We Made Harry Potter R-Rated

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Corridor Crew

Пре 10 дана

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Sam promises to help Niko calm down by asking the VFX crew if they can make Harry Potter Rated R.
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Dessecr89 Пре 49 минута
Can you PLEASE make the TV show “Wipeout” R-rated???
Gwidogido Пре 49 минута
You guys have to make R-rated Jackie chan stunts
Logan B
Logan B Пре сат
shaquil-eosis - backboard appears scoliosis - back breaks WELL DONE
White Widow
White Widow Пре 2 сата
I personally think it would be great if you could put Vision into a knights tale instead of regular Paul Bettany 🤔
gabriel hynes
gabriel hynes Пре 3 сата
It’s a shame to me all these looked quite bad. But still 1000000000000000000000000000% better then I could do
Даниил Яниев
Даниил Яниев Пре 3 сата
Harry Potter + Mortal Kombat = this)
Giggleanthropisticon Пре 4 сата
Can you guys look at The Arrival 1 & 2
Bo Perez
Bo Perez Пре 5 сати
@Corridorcrew you guys should reacts to Van Helsing
Mai Geuchi
Mai Geuchi Пре 6 сати
yea the only blood i remember so far in that movie is in the sixth one where Harry used (forgot how to spell the name) on Draco that was actually the only bloody scene i remember
RedShadows00 Пре 7 сати
plss make the sam raimi spiderman movies r rated, spetialy the hospital scene with doc oc in spiderman 2
ethan correa
ethan correa Пре 7 сати
19:15 my life is ruined and my suffering is immeasurable.
Matthew Vanek
Matthew Vanek Пре 8 сати
Dude I was laughing so hard at the basketball one. That was amazing.
pog daddy
pog daddy Пре 10 сати
you forgot to make them gay
here_and_queer_ 888
here_and_queer_ 888 Пре 12 сати
20:56 look at the trans flag at the top
doctorrobloxstrange gaming
doctorrobloxstrange gaming Пре 12 сати
me: watches harry potter vid ads: show harry potter ad
Xans Ferdinand
Xans Ferdinand Пре 13 сати
god wren sucks so fucking bad
Commentary Noob
Commentary Noob Пре 13 сати
You should animate SCPs break out and stuff and then R rate everything
cereal with bleach
cereal with bleach Пре 16 сати
Just noticed the trans pride flags in the basketball scene
Sondre Heien
Sondre Heien Пре 16 сати
Dont know how much time they had on hand but i have a feeling Peter is a step above the others in almost all challenges.
Jason L Chapman
Jason L Chapman Пре 17 сати
Some ideas: The Princess Bride, Gremlins, Short Circuit, Space Jam, Space Balls, Wizard Of Oz, and Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon
CJ On Banana
CJ On Banana Пре 17 сати
Spider's Beehive
Spider's Beehive Пре 19 сати
next: making Kingsman g rated
Daniel Hogue
Daniel Hogue Пре 21 сат
It was ok. I want to see you guys do a few month project like this. I think you all could do soooo much better and i hope you all see this!
WhatShallEyeDo4U Пре 21 сат
WhatShallEyeDo4U Пре 21 сат
Zyrus Vito
Zyrus Vito Пре 22 сата
JK Rowling: HP but its A-rated and everyone's gay
Bored Insomniac
Bored Insomniac Пре 22 сата
I already asked someone this but does anyone else feel like they’re gonna get salmonella from looking at the undercooked flesh that is Voldemort
John Benjamin Vistan
John Benjamin Vistan Пре 23 сата
Malfoy continuously spinning Hermione about to stop the spell *Ron: "Stop it Hermione, He's not worth it"* -Prisoner of Azkaban
C 137
C 137 Пре дан
Robocop Fatal Farm is probably best fan parody ever.
Wyatt Hamilton
Wyatt Hamilton Пре дан
i love how they added a trans flag
John Benjamin Vistan
John Benjamin Vistan Пре дан
Malfoy literally time traveled without the time turner from Professor Dumbledore! He is spinning so fast he created his own gravitational field that bent time and space. Correct me if I'm wrong :)
Skrubzy Пре дан
I'd like to see y'all do "Zathura" I'm thinking that when the kid opens the front door to check if they're in outer space, all the air stored in their house gets sucked out into the void and they implode or something violently non-physics based. And that's where the video ends.
jojo4686 Пре дан
Please review Malayalam movie jallikkettu special effects
It’s Nerdy Birdy
It’s Nerdy Birdy Пре дан
The trans pride flag in the great hall was a nice touch 👌
Paw 09
Paw 09 Пре дан
he's ballin'
Warrior002 Пре дан
So... what about HP With Guns?
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller Пре дан
Peter deserves a raise
Lienisaur Пре дан
Oooo so this is where that duel video is from
Lightning2153 Пре дан
I think a G rated Deadpool would be hilarious.
that.kid. jp.draws
that.kid. jp.draws Пре дан
Harry Potter ❤️⚡️
NighTWolF Пре дан
Woah, the transformation into the ball was way more gruesome than i expected. Would have been cool if the shattering nevile would have been also filled with blood.
darthmoo7 Пре дан
End result was pretty good. I think the spikes one was a bit janky though and you can see quite a bit of clipping. Also the petrificus totallus one only had a bare skeleton with an outer layer like a hollow shell. Saying that I wouldn't even be able to do 1% of this so it's still impressive!
smithycarter797 Пре дан
whats the song that starts playing at 8:50 shits fire af
nxfrvt Пре дан
18:54 Your welcome (:
ffgew22 Пре дан
i always wished it was R-rated
SuperincumbentDungeonImaginings Пре дан
My Best Friend, nice.
Miguel Almeida
Miguel Almeida Пре дан
Where is the Game of Thrones ending we deserved ?
Steven Borg
Steven Borg Пре дан
The use of masks in this vid is silly lol. Especially in the voice recording session - Cliff is actually spinning around spitting all sorts of spittle into the room, then the next shot has him in a mask and then a shot at the end without one haha totally pointless those things.
the_NPC_weeb Пре дан
17:14 why not just mince him through the net
sir darkness the fourth king of the trees
sir darkness the fourth king of the trees Пре дан
But yes...spy kids... definitely
Levi Пре дан
Here's a video suggestion "We made The witches remastered r rated"
Ritik Kumar
Ritik Kumar Пре дан
Hats off peter ! You literally killed it .
Anu Vinod
Anu Vinod Пре дан
Sam raimi Spiderman r rated please
BimboNutsack Пре дан
In the Half Blood Prince film you can see through Snape and Professor McGonagall when they stand in front of a window.
David Пре дан
If you could make the Harry Potter actors react...
Harry Potter Theory
Harry Potter Theory Пре дан
Well done
Dennis LeGrave
Dennis LeGrave Пре 22 сата
we've done it boys we got the approval
The Harp
The Harp Пре дан
You guys should turn Coraline R it has a few scenes in it where I see y’all putting ur magic to work
Lawrence Kitching
Lawrence Kitching Пре дан
I really wanted Clint to add the HEY from the Lego city advert
pzez Пре дан
Invite Ian hubert for upcoming VFX react
Mitchell Lerich
Mitchell Lerich Пре дан
I love how they're all like "it looks so good" and it doesn't look any better than sharknado.
Mitchell Lerich
Mitchell Lerich Пре 22 сата
@BrotimeStudioz don't care
BrotimeStudioz Пре дан
You have to keep in mind that it’s like 3 people trying to do big budget effects, while sharknado had a whole movie production, and it looks like crap
Aron Septianto
Aron Septianto Пре дан
peter: "so i have this uh, noise? of client spinning on a chair while screaming, this does not fit to the scene at all but I really want to use it" some guy: "oh maybe you could make malfoy spin for the entire rest of the movie"
Dr.Dankcase Пре дан
make minions R-rated. the first prequel literally has a chainsaw guy with a active chainsaw and he trips and other people trip too. you sure ass heck can make something.
NotaHoesChannel Пре дан
That meme needs to come back
Mark Пре дан
music title at 20:54?
When_i_ was_little
When_i_ was_little Пре дан
How to be immortal Step 1. Break your wand Step 2. Fix your wand with spellotape now theoretically Ron broke his wand and said EAT slugs and VOMITED slugs instead meaning it reverses the spell completely soooo... Step 3. Use Avada Kedavra on anyone it doesnt matter because if the spell reverses completely you should live forever Step 4. Now the most important step this will not work for this this is the MOST Important thing ever you need to chop off your nose because everyone knows immortality comes at the price of a nose. Thank you and you are welcome for becoming immortal.
Nauce Tri
Nauce Tri Пре дан
How are you not facing copyright issues
Reagan Morrison
Reagan Morrison Пре дан
You should do spongebob rated r
Supple Specimen
Supple Specimen Пре дан
Gan Gana
Gan Gana Пре дан
Remake the whole movie !!! No but more seriously maybe a part 2 and a 3 :) excellent work thumbs up once again !!
20:29 best scene ever
Lacey Ann
Lacey Ann Пре дан
"How do you decapitate a child...... Well first...." lol bruh 😂
Patrick Hodges
Patrick Hodges Пре дан
man, i haven't even read the last book and I could see whats gonna happen
Do matilda
That Oneguy
That Oneguy Пре дан
I know yall won't see this but what if there was an 'r' rated Cat in the hat movie?
Angry BassTV
Angry BassTV Пре 2 дана
Maya Sungji
Maya Sungji Пре 2 дана
I would like to know what video is in 5:12. I wanna see this Corridor Crew! 😂
Gracy Пре 2 дана
Glitter force doki doki
Lilja Sigurðardóttir
Lilja Sigurðardóttir Пре 2 дана
*The mental hospital called. They want their patients back*
Jake Downs
Jake Downs Пре 2 дана
these were all great, but peter is the goat
harry potter
harry potter Пре 2 дана
i love this!!!!
Screechgames Пре 2 дана
Christopher Nolan Batman begins rated R
Enderman Ev
Enderman Ev Пре 2 дана
peter is to good
Peter Tompson
Peter Tompson Пре 2 дана
"How do you decapitate a child?" ....no words for that one...
Taragoola Пре 2 дана
Blasphemy of the highest order. Good job, lads.
Jamez Otis
Jamez Otis Пре 2 дана
What is the song used in basketball scene plz ??
smithycarter797 Пре дан
same bro same.
zero 00
zero 00 Пре 2 дана
This is the only way i can watch this movie😂
Damien Conover
Damien Conover Пре 2 дана
Man the last rated r was much better
Jaunius Jaunius
Jaunius Jaunius Пре 2 дана
I have been waiting for this for soo long and you mad lads you finally did it Edit: oh
ItsMrChar Пре 2 дана
Make Saw into a rated G/PG that would be interesting to watch...
no Пре 2 дана
avada ka oh fuck
Ds'N'Moa Пре 2 дана
I can taste the testosterone
RocLobster Пре 2 дана
This made me notice how different the spells animations are very different in the first couple movies
Mark Пре 2 дана
What's the song playing during the basketball scene?
SevenIHL Пре 2 дана
Harry Potter made memes..
chirpyEar 175864
chirpyEar 175864 Пре 2 дана
lia stanton
lia stanton Пре 2 дана
anyone else notice the trans pride flag in the background at 21:19 pretty cool
Brian Donegan
Brian Donegan Пре 2 дана
Peter's was genuinely impressive oh my god
Oreohunter Пре 2 дана
Getting some real TheMasterPoop vibes from this
Logan Heick
Logan Heick Пре 2 дана
Alternate title: “Harry Potter but it’s R-Rated but it’s memes”
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