Windows 11: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Windows 11 demo and review, including CPU and TPM 2.0 requirements, plus installation of pre-release candidates on unsupported hardware (at your own risk!).

The video in which I build the Pentium Gold PC on which I test Windows 11 is here:

The Windows 11 official announcement is here:

The list of supported Intel processors is here:

And the AMD supported processor list here:

Oh, and you can find the official Windows 11 specifications, features and system requirements here:

More videos on computing and related topics can be found at:

You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at:

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Tour
03:58 Hardware requirements
07:07 Installation hack
09:35 The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

12:15 Victims of Monopoly

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ExplainingComputers Пре 3 месеца
On August 27th 2021, Microsoft provided an update on Windows 11 system requirements here: As you will see, they have added a few CPUs to the compatible list, including some 7th Gen Intel processors, but not 1st generation AMD Zen (so chips like the Ryzen 3 2200G remain unsupported). Microsoft is hence -- for now -- sticking to its initial position regarding (fully) supported CPUs, on the grounds of security and reliability. It therefore remains the fact that Windows 11 is an OS for new and pretty new PCs, with as Microsoft put it, Windows 10 being "the right choice" for other hardware. And after 2025, such hardware will no longer be able to run a supported version of Windows. The title of this video still says it all, with my assessment of the situation remaining unchanged following Microsoft's above announcement . . .
Paul Peltola
Paul Peltola Пре 7 дана
Used Rufus software to get around restrictive TPM and Security boot load welcome to Win 11
Hue Monguss
Hue Monguss Пре 15 дана
I loved Windows ME. Great video!
The Jetsons
The Jetsons Пре месец
10/10 A +
Spykerhond Пре месец
The subject of south african state capture is equally similar in methods deployed as the last decade of microsoft and android racketeering.
Daeduluus Пре 2 месеца
couldnt uninstall it fast enough its horrible hated windows 11 at least it rolled back to windows 10 fast enough
Ryan Truner
Ryan Truner Пре дан
Great presentation. Love the Raj pause in the sign off 🤣
ak11230 Пре 3 дана
Ubuntu , Kali or Parrot operating system is place to be !
D-Rok Cruise
D-Rok Cruise Пре 3 дана
Tim Wraight
Tim Wraight Пре 3 дана
The forced combining of buttons and no labels in the taskbar meant I rolled back to Windows 10 on all machines. The start menu is horrible too. Rename files is an obscure icon in Explorer. How do they get it so wrong?
ian bertenshaw
ian bertenshaw Пре 3 дана
I now notice that there are quite a few videos on RStoolss about installing win11 on a PC that has an unsupported CPU, I am wary of these but do wonder if you have seen any these and what you think of it all ?
ExplainingComputers Пре 3 дана
I show the most common method to install Windows 11 on a non-compliant PC in this video. The method works, and is fine for test hardware. I personally would not do it on non-test hardware though, as you cannot guarantee updates and support.
myPalabok Пре 4 дана
.. and with the fat taskbar staring at you telling right in your face what date it is.
pcguide lk
pcguide lk Пре 5 дана
Great Video. They clearly didn't learn from Vista & 8 - what the user reaction was regarding UI changes.
CowboyAxe Пре 5 дана
As soon as Linux gets on par for gaming nobody will want Windows. With all that polish win 11 feels like an old outhouse with new siding. I bought a new computer and wiped windows off and installed Linux.
Ran Tothon
Ran Tothon Пре 5 дана
I will not be using Windows 11. From rumours of requiring a webcam (to spy on its users) to requiring an online Microsoft account, I'm sticking to Linux. to me, Microsoft has become a spying organisation who charges for their s***.
Mohammad Heyatzadeh
Mohammad Heyatzadeh Пре 6 дана
I think Microsoft should've improved windows 7 by adding a store to it and then solve its issues. It could have called it windows 8. Then it should've continued that route.
Tan Mai
Tan Mai Пре 8 дана
it's like the design is from the beginning of the internet. Ugly af
Shaun Nan
Shaun Nan Пре 10 дана
Hundreds of millions of PC's will not goto landfill sites as people are aware of climate change instead, hundreds of millions of Linux users will be born. People will embrace linux and Microsoft will go down a sink hole. that will be their end.
Nellie Wallace
Nellie Wallace Пре 11 дана
A total CON - what a surprise.
Kat. Пре 12 дана
Can anyone maybe give me a good detailed video introducing free OS? It's time I start considering alternatives, really. What must I know? I basically only do picture and video editing, gaming (Steam must work). Other than Explorer, Word of 2010, calculator and Snipping tool I don't even really use anything Windows.
ExplainingComputers Пре 12 дана
I've a intro to Linux distro video here: And there's a second part that looks at options for running Windows programs, inc gaming and Steam: You can run Steam in Linux, but not all games are Steam on Linux compliant.
James Tunnicliff
James Tunnicliff Пре 13 дана
i never go back to microsoft they suck i went to chromebook and i love it and forget about apple
MacCoinneach Пре 13 дана
When Win10 can no longer get updates etc. I definitely choose a solution like Linux Mint. Not even my potent Z840 can meet the Win11 requirements. I find no reason to continue to support such an arrogant company as Microsoft.
clusterguard Пре 13 дана
MS is the same game, as always. I have zero problems running Mint. Hello and thanks from Nuuk, Greenland. cheers!
dawlon garrett
dawlon garrett Пре 13 дана
excellent informative video... the best one of its kind by far. Thank you !
Christopher Пре 14 дана
Maybe those windows updates mess up your PC because you only ever use free software thats crap. I have seen enough of your vids to spot this.
Christopher Пре 14 дана
You are totally correct. Its a disgrace that I bought a computer in 2017 and hp used a cpu that came out 2 yrs previous.
Hsinwu Lau
Hsinwu Lau Пре 15 дана
Very informative video, thanks sir, and I love your accent!
ExplainingComputers Пре 15 дана
Thank you kindly!
Ted Jones
Ted Jones Пре 15 дана
tried win 11 for 2 weeks then went back to win 10 if i could i would go back to win 7 then again xp was much better why they change things that aint broke beats me in fact i started on a zx spectrum life was so much better then with micronet and prestel yes i am getting on
Connor Dempsey
Connor Dempsey Пре 16 дана
Win 11 makes it harder to change the default web browser. MS gets money when people use Edge. MS will also get money from Android app store. Win 11 is a huge money maker for MS. Apple fanboys don't mind when Apple uses these tactics and Apple is much worse then MS with these tactics.
꧁Tabi Fan꧂シ
꧁Tabi Fan꧂シ Пре 16 дана
The Microsoft store is still the Windows 10 one in this video about Windows 11
꧁Tabi Fan꧂シ
꧁Tabi Fan꧂シ Пре 16 дана
2:18 The game bar still has the Windows 10 icon
ExplainingComputers Пре 16 дана
Good spot! :)
Germaine Liew
Germaine Liew Пре 16 дана
I had a bad experience with Windows 10, but unfortunately due to my use case, I have no choice but to stick with Windows. I decided to give Windows 11 a fair chance, hoping it'll be better than 10. After using it for a few minutes, I had second thoughts, and maybe I should've just stuck with 10...
Benedicto Garcia
Benedicto Garcia Пре 16 дана
we go Linus than used win11
Mohamad Ghasemi
Mohamad Ghasemi Пре 17 дана
Im agree the hardware limitation is SHAMEFULL for microsoft!!!
χρηστος Μπακολουκας
χρηστος Μπακολουκας Пре 17 дана
lozdubya Пре 17 дана
Sounds like there will be a load of PCs that can’t run Win11 on the second hand market. Good news for Linux users!
ServerNthusiasT Пре 17 дана
I watched this video with a BIG smile on a 2007 Apple A1176 running Debian11.1 with LXDE GUI. So much for hardware constraints! Runs fine to my satisfaction.
ExplainingComputers Пре 17 дана
Excellent :)
Vladimir Пре 18 дана
Well, I’m switching to iOS anyway based on version 10 experience so I’m not gonna sit and wait for 11 to hit me even lower.
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Пре 18 дана
If i could enjoy gaming on the Chrome OS, I'd switch to that. "victims of a monopoly" You got that right brother! The idea of unplugging and moving off-grid is buzzing in my ear.
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Пре 18 дана
"micro" = very small, insignificant. "soft" = mentally spongy, namby-pamby
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Пре 18 дана
If there indeed is an Anti-Christ, microsoft is it!
Roshi Пре 19 дана
Wanted to try Windows 11 on my work PC, and I am happy to report that even today, with a new image I downloaded from Microsoft today on the 17th, the regedit bypass still works. Bit of a shame that I have to do it in the first place, but at least now I can test some things in Windows 11.
ExplainingComputers Пре 18 дана
Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad the fix worked for you.
Kelvin Klopper
Kelvin Klopper Пре 19 дана
Still on 7. Haven't looked back. I see 'upgrading' as an exercise in acknowledging pointlessness.
Paulo Constantino
Paulo Constantino Пре 21 дан
Showing a bear or whatever "beautiful" landscapes as well as some garbage text at welcome screen. Seems like something I'd add to windows as a 12 year old.
DragontechKc Пре 21 дан
Windows11-x64 noTPMcheck
Lazlo Пре 21 дан
Well it looks like I'm sticking with the Raspberry Pi.
Phoebe Avro
Phoebe Avro Пре 21 дан
One advantage of when MS stop supporting Win 10 is your get no more forced updates.. Yay!!
Phoebe Avro
Phoebe Avro Пре 21 дан
Win 11 = Spyware are Us!
Cassandra Lone
Cassandra Lone Пре 22 дана
I think MS has finally shot itself in the foot fatally, to be honest.
William Hagen
William Hagen Пре 22 дана
According to this video, many PCs that are 2-3 years old will not be able to run Windows 11. This is outrageous--an operating system for shiny new computers only. Good, Bad and Ugly: Too much Ugly. From this review: "The hardware constraints are shameful." Time to buy a new computer? Sounds like time to buy a Mac..
Davin Peterson
Davin Peterson Пре 22 дана
Another bad thing about Windows 11 is that it is more difficult to set the default browser as they took away the default apps setting page found in Windows 10.
Davin Peterson
Davin Peterson Пре 22 дана
For businesses with hundreds or thousand computers, it is not efficient for them to upgrade Windows twice a year, since it's good that Windows 11 is only once year.
Ricco Mayoral
Ricco Mayoral Пре 23 дана
I have a high end pc and 11 pro now locks up every now and then. Been using Linux ever since.
belvedere416 Пре 23 дана
I'm a MacOS user and I am switching over to Windows 11. I hate MacOS.
MegaDimension Пре 24 дана
I started dreading Windows since they switched from a product you PURCHASED to one you RENTED. This is especially awful in Third World countries like mine. I just despise the idea that not only I don't fully own a product I am paying for, but also that there's a clear attempt at monopoly. When your Operative System is basically REQUIRED worldwide, monetizing it suddenly becomes a severe issue. Maybe I'm just bitter, but, as explained in this video, I've been merely tolerating Windows for a while now.
Katyusha Пре 20 дана
@MegaDimension Renting is different from Licensing. The Windows EULA has always been there since Licensed software like windows needs to have an End-user license agreement, so yes it was also like that from Windows 3.1 to 98. Again as I've said before, read the actual EULA then you'll understand rights and restrictions of the software
MegaDimension Пре 23 дана
@Katyusha And was it like that back in Windows 3.1 to Windows 98? I distinctly remember purchasing a copy of Windows 98 and never having to "rent" it.
Katyusha Пре 23 дана
Windows has Always been Licensed. Read the EULA next time. "The software is licensed, not sold. "
Micke Пре 24 дана
Tryed it and did not like win 11 at all....ueeck!!!
ducc Пре 24 дана
I'm not buying it purely for the reason that the start button is now in the center, if you can get it on the left with a search bar then maybe I would update
Universal Everything
Universal Everything Пре 25 дана
Thank you. I wish I had watched your video sooner. I had no idea about that hack.
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson Пре 26 дана
Got to the hardware requirements, and although mine are fine, I decided that if Microsoft has chosen to do this I don't need it. I'll stick with Windows 10 which currently is working just fine.
Leonard Petty
Leonard Petty Пре 26 дана
Looked to be pretty nice downloading it right now No problem with my system
Андрей А.
Андрей А. Пре 27 дана
a very useful review
David Russell
David Russell Пре 27 дана
Thanks for the video. I see nothing worth updating for. A couple of cosmetic "pretties" but not worth the hassle.
Graham Collins
Graham Collins Пре 27 дана
Love your vids. Thanks for keeping it up!
Lee Foster
Lee Foster Пре 27 дана
This is an unity interface and am not going for it at all. No matter what am going to be running Linux with a NON-UNITY interface. Windoze will soon be dead with these conditions, rubbish and being the "Big Brother is watching".
johnwelander Пре 28 дана
An excellent video telling the truth about large corporations and their only concerns (more money for them). Linux is a fantastic replacement though like a lot of people we're forced to run at least one windows PC because of certain programs & certain games. For me personally, I'll never run Win 11 despite having just built one capable of doing so. As an enthusiast who enjoys computing for fun, Linux has already surpassed Windows for home use and this latest release of theirs will harm them far more than have foreseen. This gentleman above is one I respected for a long time for his obvious huge knowledge base, but his morals are impeccable. Thank you!
Curioso XXI
Curioso XXI Пре 28 дана
Yo me cambio de vecindario. Me voy a Linux. Estoy satisfecho con mi computadora y me quedo con ella. Es una i7 eficiente y me basta.
Sal Albanese
Sal Albanese Пре 28 дана
I loaded Win 11 on my 3 month old laptop, very easy. I used it for several days then it crashed my computer, so I unloaded it thinking maybe there was a glitch in the download. I just downloaded it again, I hope it works this time.
Pibbles-a-Plenty Пре 29 дана
I think that Microsoft is unaware that real humans use computers. They live in tech savvy silo while the world passes them by. Linux is on the rise!
S Пре 29 дана
It irritates me that they've moved the start menu from the corner. With MS there's always pointless change for the sake of change.
Gabriel262 Пре 29 дана
Boi am I joyful to still be running windows 7, but for how long could I keep this up maybe should get some linux or something?
rick terry
rick terry Пре месец
Just got a new laptop with windows 11, watched a few videos on youtube to get it working the way I was happy with and I really like it.
Dick Salacious
Dick Salacious Пре месец
When you consider how much e waste this is going to generate it makes you wonder if Microsoft is ethical at all. However all those amazing CPUs and laptops you can buy cheap when this is forced is going to be unreal.
Dick Salacious
Dick Salacious Пре 21 дан
@William Hagen yes thank you Microsoft as 6700hq laptop to run Linux yes please. 🥳🥳🥳🥳. Prices are stupid for old stuff right now. Some of the Linux builds I see are so old tech it's stupid. A guy was trying to put puppy on a p4 system think oh cool. Hopefully if all this old tech looses value we can reap some rewards and Linux finally makes a decent GUI experience
William Hagen
William Hagen Пре 22 дана
But those cheap laptops will have an operating system that is only supported until 2025. Thank you, Microsoft.
MB Technology
MB Technology Пре месец
windows 11
Milan Kostić
Milan Kostić Пре месец
Windows 10 had reached more than 80% users among Windows OS versions in about 6+ years. Could Window 11 do the same, similar, worse or better, remains to be seen.🙈🙉🙊 How often this happens "should i switch Win version or not" questions, every 5/ 6 years? They drop support for some hardware on any new version, so that is usual. As optimal hardware vendor support really matches these 5/6 year or in very rare cases that gets prolonged up to doubled. First rate industry support is 2/3 years, optimum 6 or 5/7, special cases (via "try to not break it" tech) tries up to double that time, but that is about it Joking a bit, linux user for about 22 years here. 🐧 Linux distros going up the road also drop support for old hardware, just not all of them the same and not in a same way, as it is normal to gave up on some hardware at some point in time. Before that time come, support gets less maintained, so drivers get crippled, less usable, finally removed or if you like archived for history 😶
les fewtrell
les fewtrell Пре месец
you loose remote desktop
B Miller
B Miller Пре месец
Of course Windows 365 allows use of a VIRTUAL TPM MODULE to run on most any PC, so for sure we can't allow regular Windows 11 to do anything like that. Thanks Microsoft. The "rules" can only be broken WHEN IT SUITS THEM.
brewno Пре месец
My audio in Windows 11 keeps cracking. I reformatted twice, but it always comes back and it's driving me insane.
Jay Bap
Jay Bap Пре месец
The turning point for Microsoft was when they released windows 8. It's been going downhill quite steeply ever since. I only use windows because I have so much software and games(especially games) That are not ported to Linux or Mac OS. I have dabbled with Linux in the past and am considering installing it onto my DJ Laptop to see if it works well enough to be the resident OS on the machine, then possibly dual boot it on my desktop. Final comment:- Instead of windows, they should call it Titanic.
Aung Thu Hein
Aung Thu Hein Пре месец
I'm f'ing moving to Linux
Lxs Flywheel
Lxs Flywheel Пре месец
I love my windows 10 and I think it is timeless. By 2025 I don't think I would want something different but windows 11 is just ridiculous. I have a i7 3rd gen and it goes up to 3.9ghz. I will not purchase another pc just for some 8th gen cpu. My cpu is good and its good enough.
gryt Пре месец
Settings > Playback Speed > 1.25
Bob H
Bob H Пре месец
Love Linux !
Gordon Melsom
Gordon Melsom Пре месец
Excellent video I agre with your points
Wheelie Blind
Wheelie Blind Пре месец
Windows 7 was the last good one they made lol.
Josh Face
Josh Face Пре месец
I agree. Windows XP and 7 were definitely the best, and the last good operating systems from Microsoft. Since then the focus has been lost, the features added are unnecessary and Microsoft generally seems to just 'pretty' up their operating systems nowadays. Despite some of my arguments against Apple, I will probably be moving to macOS when support ends. It's such a shame that those who do install Win10 to stay up to date have to use PowerShell scripts and apps like 'DeCrapify' to remove telemetry and advertising IDs.
Norman H
Norman H Пре месец
One thing that is disturbing about this Windows 11 and further hardware requirements, along with October 14 2025 end of support. That tells us that Microsoft LIED. When Windows 10 was released, it was represented to be the LAST VERSION of Windows and would simply be updated as needed. There were to be no future versions.
Katyusha Пре месец
Microsoft never stated nor represented Windows 10 would be the last version. In actuality, Only Jerry Nixon said that Windows 10 would be the last Windows version but no other Microsoft representatives backed up his claims
Dennis Sneed
Dennis Sneed Пре месец
I'm not as thrilled with this. You're right, someone's after the money. I only use it because of my job. And why they're trying to make it look like a Mac interface? But i do have several Linux distros...
Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul Пре месец
OK Linux you're on!
Dave Henderson
Dave Henderson Пре месец
I have an I5 6500 and it said is not compatiable to windows 11...
pmailkeey Пре месец
So, what would you get ? * Windoze * Apple * Linux * Sun workstation *microVAX * Other
Данаил Терзийски
Данаил Терзийски Пре месец
There is no https encription.🤔
Данаил Терзийски
Данаил Терзийски Пре месец
Simon Lauer
Simon Lauer Пре месец
I was really surprised about the performance bump on Ryzen. Fancy making a video discussing whether the latest patch actually fixed the issue?
Duane Sherman
Duane Sherman Пре месец
i switched to linux
Barbara Tyrrell
Barbara Tyrrell Пре месец
I wii always be a Apple hate Microsoft Windows sucks 👎
yankeeownz Пре месец
Windows 11 sucks balls! It's slow, lags, destroys USB ports, cannot get to the task manager from the taskbar no more, cannot get to your backup/file history from settings, etc. Trust me Windows 11 is f.cking trash! I reverted back to windows 10
Scott L Jackson
Scott L Jackson Пре месец
There's one main reason why I can't switch to linux on my desktop PC and be happy for everyday online use. A reason that should have been ironed out many years ago. Screen tearing, yes there are work arounds. none of which I've seen or tried actually fully solve the problem but just minimize it. Also adaptive fan control for both my CPU and GPU. Having said that I despise Microsoft and also Bill Gates so much that screen tearing should not be an issue.
John Gesselberty
John Gesselberty Пре месец
When they can explain to me why Windows 10 is such a usage, marketing tracking hog, then we can talk about 11. You literally have to shut down store apps just to open another program. 10 is complete trash, so why would anyone expect better of 11.
Luis Faga
Luis Faga Пре месец
I've been using the taskbar docked at the top of the screen since Windows NT 4 and now I hear that you can't do that in windows 11? Amazing...
sk Пре месец
I did upgrade.. but to linux😝️
Jason Carmichael
Jason Carmichael Пре месец
In 2011 I made an AMD-A10 computer and it worked great. In 2017 I treated myself to an Intel i7-7700, with 64GB and a GTX1080. Since 2017, just 5 years ago, now the i7-12700 gen has just been released. I imagine I'll "upgrade" in 2024, three years from now to the i7-15700. If I "upgraded" to the i7-12700 now, I'm looking at about $1600 just in parts. 🙄
Arthur Danielles
Arthur Danielles Пре месец
Another great vid. For us 'windows' veterans from series 3 to todays 10 it really is NO surprise, that we see yet another transformation, as you rightly point out the key words being 'the good, bad and the ugly.' to the fore to our computer control systems. The question remains however re WHO is going to switch ? 😶As a builder from the late 80s when I was working for a company who built computer networking and terminals for Reuters the international news agency (soldering boards/components et to cleaning in an ultrasonic tank to actual building of units / assembly etc and testing) over the years my home grown systems have continued on and on and on 😶🙄🤣I suspect that Windows 11 will be new systems bought from hereon in rather than current systems re upgrades etc We also know that its a fool who does not wait for the suckers to test it out saving us frustration and tears etc😶 My current system is an Asus Ryzen 5 series 3600x processor which is compatible plus 32Gb DDR4 plus Asus latest generation motherboard etc The TPM module needs to be activated via the bios on mine but I'm not doing anything at the mo nor have the desire to probably for at least another year or so. 👍Also I would add that MS Edge browser is disabled on my systems because it created huge problems re online internet banking access etc.. 🙄OH yes ! Something interferes within the google browser when it is active.. that MS Edge disabled resolves an issue almost straight away?? It was almost time to get the shot gun out... It took me some anguish before I finally identified the culprit.. 😶Stay safe !
Majeh Пре месец
Huge battery drain on my HP AMD Ryzen 4500. Back to Windows 10 all good now.
Amazing Philippines
Amazing Philippines Пре месец
Interesting review. Thanks. Watching from the Philippines.
Luis Fernando Pouliot Madero
Luis Fernando Pouliot Madero Пре месец
ExplainingComputers Пре месец
Thanks for your support. :)
Luis Fernando Pouliot Madero
Luis Fernando Pouliot Madero Пре месец
We should have several OS options when why buy a computer, and not Windows installed
ExplainingComputers Пре месец
Now that is a great idea -- blank PCs to use as we please.
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