VFX Artists React to THE BOYS Bad & Great CGi

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Niko and Wren sit down with Overall VFX Supervisor from "The Boys," Stephan Fleet to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
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Ant Пре дан
I wanna die in the boys season 3 please
Davvechan Пре дан
Would be cool if you could have John Knoll (ILM) or Paul Franklin (DNEG) on the show :)
RocLobster Пре 2 дана
Love how Wren is always so genuinely childlike in his excitement lol
Anne de Kogel
Anne de Kogel Пре 4 дана
To much commercials
Joshua Valentine
Joshua Valentine Пре 4 дана
Please get Zack Snyder!
asdjklsadj Пре 4 дана
Please watch cube lol 😂
Captain_Context Пре 4 дана
Connor Heider
Connor Heider Пре 6 дана
I would suggest john whick in the boys
stoned_canuck_theory Пре 7 дана
-7 c isnt that cold lol pussies
Bad_Mix Пре 8 дана
all these VFX studios did an amazing job, thank you!
brandon duncan
brandon duncan Пре 8 дана
I pay for yt premium for nothing with y’all 😂
Zed Пре 9 дана
10:01... -7°C is like a very typical winter day in Toronto haha
The Horrorist
The Horrorist Пре 8 дана
-7 is summer temprature at least in the north of norway👍🇧🇻
Jireh Dogara
Jireh Dogara Пре 9 дана
I think I should be on show¯\_(ツ)_/¯
chris skillen
chris skillen Пре 9 дана
I always love the "if it was r rated" episodes, you couldnt possibly do anything to the boys
DWinchestersFlannel Пре 10 дана
Is it concerning that I don’t feel grossed out at all when I see those violent scenes in The Boys... 🥴
Mr.Guigo Gameplays
Mr.Guigo Gameplays Пре 6 дана
Oh, what a rare person you are
Space Pug
Space Pug Пре 11 дана
I love this show
The Viewer formerly known as Prince
The Viewer formerly known as Prince Пре 12 дана
I just finished watching the Boys S2 last night so now I can finally watch this!
MMAS Пре 13 дана
Negative 7° Celsius in Toronto? Not the coldest day in history 😅😂
Daniel Gimenez
Daniel Gimenez Пре 13 дана
More moooooreeeeeeee
COOL BOY 69 Пре 13 дана
9:57 Coldest day in Toronto in history? Negative seven degrees celcius? That's not that cold, just a couple days ago it was negative sixteen in Stockholm.
TheStickBug Пре 14 дана
Like u guys could do any better
Magpie Magpie
Magpie Magpie Пре 14 дана
6:30 Damn, she is hot.
Please review the convey scene from Ghost Rider 2
Blurryink Пре 15 дана
-7 degrees? In November? In Canada?? That’s like, kinda normal here lol, now if he didn’t include the windchill rate, That would make more sense
ArrowSmith95 Пре 15 дана
Please watch the exigency
Charles Rom
Charles Rom Пре 16 дана
I was expecting good and bad reactions. You're only doing praises. Not a problem, if you want to respect your guest, this is normal I think. But d'ont unrespect us with your lying titles. Because in fact there is a lot of weakness in the boys tv show. Firstly as the FX directors says"he have a litle time to do". And we can smell it since the first season, especially in the writting. But in your case, there are lot of poor VFX in this show... Why dont you talk about them ??
Hydra gamedev
Hydra gamedev Пре 16 дана
I cant see the title of this show without thinking of the me and the BOYS meme
Mansoor M
Mansoor M Пре 17 дана
I need sanjana on the show instagram: @sanjanaxjeevan
Zeo Mashups
Zeo Mashups Пре 17 дана
7:46 get snacks and watch heads exploding!!!
Trancilian Пре 19 дана
In spoiler warnings, could you please mention which seasons you’ll be spoiling. Just finished one, but now I already got spoiled there’s a whale in two 😂 also pls react to Dante’s Peak, the best disaster movie of all time!
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Пре 19 дана
React to velocipastor. In boys season 3 they give the compound V to chicken and they turn into velocipastors food.
Jared Douglas
Jared Douglas Пре 19 дана
please please please react to the CGI in the Disney movie Dinosaurs!
GOUTHAM N Пре 21 дан
Is it true that, this show makes fun of DC comics?
nBrains Пре 21 дан
He looks like Seth Rogen
Thor Film Studios
Thor Film Studios Пре 22 дана
George Lucas none deepfaked 🤣
Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues Пре 23 дана
Spoiler Alert after spoiling a death of a main Character
John Edward Jacob
John Edward Jacob Пре 23 дана
Being from Toronto, and "The Boys" being shot in Toronto made watching the Series a lot more interesting
Sainthood Пре 23 дана
Is it possible to get Chris Cunningham on this show?
Rain Yatsu
Rain Yatsu Пре 23 дана
-7 Celsius he says? -62 Celsius was the coldest temperature in Canada. Compared to that -7 is a heat wave
Puta Lover
Puta Lover Пре 24 дана
The boys has no bad CGI lol. This was more a reaction. The boys does everything right.
Sienna Пре 26 дана
Stephan: "the coldest day in Toronto, -7" Me living in north Ontario: "ITS -15!"
Jason Gagné
Jason Gagné Пре 26 дана
It took me a month to watch the show before I came back. I didn't want to get spoiled!
Logan Talks Gaming
Logan Talks Gaming Пре 27 дана
The head wedding part was perfect.
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider Пре 27 дана
Honestly, I've only watched The Boys because Jensen Ackles has been cast for season 3 and he's an incredible talent. If it wasn't for Ackles... I really wouldn't watched past the first episode. Utterly uninteresting and no likeable characters. I will say that as I continued watching, I like Frenchie. That's it. None of the action, gore, fight scenes and effects did anything for me. Underwhelming and trying too hard to be "edgy and dark". Totally hit and miss for me. I honestly don't even find homelander scary. I find the white witch from Narnia scarier. Maybe I've just been spoiled by watching shows like: FRINGE, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Hannibal, Supernatural, Marvels agents of shield, criminal minds etc. < some of these had lower quality FX and CGI but in my opinion they have so much more quality to them...
brand ing
brand ing Пре 28 дана
Can you guys react to fate of furious (f8) the car control scene. (The scene where they control all the cars)
GatlingGun 511
GatlingGun 511 Пре 29 дана
9:25 imagine James A Jannise doin a kill count on this scene
danis k
danis k Пре 29 дана
I think that this is more than enough gore for me.
Kalef Ocean
Kalef Ocean Пре 29 дана
There truly is something wrong with people who thirst for the destruction and mutilation of living beings. You are entertained by the disembodiment of people and animals. This is what is in your heart, mind and spirit. You are purveyor's of death.
Mr.Guigo Gameplays
Mr.Guigo Gameplays Пре 6 дана
Something about this comment screams snowflake
H20 Photography
H20 Photography Пре месец
Brthr on the show please
Jarred Dipaola
Jarred Dipaola Пре месец
You should react to dragon ball z, a light of hope. It's a love action amateur dbz that does the best job matching the style of the original show.
Qamar Din
Qamar Din Пре месец
OK. I'm leaving 1 minute in. Going to watch the show.
Zando GD
Zando GD Пре месец
The person who created this, eric kripke i think his name is, made a show before this that lasted 15 years called supernatural, this is definitely a huge step up from that.
Mmmph Пре месец
I really wish the scene of Homelander lasering through the crowd hadn't just been his fantasy. It would've been such a ballsy direction for the show.
W H Пре 7 дана
The thing is, that normally when similar scenes in movies and TV happen, you are aware that is just imagination or dreaming because of the extreme violence. In the Boys, however, I really wasn't sure if it was real or not
Klay Thoring
Klay Thoring Пре месец
I thought he was gonna say a really cold temperature but -7° ? Practically summer!
I want more eye lazer crowd death.
Belnick6666 Пре месец
spoiler:: kinda sux now that The Deep is the most heroic of the Seven lol, the blackmailer :o
Captain Unlimited
Captain Unlimited Пре месец
Hey no disrespect to the people who did the home lander scene but...why are they bleeding from a laser
Kevin Donald
Kevin Donald Пре месец
Who knew exploding heads in a sequence would be so hilarious.🤪
Name Your Edit?
Name Your Edit? Пре месец
Why does Stephan have hostage energy, what did you do Niko?
Divvay Khatri
Divvay Khatri Пре месец
Bring in Zack Snyder for his DC movies please. They had some great cgi work in so many cases
ABHINAV | ISWK Пре месец
guys doom movie
Natalie Lewis
Natalie Lewis Пре месец
“Other shows” shot of Legends of Tomorrow hahahahahahahah
GideoN Пре месец
The Seth rogan of VFX
JE Tralif
JE Tralif Пре месец
AR's Dad
AR's Dad Пре месец
I was hoping they'd react to A train running through Robin :/
Tyler Suter
Tyler Suter Пре месец
you guys are my next mythbusters without busting myths....I love shows where you get to see how things are made that relate to pop culture and movie magic! Keep it up!
Laurelai40 Пре месец
React to Killer Bean Animation. Motion and reflection effects were amazing
Prokop Filcík
Prokop Filcík Пре месец
Video idea: You heard about Joel Haver and his youtube channel? He is using some sort of rotoscoping AI assistant. Might be interesting looking into how it works?
Giorgi Japiashvili
Giorgi Japiashvili Пре месец
The intro of the Orange Studio is pretty cool watch?v=jYOpn1yJTKo
Janky Kat
Janky Kat Пре месец
He looks like if William Osman and Seth Rogen had a baby
Hope Hilton
Hope Hilton Пре месец
Please do a VFX Artists React for Lost In Space (1998)! There's this really cool bullet-time-ish moment, about 33 minutes in, there's this really cool bullet-time moment, and then this adorable cgi monster about 54 minutes, but my favorite moment is at 59 minutes when Joey tribiani's space armor activates. It all seems kinda amazing and very 90s at the same time
Dregoth Dread
Dregoth Dread Пре месец
"And see what sticks", lol
Dregoth Dread
Dregoth Dread Пре месец
This show was so visceral. Can't wait for s3
axel öberg
axel öberg Пре месец
Coldest day in history: -7 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile it’s -20 in the sun today here in Sweden.
axel öberg
axel öberg Пре месец
@Dimes it’s not edgy. It’s cold. It’s actually quite COOL if you will
Dimes Пре месец
Coldest day in November's history for Toronto, not in history. I looked it up, it was actually -13C that day, not -7C he remembered wrong. Also do they not teach you in Sweden that different places in the world have different weather? No one thinks you're edgy just because your place gets colder than others.
Synapse Pictures
Synapse Pictures Пре месец
Yeah, who need a plan D when you have C, B, E and F.
Riley Dorsch
Riley Dorsch Пре месец
I have been commenting on all your videos and I’ve been a subscriber for a year now and I really like like if you guys maybe did a reaction on Star Wars old republic it’s a trailer and I think that you guys would really like it I am really like it it’s amazing is awesome can’t wait for you to react to it and keep up the great work I love your content I hope you reactors video
Nerp Pringo
Nerp Pringo Пре месец
Kinda sad they didnt include Love Sausage CG on this episode.
np 9
np 9 Пре месец
-7? laughs in chicago 2019 winter polar vortex
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Пре месец
The boys is a great show
Nicholas carreau
Nicholas carreau Пре месец
For the record... -7c in ontario's winter is a balmy tuesday. -30c is more cold :p
Zoltan Freedman
Zoltan Freedman Пре месец
No wonder Seth Rogen hired this guy, he looks just like him
BoLTX 『Karan』
BoLTX 『Karan』 Пре месец
Kingsmen 1 head blast in climax. Pls review it.
Svensen Пре месец
me watching this while eating: 👁️👄👁️
fyre Пре месец
BasementDude Пре месец
-7 degrees Celsius....is cold? You poor soul
Arcadiez Пре месец
David Sandberg
Eric W
Eric W Пре месец
lol I live like 1 hour north of toronto and -7 is not cold
Under Minutes
Under Minutes Пре месец
marvel is crying in corner.
fyre Пре месец
Walid Khan
Walid Khan Пре месец
Make a reaction video on the Scott Sterling goalkeeping video please! I suspect there are some cheeky VFX in there.
thesuperninja101 Пре месец
Got to do scooby doo the live action one
sabiq rusydi
sabiq rusydi Пре месец
Good ad tho
Tony Flaherty
Tony Flaherty Пре месец
It'd be great to see Gavin Free on the show in person rather than over the phone
Ruth Micaela Petkaitis
Ruth Micaela Petkaitis Пре месец
Hey there. I’m watching Wanted and there are some amazing VFXs that I would love to see you talk about. Also, the scene where James McAvoy is scooped into the car with Angelina J. Stuntman reacts? There is so much in this to talk about. You down?
yinsen Пре месец
You should have asked him about the first season's first ep where A-Train moves through Robin.
Philipp Lay
Philipp Lay Пре месец
Hope there are no children watching this😖
Shannon K
Shannon K Пре месец
You guys should react to Alice in Borderland on Netflix
Chinmoy Protim
Chinmoy Protim Пре месец
The Best show i watched in 2020.
Sandra Harrington
Sandra Harrington Пре месец
I think you should have Keanu Reeves on a video to bad you guys probably have to get him
Jorick Sephis
Jorick Sephis Пре месец
Those head explosions are pretty good, but honestly, I prefer the Kingsman head explosion sequence.
VFX Toons
VFX Toons Пре месец
Good video Remember " Practice makes man perfect"
PotterAndMatrixFan Пре месец
-7C is cold? Please, that's barely anything.
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