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KLUV Пре 20 сати
Best coast Dodgers are champions...the drought is over!!
A- ROD Пре 20 сати
Cash lost that game!!
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Пре 20 сати
@Teofimo Lopez you vs linarez ...?
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz Пре 20 сати
Molly is hella stupid
horsemeattball Пре 20 сати
Can you imagine if the Rays won tonight, forcing a Game 7? Don't even want to think about that
J CLINE Пре 20 сати
I wouldn’t want that title it’s not nba ball it’s just not
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Пре 20 сати
I dont think free-agent pitchers are gonna play for a team managed by this guy
Jacob Ryan
Jacob Ryan Пре 20 сати
Come to the Yankees and get rid of that ugly facial hair
Aaron Supreme
Aaron Supreme Пре 20 сати
i dont think stephen a watches football...
Luis Saquich
Luis Saquich Пре 20 сати
smurf account
smurf account Пре 20 сати
It’s not just “fir a RStoolss magical moment” like come on what was that v Bs
James Cairn
James Cairn Пре 20 сати
Terrible call just admit it and move on, don’t try to glorify your actions.
tre Пре 20 сати
Thats why cowboys suck. Andy Dalton already earned his respect with a good career. His team mates just stand there like nothing. Bunch of bozos. Andy please leave that organization. You don't deserve this and the rest of us respect you and stand with you.
Dead Poet
Dead Poet Пре 20 сати
Pat Riely is a BS himself!
Casdom Domcas
Casdom Domcas Пре 20 сати
Cause LeBron destroyed the pistons. Lol
Joseph K
Joseph K Пре 20 сати
This is called predictive programming. A highly publicized event to condition society into accepting taking people away because they are a "threat"...
Karma Пре 20 сати
Easily the best take Paul Pierce has made. The best player in this draft will go from 11-20.
Mathew Davis
Mathew Davis Пре 20 сати
This is so dumb. None of them will get sick. This isn’t news at all.
Toai Tran
Toai Tran Пре 20 сати
Who cares. Covid is old news
Carlos Barillas
Carlos Barillas Пре 20 сати
He pulled a Dave Roberts today, he outdid Roberts I’m his own game 😂😂😂😂😂
Jackson Billingsley
Jackson Billingsley Пре 20 сати
The fact that Seattle isn’t on here after one loss in overtime to a division rival is insane.
Teresa Tucker
Teresa Tucker Пре 20 сати
Am I the only person who liked this??? 🤔
shawn simmons
shawn simmons Пре 20 сати
Gordon Hayward is overpaid he a slow white boy with decent skill
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Пре 20 сати
I believe no reasonable fan is in Cash’s side. Blake was dominating. I wouldnt have taken him out
Alakronn Пре 20 сати
covid tests are just too slow and ineffective.
TheHuskyK9 Пре 20 сати
And I thought Dave Roberts was guilty of over-managing. Dude only gave up one hit through 5 innings with 8 K’s yet still got pulled
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
Imagine this went 7 and multiple players contracted the virus. Would have been a complete disaster for MLB to get this far and not finish
Ivan Gil
Ivan Gil Пре 20 сати
Thanks Cash ! MVP
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan Пре 20 сати
Who tf cares about baseball? Such a dull sport. A sport for cowards who can’t handle physical contact 😂
Militarize Пре 20 сати
Lebron didn't hand over team to AD. Lebron is still the one running the team. So it's BS.
ReekObama Пре 20 сати
COVID 19 isn’t a joke! Why isn’t anyone talking about this
Richard Perez
Richard Perez Пре 20 сати
Rachel Nichols always seems like she would be dirty in the sack👍
Regier Productions
Regier Productions Пре 20 сати
Yay, now Brady loses next game and Then Max goes and says he falls off the cliff again
Dennis T. Nedry
Dennis T. Nedry Пре 20 сати
Snell’s baggy eyes make me want to go to sleep
TΣΛL Пре 20 сати
finally molly is right
SS Пре 20 сати
Anthony Davis: traded to LA and won championship in his first year Mookie Betts: traded to LA and won championship in his first year Paul George: "I think internally, we've always felt, this is not a championship-or-bust year for us," LMAOOOO
Koko Peds
Koko Peds Пре 20 сати
analytics. hate that word
Joshua Dunn
Joshua Dunn Пре 20 сати
There's no analytics that would justify pulling a guy pitching as well as Snell was and replacing him with a struggling "closer". Anderson had given up a run in 6 consecutive outings. That's horrific. Also this is basically the same situation that happened in game 6 of the ALCS with a nearly identical result. You'd think they would've learned. Just ride your guy.
Nkozi Fraser
Nkozi Fraser Пре 20 сати
Usain Bolt all day erryday 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
big earl
big earl Пре 20 сати
The new patriots without tb12 suck a big one
MrCocoMocoLoco2 Пре 20 сати
49ers should go all in on Julio Jones, but they won’t.
Eric Пре 20 сати
Zack look like the guy from cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Zeus Deuce
Zeus Deuce Пре 20 сати
Doesn’t Fitzpatrick usually start good then have a 3-4 interception game, lose 3-4 in a row and remind everyone who he really is? They are just getting ahead of the curve 😆
Big Sack
Big Sack Пре 20 сати
Blake Snell showed the Dodgers weakness, great untouchable pitching and still lost. I can’t believe Snell was pulled Cash would give up a lot to retract that move
Anobel Khoushabeh
Anobel Khoushabeh Пре 20 сати
Giants fan here! CONGRATS LA!!!!!! Beating Florida is always a good day :)
Robert T
Robert T Пре 20 сати
Im a lifelong dodgers fan and all i can say was Snell came out to win tonight and showed he is one of the best pitchers in baseball. Much respect to him and his skills. Id love to see him in dodger blue thats for sure!! Go Dodgers!! im 39 and i have vivid memories of 88' with my dad jumping up and down after gibsons home run and I will remember this one forever!!! Thank you dodgers finally baby!!
Alejandro Anaya
Alejandro Anaya Пре 20 сати
Tbh I feel like they let em play the game
Carson Lau
Carson Lau Пре 20 сати
Cash watched Moneyball the night before this game
Jack park
Jack park Пре 20 сати
Max reminds me of the Ancient Aliens guy with his cliff theory.
Playboi Chee
Playboi Chee Пре 20 сати
“They coming for max” funniest thing I heard shawty say 😂
D G Пре 20 сати
What are the odds he's still the Rays manager next year? You take a pitcher out when he's on fire and nobody has been able to hit his pitches all night for the most part?
Dara Em
Dara Em Пре 20 сати
They have no respect for Andy. They see him as just a white replacement for Dak since Jerry didn't want to pay up. If you noticed, the only guys who checked up on Andy and stood there to make sure he was alright were white guys
Otis Youngblood
Otis Youngblood Пре 20 сати
Max making up a million excuses for Lebron
Albert Cortez
Albert Cortez Пре 20 сати
I would put all my $money that Rays will not win the WSeries or make it through all the playoff series, NOT with that manager👁👁
Alfonso Urzua
Alfonso Urzua Пре 20 сати
As a dodgers fan, removing Snell costed Tampa Bay the World Series... Dodgers were DRY with Snell on the mound. What a shame for making such a 'Dave Roberts' type of decision.
Camille Harris
Camille Harris Пре 20 сати
Well that was a bonehead move, instead of celebrating an hard earned win it's about Justin Turner back on the field after asking to be isolated. Bad optics
Kool GAmer
Kool GAmer Пре 20 сати
He’s probably symptomatic
Rob Banks
Rob Banks Пре 20 сати
I think you mean asymptomatic.
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews Пре 20 сати
congrats to both teams but congrats to the LA Dodgers, they won , it should have possible went seven games, but they made the decision to pull out the pitcher in the game, it was still a great season, go La Dodgers won for Kobe, they better hope they can return to the World Series next season
Shuga Пре 20 сати
I know people are roasting Kevin Cash, and rightfully so, but the Rays offense has to score more than 1 run in an elimination game. The Dodgers were not shut out once all season/post season. You aren't winning with 1 run.
ChEx 0nE
ChEx 0nE Пре 20 сати
This year is a complete joke! Enjoy your champions?
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
lol so your team sucked huh?
SP 29
SP 29 Пре 20 сати
This shows how joke MLB is. You don't have the test result yet allow to play? Plus they let rest of players to celebrate after knowing Turner is positive and spent the entire day with his teammates and team personnel? Also what about TB guys and umps, other crew staff, even media members and fans... this is so stupid and another reason why MLB got the worst commissioner...
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
Right? I thought they got the results right away too.
NightRyder16 Пре 20 сати
It being the backup is no excuse. U see what pittsburgh did last year when Mason rudolph had the altercation with myles garret. Pouncey missed like 4 game checks. Others as well. Cowboys don't have enough leadership on that team.
Stan Webb
Stan Webb Пре 20 сати
Our Dodge Blue prayers are with Mr. Turner..... Get well 3B JT!!!!
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam Пре 20 сати
Well the football season in Europe ended in July and August and it started again on September. So I don't see why they can't start on the New Year.
Christie Davis
Christie Davis Пре 20 сати
The second hand embarrassment is real😭🤚
Michael Chen
Michael Chen Пре 20 сати
Sound like a white Paul Pierce
Patrick C
Patrick C Пре 20 сати
I've waited my whole life for this moment. I'm so happy, Go Dodgers!!!
Reel Justice
Reel Justice Пре 20 сати
Tampa was going to be the 2020 City of Champions with the Lighting winning the Stanley Cup and Rays winning the World Series (and maybe the Bucs winning the Super Bowl too) but now LA becomes the 2020 City of Champions with the Lakers winning the NBA and Dodgers winning the Worlds Series. Both LA teams won their 7 game series' in 6 games too.
Alfonso Urzua
Alfonso Urzua Пре 20 сати
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
lol what else is new
Juice Пре 20 сати
Dammm max,get to the point!!!!!
J CLINE Пре 20 сати
I respect MJ for never saying he is the greatest player of all time. He lets everyone that truly knows the game say that for him
world of sir ron
world of sir ron Пре 20 сати
Rachel Nichols is a Shill, she just reads a script, really a programmed directive to the audiences, pro sports is quickly becoming an extension of a totalitarian system, like most of the deceptions hoisted on the masses, glad i had my time when sports were a wholesome outlet, i feel sad for today's kids and ashamed few men have the courage to fight. God help our world
Mike can
Mike can Пре 20 сати
Blake Snell... come to Dodgers Homie... World Champs baby!!
J CLINE Пре 20 сати
But he is no mj
ChEx 0nE
ChEx 0nE Пре 20 сати
ESPN you are the Worst
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
CNN and MSNBC are far worse
Ricardo Rivera Jr
Ricardo Rivera Jr Пре 20 сати
If this doesn't show you how fake that China virus is then idk what to tell you. You can't save stupidity
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
How does this make it fake? I think the media definitely dramatizes a lot more then it needs to be. But fake? No
Ijan but B face
Ijan but B face Пре 20 сати
Man was balling. Definitely though we were going to game 7. Shocking decision. Great series against the Rays, they’re still a great team and they will be back.
Mclovin Wade
Mclovin Wade Пре 20 сати
They said the same thing last year when brady had no weapons ...and now they are gonna protect bill and the pats for allowing cam to play with a practice squad on sundays smh
Cory's Corner
Cory's Corner Пре 20 сати
But he did celebrate with his team. Without a mask during pictures
Bryan Halstead
Bryan Halstead Пре 20 сати
They don’t care
noah fuchs
noah fuchs Пре 20 сати
It's crazy
Yessir Ski
Yessir Ski Пре 20 сати
Mookie 🐐