Willie Garson Dead at 57
jay z
jay z Пре 21 сат
Vanilla ice MgK lol
strong Пре 21 сат
Drama for views
Nikki Aho
Nikki Aho Пре 21 сат
it’s literally not that serious
Vera Decker
Vera Decker Пре 21 сат
They really think they are hot....why do they always have to show off their fake boobs..I'm not going their show anymore...not that they care..lol...its too much
Shut it you slag
Shut it you slag Пре 21 сат
What's happened to Zac Efrons face
Rena Vogel
Rena Vogel Пре 21 сат
Elaine Williams
Elaine Williams Пре 21 сат
But she did good,glad she was able to find love again,cause her ex husband cheated on her through the whole marriage and than took half of her money,she went through a fight with that man and the whole time he had a pregnant woman while he was married to her...she Deserve all the love that comes to her from jeezy,..she didn’t even know that her ex husband was cheating until Camera people caught him on a date with his Mistress....all this came out on the real show when she talk about being hurt so bad.
Stephen Housley
Stephen Housley Пре 21 сат
Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? 7 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble, but he shall be saved out of it.
Sabina Unsicker
Sabina Unsicker Пре 21 сат
So he really wasn't pregnant with a real baby
Julia Cameron Gowens
Julia Cameron Gowens Пре 21 сат
Yay Addison
JWOW TumblerDesign
JWOW TumblerDesign Пре 21 сат
No couple goals here guys
rondelespirit Пре 21 сат
Who did she choose?
Linda Allen
Linda Allen Пре 21 сат
I'm so happy for them.
Dizzy-6ix Пре 21 сат
Lmao she was LIT 🔥🔥🤣
rondelespirit Пре 21 сат
Kids, can we play nice?
Kashfia Islam
Kashfia Islam Пре 21 сат
I really want to be 6’5” like redhead volleyball player Meredith Doyle but I would much rather be Megan Fox’s height with blue eyes than be redhead volleyball player Meredith Doyle’s height with brown eyes. 🎭🩰🎨
Kim Blackmore
Kim Blackmore Пре 21 сат
I love Tom and Carlos and tom Cisco t shirt love it
Daughter of The great I Am!
Daughter of The great I Am! Пре 21 сат
Simone Wortham
Simone Wortham Пре 21 сат
She's look great
Chloe Mayne
Chloe Mayne Пре 21 сат
I did wonder at the time why Chadwick looked so different in the other Marvel films compared to this one… so awful what he went through, and kept it to himself. RIP king.
isi Пре 21 сат
James is not a man for Mariah.... Bryan is better man!!!!! Nur weil er reich ist?????
Debra Sloan
Debra Sloan Пре 21 сат
Trying to look like a white women ? 😳
5th Element
5th Element Пре 21 сат
Since we all know that they're ALL inverted , there's a huge possibility, that she really IS "with child"....
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers Пре 21 сат
Waaaooh, she got divorced from her previous husband because she did not want to have children. Love changes everything
Elaine Williams
Elaine Williams Пре 21 сат
I said the same thing I don’t want any kids,
Zak AMGHAR Пре 21 сат
I had a good laugh to be honest but she got lucky not to be hurt so I don't feel bad!!!
kay taylor
kay taylor Пре 21 сат
Now that's a beautiful picture, her gown is absolutely beautiful unlike many of these women lacking taste in their selection of an outfit to wear. That's a beautiful photo that should be framed. Ashley Graham should take note. Absolutely beautiful Jeanni and J, just beautiful.
Megan is a gamer
Megan is a gamer Пре 21 сат
🙄 these “ news” sites always wanting drama when there is none.
bagladey Пре 21 сат
Her scream was everything, hahahaha!
e t
e t Пре 21 сат
Blue Ivy looks like her dad and also looks like her beautiful mother what a beautiful family all around
Christine Adams
Christine Adams Пре 21 сат
Beautiful ❤️
Me Пре 21 сат
I dont believe for one second this chick has ever had a suicidal thought in her life. Harry is trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship.
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Cherry Пре 21 сат
We love you Ashanti ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️SZA is everything.
Christopher C
Christopher C Пре 21 сат
his kid looks more jewish than aryan lol
Danilova Pierre
Danilova Pierre Пре 21 сат
Over 30 yearssss?
Sean Lauer
Sean Lauer Пре 21 сат
Vanessa is such an incredible mom and an incredible role model to her daughters
Abc Abc
Abc Abc Пре 21 сат
This girl has never said one sensible word.
DéAndrea DéVine Horne
DéAndrea DéVine Horne Пре 21 сат
Adriana Пре 21 сат
Has the world noticed she won't dress half naked for money
Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson Пре 21 сат
How the F is this guy still on the news?!?! You are evil!!!!!!
GQG Пре 21 сат
You can tell this is not a fake Hollywood love story. Congrats to them both.
Adriana Пре 21 сат
Oh my gosh 32
Shasay Coolay
Shasay Coolay Пре 21 сат
I feel like the reaction was too slow
Martine On The Scene
Martine On The Scene Пре 21 сат
ET: Oh no what happened? Saweetie: COVID girrrrrrlllll 😂
Ash J
Ash J Пре 21 сат
They could literally be identical twin sisters. She might not look exactly like her before Ariana got a nose job/fillers/lip filler/botox/teeth fixed, etc, but comparing the two with how Ariana looks now… uncanny.
Victoria Shaw
Victoria Shaw Пре 21 сат
ohNO Youdint
ohNO Youdint Пре 21 сат
Clearly she gave in and now she's breakthrough covid and in the hospital
Cat Val
Cat Val Пре 21 сат
The girl was such a strong, dedicated fan of Blakes it was so so unfair to any other coach on set. But this is how blake wins many times, very unfair.lts almost like its rigged for him to win they need to come up with other way so as not to be so bias toward him.
Yasmine Belaid
Yasmine Belaid Пре 21 сат
Had nancy always been like this? Im legit shocked
Tony Пре 21 сат
0:23 I won't lie, that was hilarious 😂
Ernie Z
Ernie Z Пре 21 сат
Give it a couple of years, she’ll come around to regretting it and there’s no go going back from frankensteining. It a common reported phenomenon of the the lost souls that do the same.
Rob Alfie
Rob Alfie Пре 21 сат
That ET reporter looks so much like Nick Jonas 👌😆
Royce Пре 21 сат
Me and my homies love Ruby ❤️
Beverly Bartholomew
Beverly Bartholomew Пре 21 сат
Rob looks good keep it up
Emre Пре 21 сат
Tracy Wright
Tracy Wright Пре 21 сат
Love this family! So happy for you
Alex Petersen
Alex Petersen Пре 21 сат
Im finally getting out of a 20 year depression. I wish mine was only 4.
Pat Hurley
Pat Hurley Пре 21 сат
Oh for gods sake Ryan just come out Ryan. Hopefully woman will start to get smart with you.
Kasyee Пре 21 сат
Well...at least he doesn't mind if she dates other men too. That's fair I guess, even if not something I'd personally like.
Seductive Sasquatch
Seductive Sasquatch Пре 21 сат
im so shook, i thought otis' actor looked familiar. i remembered him from the boy in the striped pyjamas
Aishah Ali-Molina
Aishah Ali-Molina Пре 21 сат
OMG... I'm so happy for Jeezy and Jeannie.. Congrats
MrJareth Пре 21 сат
What in the hell ate Kelly, And coughed up a Porky Platter?
Samantha Passlow
Samantha Passlow Пре 21 сат
No need to be fatphobic
BiG kId
BiG kId Пре 21 сат
Who is that at 1:10 it goes so fast i cant tell. I even paused it and am not sure
Arainea CuteBrownNurse
Arainea CuteBrownNurse Пре 21 сат
That’s so lit 🔥
Larae 1983
Larae 1983 Пре 21 сат
Damn she look like a teenager she had work done but she look good stay up queen you'll get through this
Sonja Good
Sonja Good Пре 21 сат
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick Пре 21 сат
That girl is on fire Meanwhile in australia🤭🤭🤭.
Amanda Castle
Amanda Castle Пре 21 сат
She's a gosh dang gem
Nadine Rody
Nadine Rody Пре 22 сата
Thank God that she is doing well & for her friends being there to put out the fire. I wished that MJ had never gone through this trauma as I feel 😪that he went through serious 1st degree burns.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick Пре 22 сата
Oh my god i hope nicole is okay.
Judith M.
Judith M. Пре 22 сата
NeNe done got a whole new face. She looks like T.I.'s daughter Zonique. That face isn't the NeNe we know from the real housewives of ATL.
snowbird14 Пре 22 сата
She looks amazing!
WHY IS IT EDITED? Let’s hear him say it
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick Пре 22 сата
Ariana ,and john lengend being an iconic duo for 15 minutes straight😌🔥.
Nuvia Gonzalez
Nuvia Gonzalez Пре 22 сата
U are amazing Cardi! We love you ❤️❤️
Kimberly King
Kimberly King Пре 22 сата
I would use any excuse to kiss Jesse Williams/Jackson. He’s gorgeous.
eva maria bressan
eva maria bressan Пре 22 сата
Uma linda mineira que conquistou o coração do Matthew.
Reece Miller
Reece Miller Пре 22 сата
So Lil Nas has a uterus, fertile eggs, and ovaries?? No such thing as simply a man getting pregnant……. So the movie Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger was a true story? LOL