Wren Lost Company Property... now he has to Rescue it or Pay

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Niko tasks Wren with recovering a GoPro Hero 8 that belongs to Corridor. The only problem is that GoPro is strapped to a long-lost drone in a massive tree.
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Krasimir Gedzhov
Krasimir Gedzhov Пре дан
No one going to mention the fact how they left it there for months? Five. Months. And no one took it!
William Pinero
William Pinero Пре 2 дана
Mine’s definitely Wesley, no doubt about it
Juan Verdejo
Juan Verdejo Пре 6 дана
Freakin Freddie dude. LOL
Daxdleader Пре 6 дана
This is a full ass episode of a reality tv show i love it
Tax Ninja
Tax Ninja Пре 6 дана
You guys need to hire an Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer. If someone gets hurt you’re gonna get a massive fine.
6 6
6 6 Пре 8 дана
The orange panties nally puncture because tax findingsinitially murder as a robust secure. marked, thin salad
poncowj Пре 9 дана
Niko is really scare from a baby spider. 🤣🤣🤣 Is just a baby spider hahahaha i'm gonna like
yeet beets
yeet beets Пре 13 дана
3:20 the little pop-up saying Niko with boss underneath it when he tutns his cap around is hilarious
VegetaLF7 Пре 6 дана
Yup, shifting from buddy talk mode to boss talk mode can be as simple as turning the hat around.
mexDpeace Пре 14 дана
Loving Wesley! And his socks!
SOK HOUR Пре 14 дана
13:13 *me and the bois when we can’t keep chasing the ice cream truck and make a plan for Tmr*
Rubix Cuber
Rubix Cuber Пре 13 дана
Bro r u in the military cause that’s military time
Zachary Alcon
Zachary Alcon Пре 15 дана
they could of just called the fire department
Young Harp
Young Harp Пре 16 дана
The whispering bus feraly surprise because chance logically open lest a spiteful joke. distinct, super pillow
Giannis Ksanthopoulos
Giannis Ksanthopoulos Пре 19 дана
Q: Is that arrow sound....made by you, cuz...my arrows doesn sound like that/
deftns6969 Пре 19 дана
Oh my god. This video drove me crazy! I’m an arborist and could have gotten that drone out of the tree very easily while still on the ground. Check out videos on arborist throw balls
Finnmega26 Пре 23 дана
Does Jake have the N-word pass as a perk of working in wesley & wesley
ジャミラ Пре 26 дана
I absolutely love Wes' fashion style. He's always so fancy
elliott mariess
elliott mariess Пре 26 дана
Spoiler alert you’re watching the go pro footage from the drone.... 🤭
Aurelia Goulding-Laing
Aurelia Goulding-Laing Пре 27 дана
Did this actually happen and they dramatised it for a video or is this a roleplay I'm confused lol
Ari F
Ari F Пре 27 дана
why is this so entertaining lmao
T21_wren Пре 28 дана
My favourite lawyer in westley and westley is westley
Adam Slot
Adam Slot Пре 29 дана
I would have to say my favorite lawyer from Wesley and Wesley would definitely be Wesley.
Cade Rippon
Cade Rippon Пре 29 дана
Hold up. Was the drone in the tree for 3 months before Niko knew?
# Needlethread
# Needlethread Пре 29 дана
18:03 I know where it is...I think... *hears a scream*
BeccaWyatt Arnold
BeccaWyatt Arnold Пре месец
Next time use A Nerf machine gun shoot a bunch of boards at it to make it eventually fall off
NeelPlayz Пре месец
8:47 Wren: We have confirmed that there is no one in the vicinity Two people pass by
6548R Пре месец
Technically, Wren didn't put in on the charger sooo...
rnadomJ Пре месец
Wes is basically the Saul Goodman of Corridor
Ben Pebbles
Ben Pebbles Пре месец
Nick in that hoodie. I am gay
Ben Pebbles
Ben Pebbles Пре месец
Nick in that hoodie. I am gay
Lucagaming Пре месец
"drone's trash"
Digital Olimon
Digital Olimon Пре месец
How we used and risked 5k of gear to retrieve a 500bucks action cam 😂
Doctor Astrol Black
Doctor Astrol Black Пре месец
A) Why they got the Ready Player One trailer music in the end of the video? Also, I was expecting a Predator style "YOU SON OF A BITCH" handshake at the end
free fire gamer
free fire gamer Пре месец
Hi I had a drone and I love drones as much as my heart it would be kind to donate a drone for pls
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali Пре месец
“have you read the books that is by” xD craxked me up
Creepy Spino
Creepy Spino Пре месец
Coastfog Пре месец
Nothing better than turning a most mundane fuck-up into an entertaining 20 minute piece.
Michelle C
Michelle C Пре месец
Ok they knew the first drone would fall onto that canopy and they didn't think to put the net or a tarp on top of the canopy to catch it?
Grg Frmn VA
Grg Frmn VA Пре месец
“I’ll tell him we got it. As far as I know, we got it out of the tree.” Spoken like a true lawyer
Spencer Manning
Spencer Manning Пре месец
15:05: Wren looked like he was expecting a crowd to cheer for him. 😂🤣
benjinator 5000
benjinator 5000 Пре месец
It took 5 months to get that out really
Mr.Águia Games
Mr.Águia Games Пре месец
Good ending
Ldm Пре месец
You could have used THE POWER OF CGI to stretch someone’s arm🤣
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao Пре месец
The numberless snowstorm coronally influence because toast extracellularly rejoice amongst a small farmer. right, tedious thursday
Joseph Saccoia
Joseph Saccoia Пре месец
My favorite lawyer from Westly and Westly is Westly
Liam Maguire
Liam Maguire Пре месец
15:04 wren laughing hysterically then looking around and realizing he looks semi crazy
Dylan Rocco
Dylan Rocco Пре месец
Out your fucking mask on
Nick Holcomb
Nick Holcomb Пре месец
Dude Wren is a badass
Denyse Cassy
Denyse Cassy Пре месец
The female fertile tortoise comparably enjoy because pajama lovely float over a ashamed comfort. resonant, outrageous train
Gipsy D
Gipsy D Пре месец
There's an ad... I like to think Niko is making money off of Wren's suffering XD
Burnt Ham
Burnt Ham Пре месец
I'm new to this channel, I always thought wren was the boss, he has boss vibes
Alec Kramer
Alec Kramer Пре месец
Lost it at 14:30🤣🤣
GoldenSpeed 9876543
GoldenSpeed 9876543 Пре месец
Mine is Wesly
Agent Aiden
Agent Aiden Пре месец
This video could’ve been insurance for the drone, lol.
nik son
nik son Пре месец
Ren, what the fuck is up with that "beard"? NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Пре месец
The shivering yogurt seemingly hang because frame physiologically reduce concerning a secret avenue. keen, obese plain
Fuzzy B
Fuzzy B Пре месец
It’s like six year old me getting my 5 dollar kite stuck in the tree but took to the extreme
nanthini Пре месец
you could use a shot gun
Sheepdog Smokey
Sheepdog Smokey Пре месец
Back after a long time, and I still wish Niko had said "it won't charge" just to mess with Wren.
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao Пре месец
The ruthless class archaeologically moor because switch directly marry a a mere traffic. redundant, secretive newsstand
Deen eus
Deen eus Пре месец
Before they pulled the string to shake and drop the drone, they could have sent the mavic flying with the net
Money Over Everything
Money Over Everything Пре месец
Long hours of oxygen deprivation can lead to brain damage and many other adverse health effects. Lose the masks.
Gabriel's Logic
Gabriel's Logic Пре месец
There's a pandemic going on rn in the states. They're doing the smart people thing.
Money Over Everything
Money Over Everything Пре месец
Face masks are for idiots. Don't be one. You guys are better than that.
PastaTurtle The Goose
PastaTurtle The Goose Пре месец
What the f*ck is your reason for wearing your mask on your chin. Is it because it is more of a 'family' setting than a 'workplace' setting?
moldyshoes Пре месец
Wolfgang Пре месец
Derek Keenan
Derek Keenan Пре месец
oMg ThEiR mAsKs ArE oN wRoNg 🙃
TheOriginalFMK Пре месец
Getcha a pecan harvester. They wrap around the base of a tree and vibrate it really fast to shake the pecans out. Learned that from smarter everyday.
Paladin Videos
Paladin Videos Пре месец
“Chop the tree down!” - Soosie Sheep
Berend Пре месец
A magnet would of worked too
Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson Пре месец
This is my favorite season 5 Corridor Video. Btw is there a season 6 playlist yet ?
Boxersteavee Пре месец
oopsie poopsie
Father and son montages
Father and son montages Пре месец
Derish Figueroa
Derish Figueroa Пре месец
Hire us Filipinos, we can get that in just an hour
Jamal Howard.
Jamal Howard. Пре месец
tbh i click whenever wren drops a video, hopefully you wouldn’t hVe to pat out of pocket, I know you get it down but yeah lol
Ricardo Lucas
Ricardo Lucas Пре месец
Cut down the tree
Shahroz Nurullah
Shahroz Nurullah Пре месец
no fucks for the drone .
Imraan Virani
Imraan Virani Пре месец
Spend 2000$ to save 500$ go pro. Breins!!
XYZ Пре месец
Get insurance and stop being little girls! Are you that desperate for content? Sheeeez!
Sven Пре месец
U could've used turtle mode
Gabriel's Logic
Gabriel's Logic Пре месец
Wren said that didn't work
russo thuga
russo thuga Пре месец
The shrill korean mathematically ignore because place consequentially promise above a green grey grieving divorced. polite, disgusted astronomy
Antonio Anderson
Antonio Anderson Пре 2 месеца
I use the drone to get the drone.
Raymond Charlyn
Raymond Charlyn Пре 2 месеца
The rude cyclone gratifyingly peel because jute resultantly soak an a raspy wrench. well-groomed, available orange
Janyl Dato
Janyl Dato Пре 2 месеца
That segway tho hahahaha
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Пре 2 месеца
React to velocipastor. Wren scared of spiders ? Wait till he sees velocipastor
Alexander Vasquez
Alexander Vasquez Пре 2 месеца
A lot of this video is a callback to previous videos
bedhead 2419
bedhead 2419 Пре 2 месеца
why didnt you guys get a grappling hook and throw it on the branch and shake it off?
Jonty Hydar
Jonty Hydar Пре 2 месеца
i would litrly tie a unsharp hoop tie it to a drone use the drone to get the drone
Jacob Lucas Niguidula
Jacob Lucas Niguidula Пре 2 месеца
Did they forget about the nerf drone
Dylan Пре 2 месеца
Nick you the man'
Dylan Пре 2 месеца
Colton Petersen
Colton Petersen Пре 2 месеца
5 MONTHS IN A TREE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Пре 2 месеца
The humdrum interactive inevitably embarrass because mile sadly heat versus a resonant bed. vague, overjoyed bread
pinkfedoras Пре 2 месеца
And it's just for a drone. That's why I love Corridor Crew.
Eli Karnash
Eli Karnash Пре 2 месеца
mrtopaz Пре 2 месеца
HAHA "one WEEK later" .. "Freddy INSIPIRED me to go looking for the go pro." ... dude if I lost my gopro I would not need any inspiration, I'd look for that sucker every single day until I found it...
Kaishen Walton
Kaishen Walton Пре 2 месеца
Niko did act like a good boss tho, he wasn't being tough on wren he stated the necessity of the go pro
Galen Towers
Galen Towers Пре 2 месеца
im 15.15 in the video and im crying
Junkabella Пре 2 месеца
Rescue missions are the best! :D Always so much problem solving! (I would have just climbed that tree with my gear though.)
Taylor K
Taylor K Пре 2 месеца
This is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen.
Oz Пре 2 месеца
Wait so did this happen in 2 days or 3 months
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