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Codrut Tache
Codrut Tache Пре 3 минута
If i know one rule, that's "dont take the food from someone s hand", that is disrespectful. Btw, try to cut them in more pieces, the girl in red was just waiting for the others to finish.
TaraR85 Пре 7 минута
For anyone watching that is struggling with body image; the number on the scale does not define you. Do more of what makes you feel good, and take the best care of YOU that you can. 💗
Emily Guzman
Emily Guzman Пре 7 минута
Give yourself grace Jack💜 you have overcome one of the hardest steps: denial. I always like to tell myself “at least I’m exercising 10 more min than the aVerage American” because it’s the truth! Baby steps ok?
Michelle Nicole
Michelle Nicole Пре 9 минута
Good for you hun, love yourself in your own skin girl. I believe in you!! You can do it!!!!!❤❤ cutting carbs will help this move faster. Js. 👍👍
Char Пре 10 минута
Me watching this: “omg i’m so inspired imma start too!” Also me watching this: *sitting here eating an entire pizza with ranch*
Jasmine Gravador
Jasmine Gravador Пре 13 минута
Jaclyn your house is so beautiful!!!!!
Taylor Green
Taylor Green Пре 13 минута
What is your ethnicity? Your mom sounded Russian or Ukrainian when you were getting your face mask done! I rewinded and was like OMG i had no idea.
Sara Whitney
Sara Whitney Пре 18 минута
we do not have to do nipp!e to nipp!e lmao!
Miranda Paige
Miranda Paige Пре 19 минута
watching this video has made me just want to sit on the couch the rest of the day and online shop!
Ileanell Perez
Ileanell Perez Пре 32 минута
You are so brave for sharing this. Thank you 💙
Samia Javied
Samia Javied Пре 36 минута
❤️❤️ love to watch your videos ... You're doing amazing ❤️ lot's of love
Book Loving Nerd
Book Loving Nerd Пре 41 минут
Woman you look gorgeous. You look so much better than I do.
Dannya Morales
Dannya Morales Пре 44 минута
I don't want a YouTube name
I don't want a YouTube name Пре 47 минута
You got this girl! Only suggestion is.. don’t exercise with makeup on. You look GORGEOUS but sweat+makeup on your face = breakouts galore!
Jade Mendez
Jade Mendez Пре 48 минута
I was once there and now I’m almost half way through my journey, you can do it just stay consistent, as you go you will find what works best for you
Ami Nguyen
Ami Nguyen Пре 49 минута
When I was 6 months pregnant I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to change my whole diet. It was so hard at the beginning. I wanted to give up and I seriously felt like my whole world was over. But I found ways to make changes to the things I normally eat, so that the are not as sugary or high in carbs. Best advice, try to find alternatives to eating your favorite food, so you are suffering. I can still eat at in n out. My burger just has to be protein style and only 1 beef patty and fries. No soda. I bring a can of sprinkling water, because that has so calories, no sugar, and no carbs. I hope that helps. Simple changes = big longer changes ❤❤❤❤
ASH LEE Пре 54 минута
idk about you all but by day 6 i see a difference in her face. you get it girl
gliters007 Пре сат
This touched so close to my heart. I’m on the same journey, I need to reduce inflammation and my clothes don’t fit! I feel ya girl you are motivating me! ❤️ you can do this! Thanks for being real
Stephanie Sarah
Stephanie Sarah Пре сат
ANY progress is good. One day at a time.
Lauren Sankwich
Lauren Sankwich Пре сат
Love love love this! Thank you for inviting us on this journey with you! I relate to this soooo much and am encouraged by your raw honesty! 😍
Ashley Oberg
Ashley Oberg Пре сат
That breakfast is totally fine. Obviously not everyday but if you completely restrict every single craving, the likelihood of you messing up the diet is so much higher.
Valencia Gil
Valencia Gil Пре сат
You go, girl!!!! Everyone has to start somewhere!!
Cassey Baker
Cassey Baker Пре сат
Omggggg I love when my fingers smell like fresh garlic too!!!
Surviving FibroMyWhat
Surviving FibroMyWhat Пре сат
Having a nightmare about food hahahaha so me!
Denae Wagner
Denae Wagner Пре сат
Thank you so much for sharing! So many women and young girls struggle with this! Me included! Love you babe your amazing!
Surviving FibroMyWhat
Surviving FibroMyWhat Пре сат
"I know im never going to be skinny 125 no muscle jaclyn" I seriously needed to hear someone else say that because i have a hard time admitting I'll never be skinny again. I suffer with severe pain aka fibromyalgia and other nerve issues. Love u Jaclyn 💓
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan Пре сат
Holy shit the lettuce! And it’s the prewashed kind?! Ugh, I’ve been eating bugs!!!!! 😩😩😩 nothing but OCD lettuce washing up in this bitch from now on!!! So glad you showed us that! Keep up the good work, Jaclyn! Your mood will fluctuate as you change your diet, I definitely got super irritable, moody and sensitive when I started to eat better and cut out sugar. I think I remember my doctor telling me it was something to do with the hormones estrogen and cortisol. Super helpful aren’t I? 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Anyway, even the tough days, you’re killing it. You cannot fail when you choose yourself!!!! You’ve got a huge cheering section and I’m working on the same thing right now too!!! 💕💕💕💕
Denae Wagner
Denae Wagner Пре сат
Jac, omg I swear you need to try Phentermine! I swear it really helps!!!
Hila Baruch
Hila Baruch Пре сат
The series i didnt kno i needed!!!!!
Paxton Reed
Paxton Reed Пре сат
It is hard, and you’re doing amazing recognizing and working through some heavy emotions and habits!! I am so proud of you and thankful you’re choosing to share this journey with us. And I love the vlog style! Sending you love and thanking you for the motivation to also live healthier! ♥️♥️
Azia Rose
Azia Rose Пре сат
The way you're literally influencing us too 🙏
Maron y Lopez
Maron y Lopez Пре сат
Lindsay Bruce
Lindsay Bruce Пре сат
I hope that you consider talking to a therapist about your relationship with food. It will be the most helpful thing you can do for yourself. Also, you have pups, you should walk them for an hour each day… you spend time with your animals and you get your workout in, it’s the best of both worlds. I envy that you live somewhere you can pretty much walk outside all four seasons and the air isn’t so cold it hurts your face! I’d walk everywhere!!!! Every chance I could get!!!
Sara Webb
Sara Webb Пре сат
Loved the * sinister Jaclyn noises * at the end there lmao 😂
sara nugent
sara nugent Пре сат
Isn't makeup geek at target? Kokie too?
Rachel Baxter-Burton
Rachel Baxter-Burton Пре сат
Dude, Ezekiel raisin bread with vegan butter or vegan cream cheese…. Bomb as a f for a snack ;)
Shani Taylor
Shani Taylor Пре сат
I did a 10 day reset after having my baby girl and it was literally cutting out everything. We only ate salads, chicken, and clean smoothies for 10 days. I couldn't believe how addicted I was to sugars. I literally threw up on day 3 because of the withdrawl. Everything you're feeling is NORMAL but you have to keep sight of the end goal, you got this! Do the damn thing!
drs 299
drs 299 Пре сат
How pretty does Jaclyn look at 14:00
Kricia Kilpatrick
Kricia Kilpatrick Пре сат
I love this idea I am trying to start me own series and i think documenting it will hold me accountable!
Memoriestwenty21 Пре сат
Hey welcome To the 40’bust and 46’ ass size. Girl that’s just more to love
Jade Walsh
Jade Walsh Пре сат
this was so beautiful & pure✨ i relate 100%🥲
Donna Laney
Donna Laney Пре сат
andrea Zarnowski
andrea Zarnowski Пре сат
Girl, you are funnny! I love these videos!! And im sorry who said eggs werent healthy? Im sooooo confused right now!! Eggs are a great breakfast!
Misty Bevill
Misty Bevill Пре сат
You’re supposed to weigh yourself nakey first thing in the morning after your potty but before your breakfast! 🥰
Missy Schlanger
Missy Schlanger Пре сат
not me being motivated but also watching this while I eat a bag of potato chips lol im prouf of you btw you're stunning
Candice Segura
Candice Segura Пре сат
Thank you for sharing your journey! I always say I will start getting on track with my health but never know where to start and always make excuses. Seeing you say you are not ashamed of the scale and sweating on that treadmill is encouraging. You can do it! ❤️
The Yesterdays
The Yesterdays Пре сат
You got it girl! Weight loss and living a “healthier lifestyle” is not linear so don’t feel discouraged! If you are going to track your weight, you can weigh at the same time every day and then take the average for the week. Also, having a realistic idea of your calorie intake will be so helpful! Excited to see your journey!!
Sandii Perez
Sandii Perez Пре сат
You got this girl, watching your video made me want to continue with this. I've lost 25 lbs since March and it is not easy. This journey is long but worth it in the end.
Jackie M.
Jackie M. Пре 2 сата
You have to buy organic lettuce and most are dirty so chop wash your lettuce and soak it in cold water then you can rinse it again and spin it 😬
Heather Russell
Heather Russell Пре 2 сата
It takes 22 days to break a habit and you gotta get thru the detox phase...crying is ok just let it out then tell yourself you got this bitch😁 one day one new food at a time
Kristy Matsen
Kristy Matsen Пре 2 сата
Good freaking job you fabulous mother lover!!!! Any movement is better than zero! Your seriously ROCK!!!!
Emily G.
Emily G. Пре 2 сата
Thank you for being so real about this. THANK YOU!!! You are representing the real woman and the real struggles of weight. As someone who was obese my whole life, then lost 100 lbs, kept it off for 10 years by starving myself, and then put it all back on once I stopped counting calories, it’s so discouraging. People who can eat whatever they want… burn in hell, all of you! 😂
Kaya Briggs
Kaya Briggs Пре 2 сата
Aw babe 😩😞 this is so relatable. I had a baby in November and am super unhappy with my belly and my health since. You’re not alone, find the things that work for you. It’s going to take some time ❤️
FayBellZo Пре 2 сата
Hang in there gorgous <3
Kaley Zepeda
Kaley Zepeda Пре 2 сата
As I’m at the gym watching this for motivation you have no idea how hard I’m rooting for you!!!!! YOU GOT THIS QUEEN
Desiree Sampson
Desiree Sampson Пре 2 сата
I am so proud of you! You can notice the inflammation going down in your face at day 5! You got this!!!
Ąndi Marię
Ąndi Marię Пре 2 сата
THANK YOU for being HUMAN 💕 You are showing these little girls REAL life! People think thoes in the limelight are always perfect. You're human! Stay strong girl💕
Tayyibah Khan
Tayyibah Khan Пре 2 сата
A effing english muffin w egg and cheese is not SO UNHEALTHY tf. Its cheese not a fuckin donut. I hate ppl. And BREAD is not the demon sent from hell. It looks like wheat bread like ok thts healthy. You cant eat no carbs youre gonna be hungry as fuck. Thts where energy comes from. Screw them!! I know how u feel bc food is my comfort its so hard to let go but ur inspiring me.
C Mk
C Mk Пре 2 сата
Thank you for showing the reality . Money doesn’t make make weight loss any easier
B. Monday
B. Monday Пре 2 сата
I LOVE how real your vlogs are. Keep them coming!❤️❤️
Fit Kat
Fit Kat Пре 2 сата
From the beginning of this video to the end your face alone slimmed out. Everything in moderation! Enjoy what you want but don’t over do it. You got this babes.
DaniHarp Пре 2 сата
Stop listening to the negative and stay on it! You are doing great and you are beautiful!!!
Haley Turner
Haley Turner Пре 2 сата
I have been watching you since day one and feel like I’ve been through it all with you! You are truly inspiring and so motivating. You GLOW GIRL! Don’t give up ❤️❤️
Baby Sin
Baby Sin Пре 2 сата
It’s so good to see you come back up, this is sooo relatable!!!
Quillen Hargrave
Quillen Hargrave Пре 2 сата
Omg yes girl
Taby Elias
Taby Elias Пре 2 сата
You got this girl!!!
Nicole Alexandria
Nicole Alexandria Пре 2 сата
I didnt think it was possible to love you any more honestly. But I do! <3 Also, Kourtney would never allow that food at her home hahahaha but it sounds phenomenal.
Bp1221 Пре 3 сата
But wait … what type of shampoo do you use?!! I see all that shampoo in your shower
Maprang Kpj
Maprang Kpj Пре 3 сата
I love this so much. Thank you for sharing.
Bailey Van Blarcom
Bailey Van Blarcom Пре 3 сата
Big Mac salad! basically a cobb salad but with ground turkey or beef with pickles. It's so good and hits the spot!
Marie Rie
Marie Rie Пре 3 сата
Go Carnivore for a week and see how amazing you feel no joke.
Britt Leona
Britt Leona Пре 3 сата
I’d love a series of “look like you tried even tho you didn’t” lol
Maria Gerlinger
Maria Gerlinger Пре 3 сата
I was miserable after the first 3 minutes of this video. You have consumed over 2000 calories by lunch time. That is your daily intake. Being spoiled rich and dumb is your issue. You don't comprehend healthy! Hire a professional. You have the money.
Melanie Bride
Melanie Bride Пре 3 сата
I've lost 80lbs in a year (still going) and i promise you everything you're experiencing is normal. the cravings get easier. when you see the weight start to fall off you will be so motivated you won't want to ruin your progress. after a month or so of not eating sugar you are going to feel amazing. cheating isn't the end of the world. it's part of the journey. just keep going. i keep away from scales because i will self sabotage. i constantly have to tell myself "it's not that i'll never get to eat these cupcakes ever again. just not right now." if you're not going to do a full workout do a minimum of 5, 10, or 15 minutes. at least you got yourself moving and it's better than nothing. sometimes it's more about setting good habits than busting your ass. your workouts will get easier and you will feel so damn good when you realize it. KEEP GOING YOU ARE DOING GREAT.
Mrs Milstar
Mrs Milstar Пре 3 сата
The face you make eating that chicken breast... I 💯 felt ya! 😅
Ashley Dickey
Ashley Dickey Пре 3 сата
Meat. Is inflammation.
Carissa Kinder
Carissa Kinder Пре 3 сата
Drinking water first thing in the morning and also a morning walk outside could be a great change to start your day. Also,keep your carbs to about 40 carbs a day and the weight will fall off. Also, no soda! You got this girl! The hardest part about losing weight is to start a new routine in your eating habits and you've already taken the first step! You can do it!
Adam Ali
Adam Ali Пре 3 сата
I have faith in you.
Jazmin Ortiz
Jazmin Ortiz Пре 3 сата
The fact that your being so raw and open, is very much appreciated. you got this!! ❤️
Nadine Black
Nadine Black Пре 3 сата
I never watched you like that but watching this I relate so fucking much rn about everything you feel we got this started my healthy lifestyle yesterday again for the fourth time this year! So hard to stay motivated and make sure no matter what doing some sort of work out