Outside the Bubble | The Arena
Penna Mbahee
Penna Mbahee Пре 16 сати
This has corruption written all over it
Adec Пре 17 сати
KP and Big Baby were not even in the team when Ray left. So what the heck he needs to make amends with both of you?
Kunal Saini
Kunal Saini Пре 17 сати
Everytime shaq puts spice in his mouth...it's a meme material xD
Kemeshen Padayachee
Kemeshen Padayachee Пре 18 сати
Why is the gk useless
Hewitt McBride
Hewitt McBride Пре 19 сати
i love how chuck supports the president no matter what
cbd7575 Пре 20 сати
idgaf what pop says, bernie is good
Zeca Milleo
Zeca Milleo Пре 20 сати
I wonder if mchale gave kg a pair of converse sneakers and said " your training is done"
Ming Bing
Ming Bing Пре 20 сати
Best offense, best defense lol. What happened to them in the playoffs?? Losing 4-1 to Heat and I remember that the 1 time they won against Heat in the playoffs was when Giannis got injured during the match and had to leave😄 that's funny
christopher griffin
christopher griffin Пре 20 сати
This was hilarious
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson Пре 21 сат
It’s hilarious that Shaq can be laughing at Chuck like he’s a comedian, and then next thing you know he’s ready to fight him for making a joke at Shaq’s expense.
Daniel Drew Bustillos
Daniel Drew Bustillos Пре 21 сат
"It's nothing to me aaaahh". Classic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike Roe Zapico
Mike Roe Zapico Пре 22 сата
Who would think AD,LeBron in Lakers and Harden, Russ in Rockets would team up after 3years. While Kawhi ends on the Clips teaming up with George and choke in the 2nd round. 🤣
Raven Monet
Raven Monet Пре 23 сата
I eat 5 juicy jalapenos peppers with my tacos and ranch. I actually eat it everyday.
Word Пре дан
So do they enjoy fishing?
Michael Kee
Michael Kee Пре дан
Ernies laugh at the very end! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 5:40
Vitthavas Niponkit
Vitthavas Niponkit Пре дан
The Legend
Why Not
Why Not Пре дан
Giannis funny af🤣🤣 “Kevin dur.. Brandon Ingram, I mean Brandon Ingram...”🤣🤣
TubeWatcher Пре дан
SHAQ! I need those sun glasses.
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 Пре дан
2:05 the best bit
502Amilcar Пре дан
Devon: Use two hands if he starts getting crazy. Shaq: uses two hands against Devon. Devon taught him well.
Sally Tech
Sally Tech Пре дан
Kenny’s tires too hard to fit in 😂
Eli Tried
Eli Tried Пре дан
This hurts so much still man. There was a few and still times i prayed to wake up in the past to prevent the crash. I just hope it works🤧 wish me luck y’all😭
Rick Redmond
Rick Redmond Пре дан
Every time I come back to watch this, I'm rollin' on the d----- floor. LOLOLOL
Raymund Ordoyo
Raymund Ordoyo Пре дан
Why did this just randomly pop up on my recommendations
Belarion A.D.
Belarion A.D. Пре дан
Candace Parker's face is so pretty. I feel like Lil B
Michael Neely
Michael Neely Пре дан
Mr. Julius Irving is the best. I would have watched Lebron try to score on Lambier. He would have been closelined. It was a different time.
Mason Bell
Mason Bell Пре дан
Mason Bell
Mason Bell Пре дан
You rang😂
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas Пре дан
Wait a minute........Dame and CJ woulda been out the bubble by then.......... Lol.......
jamcam 362
jamcam 362 Пре дан
You think that you can bend it like beckham? But can you bend it like heskey?
Ma-K-Low Roberts
Ma-K-Low Roberts Пре дан
Kobe said sum “he always took that niggativity”🤣
Dek DaMoves
Dek DaMoves Пре дан
when a hater who disrespects a lot gets disrepected = shaq
Vee Kinn
Vee Kinn Пре дан
It's funny because Shaq never even drive himself anywhere. Obviously he got a driver. People make fun of him for this but forgot Chuck said something similar to this with the changing the tires comments. I guess it's funny when they don't know what regular people are doing. I think what funny is the leader/host/ceo/boss of show is white...I mean was never an NBA player.. Facts... there's a whip under his table.
Colin McDonald
Colin McDonald Пре дан
Kenny; Movin' on Up!
John Tafoya
John Tafoya Пре дан
Thanks to ebay and down on his luck Antwan walker haha🤣🤣🤣
Ayan Пре дан
What kinda pepper is this?
Dwight Anderson
Dwight Anderson Пре дан
Look At Kevin Hart Pants At The Bottom When He Got Up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elijah Dimaya
Elijah Dimaya Пре дан
Draymond more better as a tv analyst than a player because he cannot be ejected
Skater Alex
Skater Alex Пре дан
4000th comment ^^
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall Пре дан
Think of how much of a monster shaw would have been on the field
WhosYourDaddyNow Пре дан
*Hindsight (year) 2020:* The first half minute is just painfully inaccurate!
Damon Howell
Damon Howell Пре дан
Rip Kobe
AN GEL Пре дан
There so tall oh my god
andy jacobs
andy jacobs Пре дан
Don't let shaq dunk he would break the backboard
M O Пре дан
Kenny is so uncool
Isaac Hawk
Isaac Hawk Пре дан
Lilly Singh should have been taking notes
pruthvi patel
pruthvi patel Пре дан
They just did recist .. otherwise no one able to beat kilgone
Andy C
Andy C Пре дан
"Ernie, I'm not making a face" 😨
Raymond Franklin
Raymond Franklin Пре дан
I remember in junior high,i had a all city center that got switched on me,with like 9 seconds left in the first half. I was dribbling my rear off and he had me blanketed.i knew about where the basket was and turned my back to him.Then i just tossed the ball over my head,with my back to the basket.OFF THE BACKBOARD FOR 3 !!! The highlight of my youthful athletic career😁 lebron was better than me when he was 11 probably. Those fadeaways were ridiculous. That last shot was just nuckin futz. Its ashame that injuries and people wanting to build their own brand stopped some dynastys,from occurring.
Elias Velasquez
Elias Velasquez Пре дан
Mutsa bula aga 😂😂
PNP Пре дан
Stop feeding the guy he's a national treasure.
William Corgial
William Corgial Пре дан
What is wonder woman
Big Boss
Big Boss Пре 2 дана
Chuck always seems better than 6'6
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Пре 2 дана
I can't deal with Ian Carnegie having a pair of J's on 😂
ChrisbeFoSerious Пре 2 дана
On the right teams, Toppin, Avdija, Okongwu, Vassell, Williams, Haliburton, Nesmith, and Bey all can be instant contributors / role players.
Deric Tan
Deric Tan Пре 2 дана
People keep on saying cp3 going down changed this series but the fact is iffy didn’t go down this series be over in 5
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Пре 2 дана
"Laugh now, cry later" in 2020 Drake turns it into a hit song! Toronto 2019 Champs
Booker T
Booker T Пре 2 дана
Kyrie Irving is the biggest 🐈 in the NBA he’s a queen 👸🏻
solo Пре 2 дана
I would've put "Look at Curry" or "Get pwned noobs"
Cristina Jean Donato
Cristina Jean Donato Пре 2 дана
shaq and chuck did each other hahhaha
Bryan Mares
Bryan Mares Пре 2 дана
America i do not commit crimes with checks!!! 🤣🤣
Jck Dnls
Jck Dnls Пре 2 дана
2 words, Devon Larrat is the best
JAugust Пре 2 дана
These guys look so tiny compared to shaq sheesh
Nigel Tiller
Nigel Tiller Пре 2 дана
Barkley so badly doesn’t wan Lebron to be greater than he already is😂
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips Пре 2 дана
4 and a half of these guys are bald
Daniel Mizrahi
Daniel Mizrahi Пре 2 дана
shaq did get two wrong lol
Mason Bell
Mason Bell Пре 2 дана
He jump over ping pong table in 2:57
Mason Bell
Mason Bell Пре 2 дана
That dude at 4:00 look like he Jordan
gorobot Пре 2 дана
Turns on MLB Show - The velocity of his fastball..... Turns on NFL Show - When you have a slot receiver in this position..... Turns on NBA on TNT - Every skeezer in town is waiting at the hotel.
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs Пре 2 дана
Yall laughing when D3s kid punched shaq but do I get to laugh when these kids getting raised with no respect get put in jail into a system they will never escape from ?
Neo Garcia
Neo Garcia Пре 2 дана
Crowd looks like they don’t care
Burco Born
Burco Born Пре 2 дана
"0:30" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1569 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
Peter Burman
Peter Burman Пре 2 дана
Shaq's laugh is so contagious!
moxee Пре 2 дана
Should have been Donovan Mitchell
Damian Zepeda
Damian Zepeda Пре 2 дана
00:17 I love that genuine "why?" response from Kenny he's trying so hard to give Shaq the benefit of doubt or allow him to retract his statement lol
Ron Košak
Ron Košak Пре 2 дана
"miami is not for real" charles barkley, 2020
Ed O
Ed O Пре 2 дана
If Wilt Still alive, he would be there too
Noah Brossoit
Noah Brossoit Пре 2 дана
It must be so hard being a actor on this beacause you can’t laugh 😂
Junior Macopa
Junior Macopa Пре 2 дана
whats the name of the song??
Khawla Khawla
Khawla Khawla Пре 2 дана