We Talk Over the E3 2018 Sony Press Conference

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Пре 3 године

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Mo Пре 6 месеци
DaCheeeeeeese Пре годину
Watching over these again, in lockdown... i never knew id be able to relate to that stupid song so well
Fred Behrend
Fred Behrend Пре годину
I’m watching so much GB on lockdown.
Ely Novas
Ely Novas Пре годину
and they never came back ever again
bretbret Пре 2 године
What's with all the idiots in the chat claiming Ghost of Tsushima looks too good to run on PS4? Don't they know Sucker Punch is owned by Sony? They ONLY make PlayStation games, of course it'll run on PS4.
Teflon Jon
Teflon Jon Пре 3 године
I’ll always find it strange how anyone can watch the TLOU2 trailer and not have their jaw on the floor the entire time. The most impressive trailer to come out of E3 imo, if the game plays exactly how it was showcased, it’s going to be even better than the original.
Scottoest Пре 3 године
I'm with Jeff. Death Stranding just seems increasingly lame to me, and a case of Kojima's ego being completely unleashed so he could make something with Hollywood people in it. There's the obvious caveat that it's early and we still don't fully understand what is going on, but all of the "gameplay" they showed looked very uncompelling.
SSfox-GITS Пре 3 године
Hey i recognize you the guy with the Garbage Shirt, i remember you were the guy that made the Test for Tekken 5 back in 2005 in Gamespot, and i though it was an awesome test and even the best Test on any video game website of back then.
KYLE239EA Пре 3 године
bless you for all these
KaneRobot Пре 3 године
1:01:43 moment of the year
KaneRobot Пре 3 године
Jesus. Sony has lost the plot. No wonder people thought MS had a better presentation. Sony is now doing all the self-indulgent, non-game shit no one cares about that MS did around the X1 launch era.
Jeffyg3 Пре 3 године
That was one of the worst E3 main console shows shows I’ve seen.
Aaron Meyer
Aaron Meyer Пре 3 године
48:00 theres no way in hell this wont get a visual downgrade before release.
Damian Holland
Damian Holland Пре 3 године
Its venom at the end of the spider man trailer
Ryan Пре 3 године
1:34:12 Spider-man definitely just killed that guy.
Registerd Nerd
Registerd Nerd Пре 3 године
Tsushima looks great! Unfortunately, you gotta play it with the PS4 controller...
FiniteRich Пре 3 године
Registerd Nerd dude i got some bad news for you.. you have to play ALL sony games with that controller :(
Hiroko Takashiro
Hiroko Takashiro Пре 3 године
Nothing seems to excite them from any conference, they seem so much more cynical than they use to be.
FiniteRich Пре 3 године
are you new here? they’ve been cynical for years now!
Chewels Пре 3 године
Hiroko Takashiro Agreed, I assume they've been in the game too long. Seen it all, done it all. Probably time to pass the torch.
SeipherNL Пре 3 године
But STILL no actual Tenchu :S
LeDonkeyPunch Пре 3 године
Thanks for the videos but just like the pod casts...i can't hear this stuff if I'm doing anything other then sitting around with head phones on. Please just bump up the overall volume.
Jade King
Jade King Пре 3 године
Dan calling something aggressively dumb is kinda hilarious.
TheCthultist Пре 3 године
As weird an idea as moving everyone from one place to another for the presentation, that Last of Us venue was absolutely beautiful. Great atmosphere.
StefDevs Пре 3 године
I am so fucking ready for my yearly dose of Adam Boyes, Dave Lang, and John Vignocchi.
H P Alpha
H P Alpha Пре 3 године
they cranked the volume to 11 for the kissing scene in the last of us so you can hear all the sloppy mouth smacking
WickedRibbon Пре 3 године
Thanks for all these videos. Truly the best way to experience E3.
GoGoGamer Пре 3 године
The games they had on display looked amazing. Sony crushing it with the exclusives. So they "won" in that sense. But the show itself wasn't great. The pacing was terrible and that interlude they had after The Last of Us wasn't great at all.
EDDS-Xbox Пре 3 године
what an absoluate shit show of a conference.
Guy Montag
Guy Montag Пре 3 године
Sony's conference was a fucking trainwreck
Bacbi Пре 3 године
Too bad patrick isn't still there but after I stopped gaming for a while I stopped listening to bombcast aswell, but it's nice to see the old and new crew going strong.
Bobby Пре 3 године
Alex, the background of story is already there, you need to played game to knowing the story.
Kyle Donovan
Kyle Donovan Пре 3 године
38:42 laughed very hard at this part
lastgameontheleft Пре 3 године
2:00 Vinnie finally exposed as a reptilian. All hail our new overlords..
John Bowen
John Bowen Пре 3 године
A case of less is more for me. Nothing on the Xbox conference looked as exciting as Ghost, TLOU2 or RE2. As someone who really appreciated Sony’s first party software in the late PS3 days (when it seemed to offering them almost no advantage at all) its good to see that commitment to funding quality studios long term paying off in spades now.
Cage Fury
Cage Fury Пре 3 године
Conference pacing was super weird, Death Stranding and Last of Us were both a little disappointing, although both were visual outstanding. Ghost of Tsushima, Spiderman, and Control looked amazing. Also I didn't expect Nioh2 to be announced so soon.
Ville Metsola
Ville Metsola Пре 3 године
Awesome combo of tambura and banjo!
theomega616 Пре 3 године
wtf is with all these musical scores that Sony seem to be loving these past few years?
ShymarG1871 Пре 3 године
These guys are so out of touch with games...they stumble on information a lot and hardly know characters from big games
Marblez3 Пре 3 године
Conference starts at 14:10
Chad Sean Cross
Chad Sean Cross Пре 3 године
MVP comment. You are the reason I scroll down
Chair Пре 3 године
All right. Good E3. Sorry it's over. Nothing more to see. Let's go home.
Jake Turner
Jake Turner Пре 3 године
“Don’t tell me what to do” from the crowd is highlight of the show
Jake Turner
Jake Turner Пре 3 године
God I hope they have time to change that “dazed” effect that happened at least 3 times during spiderman gameplay. Way too over the top.
fuzzy_pickles Пре 3 године
alex always has the most cricial shirts, i love HUM and Kowloon Walled City
Mafu San
Mafu San Пре 3 године
This felt like a press conference in that it is a conference for the press
w4lt3rs0bch4k Пре 3 године
left-right audio channels are for sure swapped, noticeable once the last of us footage starts. Did Sony broadcast it that way? Oops!
nhaskell Пре 3 године
I guess they spent all their money on exclusives so they can only afford a tent.
Isaac Пре 3 године
Your recording equipment has problems. Artifacts and the like almost immediately after the video starts.
amaru250 Пре 3 године
1:04:39 ALEX BURNS DAN!!!
Caffeinated King
Caffeinated King Пре 3 године
I notice Naughty Dog seem to be inspired by MGSV's gameplay I'm seeing quite a few specific animation/gameplay similarities come through in the TLOU gameplay, which is smart of them, MGSV is still like one of the best playing games out there so taking notes from that is a good move
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Пре 3 године
47:05 Instant Classic
Étienne C
Étienne C Пре 3 године
Rorie got a new huge monitor earlier this year and couldn't stop talking about it
Jakob Bartoni
Jakob Bartoni Пре 3 године
Angel Rivera I cant even understand what he said
ibrokemykeyboard Пре 3 године
Do they even like the vidya? Geez.
Blorp Weatherby
Blorp Weatherby Пре 3 године
The most games I want to play, yet the worst conference this side of EA. The structure of this was just so bad.
bretbret Пре 2 године
Yeah, but what's more important, an entertaining 1 1/2 hour show, or a bevy of awesome titles you want to play?
elevown Пре 3 године
He was absolutely right - the conference was utter shit - yet it showed some great games. Everything between the footage was bloody awful.
Blorp Weatherby
Blorp Weatherby Пре 3 године
Sorry we need to take an intermission to change venues before my next comment.
SufamiDan Пре 3 године
EA 0/10, Microsoft 5/10, Bethesda 5/10, Square Enix 1/10, Ubisoft 5/10, Sony 6/10. Nintendo can show a screen grab of Prime 4 and they have this in the bag.
SufamiDan Пре 3 године
Neon Noir not fanboyism, mate. Just game preference. None of the games outside of DMC5 were of interest to me and even that game looked very awkward to my eye. The big hitters on Xbox traditionally do not appeal to me. I don't like Forza, Gears, Halo and co.
Kiwi Gooner
Kiwi Gooner Пре 3 године
SufamiDan - I own a X and a Pro and MS conference was way more appealing to me.
SufamiDan Пре 3 године
mrsmi1ey aye but from a personal point of view not one game on that show was of interest to me. Sony gave us Resident Evil 2 Remake, that was enough to get a 6. Every show thus far has been absolute shite though. Quite possibly the worst I can recall in my time. Nintendo still has a chance to save it though.
mrsmi1ey Пре 3 године
Microsoft was easily the best of what we've seen so far. They basically just showed games the entire time, 15 of which were exclusive, and most of those were coming to Game Pass. The rest of the shows have had so much in-between bullshit. This is the second year in a row MS has focused on almost nothing but games.
SonicMegaKing Пре 3 године
I love that Jeff was the only one who didn't flinch away when Norman Reedus pulled off his toenail. You know Jeff has been places and seen some shit.
FiniteRich Пре 3 године
the man had a room dedicated to showing porn, guy’s an animal!
Mole Hansman
Mole Hansman Пре 3 године
Pretty sure he was in an open-eyed coma through most of this.
Mikeasaur Пре 3 године
ZeroCredibility I have not heard him talk about it but I am curious. Know where I can hear some shit?
Nick Richards
Nick Richards Пре 3 године
Probably the second or third time he'd seen that trailer (judge's week, closed door with Sony)?
GacMan47 Пре 3 године
Just look at that face
saturncrush Пре 3 године
Domo Пре 3 године
I was looking very forward to Sony’s press conference but man, not there best show. Last of Us looks very good though.
Bruce Doyle
Bruce Doyle Пре 3 године
@Angel Perez Probably E3 2020, since next year they wont have one.
Angel Perez
Angel Perez Пре 3 године
@Bruce Doyle uh which e3 is that?
Bruce Doyle
Bruce Doyle Пре 3 године
I think they can afford to take a break and have a easy E3, aslong as they deliever High Quality Games. I just hope that their next E3 will somthing bigger
Blorp Weatherby
Blorp Weatherby Пре 3 године
It's almost like they've made a Last of Us game already and it's not hard to imagine what a sequel to that would be. Unless they have some huge sweeping gameplay changes to iterate on the original, which I doubt, it's just going to be more of something I don't like. Also go back and watch the original Last of Us demo and compare that to the final game. Not buying that it's going to look this good when they've done the scripted "like this, but not as cinematic" thing before.
Old Scratch
Old Scratch Пре 3 године
So you're assuming what the final product will be by only watching a 7 minute snippet of gameplay? Nice dude.
Boots the God
Boots the God Пре 3 године
Dan is so full of shit lmaooooo. How could that be hands down the best show so far. It was awful. I want to play ghost, nioh 2 and Spiderman BUT that was not a good show
billygg Пре 3 године
BINARYGOD yeah you still sound like you're mad about his opinion
Quidz Пре 3 године
Tye shhhh he doesn't know what that word means
Tye Пре 3 године
It's called an opinion
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