The USSV Rhino GX Is a $300,000 Super SUV

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Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

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USSV Rhino GX review! The USSV Rhino GX is an insane super SUV -- and it's worth $300,000 or more. Today I'm reviewing the USSV Rhino GX, and I'm going to show you all the crazy quirks and features of one of the craziest SUVs ever made. I'm also going to drive the USSV Rhino GX and show you what it's like behind the wheel.


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Sylvain R.
Sylvain R. Пре месец
The build quality looks amazing, doesn’t it?! Looks like an eBay special on the inside!
Taxi Rob
Taxi Rob Пре 14 дана
that headliner looks like it was molded in Play-Doh by a toddler
Lanarchy Пре 29 дана
@Topher H nope, because when you can make impoverished chinese people make it ar 1/6th the cost why wouldnt you?
Kent Keller
Kent Keller Пре месец
Black Paint peeling off the top hold handle.
Lapua 338
Lapua 338 Пре месец
@MrSuperGossip I see what you did there. lmao
Petr Stuchlý
Petr Stuchlý Пре месец
Amazing build quality for 300,000 USD. 🤭🤣
RSD3 Пре месец
The fit and finish on this thing is absolutely fucking hilarious. Literally looks like it was built by a freshman auto skills class.
Andrew Rattle
Andrew Rattle Пре 27 дана
@JaRome lmao thats WORSE. im sorry you have that thing in your town.
Ionor Rea's Spam Generator
Ionor Rea's Spam Generator Пре месец
Good enough if mostly being sold to scammy salesman in China fearing for its life from angry customers...
Riley Пре месец
Yo Dawg, we heard you like rhinos...
JaRome Пре месец
Check out the Knight XV that one is sick there's a millionaire here in town that goes around in it.
Liam Bohl
Liam Bohl Пре месец
Giving this vehicle 6/10 for quality and 7/10 for practicality was incredibly generous
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Пре 21 сат
So it's armoured and safe still complaining it feels cheap that's doug for you I mean your not going to care how it feels inside like a peice of plastic and screen in one place if your needing this protection from something even if you do spend that much your buying the protection
Abdul Пре 14 дана
@Rami7605 whats there to like about the car?
Rami7605 Пре 16 дана
I suspect u dont love this car
David Vitan
David Vitan Пре месец
Funny that people seem to believe gas is going to be plentiful in the event of a global apocalypse. Also, paint is already coming off the grab handle. Looks like "amazing" workmanship for 300k lol
matt R
matt R Пре месец
@Danbobway tie a grocery cart to the frame. can get all your basic survival gear in a grocery cart easy.
Angakkuk Пре месец
To survive the apocalypse, I'm sure you can rig a Lada Niva with a wood gas generator that burns toilet paper.
Metal Ted
Metal Ted Пре месец
@Dr. Phil wants your alimony and btw, a Diesel engine can run off fryer oil, With modifications, Witch does not come from crude, It’s vegetable oil. Either way it’s not gas, like I replied,
Metal Ted
Metal Ted Пре месец
@Dr. Phil wants your alimony I only replied about it being gasoline, witch it is not.
Metal Ted
Metal Ted Пре месец
@Dr. Phil wants your alimony well sure, of course.
Maciej Załucki
Maciej Załucki Пре месец
It's amazing how it mixes good and cheap stuff. The voltmeter is exactly the same as I bought for $0.50 some years ago. Segments of the display are very visible in the sun and it's too bright at night. I've put semi transparent tinting foil on the screen and it looks like $10 meter now :) The buttons for locks, smoke and nails are horrible. Just hatched there as if Andrew Camarata was installing it! :D
Urethron Пре месец
This vehicle is the epitome of "security theatre". The fact that the engine bay and front windshield are unarmoured says it all.
Abdul Пре 14 дана
@Liberal But Not Crazy He is right. There isn't much crime in China. They are buying to flex and it kind of screams "don't mess with me"
Neil A
Neil A Пре 23 дана
larp car
Liberal But Not Crazy
Liberal But Not Crazy Пре месец
@I am writing right now You think they’re buying it because it looks good?
Neil Meleo
Neil Meleo Пре месец
@aaron t Was thinking the same about demo ranch. That one took that explosive charge in the front windshield..
Jeremy Beckman
Jeremy Beckman Пре месец
@AIRDRAC thanks for the interesting story!
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas Пре месец
I’ll just completely ignore this laughable excuse for a vehicle and instead point out that the clip of Doug saying “I’m flooring it, in a school zone!” Is DEFINITELY going to be used in some YTPs
Štefan Tomáš
Štefan Tomáš Пре месец
Love how he makes point about contrast of cheap Ford stuff and "really nice" USSV stuff, while actual quality of this USSV stuff looks so incredibly shitty.
G G Пре месец
I used to build custom vans back in the 80's when they were a big thing. None of the fit and finish in this thing would pass muster in our shop. They obviously don't have skilled craftsmen building out these puppies. Kind of sad to see for a 300k car.
AK racer
AK racer Пре месец
Cool idea and I'm sure it would be fine for a security situation BUUUTTTT, for $300k you can get WAY nicer pavement princes. Like, why not remove the window switch's if they don't work? all the aftermarket parts look cheap. Screws not screwed in all they way. Again, for a security situation this might be fine, but $300k for some one to show off it should be way better built.
Malt & Pepper
Malt & Pepper Пре месец
Did you miss the part where the engine bay is not protected? :)
Shane Harder
Shane Harder Пре месец
I loved how the ultra secure deadbolt had lose screws that half fell out just by activating the lock.
John S.
John S. Пре месец
i mean its built in US guys, don't have much hope. if you want an actual quality bulletproof car then go to Germany or Austria.
Just Mark It
Just Mark It Пре месец
Me to
DManimous Prime
DManimous Prime Пре месец
Just don't assault the vehicle with a screwdriver!
Biggles Пре месец
also so much door armour then you saw that roof hatch right BHAAHHAAHA
Joe Gomes
Joe Gomes Пре месец
That's why there market is in china,the work on that Ford is trash
Cruzz Пре месец
The strangest part to me is that someone actually thought that this was such a good idea that invested his money to finance it
DALX. & ADNAMA Media Пре месец
for being $300k, it sure is cheap 😂 -the rear climate vents are from Home Depot and they're typically put in a house -switches are low quality -all the added lights look very inexpensive -for God sakes the deadbolt is literally just a household door lock with a motor!!
Respectfully Critical
Respectfully Critical Пре месец
Nicely skewed buttons though, exactly what i would expect with that pricetag.
volvo09 Пре месец
When you spend 300k and have the same falling out pep boys switches that the neighborhood ricer put in his hand me down commuter car...screwed right into the dash plastic.
G St H
G St H Пре месец
@doug you are such a charismatic and enjoyable reviewer i can literally watch your videos all day. keep up the exceptional work. continued support from Trinidad and Tobago.
Grudzień Пре месец
this car has incredibly secure door locks with incredibly loose screws...
Grozie Пре 19 дана
@Travis Keller nah he knew the risks and he just chose to live life normal
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez Пре месец
American quality...
Wulf Пре месец
Its just another american vehicle
Derek Пре месец
Also all that armor on some basic wheels and tires.. hopefully the weird oversights end there.
Tweekerr Пре месец
And they could not be bothered with getting the switches even remotely lined up. I guess it would have to be sold for 500,000 to be completed correctly.
eyespy3001 Пре месец
Every time Doug says “while you’re being chauffeured around,” I kept wanting him to say “while you’re being shot at.”
Jaytube106 Пре месец
The hand holds and foot holds are there so you can drop off an assault team, not so they ride on the outside to prevent ambushers as you drive along. This is the latest brand I've heard of using the same platform as Conquest's Knight XV. Other vehicles that look exactly like it include the Terradyne Gurkha and the IAG B6 B7 armoured SUV Car Sentinel APC.
Jaytube106 Пре месец
@O K platform might have been the wrong; should have said design. Interior layouts are close to but can be customized for the buyer.
O K Пре месец
Doesn't seem to be the same platform? Based on ford f450 and f550 but customized by those companies. Americans must love these if these small unknown companies are doing this. Don't really trust the claims as these modifiers don't seem to have any good record plus this one is so badly put together
Metaru Gia
Metaru Gia Пре месец
6:32 $300K armored vehicle and the deadbolt screws are loose smh 6:39 And these switches look cheap AF with 4 screws holding them in place. Almost everywhere you look, the quality and workmanship just doesn't measure up to the asking price. There are proper armored vehicle alternatives out there that are bullet and bomb proof. This one's a hard pass.
Maksim Ghyvoronsky
Maksim Ghyvoronsky Пре месец
I thought you would have for sure noticed that the third row/very back seats in this are just the rear (second row) seats from the original F450. Or at least that’s my guess prior to checking. Come on Doug! Master of quirks and features (but also little known details)
The Super Capitalist
The Super Capitalist Пре месец
The escape hatch looks about as armored as a ford focus, note to attackers- get the high ground.
Andy Pozuelos
Andy Pozuelos Пре месец
@username that's not a realistic scenario. It's highly unlikely for that to happen and if it did happen no amount of armor is gonna stop that not even tank levels of armor.
username Пре месец
@Andy Pozuelos attacks from the top are a main focus for any armoured vehicle. They all have to save weight by using less armour on top. It's also a blindspot. Slow it down by taking out the tries. Use a drone to quickly attach a 200g magnetic charge to the roof hatch. It would propel the whole hatch inside. Also, no spalling liner in the whole vehicle.
Timmyfromphilly Пре месец
@Eric Parham it’s over armored car, I have the high ground !
Independent Soldier
Independent Soldier Пре месец
Yes pretty sure a bb gun could shoot thro the roof lmfao
Si Raff
Si Raff Пре месец
If you want to know how well "armoured" it is just look at the weight. 4.3T when the stock SD is already 3.8T. That means they have added a whole rear cabin, two more rows of seats and allegedly "armoured" it with half a tonne added. Not a chance that thing is effective for any decent rounds apart fro in very specific places. Certainly the roof, engine bay and even the exposed lines in the wheel well (take a look at around 21 mins) provide no more protection than the stock vehicle and I would be amazed if most of it was actually sealed with armour past about a level 3. This isn't really for people who want the protection. Its more for idiots who want to stand out from the crowd. Its amazing they are allowed to sell it as armoured when the roof hatch clearly is not.
Sprig Пре месец
This to me seems like a concept vehicle. Yet to be finalised and given the production run.
Aditya Dewan
Aditya Dewan Пре месец
You really need to put POV footage while driving vehicles like this.
Kent Keller
Kent Keller Пре месец
He needs to hire a cameraman to video him driving.
Maanav Chellani
Maanav Chellani Пре месец
@White Goodman pshh!
White Goodman
White Goodman Пре месец
he doesnt listen, nobody wants to watch him talk.
StrangeSouI Пре месец
I would drop nails on aggressive tailgaters. Also that Thermal screen in the roof is a military DVE. Often used for armored vehicles like the M1A2 Abrams for drivers to drive during the night.
Tj Hagan
Tj Hagan Пре месец
Looking at it, this reminds me of something I would build out of Legos when I was 8. After watching the build quality, ergonomics, and poor integration of features... it still reminds me of something I would have built at age 8😜
Mireaze Пре месец
$300,000 and they cant even put the switches on straight, reasuring build quality
Legendary Пре месец
And doug said this one is just the base model 😂
MrCarGuy Пре месец
@Martin Binder Munro is an entertaining guy but he often struggles with seeing the pro-repair/consumer side of things and the importance to maintain that for brand loyalty reasons, etc. They strictly focus on what's best from a manufacturing standpoint but the automaker has to balance much more than just maximum time and cost efficiency on the assembly line.
Automation Пре месец
@Martin Binder I agree with VW screwed up the ID series, their interiors are cheap and nasty. Ford Mustang Mach E does still look promising indeed, despite the "Mustang" name controversy. I say Mercedes-Benz EQS probably has better looking interior compared to Tesla, but Mercedes quality are not the best. I prefer Mercedes interiors over Tesla's interiors, I'm not a fan of Mercedes' current generation models, aside from the W213 and W205. I still prefer the pre-facelift W213, the taillights on the facelift looks like it doesn't match the car. None of their cars are as distinguishable as previous generations. It was much to distinguish 1st gen Mercedes CLA to a 2nd CLS. Now they look too similar, makes it's harder to distinguish.
Martin Binder
Martin Binder Пре месец
@MrCarGuy I know. Following Sandy Munro for quite a while 😎 It's a real pity that it's so expensive when it arrives here... Taxes break its "fantastic" properties here...
MrCarGuy Пре месец
@Martin Binder The Mach E BEV has fantastic fitment quality for the price. See:
Drunkenvalley Пре месец
This looks like a LARPer vehicle more than an actual secure vehicle.
Lionel Harris
Lionel Harris Пре месец
I like how the screw holding in the deadbolt latch on the drivers side door was loose and basically falling out when Doug activated the deadbolt. 6:18 All the components look like aftermarket 3rd party junk. I love how the rearview mirror had an icon for Adobe Flash... LMAO
White Goodman
White Goodman Пре месец
Shit looks like the parts were sourced from alibaba and amazon.
Paul Godwin
Paul Godwin Пре месец
Suggestion: would’ve been cool if there has been some exterior footage when driving. For all cars. This especially for the size contrast
Carl-Johan Nilsson
Carl-Johan Nilsson Пре месец
Agree, not so interesting looking att Doug's face
Captain Coffee Cake
Captain Coffee Cake Пре месец
those handles on the exterior are for emergency egress so the doors dont need to be opened to allow external security to leave with the vehicle.
bladetallica870 Пре месец
The XT is litterly what the Hummer HX would have been!
Thomas M Smith
Thomas M Smith Пре 17 дана
I just want to point out that the "gun port" can also be used for a bow and arrow. You missed this vital detail, Doug.
Metal Ted
Metal Ted Пре месец
FYI all dually pickups use same offset rims/ tires, just flipped for the axle . They all have 1 spare for that reason.
John Spartan
John Spartan Пре месец
Does it have enough power to go off-road? Or is it to heavy for that ?
Mihir Kulkarni
Mihir Kulkarni Пре месец
Doug's channel has evolved so much, I assume that in a couple of months, he will review a submarine, and then probably a NASA Rocket. Imagine Doug reviewing a space-craft, will it get a 10\10 for coolness? probably not.
Sarang Tambe
Sarang Tambe Пре месец
@yusuf Do you remember when he had that tiny Nissan Cube? Or when he took his skyline and Hummer to CarMax?
Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander Пре месец
"THIS!" Is the 1984 Space Shuttle Discovery!
Alexander Pertsovitis
Alexander Pertsovitis Пре месец
The Apple car prototype
DinoTheDonDada Пре месец
Alright Doug. Your move.
Anthony Tremain
Anthony Tremain Пре месец
@yusuf I miss the house tours! Was so fun
Aidan Friedfeld
Aidan Friedfeld Пре 2 дана
I’d love to see you review one of those insane bullet proof rolls Royce extended wheelbase phantom.
Marc Perry
Marc Perry Пре месец
Doug, is the windshield also bulletproof? You didn't mention anything about the windshield. Fun review! M
Meatwad Baggins
Meatwad Baggins Пре месец
@Cmoney860 They do make bulletproof windows that roll down but they only roll down 3 or 4 inches. It's kinda what makes it a "civilian" armoured vehicle. They usually use the stock motors but the change the leverage of the arms resulting in a loss of travel distance
Cmoney860 Пре месец
@Meatwad Baggins fyi-most (if not all) windows in a vehicle, that are actually "bulletproof" windows do not and can not go up and down. They remain closed and are stationary. At anywhere between 2 to 5 inches thick, I think it would be difficult to try and implement a space for the window to roll down into. They would probably get rid of the window motors, regulators, and guide rails simply to add to the bullet and/or bomb proof features that are required by the customer. I have yet to come across or see or hear about bulletproof windows that roll down. I didn't say that they don't exist. I am saying I personally have not (yet) come across any and honestly, it would be quite weird, and real fucking stupid. No? You are in a vehicle that is designed and built specifically to preserve your life in the case of any attacks or attempts. If you want the wind to blow through your hair, jump in a C7 or some shit. Otherwise, turn on the a/c and enjoy your life, and enjoy the armored vehicle built to reassure you that you can indeed live another day.... IMO
John Beavers
John Beavers Пре месец
He mentioned the windows being armored and bulletproof around the 4:20 mark.
Meatwad Baggins
Meatwad Baggins Пре месец
That's a good question. Usually on vehicles like this they are armoured. It is much simpler to bulletproof the windshield as it doesnt need to move up and down. If it isnt armoured I would be surprised. But I honestly do not know. Also he didnt mention the floor. Alot of armoured vehicles have a thick layer of kevlar to stop grenade and explosive shrapnel. They also have stacked hexagon crush tubing under the cab to absorb explosive force
Exe1 Пре 14 дана
The build quality is shocking. I can see lock screw getting undone just by lock and unlock function...
Raymo_2_u Пре месец
This is my kind of vehicle... I am concerned of the craftsmenship though....there are a few things that make me cringe from door lock screws being very loose, to the finish on all the armor edges...
Johannes Пре месец
For such a high armored heavy brick, a lot of it looks incredible flimsy 😆. I like how the door shakes when closing 😀
Shane Norman
Shane Norman Пре месец
@Johannes Just an old car nerd, me. But you're spot-on about the Rhino's quality. Built for suckers and posers with more money than either good sense or good taste.
@זה סודי LMA🤤
Johannes Пре месец
@Shane Norman damn you made your homework, I didn't even got the name together 😆
Shane Norman
Shane Norman Пре месец
@Johannes That's unfair. The Lamborghini LM002 was a proper off-roader with a top-quality hand-made interior. It also had a 5.2--litre fuel-injected V12 with 450 bhp, delivering 0-60 in well under eight seconds. The Rhino is an overweight PoS - all mouth and no trousers.
Avon Perera
Avon Perera Пре месец
I think I even saw a loose screw on the door deadbolt assembly lol
polymerizedrecords Пре месец
The best defense is to go unnoticed, something clearly hard to do in this SUV
Ryan Пре месец
We all know its flashy drug lords buying these things anyway
ManCave Studios
ManCave Studios Пре месец
You're telling me they went with an LED screen for the rear view mirror and DIDN'T implement a back-up camera?!
Joey Merrell
Joey Merrell Пре месец
Delete the egr and dpf and tune it, with a few bolts ons that 6.7 will perform flawlessly and way more power than it would ever need.
BeagleFet Пре месец
Imagine trying to pull the cab off to do any engine work 😄
Andrew Cruze
Andrew Cruze Пре месец
For $300k the build quality is shocking, doesn't even have assisted doors. Genuine manufacturer security divisions put this thing to shame.
That Person
That Person Пре месец
It feels like something that was made as a movie prop to me, looks impressive, but in reality is just a fancy facade
litam tondy
litam tondy Пре месец
@Art of Shooting in Motion Yeah, could be, but it's not like the USA are known for the quality, rather the opposite. It's not difficult to beat them.
Art of Shooting in Motion
Art of Shooting in Motion Пре месец
@litam tondy That China production is higher quality than in US.
litam tondy
litam tondy Пре месец
@Art of Shooting in Motion What's your point? Teslas have trash quality and are among the worst built cars on the market, especially for the price.
Art of Shooting in Motion
Art of Shooting in Motion Пре месец
@litam tondy That's funny since chinese made Teslas are a lot better quality than US ones.
RS Пре 9 дана
Omg, the shop around the corner from me has one of these on display all the time. I thought this was just a tasteless mod kit for an f250. I Had no idea this thing was not entirely for show.
Sean Bailey
Sean Bailey Пре месец
Doug coming out of that hatch at 5:55 was so hilarious to me for some reason😂😂🤣🤣
Philip Fabian
Philip Fabian Пре месец
I've been WAITING FOR AGES for doug to review this car!
Dr. Phil wants your alimony
Dr. Phil wants your alimony Пре месец
I love how the front light bar is aimed directly at the hood
SomeGuy Пре месец
This thing is a quality control and showcase embarrassment. Loose screws, cheap switches, non bulletproof windshield... If I was the CEO I'd be ashamed of showing this thing. I wonder how many potential clients were turned away because of this.
J van Sevenhoven
J van Sevenhoven Пре месец
It really suits Brandon to be honest.
Bryan Ciacco
Bryan Ciacco Пре месец
100% what an absolute disgrace and honestly of anyone was actually interested in this piece of crap I really hope they watch this video first. This company should be sued!
Chico Dust-E
Chico Dust-E Пре месец
@Guns N' Games nah premier body armors uparmored suburban is where it's at. The thing stopped a fiddy AP fired directly at it.
Young Thugger
Young Thugger Пре месец
The rapper Lil Uzi Vert has one…
Art Anglin
Art Anglin Пре месец
@Pedro Zamora it's not that unique than this
Coolaxe- D W
Coolaxe- D W Пре месец
I can tell that you really enjoyed making this video. This is a very exciting truck, yeah!?
J D Пре 26 дана
A switch to release screws?? I think this vehicle naturally loses a few screws every time it hits a minor bump in the road, judging by the build quality
Macropoi Пре месец
We’ll give this a 10 star safety rating!
Konrad Fichtner
Konrad Fichtner Пре месец
Hands up for the Lucid Air in the Cars&bids - Ad! Can't wait for it's quirks and features...
J thomsonhate7
J thomsonhate7 Пре месец
There's no way this can be taken seriously. The 007 switches look like they're from AutoZone and something I would've wanted when I was 12.
Bryan Ciacco
Bryan Ciacco Пре месец
Doug totally sold out on this video! What a shame! Wonder how much ussv paid him. He always calls out the smallest minor flaws in cars but not these major ones?
Punchy 207
Punchy 207 Пре месец
@Automation did you get social credit for making this comment
Sean Collins
Sean Collins Пре месец
i think the people buying this have the marurity/mentality of a 12yr old :/
Supra Пре месец
@Automation No they're not lmao what the fuck are you on about?
David Epperson
David Epperson Пре месец
@Little Jackalo Just curious - why aren't there as many EU citizen homeowners as in the States?
KartKing4ever Пре месец
I'm kind of surprised this got anything for styling as it wasn't even designed to have any styling.
Jordonater1992 Пре месец
I've seen significantly higher quality armour vehicles (that i cant remember the names of) on Jay Lenos channel and others than this shoddy thing and they were cheaper if i remember correctly.
Michael C
Michael C Пре месец
For that price you get a Mowag Eagle IV or V. A complete well thought armored vehicle and not such an aftermarket solution.
Allison S
Allison S Пре месец
I wonder if Doug could have driven over a Smart Car and even realized it.
Adam Laski
Adam Laski Пре месец
The problem with an armored car that looks like this… if you’re actually someone who needs an armored vehicle, this stands out so much it’s obvious a VIP or whatever is in it. It’s awesome looking for sure but anyone who wants to lay low but be protected buy normal looking armored cars. This would really only be useful in war zones or amongst a support convoy. Keeping a low profile is usually the best way to avoid attacks without a full on convoy
Adam Laski
Adam Laski Пре месец
@Maxim Seynaeve By far best reply
Ethan Villarreal
Ethan Villarreal Пре месец
I can see people in mexico buying this, but being inconspicuous doesn’t really matter tbh. Only thing that matters is that this is a POS armored truck that not even cartel members should buy
Li Harry
Li Harry Пре месец
This looks like a rapper’s car who wear 20kg of gold chains around his neck. I don’t think this vehicle can withstand a actual war zone, as it seems it is going to offer any effective protection against land mine or RPGs
SHUTEN Пре месец
thanks arm chair security manager
Boot Shrew
Boot Shrew Пре месец
@DJ K Jebaited lol!
Spencer Пре месец
Imagine a cop trying to pull you over and you just use the smoke screen and floor it out of there 😂
joey faithful
joey faithful Пре месец
Just imagine a helephant engine . That thing got 3 speeds.. here,there,and infinity beyond 🤣🤣
James Smith
James Smith Пре месец
A 6/10 for features.. Really? It has a smoke screen, drops nails, a thermal camera & display and it's bullet proof. I would say that's at least a 9/10.
R swiggles
R swiggles Пре 6 дана
You don't maneuver this truck around obstacles, you drive through them. It's certainly big enough to plow through most cars on the road
Dylan Pinette
Dylan Pinette Пре месец
Unless USSV went through the effort of putting the "Super Duty" decal back on an armored windshield, this thing definitely has a factory windshield. I don't think I need to explain why that is a problem 😂
Patrick M
Patrick M Пре месец
@God DeMuro yup I mistyped GC but meant GX. USSV states on their site they do not do armoring and their vehicles do not come armored. It's an option carried out by a third party outfitter.
God DeMuro
God DeMuro Пре месец
@Patrick M the one Doug’s reviewing is a GX not GC
Patrick M
Patrick M Пре месец
According to the USSV website the GX does not come armored. It's an option carried out by a third-party outfitter. I assume this one is either not armored at all or only mildly armored. The stock one looks exactly the same, they use "cold rolled steel body panels"
J L Пре месец
You saw that too, eh? lol
Matt W
Matt W Пре месец
Oh my word that totally is the stock windshield 😂😂😂
Пре месец
The global design of this suv is perfect i mean, this should look every big suv imo
monkey Пре месец
imagine how easy it would be to pry that roof hatch open and break in.
Gus Torres
Gus Torres Пре месец
I've been waiting for someone to slam the hell out of this truck in reviews. Jay Leno brought it out years back on his show and these people thought it was going to blow up in sales. You were talking about a TV in the center when they do put that TV the driver has to be pretty short cuz you cannot move the seat back a lot cuz the way it's made it's pretty much a wall there. The first time they put that TV there I got in it and it was very uncomfortable in the driver's seat and I'm not that tall. This is the first armored truck that I seen cuz usually all these trucks look the same but are not armor they're the same type of material that the hood is and I was even thinking that the hood was not armored on it and I was correct. 😂🤣 I used to catch so many mistakes in their painting and fabricating work and I couldn't believe how they were in business.
lamont814 Пре месец
You don't aim when you're shooting out the side gun ports. Its for shooting someone that's mounted the vehicle from the side or just about to climb on.
Jeff S
Jeff S Пре месец
Funny you're calling the USSV stuff "nice luxury". Everything looks cheaply tacked on. The nail and smoke switch covers are all crooked. Other switches and things look like it was just glued to the base Ford truck. The armored aspect of this is obviously the only thing making it $300k.
1betterthanyou1 Пре месец
@Teufel Hunden they also have built in “tactical jiggle” for maximum responsiveness.
rxdawg75 Пре месец
Right? it looks like it was put together by the local high school shop class.
Jimmy C
Jimmy C Пре месец
4:00 flimsy door
Jeff S
Jeff S Пре месец
@Teufel Hunden - 🤔🤔 maybe if the rest of the interior's fit and finish didn't look like a toddler put it together, I might agree with that.
Teufel Hunden
Teufel Hunden Пре месец
Switches are not crooked. They’re flared out to maximize utility.
Cameron Grenier
Cameron Grenier Пре месец
What’s more absurd than the sport mode is the comfort mode
James Пре месец
I would love to see USSV get their hands on the Dodge 1500 TRX
Ryan Kirschner
Ryan Kirschner Пре 7 дана
I saw one of these casually parked on the side of the road in NYC today. It's a beast.
BBerge Пре месец
The fit and finish of that $300k truck is shocking
Nathan McDonald
Nathan McDonald Пре месец
I'm surprised the engine bay isn't armored. I mean this things whole schtick is ''safety and security'' yet the engine bay goes unarmored. A couple of high velocity rounds through that engine block and/or radiator would permanently disable this truck and leave its occupants stranded until help could arrive IF there was any help coming. I don't know, this seems more like a gimmick for celebrities who want to play military to own.
davenz000 Пре месец
It's for the people with money who want to show off their wealth with useless stuff.
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez Пре месец
@yong hwang Fun fact:300.000Dollars and dont have a lots of bullet proof parts? Cars like armored Land Cruiser rated for 17Kg TNT from 4 meters do a lor better job with same price... It cost 277K and can survive this:
yong hwang
yong hwang Пре месец
This ain't for Afghanistan. Do you get it? It's for countries like U.S. If you get into road argument with some thug in South LA, it's possible to get shot. This will protect it. Beyond that, it's a cops to respond.
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez Пре месец
@Sheefa_Brains Agreed.
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez Пре месец
Lmao you pay 300K and dont have armored engine covers?:):) Seriously???
Federico Lopez-Casildo Jr
Federico Lopez-Casildo Jr Пре месец
Finally! A car that makes Doug look like he isn't very tall.
smbmp15 Пре месец
I still had hope till I seen the rear AC vents! 🤦🏾‍♂️
Solider Armatang
Solider Armatang Пре месец
This truck is so big it makes Doug look like 5’4
Nidhir Dv
Nidhir Dv Пре месец
Engineers: How inefficient should we make it? Rhino: YESSSSSSS
Darko Vasilijic
Darko Vasilijic Пре месец
I love how Doug is fully in a bliss and joyful mode while he reviews a mob car.
RB slammed
RB slammed Пре месец
Or the large panel on roof which can be used to murder everyone inside
Çağlar Çelik
Çağlar Çelik Пре месец
@riddler andsa He doesn't need to, as The Mob _Rules_ already (hilariously it's uploaded by RHINO(Entertainment)). It's a nice song btw.
riddler andsa
riddler andsa Пре месец
I think you meant "dictators, authoritarian presidents and corrupt politicians"? ;)
Sergio Cuellar
Sergio Cuellar Пре месец
Doug pointing out that the hood isn't armored has surely caused a stir within USSV haha Its security weak spot was revealed!
Chubbysumo Пре месец
lol, the base weight of the F450 chassiscab runs around 7000 pounds, probably around 8000 with the dually setup. that means they added a body, and this thing has almost no armor plating, because it would weigh closer to 15000 pounds, but that would require a different drivers license in most states....
Jon Blanchard
Jon Blanchard Пре месец
What about underneath the vehicle? What protects the engine from a mine of any type? Also, Doug needs to review the Resvani Hercules Military Grade truck, also made in California.
White Goodman
White Goodman Пре месец
Whats funny is the military isnt using this garbage and nor are world leaders. Its a cheap garbage overpriced suv that offers nothing of value. Yeah lets spend 300k on this with no warranty, shit customer service..all to drive in the city. This whole thing is based off "What if this happens"
Mr L
Mr L Пре 3 дана
This truck is badass! I wish I could drive it
Ian Medina Gomides
Ian Medina Gomides Пре месец
It looks like what a 5 year old would describe as a dream car, or like something from GTA online. I would love to see a crash test of this thing, must be ridiculous
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Пре 21 сат
@strike9716 maybe he or she was bullied at school
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Пре 21 сат
It would be how much damage on the thing it hit not damage on this thing ah its a few scratches it'll buff out hit a car it'll probably push it out the way tho he said on the trapani review any one of those trucks crosses the line your done this you'd be planning your funeral straight away or get carried out into a coffin it could probably send a peel p50 down the road no need for planes that way would be a night mare for health and safety tho
james gizasson
james gizasson Пре месец
No way in hell the F450 chassis was built for this kind of modification. Either the steel body collapses, or it's rigid enough to send all the force inside, liquifying its occupants. O~O
Krusty Пре месец
no.. the CyberTruck is the 5yr old crayon vehicle
Daniel B.
Daniel B. Пре месец
@strike9716 I think you are overthinking it
Faton Konjusha
Faton Konjusha Пре 13 дана
6:33 The screws are loose. But otherwise a nice lock.
Sean488 Пре месец
Basically every dually wheel ever can be used front or rear.
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome Пре месец
I saw one of these driving through town in Abilene, Texas. I only saw the side profile, so I thought it was a RAM based vehicle.
william morgan
william morgan Пре месец
I daily a #15,000 F550 that would absolutely smoke this thing. I bet if they base it off a truck like this one it would be a bunch quicker. Surely more than this, it’s #5000 lighter
Edward Thurston
Edward Thurston Пре месец
This thing looks extremely cobbled together, solid quality for 300 grand
joman joman
joman joman Пре месец
@Trey maybe you don't recognise quality
Trey Пре месец
Maybe it's just been used a lot
Edward Thurston
Edward Thurston Пре месец
@Chad Cunningham Hahaha i noticed that
Chad Cunningham
Chad Cunningham Пре месец
For $300,000 you’d think they could align the nail deployment switch so it wasn’t at a crooked angle…
Adeeb Shaikh
Adeeb Shaikh Пре месец
I just love your enthusiasm and level of energy❤
Chuck R
Chuck R Пре месец
The third row seats appear very similar to the third row in my ‘07 suburban
Addison Arnold
Addison Arnold Пре 11 дана
Ive been in one a few times (it was tan), people think you are swat team about to raid a home. super cool car and rides like a dream, you can barely feel the road. In two lane roads people will instinctively move over as if you are either going to crush them or again the police coming down the road. Luxurious inside super cool!
Stuart Whitney
Stuart Whitney Пре месец
The escape catch is vulnerable to AP ammo and explosions.
Jason Schmitt
Jason Schmitt Пре месец
Looks like it was incredibly crappy with those awful looking a late 70's Italian exotic car - just randomly and shoddily added. Why Doug rated it so high is just mind blowing.
BvousBrainSystems Пре месец
The switches are crooked and there's a screw loose on the deadbolt. This isn't meant to be secure, it's meant to make you feel secure.
José Julián8A Navarro
José Julián8A Navarro Пре 9 дана
En mi querido Mexico 🇲🇽 más de uno la van a querer esta gran 🚙 suv
John Palmer
John Palmer Пре месец
Doug, you need to buy one and send it to Gale Banks to power tune the engine.
bigbags85 Пре месец
Definitely cool concept but the build budget must've been lower than Velocipastor lol.
Gilbert Mana
Gilbert Mana Пре месец
Absolutely worth every bit of $300k.
Nicholas Kellogg
Nicholas Kellogg Пре месец
This vehicle is lowkey a joke. Look at the finishing on everything. The switches are loose and not mounted well. Plus the windshield and top hatch not having much armor. It all just seems like a joke
Frik Frak
Frik Frak Пре месец
@Rafael Pernia i noticed when he was reviewing the rearview mirror it was already on Spanish too 😂
Rafael Pernia
Rafael Pernia Пре месец
@Shandwen third-tier tijuana druglord is the target here.
Spaceman Rick
Spaceman Rick Пре месец
That windshield is just a standard Ford windscreen. It even has Ford’s “SUPER DUTY” paint on it. I’d feel more secure in a bass-van.
Shandwen Пре месец
It's like something the Chinese would use.
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