Elon Musk Launches 'Tesla' Tequila
Official Tre’Sosa
Official Tre’Sosa Пре 49 минута
Kevin hasn’t been funny to me since laugh at my pain..
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo Пре 50 минута
@michelle ward it says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use a japanese skin lightening and bleaching lotion that changes their skin color from dark to really light skinned but they deny it matsuiskinlightening.com/products/bleaching-skin-lightening-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml-top-selling-product i think the reason they deny using this skin lightening lotion is probably because they want people to think they are naturally light skinned ,people should just be honest.
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Пре 51 минут
Donell soo relateable and thats a wonderful place to be
Larry Burks
Larry Burks Пре 51 минут
good he touches on the 5 civilized tribes
Walker Rashad
Walker Rashad Пре 52 минута
Somebody just fouled James harden !!!!!
Snobby Politics
Snobby Politics Пре 52 минута
Young Thug is foolish!
Stilonation Пре 52 минута
Envy a straight hater😭😭😭😭
A little darling with a big story
A little darling with a big story Пре 52 минута
Trying to figure out how this man is smart enough to have 2.5 million dollars but dumb enough to donate it to Donald Trump 😒
9STREETRUNNER9 Пре 52 минута
Charlemagne should not have access neither
Chris C
Chris C Пре 53 минута
I'm surprised by this comment section. 👏👏👏 Y'all see through the bullshit too. Props to y'all!
fatmandoubblescoop Пре 53 минута
If 3k wants his ass kissed, you get on your knees and fix it lol
E. Jones
E. Jones Пре 54 минута
Young Thug is whack as hell for that!! 3 Stacks is a mfing GOAT!! Put some RESPECK on his name!!!
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Пре 54 минута
Donell so relateable and that’s an amazing place go be
milleniumman911 Пре 55 минута
This dude talking 10 times better now..im happy for him
Anil Gill
Anil Gill Пре 56 минута
Kevin isn't funny anymore, which is fine, he had his moment go make some movies. His style of comedy isn"t relevant for the time's- make the big bucks being the silly costar, and there's nothing with that either. Eddie Murphy isn't funny either and he's one of the GREATEST yo do it!!
bigdap100 Пре 56 минута
Young Thug Completely VIOLATED...if you’re from the South Andre 3000 and Big Boi are Mount Rushmore...GOATS...they are Untouchable!!
Aisha Street
Aisha Street Пре 56 минута
Very interesting considering 3000 ran so Thugger could walk... An artist like Young Thug woudn't have been accepted without people like Andrew getting twice as much harassment before him, and sad because Andre is a whole entire fan too. He's really supportive of Atlanta artists in general.
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Пре 57 минута
Donell so relateable and that’s an amazing place go be
Kristal Brown
Kristal Brown Пре 57 минута
Haute Cocoa Chanel
Haute Cocoa Chanel Пре 57 минута
Andre 3000 disrespect just AINT gonna be tolerated.
Felix O'Neal
Felix O'Neal Пре 57 минута
Thug wont ever be a legend like 3000
Cane Corso
Cane Corso Пре 58 минута
Son is is a clown
Eileen Simon
Eileen Simon Пре 58 минута
Why don't he go and get the money back from trump.oh
Candice Monique
Candice Monique Пре 59 минута
I'm not the most religious woman in the world but I do believe in God Heaven and Hell and a few other things. What Paula White just did was ungodly. She will be with her ancestors in Hell.
Native Sun
Native Sun Пре сат
Young Thug is Trash fem ass 😂. 3 Stacks has worked with artist like Frank Ocean Etc. Upper Echelon Black Artist.
GoodNewz Пре сат
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Mike was robbed, he clearly was the winner.
MJ Gee
MJ Gee Пре сат
Young Thug looks ridiculous
It's All Good
It's All Good Пре сат
Why nobody care bout my acsss? 😂
Veronica Caro
Veronica Caro Пре сат
these questions are so dumb. like “ who’s this about .” “ who’s that girl .” “ is this about her.” like brooooo he passionately talks about his music and different meanings behind his beliefs yet they ask some disrespectful questions. he’s such an interesting musician to talk to yet they didn’t take advantage of that. mac was was so real and smart. he’s a dream guy
Marcus Myles
Marcus Myles Пре сат
Omg!! Lol Snoop Dog was 🔥🔥
D Ruck
D Ruck Пре сат
that money gone Pimp!... right in Trumps pocket
Donovan Did Nothing Wrong
Donovan Did Nothing Wrong Пре сат
shouldve been donkey of the day smh
Mike Pittman
Mike Pittman Пре сат
Ppl out here starving and he wasted 2.5 milli on a literally dead horse . he got what he deserved
Steven Varrassi
Steven Varrassi Пре сат
You got conned. Gee, what a surprise
William Watson
William Watson Пре сат
Definitely one of your best interviews Charla, ladies, thank you for all and everything exclamation
Nick Grant
Nick Grant Пре сат
I fell asleep a couple times watching that special I got a few chuckles but it was funny not hating just facts.
Kerra Johnson
Kerra Johnson Пре сат
This reminds me of how some black parents get mad when their kid doesn't cry during a whooping.😂
Les Hey
Les Hey Пре сат
Earl Lane
Earl Lane Пре сат
Rick Ross made a song about Trump . "Hustler Hustler Hustler, Everyday I'm hustling Everyday I'm hustling..." They spending money on getting these folks out of jail and everything. I heard 5 billion dollar been on Trump for killing the hero of foreign country. 😯😯😯
Phil Black 1st
Phil Black 1st Пре сат
I'm more concerned with Blacks taking a L supporting the Democratic party or the Republican party who has yet to do anything pacifically for Blacks?They have done things pacifically for the so-called Indians, they have done things pacifically Latinos pacifically for lbgt, pacifically for so-called Jews. However the Dem's number one supporting constituents Foundational Black Americans nothing pacifically for us? Anything we get is communal property for everybody? Left or right they're both support white supremacist. Learn America with Tariq Radio, B1Professor Black Truth. Must have info.....
Tuan Turner
Tuan Turner Пре сат
He pulled this shit wit Wayne too
The Alkebulan Trust
The Alkebulan Trust Пре сат
Snoop Dogg was hilarious AF...true or true?
WA Ventures
WA Ventures Пре сат
Andre 3K = 🐐. Thug is confused
Bemo 76
Bemo 76 Пре сат
And thug is right on this one
That nigga Patrick
That nigga Patrick Пре сат
dave chapelle funnier
Judy Anderson
Judy Anderson Пре сат
No return on your money bud cry alone 😢
swright4twenty Пре сат
Hey I heard Thug. He trying to say that Dre is stuck up and not down to earth basically and then you have Elton John who is waaaaayyyy bigger that 3k yet he is humble and can show love. I can totally see where 3k could be stuck up and thinks his shit don't stink. #unpopopinion
Sam M
Sam M Пре сат
I didn't Kevin hart is that funny from the beginning but hey..everyone has different humor...but this new special is was bad. It's like he's trying too hard to be controversial..its not his style.
t swerdna
t swerdna Пре сат
Democrats seceded from the Union to keep their slaves, but Charlemagne defending them? Isn't Charlemagne paid $ millions to say what Democrats pay him to say?
Tori Hawthorne
Tori Hawthorne Пре сат
The government dashboard is GENIUS!!!!!
terry simms
terry simms Пре сат
Any man who smiled is gay.
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin Пре сат
Lmao it's called a donation for a reason just write it off on your taxes like the rest...🤗🤗🤗😁😁😁✌✌✌
YO YO DaProphet
YO YO DaProphet Пре сат
rstoolss.info/long/video/uc2m3HPLr2Z5pIY 😂😂😂😂
Blond Elefant
Blond Elefant Пре сат
Monica is a real one
Doller and a dream 84
Doller and a dream 84 Пре сат
Andre 3k is a weirdo he hasn’t done music in 15 years he’s not relevant
paul P
paul P Пре сат
Dam fool that money didn’t go no where but in their bank account. White collar crime is a mother fucker ain’t it.
Greene Bean
Greene Bean Пре сат
we know kevin u told us with the title. 😒🙄
LADILADY67 Пре сат
So I guess Kevin Hart give ZERO F%? if people stop supporting him period.
Danielle Jackson
Danielle Jackson Пре сат
What did they say wrong about violent prisoners? You are in time out you don’t get to enjoy yourself in time out
David Jackson
David Jackson Пре сат
You 110 thumbs down can go to hell with Donald Trump
MJ Пре сат
Somebody trying to get attention! #BoyBye 🤦🏾‍♀️
tRoy a
tRoy a Пре сат
Snoop killing me. " He got basketball sneakers on " lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Hero The Great
Hero The Great Пре сат
Hes not funny
Roderick Alford
Roderick Alford Пре сат
Don't you just love when stupid rich folks get their comeuppance? Ha! Ha! Ha!😎😎😎😛😛😛😛
Krissy Jay
Krissy Jay Пре сат
Im sick of all this disrespect
Say Vay
Say Vay Пре сат
Snoop wasn't saying what was happening. No I don't think they should have social media dancing. Having access to legal info and representation? Yes. Twerking? No.
jkweili Пре сат
Haven’t even watched this video yet, but if you have to say you don’t care, guess what? You care! And I am a KH fan. Edit: now that I watched the video, that’s kinda messed up, u should give a f**k! We the reason you have the lifestyle you got. Talk about arrogance, damn Kev, I’m trying to hold on as a fan.
jasondeebee Пре сат
I don't care what you say. Prison is prison! You still can't cut the corner and walk down the street.
kymberly francis
kymberly francis Пре сат
Boxer should've floor him ..Haha
Jerel Hood
Jerel Hood Пре сат
Kevin is not funny he just silly asf
Ramon Parrales
Ramon Parrales Пре сат
Stupidity has no price. Would you donate again? Yes Don the con
elemeno82002 Пре сат
If you donated $2.5 million to uncover voter fraud on behalf of the Trump campaign, the IRS should audit you because there's no way you're smart enough to become a millionaire legally.
Bobby's Sneaker World
Bobby's Sneaker World Пре сат
Promotion ain't the issue. Shit is terrible
Canna Blood
Canna Blood Пре сат
Every new rapper be hating on the OGs because they will never be as great as them. All these new rappers have 80% fans that are young as mfs not grown adults. They washed
Tori Hawthorne
Tori Hawthorne Пре сат
I love Yang, but why is it that no Democrat can talk about the other side without saying fascist? It automatically makes people quit listening. I am a bartender and I hear it all the time. I wish both sides would stop name calling and start focusing on issues that affect the nation. Urban and Rural America both
C V Пре сат
There is nothing fun about being locked up with a bunch of grown men using Tik Tik lol
Jack Tripper
Jack Tripper Пре сат
We make these people. Its us that puts millions in their bank accounts. How dare this ninja disrespect the people that made him/them