VFX Artists React to THE MANDALORIAN Bad & Great CGi

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Niko, Wren, and Clint take a look some of the visual effects on display in the Star Wars series 'The Mandalorian'!
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Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost Пре дан
PLEASE REACT TO ANIMUSIC! (Also, maybe try and revive it as well 😜) #React #VFX #Animation #CGI
Yajirobi Пре дан
star wars sucks right now but luke could be a new hope... again ;)
rikuauditore Пре 2 дана
I will subscribe but only when Wren learns how to use his inside voice 🤷🏽‍♀️
Rannon Пре 2 дана
Hey, have you ever thought about what the loss of physical media will mean for movies? One example, you know the changes to the Original trilogy? In (probably) less than ten years they'll be able to do that to any show the choose and they'll be able to do it to all copies of the film so even if you notice something strange you won't have anything to compare it to! And this goes for physical media as well, all they'll need to do is requiring you to have an internet connection that automatically download the updates! :/ Edit: Among the pros, I guess is that they'll be able to (practically) patch/bugfix movies, was there something wrong with the effects, did some program update to their VFX software make something so much cooler/realistic or was a staffer in view for a third of a second (nip slip in a bed scene) etc.
Herrera Gonza
Herrera Gonza Пре 3 дана
waited a month to watch this video to not get spoilers.... worth it
Dimes Пре 4 дана
The more I watch these the more I feel like Clint just doesn't watch anything anymore, lol. He feels like he's my mom when my brothers and I watch sci fi and we show her a cool scene and she just nods and smiles with zero interest. 'uh-huh' lol.
The Driver
The Driver Пре 5 дана
We want to see Shrek
Steel Ridge
Steel Ridge Пре 6 дана
Critique the The Dragonslayer VFX. Some great stuff from 1980.
Santiago Gutierrez
Santiago Gutierrez Пре 6 дана
blizzarddddddddd cutscenes
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan Пре 9 дана
He called me out for being the bathroom with my phone so hard. And I didn't just get in here. This is my 3rd video now. I feel... ashamed :(
I dont Know
I dont Know Пре 9 дана
Those lasers are plasma blasts, so yes, the would expand upon the magnetic containment failing on impact
t3tsuyaguy1 Пре 9 дана
No one uses lasers in Star Wars. In universe, It's all bolts of plasma and superheated metal fragments. All the ranged weapons in Star Wars fire projectiles with mass.
Trooper 66
Trooper 66 Пре 10 дана
Again star wars uses energized plasma bolts that have a charge with tibana gas. They are bolts of pure energy.
sam mm
sam mm Пре 10 дана
Bad vfx suggestions. 1. League of extraordinary gentlemen, the fight with geckle and hide
Tristan Hostetter
Tristan Hostetter Пре 11 дана
I can’t think of more examples offhand but there was definitely a “rag doll epidemic” in 2010s comedy’s and the scene that comes to mind is the Air Bag Prank in Neighbors. Not necessarily bad but I remember it being obvious on the first watch. I know there’s more in recent movies, if anyone can help me out
Borja Navarro Fernandez
Borja Navarro Fernandez Пре 12 дана
Harry Potter scenes requests: - Basilic scene - Harry and Buckbeak - Lupin turns into a werewolf - The dragon task in the goblet of fire - Dumbledore vs Voldemort
yedn ggivh
yedn ggivh Пре 12 дана
Please react to King Kong
yedn ggivh
yedn ggivh Пре 12 дана
By the way I'm talking about the newest one not Godzilla vs Kong by the way
Wyatt Schneider
Wyatt Schneider Пре 12 дана
multi billon dollar company vs little guys with office movie actors
The Grave Runner
The Grave Runner Пре 12 дана
I think Darth Vader is the face (or rather mask) of Star Wars. He is a big part of the original trilogy, in the prequel trilogy it is about Anakin (kinda) who became Darth Vader, he is also in the newer trilogy (kinda), there’s a comic series about him and who can forget his “Luke I am your father” and his breathing.
AZninja2112 Пре 12 дана
Can you guys react to Ready Player One?!? Any scene would be awesome. Or The Shining sections!
Mr Chidlers
Mr Chidlers Пре 13 дана
I feel like im the guy growing up seeing all this newer stuff and thinking "Thats so amazing, it would be a dream to do this stuff" which makes me wonder just how much farther this technology will go in my time.
Mr Chidlers
Mr Chidlers Пре 13 дана
You know CGI is good when its so subtle that you dont even think about it. It gets to a point where they look so natural you have to do a double-take and really see these shots for what they are, otherwise you'll just gloss over it because it seems so natural to your brain. Very weird, and even more interesting.
Desharr Saddler
Desharr Saddler Пре 13 дана
This episode made me watch the entire series first so it wouldn’t spoil anything lmao thanks it was amazing
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Пре 14 дана
My bro was in those movies, so I spent some time on set. I'm not a HP fan but there was a set with a ton of mirrors in it! Sorry, I don't know the scene., lols Crew were completely removed from it in the final print though. I was super impressed with that! I'm guessing a LOT of roto work! Poor buggers.
G-Man Conyers
G-Man Conyers Пре 14 дана
I would love to hear your take on Shin Godzilla.
Zalia Joy
Zalia Joy Пре 14 дана
Harry Potter Scene request, When Ron and Harry Get the car stuck in the tree (in The Chamber Of Secrets)
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Пре 14 дана
train system from HP7.2
pzez Пре 14 дана
Call Ian Hubert for upcoming VFX react
Gabriela Ramos
Gabriela Ramos Пре 14 дана
For Harry Potter scenes Dobbys first appearance Troll scene from the first movie And the quidditch scenes
hinney827 Пре 14 дана
One of the most obvious things about Luke being deepfaked is that Mark uses his eyebrows A LOT when he acts. I don't think Luke's eyebrows budged once.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Пре 14 дана
Honestly Luke is so ugly, they dropped a 2D matte with basic deformation. It's not a deepfake, his nose has always the same parallax.
Mel PM
Mel PM Пре 15 дана
Harry potter ridiculous spell scene, also many of the scenes in fantastic beasts and where to find them
Adam Place
Adam Place Пре 15 дана
Guys, love all your work. I'd love to see you react to Star Trek, anything from some of the super-cheap effects from the original series, to the films, to the modern era shows. I don't have any particular shots in mind, but because it's a franchise that has been around for over 60 years, across different media, with all sorts of different budgets, it would make for a cool comparison. Plus if you're aware of anything unusual or groundbreaking they did along the way, that would be great too. Whatever you choose to do, however, just keep doing it! Also, as a huge South Park fan, I somehow had no idea about Sassy Justice until I saw this video, so thank you for that as well! Great work
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Пре 15 дана
Honestly... I thought that was done with a real prop model they had made, that's how realistic it is. I never once thought it was cgi in the least bit
Espeon The Magician
Espeon The Magician Пре 15 дана
That Luke Skywalker face. Wtf
ArrowSmith95 Пре 15 дана
Please watch the exigency
Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson Пре 16 дана
For Harry Potter basically any of the challenges from goblet of fire. The Wesley Joke shop scene. Fluffy in Sorcerers Stone. The Basilisk. Werewolf transformation in Prisoner of Azkhban. Sectum Sempra spell and healing in Half Blood Prince. Overall compassion from the earlier movies and the later ones
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Пре 15 дана
React to the fantastic beasts
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Пре 16 дана
In Fantastic Beasts 2 there is a scene where the girl turns into a snake and I'd love to see you guys react to it :)
media dump
media dump Пре 16 дана
No fucking care taken when showing ine of the biggest fucking spoilers in Season 2. Don't you guys ever fucking do this again. I genuinely considered unsubscribing because you were so careless with this.
Lloyd Пре 16 дана
Anyone know the tune under the vpn ad?
EntoSanto Пре 16 дана
I love that they using real models in the movie.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Пре 16 дана
For the HP video, you should look at the scene from Goblet of Fire where Sirius talks to Harry through the fireplace
MagicalBread Пре 16 дана
IT’S PLASMA NOT LASERS!!!!!! My inner Star Wars nerd is killing me right now.
B Пре 16 дана
Honestly I can’t even tell the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS all vfx is good vfx to me
Robert Doherty
Robert Doherty Пре 16 дана
The whomping williow scene from harry potter 3. Its so awkward
Yer Sushi Guy
Yer Sushi Guy Пре 17 дана
Arnaud DSM
Arnaud DSM Пре 17 дана
Honestly Luke is so ugly, they dropped a 2D matte with basic deformation. It's not a deepfake, his nose has always the same parallax.
zazacitron Пре 17 дана
Getting spoiled by the thumbnail in my scrolling pissed me off
claire Пре 17 дана
the shot of the razor crest being pulled out of the water is so good i never even considered the fact that it was cg until watching this video.
Joe R.G.
Joe R.G. Пре 17 дана
I love you guys but i have to unsub just to avoid spoilers...
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Пре 17 дана
were able to do that, he also interacts with harry a lot
Md Injamanul Alam
Md Injamanul Alam Пре 17 дана
don't tell me Clint didn't see the mandalorian. how further is he up into his own ass???????
A-eight Пре 17 дана
React to the fantastic beasts
Riyan Syafi'i
Riyan Syafi'i Пре 17 дана
no the dragon scene??
Matthew Yazel
Matthew Yazel Пре 17 дана
The troll scene in the 1st movie
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Пре 17 дана
React to the vfx of The Frighteners by Peter Jackson, staring Michael J Fox
Luke101 Пре 17 дана
Please cover the Voldemort rebirth scene from Goblet of Fire when he first gets his new body. That scene blows my mind when his head slowly grows into its final form
Bacon Eater
Bacon Eater Пре 18 дана
For the HP video, you should look at the scene from Goblet of Fire where Sirius talks to Harry through the fireplace
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Пре 18 дана
Harry Potter Scene: Fifth movie, when Dumbledore and Voldemort fight each other. Fire vs water, glass turning to sand and stuff.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Пре 18 дана
You guys should get in make up artists in and break down how you do really complex make up stuff, like fake skin, or broken limbs or crazy prostectics
Sophia B
Sophia B Пре 19 дана
I wish you guys would have done a full deep dive on Kung Fu Hustle.
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Пре 19 дана
React to velocipastor
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Пре 18 дана
an awesome project.
Jcore 09
Jcore 09 Пре 19 дана
I have said many times. The Mandalorian is just a big budget fan show. It shows in every single detail. The absolute love and craft for the show is outstanding.
AwokenGreatness Пре 19 дана
13:38 was that a shot fired at the sequel trilogy lol
Jared Douglas
Jared Douglas Пре 19 дана
please please please react to the CGI in the Disney movie Dinosaurs!
GhostCross Пре 20 дана
You guys should do some of the CGI from Sweet Home on Netflix
Stasya Owl
Stasya Owl Пре 20 дана
I'd like to see the explaining of the scene in 'HP and Azkaban's Prisoner' when camera slides through the mirror at lesson about the boggart
Ash Cartwright
Ash Cartwright Пре 20 дана
I wanna see you guys talk about Lupin turning into the werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban
Florea David
Florea David Пре 21 дан
Can’t wait for Harry Potter
Ahmar Ajaz
Ahmar Ajaz Пре 21 дан
React to the vfx of The Frighteners by Peter Jackson, staring Michael J Fox
Daniel Jahn
Daniel Jahn Пре 21 дан
May the pores be with you...
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Пре 20 дана
What’s that beat you’re using in the vpn ad? It kinda bangs
Storminormin Пре 21 дан
You guys should react to the whole Sam Raimi Spiderman trilogy!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Пре 20 дана
Uncharted - live action fan film (2018) - Nathan Fillon
MadMadMedusasSoul Пре 21 дан
Can you react to the Burton vs. Nola fight scene from Banshee tv series, Season 3, Episode 3?
McMaxer Minecrafter
McMaxer Minecrafter Пре 21 дан
Two minute papers would love this I bet.
kiselbob Пре 21 дан
Harry Potter scenes? Yes.
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis Пре 22 дана
I actually didn't hate the young luke. Yeah it's not the best and the shadows look weird, but at least it isn't Leah from Rouge One.
Renaissance Pip
Renaissance Pip Пре 22 дана
Was watching the content about making of Mandalorian and making the Darkblade, and suddenly shouted, "I know that guy." LOL So cool to see your talents being used for such an awesome project.
Santiago Roda
Santiago Roda Пре 22 дана
Jacob W
Jacob W Пре 22 дана
Really hoping you guys react to the Krayt Dragon in The Mandalorian. I was blown away by how amazing it looked.
Kaitlyn Nohrenberg
Kaitlyn Nohrenberg Пре 22 дана
Love you for all the entertainment Ps: hate you cause you spoiled the end for me
OFFICIAL Luke Hopkins
OFFICIAL Luke Hopkins Пре 22 дана
Looks like ILM got to use a preview of Nanite in their UE scenes... only way I can think they got that water shot
Tepikatenroar Пре 23 дана
Aw the Markiplier clip :)
Rugia L.
Rugia L. Пре 23 дана
I am sure Luke's appearance must be a huge surprise when watching the season finale, but I wouldn't know. Thanks to the thumbnail spoiler of this video. Good job, corridor crew.
The Movie Planet
The Movie Planet Пре 23 дана
I think for _Harry Potter_ it could be interesting to look at how the same things look in different films, ie the Whomping Willow in films 2 & 3 or the Centaurs in films 1 & 5.
Marius Пре 23 дана
Uncharted - live action fan film (2018) - Nathan Fillon
Ethan Cryder
Ethan Cryder Пре 23 дана
What’s that beat you’re using in the vpn ad? It kinda bangs
TheCCPfearsANZ Пре 23 дана
We need an in depth video on the miniatures from the show damn it
Senna van de Walle
Senna van de Walle Пре 24 дана
so the shots you guys call lasers aren't lasers....in star wars they use as they say plasma bolts....but either way star wars is star wars, the place where they make weapons that can destroy planets so no one knows the science behind it
You know baby yoda isnt VFX?? Hes a little animatronic that has a pc running and is controlled by someone else.
MrVipitis Пре 24 дана
I held back a while to binge a few of the episodes instead. I am hoping to do some miniature photography with my Lego Star wars stuff and getting into the mood helps.
Johnjoe Tobeck
Johnjoe Tobeck Пре 24 дана
Don’t know if have already but when ghidorah looks through the window in the movie Godzilla: king of the monsters, only bit of effect that ruins the movie and can’t explain why it doesn’t look right want a second opinion
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Пре 24 дана
What really gave it away was the fact that Luke didn’t blink... :(
SaltySoyMan Пре 24 дана
Yeahhhh… let’s not talk about the janky transitions in season 1 and the awful cg Boulder in “The Tragedy”. I find it funny how they mentioned none of these.
Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson Пре 24 дана
Have you guys not sound-treated this space yet - the main hall? I think it'll very subtly but drastically change the ambience in that space. I know it'd be a big job to do but I think it'll make a beautifully noticeable difference.
MissSpark Пре 24 дана
Thanks a lot for spoiling the show for me guys, I was gonna wait until the hype for the show faded out
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Пре 24 дана
you guys should react to the kotor cinematic trailers
Jarret Griffee
Jarret Griffee Пре 25 дана
Honestly this kind of tech is concerning me. Does anyone else believe it could be used to deceive the public on massive scales as it is now? Of course it's super cool...but..kinda scary.
macy Пре 23 дана
There is conspiracy theories and some RStoolss videos about this. With the advanced technology you can make it out to be anyone is saying or doing anything you want it to be.
Gabriel Basso jr
Gabriel Basso jr Пре 25 дана
It's not a lazer it's a bolt of Tibana gas superheated to produce a bolt of plasma
Elaine Waters
Elaine Waters Пре 25 дана
Harry Potter scenes Troll scene Voldemort on back of the guys head Flying on brooms (from any movie but I think the one in the 5th one is a bad green screen) Basilisk Dragons Dobby Werewolf Sirius as a dog
doire aintu
doire aintu Пре 25 дана
What really gave it away was the fact that Luke didn’t blink... :(
Charlie Bailey
Charlie Bailey Пре 25 дана
Jeremy Schaefer The Box Assassin! Give it a review!
Caleb Kirby
Caleb Kirby Пре 26 дана
It's be cool to see you guys breakdown The Expanse
metromanLXIX _
metromanLXIX _ Пре 26 дана
But do the pores stretch?
Jef Nyssen
Jef Nyssen Пре 26 дана
C'mon guys why put such a big fkn spoiler in the thumbnail
doire aintu
doire aintu Пре 25 дана
Please do the scorpion fight scene in Clash of the Titans 2010
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