Jean Carlos B.P
Jean Carlos B.P Пре 22 сата
I loved the video but especially the background song
Vạn tuyết Thiên sương
Vạn tuyết Thiên sương Пре 22 сата
so beautiful you are
Victoria Antoniades
Victoria Antoniades Пре 22 сата
she’s amazing
sofia lemarchand
sofia lemarchand Пре 23 сата
i love how amanda is kinda ashamed to say her celebrity crush was leo it’s so cute 🥺
Lori Nunley
Lori Nunley Пре 23 сата
Lori Nunley
Lori Nunley Пре 23 сата
Bella: I’m scare of Internet, Social media I LOVE HERR! SHE IS JUST AWESOME ❤️🥺
Lalynngc29 Пре 23 сата
Definitely not organised. 😂
miguel angel
miguel angel Пре 23 сата
How many face close up do you want? Yes
katherin Пре 23 сата
i dont care if she has 100 surgeries her face looks amazing
Jeff G
Jeff G Пре дан
Here's hoping Billie doesn't burn out like a rocket and get carried away with fame, letting it destroy her. I can see her getting into films and TV as a second career, if she keeps her head on straight. I think she has real screen presence.
Гусейн Гасанов
Гусейн Гасанов Пре дан
Что за музыка в начале?
CJ Reilander
CJ Reilander Пре дан
Billie is so humble, I love it. I aspire to be like her, I see the way she handles herself regardless of the obvious pain she's been through. She's an inspiration.
Yasir Mazhar
Yasir Mazhar Пре дан
Both of them are usually dead because, they are iphone. 😅
Champlin Alejandro
Champlin Alejandro Пре дан
The lackadaisical pear complementarily collect because liver fittingly trap despite a voiceless garden. painstaking, giddy oboe
Mani Thangavalu
Mani Thangavalu Пре дан
You cannot compare Adut Akech beauty to Naomi Campbell. Adut is absolutely beautiful and natural. She's glowing and wow the most beautiful skin tone and body stature
21whichiswhich Пре дан
She looks like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr love child.
sara khanna
sara khanna Пре дан
Rahamathulla King
Rahamathulla King Пре дан
I like her so much❤️
Relaxation Journeys
Relaxation Journeys Пре дан
Literally to anyone who's reading this, may ALL your dreams come true, keep well and have an awesome day ❤️
luz neto
luz neto Пре дан
Love it !!!!
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Пре дан
Angela - ❌ Angelina - ✅
sarath kumar venkata
sarath kumar venkata Пре дан
we weren't here for the bag Jolie....😌
N A Пре дан
When we get vaccinated we get back to our life’s!!! What kind of dangerous propaganda is that ??? Sold your soul to Hollywood and the Deep State !!!!!
García Vallejo Lidia Raquel #15
García Vallejo Lidia Raquel #15 Пре дан
Eddie saying "worrying means you suffer twice" made my day
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson Пре дан
I think bangs go great with her, as they make the face less oval and look more feminine
Absinthe Пре дан
Good thing I'm not famous, I didn't know half of these celebrities. "Chrissieeee.... oh my gahd, it's... it's youuuu..."
Faith Vaz
Faith Vaz Пре дан
Jade 😭
Hafsah Abrar
Hafsah Abrar Пре дан
bruh she doesn't need makeup!
Jason Qiu
Jason Qiu Пре дан
Another reason to remember that they’re just humans too.
never Tv
never Tv Пре дан
Love you Hailee Steinfeld Take Care Always. TLC from Me. 👌🍑🍌👶✌
chelsea lewis
chelsea lewis Пре дан
she’s so pretty and i love her nails!
Ariana Butera Grande
Ariana Butera Grande Пре дан
Are we gonna ignore that Orlando and Tim Burton asked her questions tooo !!!
nuria Пре дан
I love how vogue chose Dove who got surgery NOT NATRUAL BEAUTY :C
Widad Auliyaa
Widad Auliyaa Пре дан
I miss Billie old style
Widad Auliyaa
Widad Auliyaa Пре дан
Joanna Пре дан
I truly hope hollywood does not get to her like they have taken all the souls of others. What a genuine true and authentic interview.. I think I am a fan of Billie now
Jeannette Summers
Jeannette Summers Пре дан
Thank you for being amazing. And thank you for being vegan (same thing hehehe) You are brilliant all over!!!!!!
surya singh
surya singh Пре дан
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Пре дан
Im dont understeand anyy But she sooo smart and cute
Nina Canales
Nina Canales Пре дан
i wonder whats her story from her perception of life.
Jor Пре дан
It's disheartening to see the views on this video compared to others by British Vogue. These are the important conversations that need to be had in order to shift how Black people are seen and treated in the work place especially. Hopefully this gets more views but either way I appreciate you ladies for your honesty and eloquence on the subject!
Lynn Ly
Lynn Ly Пре дан
That is not Dove Cameron,?????? I don’t recognize her
Fionna Dalgarn
Fionna Dalgarn Пре дан
She said she went on a date- and said she didn’t something explicit for the first time- so uh putting two and two together here 😳
Joanna Пре дан
about or just straight up incompetent. But at those moments, you just gotta remind yourself that all that is at the surface and none of it means ANYTHING. The only thing I can
darcy swanson
darcy swanson Пре дан
Stay true to the green hair quirky fun beautiful 😍billie. We love her.
DR K Пре дан
She’s so real I can feel her and I can feel how privileged she knows she is. I feel her gratitude. She’s just incredibly thankful.
Mantra Ray
Mantra Ray Пре дан
She is defo having a bad bpd image breakdown lol
Ferxani Пре дан
Her body dysmorphia is insane
Leslie Brown
Leslie Brown Пре дан
If I put all of these oils, creams on my face. I would literally look like a pepperoni pizza from the breakouts. Why can’t I do this!!!! 😓😭😭
Prajakta Jagtap
Prajakta Jagtap Пре дан
I love I love you
sadie lucero
sadie lucero Пре дан
I grew up in New Mexico and I do not have dry skin but oily skin. But I am Native American so maybe plays a factor but my skin is perfectly healthy.
Alice A
Alice A Пре дан
Dove is indeed a beautiful human being but her body dysmorphia still shows. So PLEASE you ladies did not compare yourself with someone that did nose jobs, lifts, lip injections, botox, et, etc someone that has access to the best dermatologists, and procedures available. She managed to be pretty using all the resources she got. YOU are beautiful too, even tho you don't have the privilege to go through all the things she did and does, to look like that. Love yourself and stop comparing your beauty to someone's very fake and unrealistic face. Let's celebrate Dove Cameron for her unmatched talented for comedy and her heavenly voice techniques that are special, beautiful and unique. Her "beauty" is just a sad product of fillers and surgeries and you don't want that.
MakeupChoice1010 Пре дан
Say it louder
Ferxani Пре дан
Her BD is off the charts. She even photoshops her baby pics to make her lips look bigger.
Dulce Toralba
Dulce Toralba Пре дан
I lovee her! She's sooo beautiful
Aditya P
Aditya P Пре дан
how youthful looks she has!! I legit thought this was a vide0 10yrs ago
003scorn Пре дан
Feels very queens gambit
Beatriz Пре дан
Celeste, you're AMAZING!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
Stephanie Samuel
Stephanie Samuel Пре дан
Jo Baker was the best thing to happen to her! Iykyk
Liz Nelson
Liz Nelson Пре дан
You guys should link the products if you can! 💁🏼‍♀️
Amanda Santos
Amanda Santos Пре дан
Celeste's a piece of the heaven. I could hear she talking about anything for hours and hours
dove: this a scar from my dog when i was 5 nothing there
HtesFaye Пре дан
she's so relaxing to watch. love that you made another video with her❤️
Joana Hazmi
Joana Hazmi Пре дан
I’m sorry but some of these comments are not okay. Yes dove has had surgery on her NOSE AND LIPS y’all are so overdramatic some of y’all are insinuating that she’s all fake she’s done the bare minimum and even before then she was gorgeous some are trying to send a message about unrealistic beauty standards but that message can be sent in so many other ways and others are saying she’s done “hundreds of surgeries” which is simply not true, please let people be comfortable in their own skin
MakeupChoice1010 Пре дан
She has her whole face done, there is even a doctor on tik tok that made a video about it. And yes, she presents unrealistic beauty standards because she never admitted having plastic surgery ,even more she denied it.
Crazy Blue
Crazy Blue Пре дан
she’s so sweet <3
seolbos Пре дан
Billie is so lucky to be able to get a question from THE VIOLA DAVIS. The most successful, beautiful and skilled woman on earth.... I will forever be envious of this opportunity.
MDT Пре дан
How do we not make this seem like a big deal? Management team: we could put her in a room with dim lighting and have her answer questions from other celebrities.
David Wright
David Wright Пре дан
You see kids they get theses stars to break your heart
Your LocalWeeb
Your LocalWeeb Пре дан
Wait that’s not Avril Lavigne :/
وين العرب
Mirina XO
Mirina XO Пре дан
I think Gua Shas aren’t great when you have a ton of filler and Botox in your face 🤷🏼‍♀️
Restoration333 Пре дан
hello everyone
Margo malik
Margo malik Пре дан
XxLilaclavenderxX Пре дан
Lady Stardust
Lady Stardust Пре дан
Welcome my favourite singer David Bowie!
Vanities Пре дан
looking like from another planet
Lavanya Coodly
Lavanya Coodly Пре дан
Awful interviewer and so out of touch with the world of fashion. Not only does she lack etiquette, she comes across as a annoying school teacher.
Maria Theresa Parfait
Maria Theresa Parfait Пре дан
Kudos for me who has NO idea of who these people on TV are! (for real. Except from J Bieber: I heard of him before)
Katya Silitch
Katya Silitch Пре дан
Dear British Vogue, it would be so much more useful if the products used were listed.
Shea Pila
Shea Pila Пре дан
She looks SO georgous!!!!
Shea Pila
Shea Pila Пре дан
I loved when she was talking about the relationship she has with herself; I struggle sometimes as well, society can make you feel like you should care what other people think about or just straight up incompetent. But at those moments, you just gotta remind yourself that all that is at the surface and none of it means ANYTHING. The only thing I can depend on IS the inside, not the outside. Once you are truly satisfied with the person you are, so many doors open up that you wouldn't have ever known of otherwise. 🆓🤙🏝🌊🌈📿
Mimo Love
Mimo Love Пре дан
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️