Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

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Tom MacDonald

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SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Praise No-thing
Praise No-thing Пре 44 минута
My uncle, grandma, mom, myself have cancer all right now.
Gizmo 420x
Gizmo 420x Пре 50 минута
Sgt birdy 613
Sgt birdy 613 Пре 53 минута
How could anyone dislike this !!!!! It's so true canser effects us all RIP grandma
Jesus Stout
Jesus Stout Пре сат
The Cajunator
The Cajunator Пре сат
Man...this shit hurts.
Doris Flurie
Doris Flurie Пре сат
I love it
Your Name Here
Your Name Here Пре сат
Lost my mom to cancer 5 years ago, she was given 5 months, so we started planning, getting everything in order, she made it a year and a half. in that year and a half she helped the doctors deliver my oldest son, she went from a healthy woman to a frail skeleton, but even to her last breath she fought hard and refused to give up, hospice care kept telling us “it won’t be long” day after day for 2 months straight, she was the strongest woman I know! Thank you for this song 🙏
0:53 Love this moment
Cynthia Hollander
Cynthia Hollander Пре сат
Just to add on....I had dropped out and shunned many of the support systems I had tagged onto after first diagnosis. Now I see the strength of the system. So when I pray it isn't for me or my family it is for all who must carry this load. I wish God's grace and generosity on each and everyone .
HunterStrange Пре 2 сата
Great song and kits a bit close to home losing my twin to leukemia when we were very young. Always wonder how things would be like if we could have grown up together
Leona Price
Leona Price Пре 2 сата
We just lost someone to cancer and have another one with only 6 months. I can not get enough of this song,
ste Thompson
ste Thompson Пре 2 сата
This song really hits home! Its not often a song brings a tear to my eye and trigers memory's. That last 3 minuits was filled with memory's i thought i had forgotten. Memory's of my grandfather & grandmother from when i was a child. For the first time in a long time i got to see his face again clear as day and remember listening to him giving me some advice. Advice i will never forget "Never be someone your not just to please people who hide behind masks themselves " Thanks dude your music will change the wold 🤙 Amazing song 🎵♥
Hi How r u
Hi How r u Пре 2 сата
Clownfishman Пре 2 сата
My dad is investing in a company that is making medicine for a couple deadly types of Cancer and the results are looking good
S. Ket.
S. Ket. Пре 2 сата
"Fight it if you have it and pray there is something after this" thats is a powerful line and words to live by.
Mehr anzeigen
Mehr anzeigen Пре 3 сата
My aunt died few yrs ago cause of this shit when she was 40. One week ago it also cought my neighbour and today i got a call by my 93 year old grandpa that he has cancer. That hit me rly hard. Im crying the whole time and i dont know 1 person in my life where id cry so much cause in some way i always hate a person bcause of something weird but i realized that my grandpa is like perfect. There is nothing that really triggers me when he is talking or doing something. He is the wisest person i´ve ever met. He was in captivity for 2 years after the war and he started from 0. A bit later he opened his own surveying office he invested all he had in it and it luckily worked. He is the only chef of an own office i know who isnt a capitalist. He spent a 3rd of his salary every month to poor people or people with issues or some stupid sicknesses. I really love him and know that god loves too.
grizzlydipper 870
grizzlydipper 870 Пре 3 сата
Right on big facts to this tom so much respect to u 🙏🙌💯
Mike Craanen Jr
Mike Craanen Jr Пре 3 сата
Wwwow. Gold Tom
Michael Gluskin
Michael Gluskin Пре 3 сата
Damn Tom this is a side of you I like, but let's not forget that your message will span everywhere. Amazing message and amazing song.
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Пре 3 сата
Tom McDonald for president 2020
William James
William James Пре 3 сата
It's real simple the cure for cancer release gold particles into the human body that attach themselves to the cancer then using a resonance frequency to vibrate and superheat the particles which destroy only the bad cancer this is been known 70 years
squiggle1020 Пре 3 сата
I am a Marine vet and this hit hard. I have lost so many family members to cancer a brother grandparents and more. Tom this for this.
Classifide SV Lazaro
Classifide SV Lazaro Пре 3 сата
For real !
Kolby B.
Kolby B. Пре 4 сата
My mom has cancer. Thanks man ♥️
Barry Ramey
Barry Ramey Пре 4 сата Democrats for Trump and Tom MacDonald 2024
Kyle Yazzie
Kyle Yazzie Пре 4 сата
No wonder what the reason was to dislike this video? 🤔
Kopchinski Adam
Kopchinski Adam Пре 4 сата
My son died of brain cancer 11 years old. Beat the first cancer, treatment caused a secondary cancer that was inoperable. 8 million roughly or more cost of treatment. I wonder why... after all the possible good treatments you hear about that get stuck in the FDA process. At least he got to go to saint Jude for some of it.
Ollie Wilkinson
Ollie Wilkinson Пре 4 сата
When I first heard of this guy I spelt McDonald's wrong lmao
MrJohnsmith5587 Пре 4 сата
I don't even understand how anyone dislikes this song but they've never lost someone to cancer.... keep it up TOM, love you're music man!!
Kelly Draper
Kelly Draper Пре 4 сата
My mother in law died after a year of diagnosed cervical cancer she met my daughter she died 2 weeks b4 her first birthday we have her ashes in our front room as her husband lives with us he wont let go until he can join her
Landen Swan
Landen Swan Пре 4 сата
Thanks I'm sad now
Forever Blue
Forever Blue Пре 5 сати
My Mom just got diagnosed, I've cried all day long. This makes my Mom, two Grandmothers, Aunt & Cousin 😭🙏❤💔
Spencer Ingermanson
Spencer Ingermanson Пре 5 сати
Please never change your music. Your the greatest ever.
Franklin Hernandez
Franklin Hernandez Пре 5 сати
I just found out my grandma just got cancer she is stamge 4 pancreatic and only has a couple months she is my best friend my mother who raised me instead if my actual mom and I'm losing it 💔 knowing she is goin to be gone soon and there is nothing I can do this woman made me the man I am today and I'm afraid when she goes I'm goin to find a way to be with her....
Randall Welch
Randall Welch Пре 5 сати
Tom bro this song hits home for me..I lost my dad last November to cancer,that is the ugliest 6 letter word I've ever heard...R.I.P POPS
Will Stefan
Will Stefan Пре 5 сати
Just found out I have cancer. Fucking dam. Why?
Brandy Huff
Brandy Huff Пре 5 сати
You are amazingly talented. 🤩😍
David Watters
David Watters Пре 5 сати
Thank you my mom has been fighting since 05" just thank you Tom I'm trying to hold it together she has covid since Sat
P WP Пре 5 сати
I know you won’t see nor read this but: I’m fighting brain cancer and have finished my first year of chemo and now I’m doing radiation. Your message is accurate and hits hard as it should. So, thank you.
Jess McMillan
Jess McMillan Пре 5 сати
My dad had cancer the year I had gotten married.. It took him so quickly.
yeetus memeus69
yeetus memeus69 Пре 5 сати
I'm crying
The Official Horror Abyss
The Official Horror Abyss Пре 5 сати
Cancer is the worst horror show and villain of them all. Too many friends and family and people we admire lost to a disease. Fuck Cancer!!! Stay Strong!!
S Пре 5 сати
I miss you so much Dooney, you were such a fighter.. I'm sorry in the end we just couldn't win.. Thank you for saving me Dooney as I wouldn't still be here if it weren't for you.
Brian King
Brian King Пре 5 сати
I have lost nearly 2 dozen family members to various cancers over the last 20 years and have always believed there is a cure, they just dont want it made public since the medical industry makes so much off it. Ironically I have been lucky so far, my health is horrible, I suffered 5 heart attacks in a 13 month period and died twice, but I figure it is only a matter of time before I am diagnosed with cancer myself. Thank you for this, this is the true awareness that people need to recognize. 90+ billion in donations alone, you'd think people would see this and get a clue. I can't even get a $10 voucher for a sandwich and have lost all sources of income because of COVID, my channel doesn't earn crap anymore, but I bet cancer centers still get millions a day to fund the studies of a disease they have conveniently spent decades researching, but know nothing about!
Lilly Bug
Lilly Bug Пре 6 сати
this is so sad. I am crying so hard please help
Trevor Ray
Trevor Ray Пре 6 сати
Wow.. you are awesome for this. Your songs really uplift and inspire people.
skot king
skot king Пре 6 сати
Cancer is it really real cuz covid is fake and who knows everything mite just be the media b.s and everyone was lied to since day 1
sheepdawg30 Пре 6 сати
I don't care for rap. But bro I hear you! Everything you do is next level!
xl Vivzy lx
xl Vivzy lx Пре 6 сати
Also seeing as not all of us have cancer the strands that affect people but doesn't kill them shouldn't we study them instead of the patients themselves, take this as you want but the way I'm thinking of this is good
xl Vivzy lx
xl Vivzy lx Пре 6 сати
You never know we can all be test subjects
champ champ
champ champ Пре 6 сати
My uncle is fighting right now this song hits a spot with me like none other 🙏🏽 for those who are fighting
alan talley
alan talley Пре 6 сати
Thank you my mom has lung cancer and it spread to her liver.. she is terminal.. I cry everyone I hear this I love my mother to no end. I do everything I can to make life easier for her. She is a fighter god speed and love to all...
Christian Leprettre
Christian Leprettre Пре 7 сати
My grandfather just passed... just got the call wtf it was cancer and kidney failure... Rest In Peace Terry Keith Alexander 🙏
bridget corona
bridget corona Пре 7 сати
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Пре 7 сати
My Brother is 54 he found out he has Liver Cancer, When you said the Radiation will kill us, that's what he's going through. Love ur Lyrics & Song 🙏
Colton Hewitt
Colton Hewitt Пре 7 сати
Very powerful song bud. The video made it that much stronger.
Patricia COMEDY AND LIFE Пре 7 сати
Mark Rumfola
Mark Rumfola Пре 7 сати
Your great Tom 👍
Mark Rumfola
Mark Rumfola Пре 7 сати
Very sorry to hear about your Friend. Thats an evil Desese
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Пре 7 сати
Cancer took my best friend from me in March all I can say is FUCK CANCER I miss you dad, praying for everyone facing these challenges 🙏🏻
Matt Tenney
Matt Tenney Пре 7 сати
Tom you speak the truth!! Never Change!
Kitty Gianelli
Kitty Gianelli Пре 7 сати
Who is “downvoting” this message? Scientists?
Chris Walters
Chris Walters Пре 7 сати
This touched me so much! I come from a family who battled cancer. My grandmother and aunt had breast cancer and I had testicular cancer. Every day is a fight but when you have cancer not only are you fighting that but also your own body and immune system. But back to the point..... This video gave me so much strength I didn't know I had. Thank you Tom!
Cynthia Hollander
Cynthia Hollander Пре 7 сати
Thank you for putting my words to song. Husband 8 years in, still going but end not far off. God bless and know that every year we cry is one less step they must take. Bear the burden, love while we can but do not let the burden bury you. live for you and them!
matt justmatt
matt justmatt Пре 7 сати
damn its so true keep it up tom they hate when you talk about real shit like this...
They’ve had the cure since they made it all about them making money ! Sick & hurting = money for big pharma and everyone involved !!!!
ShowtimeTheGr8 Пре 7 сати
Thank you for making this, Blessings. #HOG
TheMonkeyCrew Gaming
TheMonkeyCrew Gaming Пре 7 сати
This one hurts my mom just got diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 2 days before this dropped she’s 53 I sent her this song and we listened together on FaceTime and cried together ,my daughter also just hit 1 year since her diagnoses of ATRT brain cancer 🥺🥺😢
Sara Rees
Sara Rees Пре 7 сати
***Correction: The doctors aren't making a fortune, the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are.
Elias Loomas
Elias Loomas Пре 8 сати
I listened to about 52 seconds of this.. Till i lost it all😭 I just got diagnosed and this shit is real everyone.
Self Reliant Living
Self Reliant Living Пре 8 сати
God gave us a command to Love! We have such a short time on this earth! Love others like its your last day, God has another beautiful life for you after this!
FaKe Panda
FaKe Panda Пре 9 сати
This one hits home ive been fighting against cancer for 2 years now but i still believe ill get through this.
not_hhellcat Пре 9 сати
Ryan Savage
Ryan Savage Пре 9 сати
Thank you brother. I lost my baby girl when she was 3 to liver cancer. I pray each and every day that they would just give these poor children the cure that I am confident they have! Much love man
Jonathon Myers
Jonathon Myers Пре 9 сати
Cancer took my best friend from me in March all I can say is FUCK CANCER I miss you dad, praying for everyone facing these challenges 🙏🏻
PrettyGrlGamr LadyyBugg
PrettyGrlGamr LadyyBugg Пре 9 сати
My father was just diagnosed with liposarcoma and this is such a beautiful helpful song
Dylan Le Roux
Dylan Le Roux Пре 9 сати
This touches deep places
Brayden Robinson
Brayden Robinson Пре 9 сати
My grandmother passed a little more than two months ago. She had breast cancer since 2013. She suffered for 7 years. I’m just glad her suffering is over but I’d do anything to say goodbye.
Brett Haley, Jr.
Brett Haley, Jr. Пре 9 сати
Tom IS cancer.
Kimberly Bega
Kimberly Bega Пре 9 сати
My boyfriend is a fan of yours and sent this to me. I love it even though it almost makes me cry. I have been cancer-free for seven years, two months, and 11 days but have lost a mom, a grandpa, an aunt, and an uncle to it, plus have two more aunts and another grandpa who have survived!
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia Пре 9 сати
Songbird N Sunshine
Songbird N Sunshine Пре 9 сати
Dam I love you Starseed.Thank you so much you for singing my daily rave with music to 52 and have been a professional singer/creator and you got me in tears man.Yr heaven sent.Dont stop spreading the most important messages.LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YR STUFF.
Gregory Brooks
Gregory Brooks Пре 10 сати
Theres to much money in cancer even if they have a cure (which they probably do) they would keep it a secret to many people make tons of money off of it. And money means more to them then people's lives unfortunately
Houston Hudson
Houston Hudson Пре 10 сати
It took my grandpa 20 yr ago after a decade of fighting and pain. My granny survive and overcame it she join him 5yrs later. Ive help my brothers cope with the loss of their kids. Lets find a cure for this heartless disease.
meadowstim17 Пре 10 сати
Really needed to hear this right. Don't give up. No matter who you are or where your from I love you.
Crissy Gail
Crissy Gail Пре 10 сати
@TomMacdonald and Nova. Wow, this is such a powerful and inspiring song. It literally left me speechless and in tears the first time I heard it. You are a truly gifted and talented man with a huge heart. And Nova is such an amazing, beautiful, and loyal woman. I believe You are doing what the Lord put you here to do and I wish nothing but love and happiness to y'all. #ihateCancer #TomMacdonald #NovaRockafeller #HOG #FƩKCANCER
Poi50n Пре 10 сати
Best chorus you have had in a while, the melody and sound were very catchy. I would love to hear more like it. And it might just be me but I would also like to heard you switch up the song composition some. You have been stuck in a rut of, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge chorus. For a few tracks.
Georgina Пре 11 сати
Last year i heard news of a younger girl i went to elementary school with had passed away. Not done being a teen before she left and went back home to Creator. Also makes me sick how some doctors will also say some have cancer just to make more money.
James Travis
James Travis Пре 11 сати
Tom... your are just you. You put words together and allow everyone to embrace you everytime you speak. Crazy to think about honestly... you are holding it together champ! Keep all this up!
Porter Johnson
Porter Johnson Пре 11 сати
My stepdad just died not from cancer but from organ failure and we had his funeral yesterday. The last thing I said to him was see you later
Chad Hardrod
Chad Hardrod Пре 11 сати
This song hits home to much 😭
Ruby Tat
Ruby Tat Пре 11 сати
Your song has touched deep into my ❤ thank you
Randerson Пре 11 сати
my dad had cancer when he was 12. They didn't have a cure but he God helped heal him and the doctors were confused. The battle lasted 3 years but no he's 52 and plays soccer with his
rileygtalbot Пре 11 сати
Tom you always have some great stuff. But fuck man this one is deep and hitting me hard
Dakota Hart
Dakota Hart Пре 11 сати
The people who disliked this video are going to hell or hopefully somewhere colder. They are the most heartless buch of fucking cowards plain and simple. Love you Tom keep it real man! 💯🙌
Matthew Spragg
Matthew Spragg Пре 11 сати
I didnt think id really cry but the more i listened it made me think of my mom when she had cancer..
Ryley McClure
Ryley McClure Пре 12 сати
Waiting to see how Anthony Fantano can badly react to this🤔
twitchTHOT Пре 12 сати
This really hits different when you know people going through this
Low Quality Music
Low Quality Music Пре 12 сати
this was beautiful
Beckham Henderson
Beckham Henderson Пре 12 сати
Life had been pretty good for me and my wife up to when i did my 42nd, birthday. I was married for four years and enjoyed my job and my work colleagues. The only exception was that I was experiencing a few minor health problems that were more a nuisance than anxiety-inducing in the previous few months. When I first found my wife's breast lump on a self-exam I was exasperated that another thing had to be checked out. I fretted that my doctor was going to think of my wife's as an hypochondriac with all my little complaints. Even on the day for excision of the breast lump, I had been looking forward to a holiday the following week, not realizing that my wife life was about to change enormously. Triple negative breast cancer wasn't even known. But De lord sent an angel to me who helped me cure my wife's breast cancer, right now as i speak to you my wife is doing really fine by the power of God and with the help of Dr uwembo the herbal man, i am so greatfull to him without him i could have lost my beloved wife. if you need help too you can contact him. via Email ( Call/WHATSAPP him on +2348115881958 PLS Share to save others as well !
Whitney Starnes
Whitney Starnes Пре 13 сати
RIP mamaw ❤💚💙💗
Xk Spiritually aware
Xk Spiritually aware Пре 13 сати
This is deep and some won’t understand this world is really fucked up bro I really hope to meet and talk with you one day🧠👁🌏🧘🏾‍♂️ #spiritualyaware
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