Davon Nelson
Davon Nelson Пре 16 сати
I love to hear skip and Shannon talk it just make my day better
williamchick Пре 16 сати
If Tebow gets any playing time he is going to get crushed.
Caleb DesJardins
Caleb DesJardins Пре 16 сати
Skips love for baker and hate towards Josh Allen makes no sense
Gary Veuve
Gary Veuve Пре 16 сати
Shannon give it a rest its not a race thing so what why shouldn't he get a chance and Shannon he sooF me Mook 9iI I'm 31und he took Denver to playoffs in the NFL so stop hating shannon
John De La Rosa
John De La Rosa Пре 16 сати
Shannon: You so called experts make the same mistake every year - you picking last years Conference Champions, and your wrong 99% of the time. That being said I DO NOT recall a super bow repeat outside of Buffalo-Dallas 92-93 and the outcome was the same. You guys get paid millions of dollars and your predictions are worse than the average fan !
Allan Arango
Allan Arango Пре 16 сати
How many times have browns had an all star team and they cant make it to the superbowl
ScottGH Пре 16 сати
What if Fox Execs approached Shannon and said...we want you to be a co-host of Undisputed. We know that you played tight end in the NFL for 14 years, but we think you can contribute...Naa, I am going to turn it down, bro. There are too many sports analysts across this nation in smaller markets-trying to make the big time and it would not be fair to them...? No one would pass on a good opportunity nor look a gift horse in the mouth.
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks Пре 16 сати
When Kareem Abdul Jabbar's name is not in the conversation, it's a incomplete conversation, people have to STOP sent this legend!! MJ was super-great, Lebron is super great, Kareem was super great, all the so-called GOAT conversations are just waste hit air!! Everyone has THEIR opinion!
Chris Sliter
Chris Sliter Пре 16 сати
In a football league where no one is allowed to breathe on the quarterback of course he is gonna put up numbers, he has no excuse! If he had played in the Aikman Era, Tebows number wouldn’t be as impressive. Tebow is Trash! “Hefty Trash” might I add
Justmy2cents Пре 16 сати
C'mon guys the bucs only got it because it was given to them by the league point blank! Brady isn't as elite as some claim him to be! Talent around you does make a difference but In this case it was foul play!!!
millionaire mindset
millionaire mindset Пре 16 сати
1:30 dayummmmmmmm shay sheeshhhhh that was crazy lmao
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes Пре 16 сати
Brady like Drew Brees he can beat his defense he can beat Rogers as well only persons call a 3 second release is Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as well
Ron Silvia
Ron Silvia Пре 16 сати
The Jaguars even with Trevor Lawrence are not a threat to anyone.
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes Пре 16 сати
I'm sure Shannon shop need a match up perfect match up Michael Irvin
millionaire mindset
millionaire mindset Пре 16 сати
2:53 ctfu
john lavvas
john lavvas Пре 16 сати
The temporary brian surprisingly work because lily philly boast until a quarrelsome sidecar. pastoral, nonstop bengal
Lucy Пре 16 сати
No faith in Melania.
Lucy Пре 16 сати
Funny. She's very similar to God!
Lucy Пре 16 сати
It's a lot of "Root for Melania!"
SlickChick Пре 16 сати
Tune in tomorrow for the Brady network...24/7 whether you want it or not! Who cares about the rest of the league when you can obsess over one player ad nauseum! Brady's shoe size! Brady's gold tooth! Brady's tips for cooking! Brady's Vegas line and picks of the week!
Michael Adderley
Michael Adderley Пре 16 сати
The greatest player in team sports...skip what did he do in baseball.....what did he do in Washington....Walter Payton need to come back just to slap the shyt out of skip...
Lucy Пре 17 сати
All the speeches were about amusement parks.
Mason Lipscomb
Mason Lipscomb Пре 17 сати
Shannon obviously didn’t watch the nfc championship Tom Brady threw 3 picks but they still won cause of there defense
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell Пре 17 сати
50/10 Beijing 🤣🤣
Lucy Пре 17 сати
Dangerous to be a dad to good people.
Gabino Gomez
Gabino Gomez Пре 17 сати
Skip n Shannon need to do some work or they just straight hate on Kobe. Why can’t they accept that maybe Kobe was mentally tougher? There’s a lot of actions and facts to prove it
Lucy Пре 17 сати
No one censored it.
Justin Harvey
Justin Harvey Пре 17 сати
Seems like a mentor role for Trevor.
Chester MCPEAK
Chester MCPEAK Пре 17 сати
Hey look they can win 10 games the NFL and the refs are going to put them in the Super Bowl
Lucy Пре 17 сати
Many games at amusement parks are RIGGED.
Lucy Пре 17 сати
LEAF, or Elsa.
Chester MCPEAK
Chester MCPEAK Пре 17 сати
Once again I say the NFL is rigged
Lucy Пре 17 сати
I think blacks just listen to Al Sharpton.
brad smith
brad smith Пре 17 сати
Shannon, what a naïve old man
Jerry Nosowsky
Jerry Nosowsky Пре 17 сати
Rodgers will be in Denver before the season starts...100 percent!!!
Vallon Wallace
Vallon Wallace Пре 17 сати
But they forget Kyrie and Kevin love was hurt that first year. They went 6 games without none other than Lebron. Who knows if they ever win and get that swagger after that
Ranom Acc
Ranom Acc Пре 17 сати
The massive roof regionally answer because sturgeon semiannually kiss per a melted camera. false familiar famous, five hippopotamus
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Пре 17 сати
Man stop this foolishness😭😭🤣
Junior Villanueva
Junior Villanueva Пре 17 сати
17-0 and win another Superbowl lmao. Not happening
Junior Villanueva
Junior Villanueva Пре 17 сати
Dude skip is annoying af. Just make your damn prediction
Junior Villanueva
Junior Villanueva Пре 17 сати
Stop it. Bucs defense won that Superbowl
Jerry Nosowsky
Jerry Nosowsky Пре 17 сати
It was a terrible trade!!!! Sharpe is right c at most high of a price!!! He is a great QB. If they just gave Goff another pro bowl RB ..they could of went as far as having a stafford.
Leeman Williams
Leeman Williams Пре 17 сати
Good for skip for bringing his a game
Bill Ashby
Bill Ashby Пре 17 сати
The head coach made this decision, if it works out, great, if it doesn't work out than the coach will catch grief over his decision, but at least give the guy a chance! Tebow is a known quality, Colin is a very divisive guy who wants to bring politics into football, how has that worked out for the NFL so far? With ratings in the dumpster for the NFL, it might not hurt the NFL to see if Tebow can add some excitement to the game!
Lucy Пре 17 сати
Lol. I practiced a ton of STEM problems too, but they won't be on the exam.
Ron Voorhees
Ron Voorhees Пре 17 сати
Wishing Tebow the best. I would watch NFL again because of Tebow
ramon Пре 17 сати
Why so much hate? The man has the opportunity to make millions, if the other guys are so much better have them make another team. He played baseball got paid and now is going to play football and get paid. We all do the same thing with our jobs (except its a different dollar amount) I believe they're all over paid. I don't pay them so it don't bother me. Some of these ex-NFL players complain and they go on to be commentators. They took a job from guys who went to school to be in the booth. I'm seeing hypocrisy mixed in with some jealousy.