Gucci Mamani viraca
Gucci Mamani viraca Пре 7 сати
Mierda de juego
mizukubox Пре 8 сати
KP is a bad influence for the team.
Times On
Times On Пре 11 сати
Noooooooooooooooooooooo whyyyyyyy bucks!!!!!!
dilek Пре 12 сати
yes cediiii 🦾
Jorge Velez
Jorge Velez Пре 14 сати
The only reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers got swept is cuz they didn't have great please people it wasn't lebron James fault getting swept.
hech i
hech i Пре 14 сати
Nice Kommentator
Agustin Collao
Agustin Collao Пре 14 сати
D. Uygur
D. Uygur Пре 15 сати
Well done Suns..Great job
D. Uygur
D. Uygur Пре 15 сати
Well done Hawks..Great job
Jonathan Frimerman
Jonathan Frimerman Пре 18 сати
Nuggets vs Blazers rematch In 2019 it was a fun game
Jonathan Frimerman
Jonathan Frimerman Пре 18 сати
chan lee
chan lee Пре 20 сати
Not 100%!! he is 101% the storm is near
Sultrax -_-
Sultrax -_- Пре 20 сати
Gg for Team Chicago
ウラタロスカンタロス Пре 21 сат
andres francisco pedro
andres francisco pedro Пре 22 сата
emman coronel
emman coronel Пре 23 сата
why jessie pinkman is there
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Пре дан
Bogi sjajna sezona , ovo izgleda ko da ste prošetali sve do finala bravo Utah Jazz ! Da se ne zaboravi- Šampijoni !!
Andrew Kovalski
Andrew Kovalski Пре дан
Jazz are balling without even most of their squad..
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Пре дан
Cool BB44 ! 18pts.-Torca Mars Th
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Пре дан
where is John Wall legendo sleep? kje je JW? HR - next season will...Th
Yudho Pe
Yudho Pe Пре дан
Lakers are just too late to avoid play in tournament .. the sub players are useless in the absent of AD and LeBron.
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen Пре дан
Coolard !
Mile Dobrić
Mile Dobrić Пре дан
Suckramento kings
peacemaker Пре дан
welcome me back to nba watch!!! shhhh its been rough weeks
Darlington Laryea
Darlington Laryea Пре дан
#lakeshow 💜💛
Touchrugby 2000
Touchrugby 2000 Пре дан
Golden state warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Wow what a start to the playoffs
N R Пре дан
You so Overrated Nets hahah good luck to you in playoffs
Judee Пре дан
dennis schruuuder and kyle kuuuuuzma
Nikola Пре дан
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic Пре дан
Bogie save the Utah.If he wasn't so hot-48points,now we would talking about another Nugets win!Bogie save the Jazz in this game.
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic Пре дан
Beautiful,just beautiful performance by the MAVS 👌
Loic Berton Izere
Loic Berton Izere Пре дан
Miami Heat Has More Players
Loic Berton Izere
Loic Berton Izere Пре дан
Jordan Clarkson Is The 6th Man Of The Year🔥🏀💯
Loic Berton Izere
Loic Berton Izere Пре дан
Poku Is Already Like That🔥🏀💯
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Пре дан
MVP 🃏 72/72
Mirge Пре дан
say less
klesk88 Пре дан
A weak team like Sacramento was a duty for Jazz to beat. Those two defeats to the Golden State were a bad thing, and in the playoffs for the Jazz it could be an unbeatable opponent.
Andy Lob
Andy Lob Пре дан
1:45 too obvious defense
Atticus #Bolsa
Atticus #Bolsa Пре дан
I hope Minnesota's trend next year is the same as these last 20 games.
Arby hamzah
Arby hamzah Пре дан
curry best pg ever
K B Пре дан
Where is Zion?
aaron Пре дан
russell triple-double westbrook back at it.
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Пре дан
1:01 traveling:)
Samuel Gold
Samuel Gold Пре дан
He took 3 steps
Osvaldx115 Estrada
Osvaldx115 Estrada Пре дан
Curry vs Lebron James epic.
Erick Martínez
Erick Martínez Пре дан
Pues como no van a ganar no estaba leornard ni george, solo beverly
Aswin Oktavian
Aswin Oktavian Пре дан
Cury MVP. 👇👍
Bart J
Bart J Пре дан
My team such a dumpster fire ;(
Joshua Tan
Joshua Tan Пре дан
Nuggets avoiding the lakeshow 😀
Suhail abu dawod
Suhail abu dawod Пре дан
suns are nothing without CP3
Suhail abu dawod
Suhail abu dawod Пре 19 сати
@A A that's 💯 👌
A A Пре дан
Cp3 are trash
Bastien Motte
Bastien Motte Пре дан
Turnup J Clark, looking fwd to see him in the playoffs 💯
Not Me
Not Me Пре дан
Watch RJ next season....I predict a big year for him
Kaugi KIbaara
Kaugi KIbaara Пре дан
What song is this? Or is the NBA reruns soundtrack album out?
Bastien Motte
Bastien Motte Пре дан
Nets really out there chillin n' killin 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Gladiadores d’ Miranda
Gladiadores d’ Miranda Пре дан
Curry is playing Above MVP level even Bron agrees
InkyOtter Пре дан
First time in a long time I've not heard ' vs Karl Anthony-Towns & The Timberwolves'
Piotr Be
Piotr Be Пре дан
Wrong pronounciation of Dario Šarić's name. It's "sha-rich", not "sa-rich".
Suan Elmer
Suan Elmer Пре дан
Warrior will destroy jazz
Ezra Ksatrya
Ezra Ksatrya Пре 14 сати
Pffftt not a chance, its not one man show. Its A team show. Thats what the jazz shows
Millsy Пре дан
Sexton is such an arse
Guilherme Tricate
Guilherme Tricate Пре дан
Curry is the BEST!!!
Micheole Dator
Micheole Dator Пре дан
Sexton is a good player, super quick, and can be unstoppable, but he’s style when he attack can seriously hurt other players. It’s like guard him at your own risk. But overall he’s good.
Everett Martin
Everett Martin Пре дан
See other teams now trying to Avoid the Lake show lol we're doing it the hard way this season.
George Kalogerakis
George Kalogerakis Пре дан
lol, that was not the Bucks. It was just the bench, wasn't it? Still well played, we need more passion for every game.
Dickson Yala
Dickson Yala Пре дан
Ils sont forts ces gars. de beaux gestes techniques...
John Patrick Clark
John Patrick Clark Пре дан
Rey Taño
Rey Taño Пре дан
Ejexted player of Cleveland about the elbow how about the knee of KD to the one player of Cleveland the referee is bias not equal dam that referee decision
Tadhg Kennedy
Tadhg Kennedy Пре дан
Shem Siemi
Shem Siemi Пре дан
0:20 great steal by Caruso
Gleivi Manuel Álvarez
Gleivi Manuel Álvarez Пре дан
Dominik Banaszczyk
Dominik Banaszczyk Пре дан
Great team, nice to watch, in Minnesota. Future.
Micheole Dator
Micheole Dator Пре дан
I’m glad Nurk is playing this year. Blazers can go all the way 🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zee Dilig
Zee Dilig Пре дан
I can't understand why the mavs, blazers and lakers are tied in 5th place. They should be playing against each other that way we will know if who will beat the warriors in play in. Please help me understand NBA
Merystra Ed
Merystra Ed Пре дан
TiM2808 Пре дан
D. Wade ?
Zac Caasi
Zac Caasi Пре дан
Saw that too. Hahaha
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri Пре дан
Denver threw this game. They would rather see Lakers in the play in.
Zawad Khan
Zawad Khan Пре дан
bruh if ur 6 foot and u elbow a 7 footer on the drive that's def intentional, smh dirty player
wilfried djava
wilfried djava Пре дан
Look at Curry man so inspirational
Gromain Zebi
Gromain Zebi Пре дан
Gg lebron
Los Angeles lakers
Los Angeles lakers Пре дан
Stephen curry🔥💯💪😎💙💛 46 pts 9 ast 👏💯🔥💪💙💛
Los Angeles lakers
Los Angeles lakers Пре дан
Perfect amazing great lakersssssssss🤩💜💛👏💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯
dtx 90
dtx 90 Пре дан
1:17 kuuuuz 🔥🔥🔥👊
John dela cruz
John dela cruz Пре дан
As expected...just like Utaz Jazz did..
lewis ogenyi
lewis ogenyi Пре дан
Go Jordan. Our Naija boy!!! 34 points!!!