The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

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Пре 22 дана

The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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#SuperBowlLV #TheWeeknd

Paul Nueberg
Paul Nueberg Пре сат
Our country has not been doing so well as of late, we needed at least ONE talented American that could show the world that WE ARE STILL NUMBER ONE!! I am so proud we have such a great AmeriCAN representing us! Wait.. what? Bullshit. Black people don't live in Canada..
Verónica Vargas Florez
Verónica Vargas Florez Пре сат
It's so Fantastic is a spectacular Halftime o repeat and repeat
Iris Yessilth
Iris Yessilth Пре сат
And this is how u diss the Grammys ladies and gentlemen 👏
Killer66videos Пре сат
3:57 me looking for that meme in the video
Cami Пре сат
He spent 7m oh my
Sahil Joshi
Sahil Joshi Пре сат
Sahil Joshi
Sahil Joshi Пре сат
Ruben van Egmond
Ruben van Egmond Пре сат
I really love this edition of House of Balloons
Krypto Пре сат
Man I already miss the feeling of watching the super bowl
It's really kind that the weekend let them play a football game in the middle of his performance.
Prusha Tayeb
Prusha Tayeb Пре 2 сата
3:27 was the best high note I’ve heard from him
Rough Y
Rough Y Пре 2 сата
1:15 sounds very cool
TikyCZ Пре 2 сата
Why ppl are saying that he has face problem. ? It was a make up. I knew it all along
Victory Пре 2 сата
Best halftime show I have seen! Loved it!
ignacio mb
ignacio mb Пре 2 сата
wea fome
ItzMe_Galcons :D
ItzMe_Galcons :D Пре 2 сата
my favorite part is this 10:25
Isabella Incontrera
Isabella Incontrera Пре 3 сата
At the beginning he looks like he's coming out of a spaceship
Noritsu Gaming
Noritsu Gaming Пре 3 сата
9:21 what is the song ?
LA DodgersFan123
LA DodgersFan123 Пре 2 сата
Earn it from The Weeknd
Burga Пре 3 сата
For such a small crowd, that's a lot of commotion
Yorman Llontop
Yorman Llontop Пре 3 сата
Daft Punk se separó, porque no los invitaste :,v
M N 4
M N 4 Пре 3 сата
Alguien entiende el castellano?
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres Пре 3 сата
3:57 me trying to look for my PS4 controller
Armando Montealegre
Armando Montealegre Пре 4 сата
Mucho mejor el del año pasado de #Shakira
Block Head
Block Head Пре 4 сата
i feel so sorry with people with epilepsy who watched this
Matias Milla
Matias Milla Пре 4 сата
Otro nivel ♥️😭🙏
Aianne Almeida
Aianne Almeida Пре 4 сата
Sem palavras com esse homem
Roselyn Beatriz Colula Rodríguez
Roselyn Beatriz Colula Rodríguez Пре 4 сата
Starshooter Пре 4 сата
3:58 Me looking for happiness
Team Divine
Team Divine Пре 4 сата
His face scares me
Maria Alice
Maria Alice Пре 4 сата
cliff jackson
cliff jackson Пре 5 сати
Having the chorus on the background vocals was genius !!!!
Arely moon
Arely moon Пре 5 сати
satanics 👎🏻👎🏻 god rebuke you satanas your time is almost over
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson Пре 5 сати
Was I The Only One Dizzy When He Started Singing I Can't Feel My Face?
Summer Olrich
Summer Olrich Пре 5 сати
This man literally doesn’t have a bad song. 🔥 watching this for the thousandth time. Wish I could see him in concert💞
myca gozali
myca gozali Пре 5 сати
In indonesia , we have Giring who has this kind of gesture..
Fer Пре 5 сати
What happened Grammys?
John Steve
John Steve Пре 5 сати
anyone know the sound effect at 1:18?
Watched the whole performance just to see save your tears live year made thank you!
Sandra Karlin
Sandra Karlin Пре 5 сати
soooooo good!!
tiểu vy lưu
tiểu vy lưu Пре 6 сати
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Davide3303 Пре 6 сати
Starboy 1:24 The Hills 2:35 Short After Hours Transition 3:49 Can't Feel My Face 4:01 I Feel It Coming 5:17 Save Your Tears 6:22 Earned It 7:26 (best part starts at 9:35) House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls (Remixed w/Choreo) 10:04 Blinding Lights 11:29
barduck Пре 6 сати
Akash Fernando
Akash Fernando Пре 6 сати
Just got my eyes blinded by the perfomance..
jay_ 2112PR
jay_ 2112PR Пре 6 сати
god went to sing there
Yukimura Sanada
Yukimura Sanada Пре 6 сати
Ok I actually never heard of this guy before lol
videos para todos :v
videos para todos :v Пре 6 сати
00:07 - Start of the Show 00:34 - Call Out My Name 01:24 - Starboy 02:34 - The Hills 03:48 - Can't Feel My Face 05:09 - I Feel It Coming 06:21 - Save Your Tears 07:24 - Earned It 10:04 - House of Balloons 11:08 - Blinding Lights (copiado, lo encontre por ahi, asi que decidi compartirlo)
꧁ZaKuMa Kun꧂
꧁ZaKuMa Kun꧂ Пре 7 сати
Stranger boy
Isabela Stanescu
Isabela Stanescu Пре 7 сати
for sure Daft Punk is very proud.
slynnc kitty
slynnc kitty Пре 7 сати
Alexis López Prado
Alexis López Prado Пре 7 сати
00:36 Call Out My Name 01:25 Starboy 02:35 The Hills 03:55 Can't Feel My Face 05:10 I Feel It Coming 06:24 Save Your Tears 07:29 Earned It 10:04 House Of Balloons 11:25 Blinding Lights
Juan Daroy
Juan Daroy Пре 7 сати
That's what happens when you don't listen to James Corden
Sppoonz Пре 8 сати
Fun fact: this is not your first time watching this
현소연 Пре 8 сати
사랑해요 더위켄드!!!
Welbert Gregorio
Welbert Gregorio Пре 8 сати
That's so amazing
RAVI SHUKLA Пре 8 сати
80 s be like it feel good to be back
KIM SHI Пре 8 сати
Best part about to start. Ad plays..........
KIM SHI Пре 8 сати
Is there something wrong with the mic? The music is so loud can’t hear him properly
Sarah Sutorus
Sarah Sutorus Пре 8 сати
Here after discovering and watching a sequence of his videos that go in a particular order connecting all of them into a story about him selling his soul. The first video is can't feel my face, the second is tell your friends, the third is the hills, then star boy is the 4th, Mania is the 5th, then I feel it coming is the 6th, Then secrets is the 7th, then heartless is the 8th, blinding lights is the 9th, then after hours is the 10th, then in your eyes is the 11th, then too late is the 12th, and the last one the 13th is save your tears...Then you have to watch the AMA's performance.....Then this half time show of course. 😯
ARMY X BTS Пре 8 сати
Damn this is sooo perfect!
Marion Heurich
Marion Heurich Пре 8 сати
Deepthi R
Deepthi R Пре 9 сати
What's the song name from 11:00?
Muggles Пре 9 сати
House of balloons
No Name
No Name Пре 9 сати
My dude just make people behind Grammy awards to change date of ceremony 😂
Tsion Hailu
Tsion Hailu Пре 10 сати
Michelle Steward
Michelle Steward Пре 10 сати
#Worst Performance Ever && The Micheal Jackson & Prince Act Needs To Rest. Get Your Soul Back Cuz You Got Ripped Off🙇😷🎠
Carolin von Petzholdt
Carolin von Petzholdt Пре 11 сати
Anyone notice that the dancers in red with the white masks are all black mens?
Hunter Пре 7 сати
First of all, why does that matter pointing that out? Second, they’re supposed to look like Abel, I thought that was super obvious.
Carolin von Petzholdt
Carolin von Petzholdt Пре 11 сати
Who is he? And it's so disturbing why is there so many ads mitten in the video? It just breaks the flow.
Valeria S
Valeria S Пре 5 сати
.... and you are?
Lamar Sameer
Lamar Sameer Пре 11 сати
imagine doin this in the shower
Lamar Sameer
Lamar Sameer Пре 11 сати
wait guys tellin me the weekend did not have a grammy yet😬 no fearrrrrr
Lloyd Пре 11 сати
wow american half time is incredible. in england we just listen to the commentators chat about what they had with there dinner or something
Sumaiya Ali
Sumaiya Ali Пре 11 сати
Wtf I am never getting over this i don't even know what to call this 🤯
Mankeerat Singh
Mankeerat Singh Пре 11 сати
500,000 Americans dead btw.
Mary Delbonis
Mary Delbonis Пре 13 сати
The giddy catamaran consquentially guard because scarf extremely tap regarding a spotless butter. somber, parallel perfume
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz Пре 13 сати
Those 59k dislikes are from Grammy officials who were blinded by the lights
Dylan Пре 13 сати
Can’t stop watching this
Meeth Vlogs
Meeth Vlogs Пре 13 сати
i genuinely really hope to know Abel irl and work with him, he's inspired me so much, and i hope to do something like this as well this gives me goosebumps man hope to know him irl fr
Kozu- -Lucifer
Kozu- -Lucifer Пре 13 сати
10/10 performance
Garrett Gutterridge
Garrett Gutterridge Пре 14 сати
That intro 😵
bonnie lou
bonnie lou Пре 14 сати
I will watch this until it is the most viewed Super Bowl halftime show ever It was history, it was his coincided with the pandemic, and The Weeknd stepped up when a lot of artists would not have. It was candy for us XO and so fitting!
Ponty Thython
Ponty Thython Пре 14 сати
I just want to take a minute to appreciate a good thing that actually happened in the 2020s
Ryan Krul
Ryan Krul Пре 14 сати
Thank you, Weeknd, for including Daft Punk
Maite Cid
Maite Cid Пре 14 сати
The concert of my Life!!!!! This is history✨
ATK Пре 15 сати
Use me as the I have been here for the millionth time like button! 🧘‍♀️🔥🔥🔥
Jalpough Пре 15 сати
He was awful! 😂
Hui Liang Lim
Hui Liang Lim Пре 15 сати
@7:35 whats MKBHD doing there
Marina Пре 15 сати
Amo su voz.
LeHang Huynh
LeHang Huynh Пре 15 сати
His guitarist looks like a sparkly Jason.
鎌田里紗 Пре 15 сати
I don’t remember how many time this music video I have been watched.👏
Aashutosh Adhikari
Aashutosh Adhikari Пре 15 сати
103rd time!
Itz_Just_ Grayyy
Itz_Just_ Grayyy Пре 16 сати
Abel knows how to sing, and dance, and just be happy! His moves are smooth and genuine with the music. It’s his way of saying “f*ck the Grammy’s”!
ᅧᅣᅩᄋᄉᄋ Пре 16 сати
He sang so good, i love him
Jessicca Angelov
Jessicca Angelov Пре 17 сати
all those fake weeknds are kinda creepy!
Smollovschew Пре 17 сати
Weeknd played the top 8 most played songs on Spotify 1. Starboy 2. hills 3. Can't feel my face 4. I feel it coming 5. Save your tears 6. Earned it 7. House of balloons 8. Blinding Lights
Smollovschew Пре 5 сати
Yea but he didn't sing it though
iThankfulDudes Пре 5 сати
He also played Call out my name
Thomas Hulsey
Thomas Hulsey Пре 17 сати
Istg I can’t stop thinking about the house of balloons march.
황상순 Пре 17 сати
진짜 미친놈이네 진자 쩐다.. 형 사랑애
jamari ugly
jamari ugly Пре 17 сати
even know bro is old asf he still goated for this.
andreabettilab Пре 17 сати
Eisbr3ch3r Пре 18 сати
Like Michael Jackson
Jamie Hanson
Jamie Hanson Пре 18 сати
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Moises Camacho
Moises Camacho Пре 18 сати
mas chido el show de j balvin en la pelea del canelo, es el peor show que he visto en el Super Bowl
X O Пре 12 сати
Estas bien p3nd3jo!!! Checate la mollera wey
Warren Lacaden
Warren Lacaden Пре 18 сати
Imagine the stairs Abel has to go through in this performance
Flux Capacitor336
Flux Capacitor336 Пре 18 сати
Hey can someone drop me a songlist of all these they're pretty great (DBAA)
Vera Пре 16 сати
0:34 Call out my name - choir 1:25 Starboy 2:40 The hills 3:50 I can't feel my face 5:10 I feel it coming 6:22 Save your tears 7:26 Earned it 10:05 House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls 11:09 Blinding lights
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