MAX MAX Пре 14 сати
What is background music ? OST not found!
Jalal Salih
Jalal Salih Пре 14 сати
Prateek Jhunjhunwala
Prateek Jhunjhunwala Пре 14 сати
Ash is pissed cz she didn't have the highest frags.... such a jealous girl..XDXDXD
I R A Q _I Q
I R A Q _I Q Пре 15 сати
Canibalteaspoon159 Пре 15 сати
Hopefully its not just steep with bikes. I liked steep but this is a whole new full priced game so come on Ubisoft
I R A Q _I Q
I R A Q _I Q Пре 15 сати
I R A Q _I Q
I R A Q _I Q Пре 15 сати
I R A Q _I Q
I R A Q _I Q Пре 15 сати
Soviet Deprussian
Soviet Deprussian Пре 15 сати
Mute and tachanka are never in these
Somnia Пре 15 сати
omg the ending reminds me a reality show on mtv haha
Kozza Пре 15 сати
pansa 16_p
pansa 16_p Пре 16 сати
MondeMondé Пре 16 сати
RIP Vulcan Shield
Unknown User
Unknown User Пре 16 сати
this game become a netflix serie i think its very nice.
злодейский Ломбардо
злодейский Ломбардо Пре 16 сати
100% garbage
злодейский Ломбардо
злодейский Ломбардо Пре 16 сати
this is just stupid
Anonymous Dude
Anonymous Dude Пре 16 сати
7 months later and still no gameplay reveal.
Dai Atlas
Dai Atlas Пре 17 сати
Doc: Fires fully automatic weapon Me: Then you see it’s his shotgun 🤔🤔
KeksToby Пре 17 сати
Thx RStoolss for recommending this and destroying my dreams ... I thought it would be a new trailer for an event comeback xD
Ali ASD Пре 17 сати
"For there's more mystery of that man i could ever dare" Edward in game till the end: where money and gold?
Mapache Gamer
Mapache Gamer Пре 17 сати
wow I thought that R6 It couldn't get worse and what happened? Explosive drones ://
tayfa hane
tayfa hane Пре 17 сати
We want a Turkish character
Tomek Szmara
Tomek Szmara Пре 17 сати
dokkaebi is just stupid she could watch this doors instead of watching Kali.
Barış Buz
Barış Buz Пре 17 сати
Children humor, trash story, mobile gaming graphics, repetitive gameplay, most of the mythologic stories are totally wrong. Absolutely not worth a dime. Even an indie studio would have made a better game. Shame on you Ubi for releasing such a trash.
POWER_UP_ XD_PRO Пре 18 сати
Why WHY is ash not banned I need to see more of this fight I want to know how it's going on and I want so see tachanka in the background chilling his life till something they nearly kill each other and seeps both in the face and tells them to stop with an awesome line. Some think like: Angry Russian voice : THIS IS NOT HOW BRADUCHA WORK TOGETHER or IN RUSSIA YOUR WHERE ALREADY DEAD
LemonHead5555 Пре 18 сати
“Awe yew off yourw nut?”
Happaning Пре 19 сати
Rainbow Six Siege: Civil War
Freejek38 Пре 19 сати
rework dominion
Deathメ Пре 19 сати
Instead of selling garbage skins actually help console players and ban keyboard and mouse
Deathメ Пре 19 сати
Make a patch for mouse and keyboard users on console
Christian Antonio
Christian Antonio Пре 19 сати
Everything is fun and games until the Ghost of Sparta steps in
I Guess
I Guess Пре 19 сати
Whats the name of the radio song?
Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd
Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd Пре 19 сати
My favourite is the french ww1 uniform.
Pz. Vince Siqueiros
Pz. Vince Siqueiros Пре 19 сати
Y'all commenting about sam fisher but i dont see him anywhere
Rashed Muhammed
Rashed Muhammed Пре 19 сати
ubisoft please bbring servers for middleeast
Pz. Vince Siqueiros
Pz. Vince Siqueiros Пре 20 сати
Who's the actress for Dokkaebi?
# Just me?
# Just me? Пре 20 сати
Nice I'm soo lucky I buy elite ash month ago
ohheyimraven143 Пре 20 сати
Why dokka using her smp?
Kai Yamashita
Kai Yamashita Пре 20 сати
I dont know why but ever since kali and wamai were announced that they were part as a pmc i had a felling that this might happen
Smelly Patel
Smelly Patel Пре 20 сати
This is just ubi's way of telling is that Ash's head hitbox is getting smaller next patch
Ares HimSelf
Ares HimSelf Пре 20 сати
Dope now get rid of him jesus
Binh TC Nguyen
Binh TC Nguyen Пре 20 сати
Player 1: " you missed!" Player 2: "I didnt."
cory mccolligan
cory mccolligan Пре 21 сат
Literally saved up 27k for the reissued skin only for me to not be able to buy it by the time I got the renown
derWALDARBEITER Пре 21 сат
Can you melee the drone if it anchors?
Eragonx10 Пре 21 сат
Finna is a powered up Zofia/ash, your supposed to push objective hard and clear every one out. I easily do it at plat 1
XravenAzazel Javi
XravenAzazel Javi Пре 21 сат
There are way too many facts in this fiction and you missed a few facts and I’m literally talking about the lore and how similar it is to the Sumerian Tablets and the ever growing evidence of not only advanced lost civilizations but many more things. Btw that pinecone on the church is supposed to mean the pineal gland in the center of our brain aka our minds eye or third eye. It’s extremely significant. Go look at the Vatican. And BTW Caesar Borgia was the person white Jesus was modeled after which is the common image of Jesus or should I say Yeshua as J wasn’t in the alphabet till 1524. But ey I’m not even sure if Yeshua existed but I’m still looking.
ChrisHansenGamingAndVlogs Пре 21 сат
Dokka touched Cavs shoulder and she pushed her away lol
SlurredPrey Пре 21 сат
Below Zero
Below Zero Пре 21 сат
When can we get a cinematic with echo though
SHD.Agent27 Пре 21 сат
anybody else returning here to rewatch this awesome action pack trailer ?
Lexington g
Lexington g Пре 21 сат
Aruni's smile is nice
Blade720666 Пре 21 сат
Kali may have grazed Ash’s ear but Mira ate that bullet
G Пре 21 сат
Truly outstanding achievement! The amount of work being put into this require much more than you can imagine, I'll always admire The Division and its team for their contribution.
That Random Asian _
That Random Asian _ Пре 21 сат
So Castle is now obsolete...
Marsel Osmani
Marsel Osmani Пре 21 сат
Can you please ad the toyota supra on the crew 2 0?
Garfield Is garfield
Garfield Is garfield Пре 21 сат
8% crit chance on Malaka!
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley Пре 22 сата
how is kali on rainbow she got dokebi killed and injured ash like how do you get away with using your team as bait
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley Пре 22 сата
can we talk about this music doe it kicks bruv
wooblydooblygod Пре 22 сата
UBI please give his LMG at least 60 dmg and make his fire do more damage
nataleethefag Пре 22 сата
Still don't get why my friend has been playing this for 12 hours bro 😭
Kunal Kishore
Kunal Kishore Пре 22 сата
I hope campaign will be good because after a whole bloody decade we are gonna see a campaign mode in rainbow six
BlockSoldier Пре 23 сата
You shouldn't make it so there is no season pass. I think it's a stupid change, it make everything more expensive, it'll be 40 bucks a year opposed to 25 bucks a year. Also most people will probably buy the one that gives you an extra steps in the battle pass which is 80 bucks a year. And throughout this you get no 10% discount 10% more renown. You get less for more over all.
Kingston Gary
Kingston Gary Пре 23 сата
Make Vigil a Grim Reaper
Kyle Goyak
Kyle Goyak Пре 23 сата
Once again Ubisoft makes a game with a supposed female protagonist but lets you customize them to make them male too. Like cmon what do they have against only female protagonists?
Erick Ricardo
Erick Ricardo Пре 23 сата
Goddamit this thing is perfect, from time to time I always come back to watch it
Ronny Пре 23 сата
I want a TV series. Even if it's one season ill watch it over and over
hawkcat the gamer67
hawkcat the gamer67 Пре 23 сата
hawkcat the gamer67
hawkcat the gamer67 Пре 23 сата
I love it!
hawkcat the gamer67
hawkcat the gamer67 Пре 23 сата
Oh yeah that cool!
TFAric Пре 23 сата
One person goes down and mission fail is terrible design :/