Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!
Film Theory: Scooby Doo is an Alien?!
Film Theory: How To WIN The Purge
Amber G
Amber G Пре 22 сата
joey kinda sus
Eyal Lev
Eyal Lev Пре 23 сата
wait, what? 3 years from now?
Chung Đồng Minh
Chung Đồng Minh Пре 23 сата
the title is a little bit misleading
FlameTheFaithful Пре 23 сата
Do yall think they showed Joe this in prison?
mnika voli
mnika voli Пре 23 сата
SCP Foundation: Now this looks like a job for me
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest Пре 23 сата
5:01 sudden Matthew Mercer
Caleb Elliott
Caleb Elliott Пре 23 сата cool you tube channel
뉴스tv Пре 23 сата
Pride of the Nation Korean Wrestling Ssirum 화면음악 높이 들자 붉은기 화면편집물 천하를 매혹시킨 위인의 진정 Национальная гордость - Корейская Свет фестиваль «Гармония лучи света
mnika voli
mnika voli Пре 23 сата
a c
a c Пре 23 сата
Disagree. We need good and bad well defined .. now more than ever
Jarren Starkey
Jarren Starkey Пре 23 сата
I have an unpopular opinion, I like chicken little.
Keple2034 1
Keple2034 1 Пре 23 сата
There is so much math my brain hurts
Randoms T
Randoms T Пре 23 сата
Thanos snap is covid19
FlameTheFaithful Пре 23 сата
Shrimp! Shrimp! Shrimp!
This helped me for school.
Sameer & Swati Bhatnagar
Sameer & Swati Bhatnagar Пре 23 сата
I'm a kid thanks for telling me! 😳
Kebbo Пре 23 сата
WHOA IT WORKED i have a liquid brain now
The Lab CMD
The Lab CMD Пре 23 сата
The solution was used in Freddy vs Jason when the dude is in the mental hospital. Seemed to be working for him
Opalkit Пре 23 сата
"so go and recycle a can!" me:.... *PROCEEDS TO BUY SELTZER 12 PACK, DRINKS AND THROWS AWAY*
Asylum Rain
Asylum Rain Пре 23 сата
5:48 what’s the song I don’t remember what it’s called.
U U Пре 23 сата
Just want to say, Asuna is 17 in 2024. No reason at all. Just pointing it out.
Andrew Yu
Andrew Yu Пре 23 сата
ok who watches dubbed
Wolflee66 Пре 23 сата
Btw there is actually an episode of Arthur where DW learns about swearing! I believe the episode is called Bleep
The King of BACON
The King of BACON Пре 23 сата
Can you make a theory about ultraman Since you make other tokusatsu theories Any theme A. Ultraman vs power rangers megazords who would win? B. does Ultraman or the defense force pay the destruction of the fights C. Ultraman vs neflix voltron who would win!? I insist?!
Michael Verdouw
Michael Verdouw Пре 23 сата
Please do an episode on how many seagulls it would take to lift a giant peach on food theory
The King of BACON
The King of BACON Пре 23 сата
Can you make a theory about ultraman Since you make other tokusatsu theories Any theme A. Ultraman vs power rangers megazords who would win? B. does Ultraman or the defense force pay the destruction of the fights C. Ultraman vs neflix voltron who would win!? I insist?!
André Garcia
André Garcia Пре 23 сата
If A passes to B, then to C and so on, if E passes to B next again, would the curse go back to A eventually?
The King of BACON
The King of BACON Пре 23 сата
Can you make a theory about ultraman Since you make other tokusatsu theories Any theme A. Ultraman vs power rangers megazords who would win? B. does Ultraman or the defense force pay the destruction of the fights C. Ultraman vs neflix voltron who would win!? I insist?!
adam rosengren
adam rosengren Пре 23 сата
Holy son of goku saitama's left arm is short in the thumbnail
Clark Brown-gaming
Clark Brown-gaming Пре 23 сата
Who's rewatching right before season 2
adam rosengren
adam rosengren Пре 23 сата
Me before not watching full: Mehhh its fineeee. Me when im staring to watch it: dang it
Rasu Пре 23 сата
Get a job 12+h away on foot (50km/35miles away) and it'll just casually stroll at 4kpm between your home and your workplace Edit: I guess I estimated the walking speed wrong
len 114602
len 114602 Пре 23 сата
I think the people who didn't watch arthur are the ones who had cable tv so they switched it to cartoon network and nickelodeon
Jasmin Araujo
Jasmin Araujo Пре 23 сата
I was watching spider man 2 and when I saw spider man swing around the building I thought about film theary
green end
green end Пре 23 сата
Bc ougway was teached by pandas in the past
anton_smallz99 _
anton_smallz99 _ Пре 23 сата
Secret of the scroll is a banging show 😳
Mrugank Jadhav
Mrugank Jadhav Пре 23 сата
Among us reference As soon as someone is cracked Everyone: where Also everyone: sus
winsley ocampo
winsley ocampo Пре 23 сата
Me: Bends water Molecules: He is the Messiah
CornQueen Пре 23 сата
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now why would you say kowa fcking bunga why would you how could you I feel betrayed😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭 SUCH BATRAYAL!
Joshua Guzman
Joshua Guzman Пре дан
with his theory Thanos basically did a speed run.
Ashlyn Robin
Ashlyn Robin Пре дан
I almost thought this was the next installment of IT
Digstreme McDingus
Digstreme McDingus Пре дан
Didn't the creators say it would sneak on a plane if it had too? Anyway, what about trapping it in concrete? Even with it's intense strength, it's still biological to some degree. Just lure it into a construction site and pour concrete on top, even if that just slows it down further, it will get the attention of the police, military and government.
XxAnniesEditsxX Пре дан
So goddamn pissed Shuri isn’t a Disney Princess 🙄
Val Broderick
Val Broderick Пре дан
You forgot the ability to teleport in the mortal kombat x game, I think that's the one with Jason at least
CornQueen Пре дан
you can sing your intro with "Na na na"
ChriseFTW Пре дан
12:37 And food theory was born
Kraft Wasaby
Kraft Wasaby Пре дан
The Walking Dead is a Sci-fi series CHANGE MY MIND!
Sunako _Toshi
Sunako _Toshi Пре дан
"Warning: don't watch at night, with headphones too." Me : is it coincidence? I think not! But, I'll still watch it with headphones.
B.J.2KOOL4LYFE Пре дан
How do they use the bathroom & reproduce ?
The Joker
The Joker Пре дан
Maybe it‘s not water there it‘s maybe it‘s some kind of magical substance I mean a giant coconut crab can talk so why is it so strange that Moana can go there without dying
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Пре дан
Bumblebees are more important than honeybees in any case. Bumblebees do "Buzz pollination" - they "Buzz" their wings really hard to dislodge pollen that other pollinators cannot reach in flowers such as fox gloves. Plus they're way cuter and fuzzy and their widdle tongues and... okay maybe I'm sort of biased. But seriously, look up Buzz Pollination. Note: I hold bumblebees all the time (don't worry, I let them crawl onto my hand, I don't pick them up) and I've never been stung. Ever. So don't worry too much unless you do, in fact, have an allergy.
Kai Shadow Bonnie Glitchtrap William And Vanny
Kai Shadow Bonnie Glitchtrap William And Vanny Пре дан
You mean evil banana of gravity falls yes turns out he’s a banana
Gian Alexis Villacarlos
Gian Alexis Villacarlos Пре дан
they thick
3:53 omg that's a tornado in the background
Johann Baines Pioquinto
Johann Baines Pioquinto Пре дан
That's dum your dum
Eric Hall
Eric Hall Пре дан
Loved the work put into this but I have to ask, why didn't you adjust for the time value of money when deciding if he could afford the balloons/materials. He didn't buy them until his golden years and could have invested really well 🙂
Max Robertson
Max Robertson Пре дан
Gabby gabby was sids toy
heisei ice godzilla123
heisei ice godzilla123 Пре дан
Ooooooooo someone told meh that elsa and rapanzel are cousin.Hmmm now my mind is dead.idk who to believe
Ashraf Aiman
Ashraf Aiman Пре дан
Savage rosted
Pillow Mc normal man
Pillow Mc normal man Пре дан
Welcome to the south where we silence people we don’t like. But seriously wtf Alabama.
Kushtaka The Nomad
Kushtaka The Nomad Пре дан
lemme tell ya, alaskans would have no problem with this thing, "oh there's a thing chasing me at walking pace? lemme just hop in my RV or friend's RV, it's road trip time." but I get it, what about food? "we're out of ramen!" "grab a rifle, we're going hunting". okay... but what if the RV brakes down? "our RV done did broke" "I got spares" but when we run out of spares? "we got no more parts left, what do we do?" "we put in a lot of travel time, we can probably get a job here, my aunt margerie runs a donut shop we can go work for her till we need to move again." but still, eventually, all that will fail. and it will come down to passing it to someone else. the Entity has one of the deadliest types of hunting out there, the reason humans were able to last. endurance, the constant walking will always outlast the prey. doesn't matter how many precautions you take, or how well you prepare. this thing will just keep walking. and sure, this video is really good proof of how to outsmart it. but eventually, it'll fall apart. for example, dunno this just came to mind, let's say a pandemic happens, travel and human contact is limited, what then? so you could keep this going for years, but there'll come a time where the unpredictability of everyday life comes and ruins the best-laid plans.
oroontheheels Пре дан
Great video!
Shan Althon
Shan Althon Пре дан
actually the answer Is on Kong fu panda 3
S Moo
S Moo Пре дан
This whole video falls apart when you realize Disney is not canon.
AteHena Garem
AteHena Garem Пре дан
So we have flying cars ?
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed Пре дан
It's because plasma was considered energized gas for a long time. Plasma wasn't considered a separate thing till the late 90s if I remember right
Diamond Quartz
Diamond Quartz Пре дан
Genie:I can grant three wishes Me: I wish to change the law Me again:I also wish that everyone wouldn’t notice the law changed Genie: A sh-
Elemental Пре дан
I expected it to just be 1 second with MatPat saying yes but then I realized it’s MatPat
ryemsr Пре дан
JohnTheWizard YT
JohnTheWizard YT Пре дан
What about Zizzy and Pony ( Roblox game btw )
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Пре дан
"When Rapunzel ends up in Arandelle" OMGGGG I NEVER NOTICED THATTT
Softball Kate
Softball Kate Пре дан
you literally have to run. guys, he walks
ryemsr Пре дан
Matpat: 1:46 "the pig is moana's Brother Me:LOL "20 minutes later" 11:30 Me:Nani!???????!!!
novak simon
novak simon Пре дан
but this plan wont work because the entity follows the idea of displacement and not the same path the person it is following so for this to work we would have to always travel in straight lines which kind of impossible due to the road directions
the man behind the slandroid
the man behind the slandroid Пре дан
I wonder if matpat is gonna theory on colarine not the rip off one since colarine has a bunch of msyteriey and much more lore
Elliot Buckman
Elliot Buckman Пре дан
what if they don't die when incinerated though? oh god now im thinking of a sentient pile of ash.
Caku Пре дан
Don't worry about anabell someone on buzz feed disrespected Anabell and they're still living
Even though no one asked for thanos to impose he may believe that they dont know what is good for them or possess the will to do what needs to be done. I rooted for thanos throughout the entire movie. Although he appears like a villian he showed mercy and fairness even when no one appreciated it for no gain to himself, in fact he gave up everything to do what he thought was right. He even used the stones to destroy the stones to resist temptation when he could have easily just destroyed the entire world. But he didnt. Realizing that there is no length he could go to prevent resistance such as time altering, he was left no choice but to hope to create a grateful universe who would not continually pry at what is lost. Which I personally can see the logic in.
Thomas Joseph Tandoc
Thomas Joseph Tandoc Пре дан
Or maybe they have cloning food, and cloning drink
That kid
That kid Пре дан
Few months more like three years lol
Jonathon [REDACTED]
Jonathon [REDACTED] Пре дан
So sad that Eleanor wanted a family, all those flashbacks of her crying about family packs and so on and then dying and never getting that chance