious duck doesn't belong in that universe. Disney can fook off with their wicked petty duck.
pogiter Пре 4 сата
Who else didn't know Marvel created Ultra Man till now?
Zachary Godfrey
Zachary Godfrey Пре 4 сата
Probably the most hyped movie and movie trailer in my lifetime 🔥
saksham mahendru
saksham mahendru Пре 4 сата
You have respect WAKANDA FOREVER
Lolo Ledo
Lolo Ledo Пре 4 сата
A Chinese flop haha
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Пре сат
MS' SCatLotTR is not being shown in mainland China. That said, the film has grossed $363+ million at the box office worldwide.
대리님 Пре 4 сата
minmin sings good. i love her voice.
USTAAD gamer
USTAAD gamer Пре 4 сата
U miss a hulk please hulk movie
Kirsti Swanson
Kirsti Swanson Пре 4 сата
They were all innocent babies back than (expect Ward). I can't believe the first season came out 8 years ago