Pauli650 Пре 4 сата
Dude has an obsession with Djokovic
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Пре 4 сата
I the fact that she is so humble after beating her idol. Wish her all the success in domination. I see her haters clapping for her...
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha Пре 4 сата
I like how Novak goes out of his way to prove he’s not calm
Andrew Hazlewood
Andrew Hazlewood Пре 4 сата
Would you sell hair products? No. Proceeds to put down the people who would not. You still don’t understand how to play?
Caroline HoldnLine
Caroline HoldnLine Пре 6 сати
Oh my WORD,serina Still has the MEGS,Bad LUCK😂😂😂😂
Miss A
Miss A Пре 7 сати
why never invite Hsieh suwei??? would like to see how funny she is.
Jeanette Peskin
Jeanette Peskin Пре 8 сати
You are great just stay sweet
Jeanette Peskin
Jeanette Peskin Пре 8 сати
Leonard Bryan t
Leonard Bryan t Пре 13 сати
Love conker all fair
Nidhi Artz
Nidhi Artz Пре 15 сати
I love the way Andy put down Roger first after the villain answer lol:)
The Gorn
The Gorn Пре 16 сати
Karen. Go home.
TheVicATube Пре 16 сати
In my opinion the play stops when Murray says “challenge” and the umpire hears it. The play is stopped. If it’s challengeable he gets to challenge if not he loses the point. But Murray is saying he can’t stop the play because he is not hitting. What a joke. 6 professionals and only one knows the rules.
Arya Thorat
Arya Thorat Пре 17 сати
But what's the problem in improving yourself if people's criticising your bowling ????
Kings Echo
Kings Echo Пре 20 сати
Hey Serena take some tips from this guy about class.
Dhameer Govind
Dhameer Govind Пре 20 сати
What a man!
Eniga T
Eniga T Пре 20 сати
Before u make fun of a person, make sure that person doesnt laugh at ur title 🤭
Marti Harry
Marti Harry Пре 21 сат
Bob Cat
Bob Cat Пре 21 сат
I'll pay a little more attention to him when he wins ONE slam.
M Marrow
M Marrow Пре 23 сата
Nick is just mad that Novak doesn't want to be his boyfriend or something
Eniga T
Eniga T Пре 23 сата
After watching this, i become more not respect him.
Brandon Grose
Brandon Grose Пре 23 сата
Imagine that was your mom.
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре дан
Well now Kim and Kanye are divorced
Lola Who
Lola Who Пре дан
He has unhealthy obsession with Djokovic. Most probably he is in love with him.
VanDeyd7 Пре дан
I bet Nick Kyrgios was dying watching this, lol.
Ilic Bojan
Ilic Bojan Пре дан
Haters in the Hood! :-))
Noises Пре дан
Methbourne's finest.
sourabhbindal Пре дан
What's the background song at the start?
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Пре дан
Serbo-Russian love and respect! Danil is good person and he smart + i like him
Sons of the Edelweiss
Sons of the Edelweiss Пре дан
Love this!
Dominic Duffy
Dominic Duffy Пре дан
Mehebuba Marshia
Mehebuba Marshia Пре дан
<3 <3 <3
Seria A
Seria A Пре дан
Vendimi per favore, grazie
Jensen HARGREAVES Пре дан
Lol no comments? Great sport from Muguruza though
Vaishnav Sahu
Vaishnav Sahu Пре дан
Putin's never smashing racquet, he's too cool for that 😂
i hate serena. good job naomi.
nil nillers
nil nillers Пре дан
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever Пре дан
Mr “I can’t get attention by grand slams” Kyrgios ☝️😎
Josh Forde
Josh Forde Пре дан
Funny thing is Nadal will end up like Warnie with his hair.
Marian Popa
Marian Popa Пре дан
The journalists like always are trying to find something against Novak because they are full of hate against Novak.
Chibu O
Chibu O Пре дан
A true class act...
The Jazmine Rose
The Jazmine Rose Пре дан
Uploaded on my bday!💕
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Пре дан
This guy has lost his mind. The sad part is that media are more covering this guy then Wavrinka, Del Potro or Medvedev combine! But I guess in this modern era clowns like this are more then welcomed.
ParArdua Пре дан
Great to see some of the women players dump the tiny skirt and frilly underwear, bravo Naomi and Serena.
Zara Bee
Zara Bee Пре дан
Shes so humble! & a natural born star! Love watching her!
siawash kargar
siawash kargar Пре дан
I’m a fan of Nick after this
Ahmed Elmahmoud
Ahmed Elmahmoud Пре дан
If I am not wrong. He won that but the video makes it look like she won. Notice how he only has 1 up and she only puts 2 down when she guesses it. Seems to me that she had a few guesses in betweem
Eniga T
Eniga T Пре дан
Is he really mad ?? 😱
C R E A M Get the Money
C R E A M Get the Money Пре дан
Someone tell her to SPEAK UP!!!!!
Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts Пре 15 сати
Her voice is loud enough obviously. Don’t think it’s a problem for her or her career at all. Should she speak up for you to be satisfied or be herself?
Crna Mamba
Crna Mamba Пре дан
Who is this Gyros did he Play Tennis
Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan Пре дан
Melbourne Australia , home of different individuals !
Naomi Osaka is a most respectful human being. She is cognizant of the legacy of Serena Williams and Venus Williams and would never dishonor this legacy even after being victorious over Serena in match play. Do not play with Naomi Osaka awareness of the games people play. She is not a fool to be suffered.
Ken Daves
Ken Daves Пре дан
Novak gets the Lendl treatment by the media. May he live and win long enough to be appreciated for the great champion he is.
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola Пре дан
Funny things register opposite in her brain. Remember the Jenny Jennifer interview?
Jelena Vasovic
Jelena Vasovic Пре дан
Хвала брацо Руси! Увек цемо бити једно! Спасибо! Россия, сердце Сербии!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Пре дан
Novak 💖👑
Colby Walding
Colby Walding Пре дан
Someone get their mum