Пре дан
Пре 21 дан
Epic asked me to try this...
ANOTHER Event has been Leaked...
Fortnite's NEW UPDATE is BROKEN....
the Next BIG Game...
Пре месец
The NEW Among Us Mode in Fortnite!
Reacting to UNUSUAL MEMES...
Killian_games Пре 17 минута
Dat sandwich
Killian_games Пре 18 минута
Dang that’s s***
Killian_games Пре 22 минута
Safe the world save the world
Kian Jacob O'Reilly
Kian Jacob O'Reilly Пре 47 минута
Fortnite ruined gaming, fun and interesting gaming commentary was replaced with bland lifeless sweats who literally just say what they’re doing in game.
Dutch van der linde
Dutch van der linde Пре 49 минута
Fortnite is dead apex is rising again or it never really died but
dynwyu Пре 52 минута
Because fortnite is dead
Jalal Bukhari
Jalal Bukhari Пре сат
Ryan Frankline
Ryan Frankline Пре сат
BlaBlox !! Ha 3:00
XY Пре 3 сата
noah unratio you lol
Them boys not playing close to the tv like how can y’all see anything while playing that far away
X32 Clan Leader
X32 Clan Leader Пре 4 сата
NickEh30 is a SUSSY BAKA
Kingzz Пре 4 сата
X32 Clan Leader
X32 Clan Leader Пре 4 сата
Sussy BAKA
Vaibhav Selvakumar
Vaibhav Selvakumar Пре 5 сати
Noice bruh
darK LOL
darK LOL Пре 6 сати
Stupid 4:25 Use your idiotic 🧠 ATM Bababoye
A E 1 -
A E 1 - Пре 6 сати
And I love it I just wanna turn on my mic on Xbox any ideas?
A E 1 -
A E 1 - Пре 6 сати
I’m very happy for the game it grew so much I’ve played since season 4
GOBLIN Пре 6 сати
Who is here after noahsnoah reratioed him 🤣
HAZE Пре 7 сати
5:31 the recomended vid after that 🤣🤣
classic Boi
classic Boi Пре 7 сати
Sypher: I don’t know who would by the fortnite appereal Me: cough cough X2twins
JustVFX Пре 8 сати
the android and apple are true i wake up to apple every day
Ariel-king Пре 11 сати
the kid: just quit Sypher: pull outs the gaming chair
Evdogg Пре 12 сати
Oh no no
Chicago Times6
Chicago Times6 Пре 12 сати
Ok now epic is just being silly.
Zachary Wilson
Zachary Wilson Пре 12 сати
Team Neox
Team Neox Пре 13 сати
noahs and tg are the omly ones who un-ratiod
Karen Elias
Karen Elias Пре 14 сати
Bru you didn’t see in the vid gaven and look at the back
mr mister
mr mister Пре 15 сати
Hey Sypher, is the keyboard clicking you or your teammates?
StegsGaming Пре 15 сати
Haha Nate got killed by Bruce
arkesh Пре 16 сати
Why did he disable comments on his newest vid
Rmod Пре 15 сати
He might’ve received hate for not adding the kids back or for lying in the beginning when he said “the kids clutched up” when they died early
SleepyZzz Пре 17 сати
If your friends stopped playing fortnite, they werent really your friends.
Outdoor Guy
Outdoor Guy Пре 17 сати
He’s Scottish
dcstny • sinan
dcstny • sinan Пре 17 сати
i regret not buying this battle pass tbh the gliders were really good & ocean is actually a pretty great skin tho
Servo Chronic
Servo Chronic Пре 17 сати
2:15 lol
fiercecat! Пре 18 сати
Is that jiro in the background
reni Пре 17 сати
yeah lol
Can0fpepsi Пре 18 сати
comments disabled on the most recent upload? O_O
Rmod Пре 15 сати
He might’ve received hate for not adding the kids back or for lying in the beginning when he said “the kids clutched up” when they died early
Party royale clips
Party royale clips Пре 18 сати
4:36 now noah has 13.5k likes 😂😂 Re-Ratio 😂 bruh i’m out 💀
Destructivememe22 Пре 18 сати
Calm down sypher Noah is just a regular content creator don't pull out the 9🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Ryu
Daniel Ryu Пре 18 сати
What r those rainbow things from chests
HypnoticFry Пре 19 сати
What the fudge that crap looks like the battle pass
Kxturbo124 Пре 19 сати
who else is sypherpks fan
Alexander Clarke
Alexander Clarke Пре 19 сати
Why does it look like Sypher is growing down and not up??? Lmao
David Pulido
David Pulido Пре 19 сати
7:37 somebody help me I need to know who she is
Fernando Castillo
Fernando Castillo Пре 19 сати
That spanish kid did not know he was playing with one of the greatest 😂
Seb Gamez
Seb Gamez Пре 20 сати
The biggest flex is having sypher as a friend on fn
Jason Misacango
Jason Misacango Пре 20 сати
Ugly sypherpk
Gaven Watson
Gaven Watson Пре 20 сати
Sypher needs to do a video 1v1ing random console players, we’re cracked af but the whole PC community thinks we’re dog water, little do they know half the time it’s us sending them back to the lobby And no, not because of the aim assist myth, but because we’re genuinely good builders and editors. At least us OG’s Our aim assist has nothing compared to their PERFECT control of their characters with giant mouse pads they can put their cross hairs exactly where they want, not accounting for bloom w/ AR’s
Games For Noobs
Games For Noobs Пре 20 сати
Steve Flores
Steve Flores Пре 20 сати
Of course cipher would get into a random fills game with a random kid and a fake irrelevant streamer plugging in his name because he's irrelevant desperate for views and money honestly plugging in your name gives you away as a try hard there's only one percent of these fake content creators that are actually bots
SomeOldGuy Пре 20 сати
Warning to anyone watching, there is only 45 seconds of good content
SomeOldGuy Пре 20 сати
Warning to anyone watching, there is only about 1 and a half minutes of good content
clash of acewins
clash of acewins Пре 21 сат
With the razer huntsman v2 analog you can run diagonally in br just like in save the world (but it's expensive as hell)
Ben Young
Ben Young Пре 21 сат
bruh stfu noah has double your likes
Ghosteler555 Пре 21 сат
Noahsnoah gang will rise
Hehe. Hehe. The Craig army is coming for you.
Zainullah Khan
Zainullah Khan Пре 22 сата
nice syphers new video has comments off (on this channel)
Akro Пре 22 сата
K9 ZR Пре 22 сата
Broccoli is my favorite food and I like your butt hehehehahahahhahaheheheheehaaaa WOOOO WOOOOOOOO M OJI K OJI
Jose Пре 23 сата
I played in the beginning when apex came out but then when warzone came out I was a warzone player until the hackers I’ve been stress free I would stress so much in warzone and apex is so relaxed
Leo Mendoza
Leo Mendoza Пре 23 сата
holy shit sypher is cracked
Elbionsking7 Пре 23 сата
04:57 sypher uses 0.1% of his dkill3
Manbearpigss Пре 23 сата
*y tf epic always make music that sometimes in a certain part sound part sound like the device*
Sweet Pablos
Sweet Pablos Пре 23 сата
It is expensive AF
AMCfireorb Пре дан
it's not expensive it's overpriced
AMCfireorb Пре 19 сати
@hehe jsksk well yeah still overpriced
hehe jsksk
hehe jsksk Пре 21 сат
So.. it’s expensive..
Slimez Пре дан
6:45 he laught at a Dutch clip😂
Matey Vasilovschi
Matey Vasilovschi Пре дан
The fact that the new season is here and everybody is making like 3 episodes about the season and then making reaction videos, that killed the game and as you can see Sypher does that as well
Spaxy Пре дан
Whoever added one village is a god
Anoos0 Пре дан
so uhh..prob nobody cares but Imma say all the ones I laughed at: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th, 18th, 20th, 23rd,30th and thats it lol
Patrick Hearne
Patrick Hearne Пре дан
Eso stream when?
FakeGamer4027GG Пре дан
Awwwwww man only youtubers get skins. Sad.
Roo Andrew
Roo Andrew Пре дан
screw family freindly
Michael Linskey
Michael Linskey Пре дан
24 hours late SypherPK: I got the skins early
fazar fazar58
fazar fazar58 Пре дан
Syper, fortnites dead stop acting like it's still alive. It's to deep gone and the more Epic tried to fix the game, they make it worst, Instead of adding 1 kevin they added 8 cubes, causing the map to look like shit. We all used to play fortnite but it's to sweaty now
Ego Crimson
Ego Crimson Пре дан
sypher which would make u more happy a metal umbrella collar or an icon skin?
Kenneth Munoz
Kenneth Munoz Пре дан
dang 31 elims first game
parzival Пре дан
imagine still playing fortnite lol
Bryson Anderson
Bryson Anderson Пре дан
The funny thing is is when he said this guy can’t keep getting away with this a lawyer ad show up on my screen
Catal Пре дан
don't check the channel
don't check the channel Пре дан
Im finally as good as sypher 😀
Kraze 24
Kraze 24 Пре дан
I only like the thug pug
imposingfoe Пре дан
i hate when people call sypher bad. maybe he isnt as mechanicly skilled as some people but atlest he is smart enough to know how to handle players that are more mechanically skilled and try to crackhead things