This Is INSANE 🤯 #Shorts
Sheeja Suresh
Sheeja Suresh Пре 5 сати
Not waste food 🙏🙏☹️
Man Royan
Man Royan Пре 5 сати
Imagine she lying down before checking under the blanket (and lying down that I meant is like, she throws herself on the bed) man, idk if he survive that
Iqmal Izzudin
Iqmal Izzudin Пре 5 сати
He got rko'ed
NethanDC music
NethanDC music Пре 5 сати
Sound comes from the front, and man looks back.. the age we live in*
Nawraj Rana
Nawraj Rana Пре 5 сати
Parveen Rajput
Parveen Rajput Пре 5 сати
Wastage of water
Gurmeet Kaur
Gurmeet Kaur Пре 5 сати
Wow! Nice...... i love your games😊
Sachin S N
Sachin S N Пре 5 сати
ആഹാരസാധനങ്ങൾ വെറുതെ കളയരുത് പാവപ്പെട്ടവർക്ക് കൊടുക്കണം 😁😁😁
Jair Cruz YT
Jair Cruz YT Пре 5 сати
This has to be the funniest reaction ever
Juice Univrse
Juice Univrse Пре 5 сати
Winter 9_11
Winter 9_11 Пре 5 сати
Whenever he said "Shut up" 🤣🤣🤣
E Пре 5 сати
Dang, this is wholesome if i did this She would've take a slipper and slap me
Mn Sri
Mn Sri Пре 5 сати
H Ha
H Ha Пре 5 сати
shark vn 404
shark vn 404 Пре 5 сати
mimii Пре 5 сати
Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk no crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. Ephesians 5:4
Ram Sharan
Ram Sharan Пре 5 сати
طيب القلب
طيب القلب Пре 5 сати
I work forward to video so many people watching you
JADE DONS Пре 5 сати
Are you a baby Woodey😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Because you sure act like one😂😂😂😂
JADE DONS Пре 5 сати
That was funny Woodey
JADE DONS Пре 5 сати
سینا موسوی
سینا موسوی Пре 5 сати
Chathu officer chanal
Chathu officer chanal Пре 5 сати
O my good
Sufiya1111 Mdrafiq
Sufiya1111 Mdrafiq Пре 5 сати
Just wasting water
Aakarsh Negi
Aakarsh Negi Пре 5 сати
Pls dont waste food its a humble request 🤦
BOSSTV_THAI Пре 5 сати
My dream car song
Nirosha Janaka
Nirosha Janaka Пре 5 сати
Kleiny scream and his FACE in WAX STRIP remindes me of NEMO..🐠🐟
Clerix FortniteGamers
Clerix FortniteGamers Пре 5 сати
Arha's creative channel
Arha's creative channel Пре 5 сати
Milk wasted😒
Manisha Dimble
Manisha Dimble Пре 5 сати
Nirosha Janaka
Nirosha Janaka Пре 5 сати
I wonder how his face got RED in Mili Seconds!!!🤣
jagannath pradhan
jagannath pradhan Пре 5 сати
Abhishek Sinha
Abhishek Sinha Пре 5 сати
Sunglasses Lol These People seriously think we are all fools
Pavanjot Singh
Pavanjot Singh Пре 5 сати
Woody turn into the red hulk
Adila Fatur
Adila Fatur Пре 5 сати
Ajajaya sapia orang ya😂 paianala ya Kan
XMax Пре 5 сати
You know whats its cool, its that the coler in oreder, is the flag of the contre that i liev ( ROMANIA )
حدوري شقاوه
حدوري شقاوه Пре 5 сати
venya venya
venya venya Пре 5 сати
Nice 😂🤣
Faiz Memon 10 B
Faiz Memon 10 B Пре 5 сати
A lot of water is waste
PS ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ
PS ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ Пре 5 сати
എ പൊളി
Foxy YT
Foxy YT Пре 5 сати
The water tap: am i a joke to you
Samir Ceferov
Samir Ceferov Пре 5 сати
So funny
BryCreeper Пре 6 сати
How he got so many correct answer: it's scripted
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta Пре 6 сати
😠😤of milk waste
Om Giri
Om Giri Пре 6 сати
This house is no less than a hell man😂...anything can happen to anybody...without even fucking bothering what may happen to that person 😅
neeraj jadhav
neeraj jadhav Пре 6 сати
I watch 30 times
Carlyn Desucatan
Carlyn Desucatan Пре 6 сати
Klaus Weber
Klaus Weber Пре 6 сати
But he touched the water… 🤨
Stori wa volly ball
Stori wa volly ball Пре 6 сати
for the sake of making content willing to hurt each other
LoveSriLanka🇱🇰 Пре 6 сати
Mahender Mahe
Mahender Mahe Пре 6 сати
Very good👍
Vinith Murugan
Vinith Murugan Пре 6 сати
Don't do like this it's harmful for his health🙏🙏🙏🙏
Quentin Lassauniere
Quentin Lassauniere Пре 6 сати
Or just turn the tap off 😂
Rati Ghre
Rati Ghre Пре 6 сати
Amalia Lupu
Amalia Lupu Пре 6 сати
izuanmukmin eleas
izuanmukmin eleas Пре 6 сати
Айдар Берик
Айдар Берик Пре 6 сати
Вау крута😊😎
Fatima Bualan Enriquez
Fatima Bualan Enriquez Пре 6 сати
Kharra 3 Patan
Kharra 3 Patan Пре 6 сати
Sa in my
Ruby Autumn
Ruby Autumn Пре 6 сати
The slow-mo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰😁🤨😍😇😇🤪🤩
Tom Hogan
Tom Hogan Пре 6 сати
That was one of the best ones yet very funny
Samsung Samsung
Samsung Samsung Пре 6 сати
Ayu Sukapti
Ayu Sukapti Пре 6 сати
asyifa dahlia
asyifa dahlia Пре 6 сати
The funniest vidio of the day period
sylix Пре 5 сати
Vidio lol it’s video kid
Snigdha Midder
Snigdha Midder Пре 6 сати
g dawg
g dawg Пре 6 сати
thank you i am so much closer to god, and this just totally makes so much sense
Pranshu Goyal
Pranshu Goyal Пре 6 сати
Suraj S Kumar 6TeenBoy
Suraj S Kumar 6TeenBoy Пре 6 сати
Iron Wendigo
Iron Wendigo Пре 6 сати
Sara lov
Sara lov Пре 6 сати
Kleiny is Orange like pumpkin😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yash Gagan
Yash Gagan Пре 6 сати
7B 08 S. Pavansai
7B 08 S. Pavansai Пре 6 сати
🤕he was so scared😱 🤣🤣
Anand Kavin samy
Anand Kavin samy Пре 6 сати
A Z Пре 6 сати
The fact that everyone just smile after they got pranked makes me smile
VAIRAMUTHU . M Пре 6 сати
I will turn off the tape and take the towel 🤣🤣🤣
Sudesh Lather
Sudesh Lather Пре 6 сати
you guys are very funny I like it 🤘✌🤞love from india
DigTheGrig Пре 6 сати
Then that guy who won $250 just throws it at everyone😂
linda serne
linda serne Пре 6 сати
Yeah he should
good day
good day Пре 6 сати