VERY Important Questions for Yoshi-P | Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

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Jesse Cox

Jesse Cox

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Jesse and JP sit down with Final Fantasy XIV's loveable producer and rumored primal, Naoki Yoshida to talk Endwalker. So, of course, I spend the entire time trying to get him to laugh.

Seriously, check this game out! The base game and first expansion are now FREE (I'm on the Jenova server):

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Take part in the next saga of the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV Online! Endwalker brings the tale of Hydaelyn and Zodiark to a conclusion eons in the making. To unravel its mysteries and conquer its challenges will be no common feat. May these records of key figures, looming adversaries, and lands yet untraveled serve you well.
Once, the world was whole, its people blessed─ere a great calamity threatened all in existence. The approach of the so-called "Final Days" caused a great schism among the ancients, culminating in the star's shattering into fourteen reflections, incomplete and imperfect. With the second coming of that selfsame calamity looming on the horizon, the Warrior of Light must stand firm as hope's last bastion.
Yet shadowed by their triumph in the First, the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn are home at last. An even greater calamity than refulgent oblivion has been building in their absence, however─a second advent of the Final Days. Should all despair, the myriad conflicts that now ravage the land cannot but foretoken an end to life in the Source.
Take heart in the faith of those who walk beside you, and journey ever higher─to the very stars above.

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Let me know what you thought about the new Final Fantasy XIV benchmark! This was the first time I've seen one of these and it was awesome!

Коментара: 733
CrissCrossGal Пре месец
Question Timestamps: 1:35 - How do you feel about the upcoming release? 4:22 - Do fan expectations add more stress to delivering the expansion? 11:52 - When you think back on the last 12 years of working on this game, what comes to mind? 20:43 - What's the best way for new players to experience the story so far? 29:09 - Would it benefit players to play through the previous story in order to understand plot points in upcoming stories? 33:39 - How will the new job leveling system work? 41:04 - What was the dev team's reaction to the game's recent boom in popularity and have you watched any of the Twitch streams? 50:05 - Are you, Yoshi P, a Primal? 54:42 - Jesse asks the greatest question of all time...
Sam Пре месец
scrap that... yeh that question is the best!!
Sam Пре месец
watching through now... that greatest question of all time better be.... will we ever see FFX's Blitz ball in FF14?
bearluvah Пре месец
And he didn't say no to the last question c:
MXXMM Пре месец
so he just asked the most generic questions ever
Amy Li
Amy Li Пре месец
thank you!
Silverlance Пре дан
is he a god?
Paraguai123 Пре 18 дана
Shade Blackwolf
Shade Blackwolf Пре 19 дана
Sounds like 7.0 might be a new onboarding point where you can either come in form ARR through endwalker, or start fresh in say the 8th umbral era, just to toss something out.
ポッド024 Пре 21 дан
17:25 episode is here. Crowd reaction of coming to the fan festival in Las vegas.
FantogemeStudios Пре месец
God damn I love this man
The_Davey_Gravy_Train Пре месец
We need to be able to carry other races on our shoulders. E.g. a Viera carrying a Fem roe... "I'm stronger than I look".
Rob _
Rob _ Пре месец
We’re really lucky to have all these people communicating and making the game better for us.
Aru Gin
Aru Gin Пре месец
Mabinogi has shoulder carry. Giants can pick up humans or elves and walk around with them. Yes everyone's a real player in this scenario. Even lala's can seat a lala on their shoulder/arm, by holding their legs with that very same arm, you get more seat space as the shoulder/arm raises to become a seat.
Wim VE
Wim VE Пре месец
This is like talking to Larian Studios ... BG3 ... Talk to Swen, you won't need the translations. Anyway, Yoshido is a legend!!!
Razgriz01 Пре месец
I love how far they went over the time limit just talking nonsense about Lalafel riding.
Kyobinoyo Пре месец
i couldn't stop smiling and laughing at the last question XD
Baneofnight 85
Baneofnight 85 Пре месец
I am a pre Asmon WoW Refugee lol, and I have watched ALOT of interviews with the director. They are always so scripted with specific topics the interviewer is allowed to ask. After watching a number of these media tour interviews, and how free form they, how fun they appear, and you guys being able to ask anything, I love this Dev team even more. Not every question gets a full answer or any answer and I understand that, but the fact that the question can still asked is incredibly refreshing
Daniel Osbourne
Daniel Osbourne Пре месец
Such a great interview yoshi p what a legend so unique and refreshing to see this and great job aimi
*FIX PVP.* *More CC / Interrupts.* *Better Guild Recruit System.* *Better Low-Level for Experience MMORPG Players.*
Fransens Пре месец
Having that option to carry other player chars (on your shoulder) would give a whole new meaning to "being Carried". Also, I hereby vote for the ability of ANY race being able to carry ANY other player race. Of course the animations would have been custom made and I am especially looking forward to a Lala trying to carry a fully grown Roe around, including shaking legs, probably a slow debuff and the voiced groans equivalent of "dear gods, why did i think that was a good idea?".
Fransens Пре месец
Jesse's last question... If you give us this Square Enix you are boss forever.
Tarofel Пре месец
Even after so long of not watching you Jesse, you're still excellent and awesome, and with a game I picked up later on too. Love your stuff man!
Darrel Bailey
Darrel Bailey Пре месец
We kill Zenos on the moon at level 83 haha
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Пре месец
If we see Lalafel being able to mount players I am gonna thank you guys!
F Faustus
F Faustus Пре месец
Great interview thanks! It was so wholesome in the end :)
oopus4 Пре месец
Yoshi P speaks Automated translation: [Music]
Fredrik Grape
Fredrik Grape Пре месец
I'm not ashamed to admit this, but half the reason I watch these videos is to hear Aimi talk Japanese, and I don't understand a word of what she's saying
Vinícius Macedo
Vinícius Macedo Пре месец
From all the interviews I watched, this one and Zepla's were the funniest. Thank you for providing such a cool and funny conversation with yoshi guys.
MewMeg Пре месец
The last question can litteraly be turned like "Can we became a mount for Lalafell" xDD
Dynamike Mirage
Dynamike Mirage Пре месец
Make it a mount, that instead of making you ride a creature it allows someone to sit on your shoulder. Just make the "mount" character move at mount speed with flight. This could lead to seeing a flying lalafell with a Roegadyn standing on it back.
ParallelMango Пре месец
Aww you and everyone else has meet Yoshi-P. I don't know why this shit is recommended to me and I don't care but it's getting old and I don't care...
F Faustus
F Faustus Пре месец
If you hover over the bottom right corner of a video on your recommended. Three dots will appear and you can click on it. There's an option to select "Not Interested"
Jesper Johansson
Jesper Johansson Пре месец
I love that you didn't cut out the translation parts or anything. It's just the full inverview.
Bye BuyingPie
Bye BuyingPie Пре месец
Yoshi claims he is not a primal and our friend that's exactly what a primal would say i got my eyes on you big Y
Nathaniel Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas Пре месец
Yoshi P loves your reactions. What a time to be alive.
RobbieForReal Пре месец
Hey Jesse! It would be nice if you could include video chapters to help break out the questions for easier review in the future c:
morinc75 Пре месец
comment for the almighty algorithm !!
Fella Пре месец
Translator is so pretty!
Dart Пре месец
Omg the last question!! I've been wanting since years to have an emote where we could be able to carry lalafells haha
Mythenfreund Пре месец
why am i imagine seeing a stack of 10 to 20 backpacked lalafells onto each other running through limsa like a tower of patotoes? Oo
MisterJosie Пре месец
I love that after the first question about counting down the days until the expansion release, Yoshi-P's face and response was just like "Yo dudes, imma level with you.... I need a fuckin drink and some redbull on the side"
inkblotCrisis Пре месец
Tataru Savage Trials confirmed!
J CS Пре месец
Square Enix skumbag company donated 250k to the domestic terrorist organization blm. A foreign company from a country with a broken culture ( the #1 reading material for women is japan is boy on boy manga), funding terrorism in America. Their assets should be confiscated and all their US employees jailed.
Alfkdna Пре месец
If the greatest question of all time becomes true I will cry tears of joy
Andrés Cifuentes
Andrés Cifuentes Пре месец
God, the ability for lalas to ride on other players. I need this for my gf and I! >
Crabsolute Trash
Crabsolute Trash Пре месец
It's wild to see my fav internet man interviewing the producer of my fav video game. The Endwalker hype is too much
Nick Grabeck
Nick Grabeck Пре месец
Damn, I wish Total Biscuit could see this
Walmont Пре месец
I want to carry around Lalafeels on a backpack like Yoda now.
Eeelon Musk
Eeelon Musk Пре месец
That is exacly what a primal would say!
Lmwpitt Пре месец
Yoshi-P and Aimi are legends.
Zoobee Пре месец
I was in that 2014 line to FanFest, and I recall Yoshi walking down the hallway with his little posse and everyone was just looking at him and treating him like he was a Rock Star, clapping and cheering. It was such an odd, cool experience. It's neat to hear the backstory to that walk down the hallway.
Hector Serrano
Hector Serrano Пре месец
Comming from Wow this is so refreshing... The attitude is heaven/hell different. I Even remained sub last month even tho i knew i wasnt going to play to show my support for these guys
Ludens Пре месец
I would love for them to pull a FFXI and have a portion of the story where we go back in time and have to deal with something. It'd be an interesting way to either revisit 1.0 in some way. Or simply 2.0. Some machinations in place that were behind the scenes. Like an expansion where half the locations are places we know in the past and the others are somewhere else.
rodgod82 Пре месец
yoshi-p must asked himself " are theses 2 twins ? " 😂
fixedatzerolol Пре месец
Mad Props to Aimi-Tokutake for translating. I don´t speak japanese, but she manages to make his answers still feel humble, yet precise. Even after a minute-long question.
Lexi Delphi
Lexi Delphi Пре месец
For auto translated closed captioning, there's a guy on Twitch who's worked on one who goes by HighGai. He does English/Japanese broadcasts
Gingerbeardman Пре месец
These two neck beard nerds nodding at the same time is the most stereotypical shit I've ever seen.
Mike S
Mike S Пре месец
Glory be... Glory be... Glory be... TO YOSHI-P!!!
Trouble Пре месец
So wait, back up. Did he say you'd be able to gain MSQ XP while playing an alt job?
Kyero Пре месец
DId you tell him you called ARR repetitive Garbage and mocked your friend who played it?
sabretooth Пре месец
It looked like Yoshi and Aimi enjoyed those questions. Nice work, guys.
Fulldre Пре месец
Talking about the sheer amount of story going forward, it might be neat if the wandering minstrel is regaling a crowd with a summary of the warrior of light's exploits, and transitions into various key encounters while introducing your class abilities. Could end with a shot of your character in the background of the tavern in mor dhona giving a smirk and walking outside to a new adventure and your class at like 90 and at 6.1
ilichuu Пре месец
i honestly think with the msq and endwalker being the "season finale" that the expa after on regard of new players and msq being very long at that point with all the patches they will do a recap version of the game and leveling experience starting level 1 (as an option ofc )since i have a feeling it will start a new cycle things are gonna looks different with new character and the existent character looking different the most obvious cause of the reference in the msq in shb about the looks of alisae and alphie as elezel twins they are gonna look different from each other and older so gives me jump in time possibilities
Karl Grenier
Karl Grenier Пре месец
Yoshi-P interview a bunch of streamer in the last few day and this one is by far the one with the most interesting question!
denitrifi.gaming Пре месец
Tataru strongest Ascian confirmed
Adolfo González
Adolfo González Пре месец
Square Enix better give everyone a raise! They're gems, treat them well.
Monkey Police
Monkey Police Пре месец
If Yoshi-P see this I want to apologize for everything I may have said negatively toward the game. Sometimes we just say things without thinking, just rambling because it didn't meet our expectations. Please except my apology.
L Seager
L Seager Пре месец
I really love that you guys had a chance to ask the fun questions at the end, that's more the style I see from you typically and it was the best part of the whole interview. :)
MrGaxar Пре месец
Jesus Christ some of these questions are fucking retarded. How do you not plan well thought out non rambling questions?
Gamegurlz Newb
Gamegurlz Newb Пре месец
4th interview to watch .. a couple more to go
Nerokami Пре месец
Dude what if they gave us like a meme fight for an event or something where we fight the primal yoshi-p kekw
Johanna Jonsson
Johanna Jonsson Пре месец
This is just so wholesome to listen to. Thank you so much Jesse and JP and congratulations on this incredible opportunity!!
brian quick
brian quick Пре месец
new emote for sale "for friends for family" put a lalafel on your shoulder XD
Arajan Пре месец
I think the best way to explain the Hydelyn and Zodiark saga and the next saga is like saying that Dragon Ball is one saga and after that there is Dragon Ball Z, same world , same characters different story line.
Green Пре месец
Oh god please give us the ability to seat Lalafels on our shoulders.
kibi3 Пре месец
Nadata Пре месец
Really good interview, but I still have trouble getting into the game. Maybe I'm just burnt out since I did several expansions in a row but when my sub ran out I didn't renew and was on the post shadowbringers story still asking when does it get better? It probably would help if I had a free company but the ones I joined barely had anyone active (and I get that in between expansions they won't be as active).
Grey Shroud
Grey Shroud Пре месец
The best part is yoshi doesn’t even really need a translator as his English is actually really good but he wants to show as much respect as possible and doesn’t want to accidentally disrespect anyone with mistakes or misinterpretation. He is truly so humble.
Ben Levin
Ben Levin Пре месец
If the shoulder lalafell doesn’t come into existence next xpac I’m uninstalling.
Remziel Пре месец
31:17 LOL YoshiP throwing a little shade at the competition (SEGA) considering they do this exact thing in PSO2:NGS
Shadowmoon Пре месец
I am a simple cat girl with a simple wish,. I want my Hrothgar boyfriend to be able to carry me around on his shoulder. That or that sassy Emet Selch wave >.>
VectoredPromise Пре месец
That last question was extremely important
The Crysiz
The Crysiz Пре месец
this was fantastic
Ospritely Пре месец
Aimi Totutake is an absolutely fantastic translator. Not only does she easily translate vernacular and paraphrasing, while she's doing that she's able to hold at least 3 full sentences in her head to provide an idiomatically accurate translation and then speak it properly afterwards. That's incredibly difficult, especially for languages as different as Japanese and English.
Hector Plz
Hector Plz Пре месец
that translator's fire. She didn't miss a single thing and even added slangs in both languages. She's a trooper
Marius Gearip
Marius Gearip Пре месец
Anyone knows the name of the translator?
wolfs pledge
wolfs pledge Пре месец
Her name is on the screen, Aimi Tokutake
Annisa Nabila
Annisa Nabila Пре месец
I like that mindset. "Oh Shadowbringers received well? Great! Anyway, so we have this plan for Endwalker..."
Perotheus Пре месец
Keep doin you Jesse! Hope you are well in this world we live in!
MaDJaM13 Gamer
MaDJaM13 Gamer Пре месец
KUDO on the last question. I had a great time seeing Yoshi-P answering the question. Genius. Yoshi-P considering the whole idea was fantastic.
MaDJaM13 Gamer
MaDJaM13 Gamer Пре месец
I'm new to the channel but I have to ask: Does Jesse and JP are twins? (No offense)
Jun & Stuff
Jun & Stuff Пре месец
I knew I subscribed to you all these years for a reason
J F Пре месец
Its never felt so good to be tempered 😁
RR Пре месец
holy shit game devs are just built different. did interviews all day and still was joking around and alert, giving each question such genuine love and thought. i hope he had a delightful night of pure rest after haha
コメ金さん a.k.a コメントだけで金の盾が欲しい
コメ金さん a.k.a コメントだけで金の盾が欲しい Пре месец
ZiriO Пре месец
Oh my gosh asking the IMPORTANT QUESTIONS LAST!!! I want to piggyback on other characters, let Nanamo be carried by everyone!!! She deserves nothing less!
Macattack Пре месец
I think whatever the future of Final Fantasy XIV is, one thing I'll always appreciate is just what a chill and great guy Yoshi-P is. ありがとうございますよしさん!上手ゲームデザイナーとさらに重要なのは優しいとかっこいい人です!
Myffie Пре месец
Lalafells can have lalafells on their shoulder when I can carry graha tia in my strong, womanly femroe arms.
michael trees
michael trees Пре месец
I think people would be happy if they added the shoulder sitting on wind up nanamo
GallantForces Пре месец
WHEN THE DEVS WATCH THE PLAYERS FOR CONTENT W H A T Yoshi-P lives in the best time-line We don't.
Death Sandwich
Death Sandwich Пре месец
It would warm my heart to be able to give Lalafells a piggyback ride, and seeing Lalas running through town piggybacking Lalas. Not only that, group emotes need to be a thing. Other games have done it really well, most recently, Destiny, where the way it works is one player initiates the emote, which puts their character into a ready stance, which then allows another player to interact with them performing the emote. Piggyback can work, but player expectations need to be reasonable. Yes your tiny Lala, or small catgirl/dragongirl can weild axes their size, but it would look very off seeing them carrying a Hrothgar or Roegadyn. There will be some limitations for sure, and players WILL bitch and moan about said limitations, but most will understand and be grateful for the work of the animation team for making FF that much more of a world players live in. ... So long as they let players know which characters can carry/ be carried (or both) by other players. ... Aaand of course so long as the emotes themselves aren't ridiculously priced like some are now...
Coneh Пре месец
Second interview I'm watching (and I don't even play the game). While the passion is obvious from Yoshi-P, Aimi did an amazing job, in both interviews, of translating the intentions and emotions behind the answers.
CreampiePrincess Пре месец
Forgot to ask him about PVP Tho
Nnymeia Пре месец
they'll be covering pvp during the next live letter which is in november (5th iirc)
Rocksteady2090 Пре месец
that last question was actually pretty good and I don't even play said race Great interview guys
Arckrin Valentine
Arckrin Valentine Пре месец
Jesse asked the perfect question in the end! I want a player to carry me as a Lala!!!
DrumMajor762 Пре месец
Oh my goodness, i love this man. thank you both for sharing the interview!
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