VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 36 (ft. Freddie Wong)

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Sam and Niko sit down with their old pal Freddie to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
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Tschele Пре 3 сата
Jonathan Fidler
Jonathan Fidler Пре дан
Homeboy just shave your jaw. Keep the beard where it is longest on your chin and then grow it to the floor. Is it super Asian? Yes. Can you pull it off better than Mr. MIYAGI? ABSOLUTLEY. get that thin shit off your mutton chops though its immature.
NoizEKricket Пре 2 дана
There is no Scott Pilgrim without Speed Racer. Speed Racer did the insane unrealism and hyper editing first and it’s good to see it be appreciated.
Ky 4785
Ky 4785 Пре 3 дана
I said it once to my friends and I’ll say it again. Speed Racer was way ahead of its time in the movie industry and got dumped by the critics. It’ll be one of my favourite movies of all-time. 💜✨
Alex Neumann
Alex Neumann Пре 3 дана
Sollthar on VFX artist react when?
joseph rivera
joseph rivera Пре 6 дана
Speed Racer was so fucking ahead of its time
Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell Пре 7 дана
Dude I’m so glad people finally noticed the speed racer movie, it has to be one of if not THE most under appreciated movie ever
Martial Law
Martial Law Пре 7 дана
Do Pearl Harbor
kirk lol
kirk lol Пре 8 дана
is it just me or does sam not like freddie too much. was there some beef years back?
kirk lol
kirk lol Пре 8 дана
this was like the trinity of youtube shortfilms and specialfx.
Kristopher Nash
Kristopher Nash Пре 11 дана
Go full Fu-man-chu
Manny Lai
Manny Lai Пре 12 дана
no beard
Elvis Layton
Elvis Layton Пре 12 дана
Best speed racer clip by far is "The Top" from initial D.
Sole Lord
Sole Lord Пре 13 дана
2012 Dredd first gun fight scene I would love to see a VFX breakdown
Andrew Howland
Andrew Howland Пре 13 дана
Nostalgia Critic in his Smurfs review called that thing where the scenes have no kinetic energy 'movement porn, where everything happens at the same speed and there's no variation in how the camera reacts to it so it seems dull. Scenes in RackaRacka have a lot of movement in the camera and action so you feel more invested because it all looks so much more high energy. That Civil War fight has the same problem, the camera is always moving at the same speed following the action so it feels slower and dull.
Antonio Torres
Antonio Torres Пре 16 дана
Wow, Freddie looks great! I need to know his diet! I have about a hundred pounds to lose. And I think no beard, you worked so hard to lose that weight , show off that mug, brother!
jmaul dagoat
jmaul dagoat Пре 17 дана
Killer bean makes no sense but it was actually beautifully done
Kepler Пре 20 дана
I dont know freddie like a lot of people do here, but I love his passion for this stuff
A Bit of Everything
A Bit of Everything Пре 21 дан
A great thing they did in The One was having good and bad Jet Li have different fighting styles. Bad Li is all straight lines and brute force while Good Li is more concentric and fluid.
Ron Kuylaars
Ron Kuylaars Пре 21 дан
Goat beard
Cleo Agash
Cleo Agash Пре 22 дана
React to Coma... RUSSIAN movie... Kind of like inception.. . But in coma...
Michael Daniels II
Michael Daniels II Пре 25 дана
Speed Racer is still the 1st movie I watch on every new TV I buy. It was a whole new experience with the subwoofer upgrade to the sound system.
Peter Giordano
Peter Giordano Пре 25 дана
Skeletor Пре 26 дана
Half beard, vertically.
andrew Пре 26 дана
speed racer sucks
Will Gibbons
Will Gibbons Пре 26 дана
asian beard. chin only and long
guna rake
guna rake Пре 27 дана
Do Meet Dave & Valerian
YouOpaOpa Пре месец
Longer beard!
akhilesh danda
akhilesh danda Пре месец
Kind of new here, have they done a video reacting to Transformers?
Derrick -
Derrick - Пре месец
Does anyone else remember freddies guitar hero video waaay back in the day? So freakin funny in retrospect
Tony STANK Пре месец
Hey react to "Ready player one (2018)" I think it has best CG In the movie.
Thomas Rufer
Thomas Rufer Пре месец
Sollthar is a legend!
Aaron Hunter
Aaron Hunter Пре месец
1 man just like the astartes guy
Christopher Castillo
Christopher Castillo Пре месец
I hope he left the beard....
The Stranger Sound
The Stranger Sound Пре месец
Speed Racer is such a shit film though 😂
Be Yourself
Be Yourself Пре месец
Deadpool please...
GoodGuyPog Пре месец
Freddie wearing shorts and sandals is basically how me and my dad show up to a family reunion
Bingo Jango
Bingo Jango Пре месец
LordSeth1000 Пре месец
Speeeddddd raceeeer
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Пре месец
Man Freddy really made some of my childhood
Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost Пре месец
PLEASE REACT TO ANIMUSIC! (Also, maybe try and revive it as well 😜) #React #VFX #Animation #CGI
Mitchell Lerich
Mitchell Lerich Пре месец
Speed racer sucked
Steel Ridge
Steel Ridge Пре месец
Speed Racer is great, and yes a masterpiece. I watch it at least once a year. Everything y'all said about it is spot on.
mR. wigleegiggle5
mR. wigleegiggle5 Пре месец
Goddamn I loved those like single frame flashes of Tyler in fight club. It was such a cool but missable detail.
Shellshock Gaming and toys
Shellshock Gaming and toys Пре месец
Speed racer is a good movie and looking at it while like 90% of it is effects looking at it just makes you feel like "yeah I can so drive a t180."
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli Пре месец
I hate when people look like rubber
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli Пре месец
2001 great but it kinda doesn't hold up so well tbh
LeviLord004 Пре месец
For Animator's react, watch the animated movie 'RedLine'. If you like Speedracer's kinetic energy, the RedLine is like that but on roids.
njh Пре месец
Wait- u guys made those old minecraft videos i grew up with? I have been looking for those videos for years
Apoletestry Пре месец
9:11 All things considered like; the video somehow corrupting, or it's in the footage of how they did the VFX and that's the only video of that footage you could find only the internet. it's probably Adobe Premier Pro, I hate Adobe Premier Pro because of how much it costs, I hate Adobe in general.
Ewan Kerley
Ewan Kerley Пре месец
That shot in speed racer gives me the goosebumps, no lie.
jaeeproductions Пре месец
"Speed Racer" is a terrible film, narratively, its cast lead, and in terms of overall execution. They should have used in-camera effects, and photo realistic digital effects. Why? You can't feel the weight of the cars (betraying the effects), when the vehicles leave the ground/road...and/or when they are impacted by other vehicles. "The Fast and the Furious" sells racing shots much better. Even better than that, are the shots from the "Mad Max"/"Road Warrior" films. If I shot Speed Racer, I'd have used full-sized mock up of the cars...and raced them on a real racetrack. Further. I would have used radio controlled miniatures for some of the more exotic race track shots. The slavish use of CGI, in Speed Racer, was just lazy...and looked exactly like what it was; video game like CGI. The original animated series was better, and the in-camera race shots from "Viva Las Vegas" that inspired the cartoon...were also much better. As per the city environments, I would have created a production design that closely mirrors that of "Blade Runner" and "Akira". Ultimately, Speed Racer should have had the realism of "Bound", "The Matrix", and "V for Vendetta". Instead, we received a dumbed downed version of the cartoon...where there are no consequences for ones actions...and no one ever gets hurt. In the original cartoon, people got killed. That created emotional tension, and made you care about the characters and the attached stakes in a race. Instead, we received the "Spy Kids 3-D" version of Speed Racer. Keanu Reeves would have made a great Speed Racer or Racer X.
jaeeproductions Пре месец
@Akalanka: You are correct, but that is the problem with the movie. The Wachowskis saw "Spy Kids 3-D" and wanted to make a movie like that for their nephew and here we are. As fluff entertainment for a 5 or 10 year old, who is raised softly, I guess it's perfect--but I was raised with the original "Speed Racer" cartoon, "Star Trek" and TV Westerns--which amid episodic violence, they depicted a moral/ethical dilemma. The characters, good or bad, had a choice to kill or not to kill. This was also in the era of "Star Wars" and "Space Cruiser Yamato"/"Star Blazers"...and even "Johnny Socko's Flying Robot", where real death was depicted. As such, it gave me a certain respect for the heroes and their on-screen sacrifices...to know that they were risking all in order to do good things for others. In other words, there is a certain emotional gravitas to the material--even for shows and movies meant for kids--because the stakes are high--and you are instantly made to appreciate those stakes. In the live-action version of Speed Racer, the consequences for action or inaction where only getting beaten up...or your car turning into a safety ball--thus allowing you to survive. As a result, it ultimately made the movie play flat. Combine that with the poor acting performance of the film's lead (an uninspired casting choice)...and I checked out of the film emotionally speaking--from that point on, there was nothing left to watch but video game style graphics--and pretty wipe style edits. My point is the following. We have seen numerous Star Wars rip-offs...and even numerous poor Star Wars films--each of them had great effects/or CGI (at least to a point)...but of their vast number--the films that stayed with us...were the ones where the stories/plots and the character arcs were great and emotionally weighty--for that is the dividing line between a classic film, and throw away garbage. The live-action version of Speed Racer belongs in the lower tier of films. If they could have only given us a movie like "Back to the Future", in feel...and in terms of casting and acting performances; and most importantly, in terms of sheer great writing and direction--I would have applauded it. Lastly--I saw a making of Speed Racer documentary, and there was a segment that focused on the FX team--that was shockingly eyeopening about the entire production. Instead of having their FX team focus on creating environments and revolutionary effects shots--many of them, as their first task, were asked to make racing car logos for months. They could have easily assigned interns to do that--hell, you or I could have done that. My point? This should inform you of where the focus of the production was--it was all about visual spectacle, over substance.
Akalanka Пре месец
In my opinion, Speed Racer (the movie) is better unrealistic, without the cars being bound by physics, and it wasn't meant to be emotionally heavy with actual death. Speed Racer emulates a cheesy, over-the-top experience of visual ecstasy with trailing lights and flying sparks, putting less focus on the drama and more on the hype. Sure, the storyline isn't great, and the style isn't for everyone, but asking for this movie to be realistic misses what it is. Also, check this: rstoolss.info/long/video/1NvYsWWxsmJ_eqQ
William Ozier
William Ozier Пре месец
beard, as is.
Corban Swartz
Corban Swartz Пре месец
Keep the beard but make it shorter
Erianis Diaz
Erianis Diaz Пре месец
Man, Speed Racer is a classic
Fluymer Пре месец
1. No beard only moustache and chin 2. revive your YT channel
Diego Rodríguez
Diego Rodríguez Пре месец
I fucking love speed racer so goddamn much, and I'm glad someone finally gives it the love it deserves
Jerome Belanger
Jerome Belanger Пре месец
Can you redo the home made movie, but with moderne technique
Psykotic Monk
Psykotic Monk Пре месец
Go bald 😁
Jadden Apellido
Jadden Apellido Пре месец
Vghs led me to corridor crew
Adam Fryer
Adam Fryer Пре месец
The speed racer movie is my child hood. Bc of speed racer I love car and racing and the movie is a special effects masterpiece. I have watched the movie atleast 10 times
Bloodprince Пре месец
the thing freddie mentioned about the emotional energy being expressed through imagery is exactly why anime is so great sometimes, the japanese anime film, A Silent Voice, gives a really good example. near the end, the main character, who had basically shut himself off from the world begins to open himself up to the world again. in the film his connection being cut-off is built around the fact that to him, people's faces are blocked off with giant x marks on their heads, which also symbolises his tendency to even avoid looking at people directly in the face/eye which is also shown in the film. anyways, at the end, he covers his ears, because he's also "cut off" the sound of the outside world, and he slowly lifts his face, and drops his hands, at the same time the x marks on everyone's face around him falls off like a piece of paper, floating on the wind, and the moment is accentuated by the music lifting up to a crescendo of "victory" or joy, and the sound of the actual crowd around him also comes into focus, creating a cacophony of sound showcasing him reconnecting with the world around him in sooooo many different ways, showcasing his metaphorical mental and emotional changes, its honestly an incredibly brilliant piece of art.
Theodore Vela
Theodore Vela Пре месец
Speed racer was one of the movies that I grew up watching and watched it more than 30 times. I’m glad it got the appreciation it deserves
iHeart Manii
iHeart Manii Пре месец
Bruh I grew up watching Freddie
Elvis Layton
Elvis Layton Пре 12 дана
I miss that guy. I wish he could do more.
Chris Crowder
Chris Crowder Пре 29 дана
His Dungeons and Daddies podcast is hilarious!
Mac seldom
Mac seldom Пре месец
Mist of us did
Meatbyproducts Пре месец
Speed Racer was like a kid ate all the candy in the store and vomited on film. It sucked.
DeadlyGamer57 Пре месец
They're not clones. They're the same person from different universes. Also, make the beard super long and the hair also. I want to see old and wise Freddie Wong
Joshua Kruty
Joshua Kruty Пре месец
Speed racer is not cinnema
huzzman Пре месец
should do a react with/on racka racka
Boosi2x Пре месец
It’s been 3 months and I can still get a free trial off their link. First 1000 my ass. I already knew these advertisers sucked
MMAS Пре месец
MMAS Пре месец
Speed racer was a shit film though ? 😂
Jerome_ Lftri
Jerome_ Lftri Пре месец
Shut up it’s great
AVTEAMUK Ltd. Пре месец
beard-free :)
Raikou's Cookie Jar
Raikou's Cookie Jar Пре месец
what up PIMPS
Narwhal Lord42
Narwhal Lord42 Пре месец
Speed Racer made my child hood, and I still love the movie. Call it nostalgia, but I genuinely love the way the movie works. It has so much power and emotion in it, and at the very end race scene? I still remember when Speed punches it full throttle, and absolutely destroys the color spectrum. Amazing movie, I recommend it if you have a movie night.
shivnz Пре месец
I never really bought into the "visionary" label of the wachowskis until I watched speed racer. It was so stunningly well realised with so many amazing visual ideas it was beyond how films were "supposed" to be made. I hate how this film isn't available in 4K...
Parker Yoo
Parker Yoo Пре месец
Speed Racer getting all this love now makes me so happy
Artistic Evan
Artistic Evan Пре месец
I watched speed racer when I was 6 at the I-MAX (which is a rounded movie screen) and I felt sick the whole rest of the night.
Ridho juliansyah
Ridho juliansyah Пре месец
ArrowSmith95 Пре месец
Please watch the exigency
notabasilisk Пре месец
The Canadian Moose
The Canadian Moose Пре 2 месеца
Go stubble for sure (hope I spelled that right)
Sunshine24 Пре 2 месеца
Ok Freddie u said anything, so what’s the possibility of the sequel movie VGU
Felipe Amorim
Felipe Amorim Пре 2 месеца
yes beard. no hair.
tkghhhhh Пре 2 месеца
I love the one and i never knew those were Digi doubles amazing for the time
Vibe Radio
Vibe Radio Пре 2 месеца
More speed racer
HappyPebble Пре 2 месеца
I have speed racer the game on the wii
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Пре 2 месеца
React to velocipastor. Jet li got part in Expendables coz Jackie Chan was busy with velocipastor stunt training.
Patrick Handwerk
Patrick Handwerk Пре 2 месеца
honestly... no beard.. back to og freddie
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Пре 2 месеца
Please please pleeeeaaasseee watch more speed racer, that movie is the reason I became a film maker
Simon Joshua
Simon Joshua Пре 2 месеца
No beard. Longer shorts.
Kilopoloki77 Пре 2 месеца
Vghs season 4 is what freddy needs to do
Nikhil Biju
Nikhil Biju Пре 2 месеца
You should definitely watch Robot 2.0
iamJC_ Пре 2 месеца
I've finally seen people appreciate Speed Racer. I'm 17 and it's been my favorite move since i was 4
Zander Bucio
Zander Bucio Пре 2 месеца
There are really some things that will make us a kid again.
Rythematik Пре 2 месеца
why does sam always looks like he doesn't want to be around Freddie?..even the recent video he looked the same way..
James Пре 2 месеца
Shorter beard
James Пре 2 месеца
Check out the eurobeat version of that speed racer scene. Honestly gives you fucking chills. For a kid's movie, the energy, the momentum, is fucking masterful.
Radio Star
Radio Star Пре 2 месеца
To think that the show with some of the worst animation in cartoon history had a movie with some of the greatest cgi in animation history
Dullfang2 Пре 2 месеца
I remember seeing speed racer way back when I was 15 when it came out and I loved it. Like for real I don't get any of the hate.
Ron Пре 2 месеца
Freddie annoying bruh
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