Toxic Relationship Signs
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There are a few ways to tell if you're in a toxic relationship. Here are some quick tips and story about a toxic situation that I was ...
Confessing my Embarrassing L's
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Art by: Bandit Thumbnail: Zeurel rstoolss.info Wardrobe: Shoes // Nike Air Force 1 High - Tisci White ...
School Bully
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▽Birds of a feather stalk together: INSTAGRAM: swoozie06 RStoolss: ...
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Video Game "Addict"
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Backgrounds: Bandit Thumbnail: Zeurel + Bandit Outro song: "Fear The Mixup" by Ryan Little ...
My Blockbuster Video Stories
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Saw the Captain Marvel teaser trailer and it reminded me of my Blockbuster Video adventures. Join RStoolss memberships: ...
What a toxic friend looks like
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Backgrounds: Bandit Storyboards: Jenn: jennpadillart jennpadillart Thumbnail: ...
Fast and Curious 2
Приказа 7 мил Пре 11 месеци
Sometimes dads get anxious to flex their toys. Sometimes this can be a bad thing. Retelling a story I originally posted to RStoolss ...
Приказа 7 хиљ. Пре годину
Swoozie reveals the truth about Vista Way Apartments. I visited Vista Way while I was a Disney employee during the Disney ...
Hot Girl Summer •👄•
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Art by: Bandit.
Draw my Life ✎ sWooZie
Приказа 16 мил Пре 8 година
Held out as long as I could before making a Draw my Life video but then realized that the real request has been to go deeper on a ...
Confessions of Fast Food Employees
Приказа 6 мил Пре годину
Still love fast food but hoping more businesses put their food lines in a position where customers can watch their food being made.
The Cruel Pool Challenge ft. Swoozie
Приказа 1,8 мил Пре 3 године
Have you ever had to twerk with ramen in your pants as a punishment for losing at pool? Swoozie joins us for the cruelest pool ...
Cheating in Middle School
Приказа 27 мил Пре 8 година
Story detailing the very first time I ever cheated in school. Linked videos during credits for those of you on mobile devices// ...
Every Girlfriend EVER (ft. Amber Scholl)
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Animators: Zeurel: Zeurel rstoolss.info (:05-:33) (:38-:41) (1:07-1:18) (1:20-1:25) ...
I SWEAR TO GUARD!! (ft Young Don)
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If ur smart, u try to avoid confrontation at work. I'm not smart. (voice) Young Don the Sauce God: ...
How sWooZie Revolutionized YouTube Animation
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I've talked about the animated storytelling community a lot on this show. But of all the videos I've made, I've yet to cover the guy ...
My First Hickey 💋
Приказа 14 мил Пре 7 година
Kinda personal story of how I got my first battle wound. Honestly planned on never sharing this story so hope you guys enjoy it.
Blind Date at Chick-Fil-A Story
Приказа 3,2 мил Пре 9 месеци
My friend Sharon set me up on a date earlier this year. Went kinda like this: Stalk Me: ig: swoozie ...
My First Summer Job
Приказа 5 мил Пре 2 године
Next time you have a bad day at work... Stalk Me: ○Instagram: swoozie ○Twitter: ...