The Ken & Barbie Couple - A Deal With The Devil | Mystery and Makeup - Bailey Sarian

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Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about this highly recommended story, seriously it's asked about every day. Haha. I thought I knew the whole shebang but turns out I sure did not! Such awful, terrible people, and I believe Karla got off way too easy! I Would love to hear your thoughts down below. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead and I hope to be seeing you very soon. Love and appreciate you so much!!
x o
Bailey Sarian
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Kim C
Kim C Пре 19 минута
Aaaaand SUBSCRIBED! You, and Mike at That Chapter. Two of the best with story telling.
Rickelle Jones
Rickelle Jones Пре сат
This honestly is the saddest story I’ve ever heard 🤢😢
Taylor Пре сат
Hearing someone try and pronounce Scarborough is so funny to me as a local lol!! We sorta say “scar - burrow “
Cecilia Romero
Cecilia Romero Пре 6 сати
When they get married on your birthday 😐😳👍
Tricia Williams
Tricia Williams Пре 10 сати
You can pronounce it Scar-bro.
kerry Eastwood
kerry Eastwood Пре 12 сати
@baileysarian Scarborough is pronounced Scar-Bra
onlywmnbleed alice
onlywmnbleed alice Пре 18 сати
just adore your presentations, naturally love the content. have u ever gotten into the amityville horror especially now that ronald defeo jr has passed away. another story would b about lisa steinberg, hedda nausbaum and joel steinberg -keep up great work
Kuemmerling Пре 22 сата
Bailey you should save the audio and have it on different podcast forums^^ I love the videos..but usually when i play games I just listen to your awesomeness^^ Stay safe!
Rats Rule 23
Rats Rule 23 Пре дан
There's a film featuring Misha Collins as Paul Bernardo and Laura Prepon as Carla.
Julia Grant
Julia Grant Пре дан
Richard Speck?
nickole galvez
nickole galvez Пре дан
Love her so much
doot doot
doot doot Пре дан
I’ve had family members who have gotten out of abusive relationships. She really tried using that card lol. but when you’re in a video tape WILLINGLY doing all that with your husband, you can’t use those excuses anymore. She’s sick just like him. Just a sick, twisted, demented person like Paul is. She apparently has kids now? And is settled in Quebec and volunteers at an elementary school. ( don’t know if she still does ) but regardless she should be shunned from the outside world. And never allowed near children.
MBZ Пре дан
Love your shirt!
Emma Soto
Emma Soto Пре дан
YES! Prison for ever! So crazy!
Wendi Williams
Wendi Williams Пре дан
Any video this week?
Amanda Cherry
Amanda Cherry Пре дан
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chris hahn
chris hahn Пре дан
The married north scilly blush because clock markedly follow a a slippery perfume. ruddy, zealous leopard
Teatime with Sara Holcomb
Teatime with Sara Holcomb Пре дан
This story in particular left me extremely disturbed
Misty Lambert
Misty Lambert Пре дан
How can I see what makeup she uses. I’ve tried to look and see but can’t find it!
R Пре 9 сати
Description box
NataliaNutella Пре дан
This is the only thing that makes my moday better
Cecilie Aqua
Cecilie Aqua Пре дан
100% Carla should have had to serve the same sentence as Paul.
Shamya Shanor
Shamya Shanor Пре дан
I love watching her videos it feels like you known her forever when she makes videos cause it doesn’t feel like a video ya know
Lillian Crawford
Lillian Crawford Пре дан
bailey you should do the memendez brothers case
Justina Andeme
Justina Andeme Пре 2 дана
The vagabond order equally stitch because rake microscopically moan save a legal powder. ruthless, tiresome acrylic
Niki Baker
Niki Baker Пре 2 дана
Karla should be in jail after all the harm she did to the families. To only get 12 years is extremely disrespectful.
Coco Loco
Coco Loco Пре 2 дана
🐍Can you please do a video about “The Serpent” I watched it on Netflix and I’m still scratching my head..... so mind boggling!!!!!!🐍
Tonia Gayle
Tonia Gayle Пре 2 дана
Carla was definitely more messed up than Paul. The fact that she was so quick to agree in having Paul assault her sister and then participating in it herself and keeping it a secret for so long without cracking shows just how messed up she is.
Huckle *__*
Huckle *__* Пре 2 дана
Sbe reminds me of Mikey(from glam and gore)
Melody :0
Melody :0 Пре 2 дана
It's pronounced 'scar-bro' I live in Toronto hahaha
Vio Venda
Vio Venda Пре 2 дана
Carla is evil. Period. Anyone who's capable of doing what she did is sick. It shouldn't be up for debate.
Dr. Angelique Trigueros of Fabulously Paleo
Dr. Angelique Trigueros of Fabulously Paleo Пре 2 дана
I’m obsessed with you lol
Andie Rose
Andie Rose Пре 2 дана
I lost it at your impressions of her 😂
JuicySkittlz Пре 2 дана
I love the way you explain the story. as if you were there and just explaining all you saw and heard.
Paige Walpole
Paige Walpole Пре 2 дана
As someone from Scarborough: its pronounced scar-bro
Mackenzie Ross 23
Mackenzie Ross 23 Пре 2 дана
she changed her identity and came into my town. unbelievable
Emily Mailing
Emily Mailing Пре 2 дана
They didn't suddenly find the tapes, I believe Bernardo's lawyer withheld them for months before bringing them into court
Meriam Elazab
Meriam Elazab Пре 2 дана
You make me feel like i have a BFF! LOL i end up talking to my laptop as if I’m responding to you 😂
Emily Mailing
Emily Mailing Пре 2 дана
Peeps Ahoyy
Peeps Ahoyy Пре 2 дана
Yo reactions be so realistic I’m so in loveeee😂😂‼️❤️‍🔥 forever gonna watch and support PERIODDDD 😭💕
Juanita Starmer
Juanita Starmer Пре 2 дана
Please do a vlog on Zack Bowen. It has not been done a 1000000000 times
J G Пре 3 дана
I remember this case. Pure evil.
Natalee Flake
Natalee Flake Пре 3 дана
So when does he get out? And if he does, will we be in danger?
Jasmine Bautista
Jasmine Bautista Пре 3 дана
My clapback to Karla's comment on 32:55: *Naw sis, he used them. He just didn't let YOU use them*
Caitlinn Zavala
Caitlinn Zavala Пре 3 дана
I’ve been watching you since 5 this morning it’s currently 4:30 I totally forgot about work I may need to call my boss but girl I already love these videos and you !
Amelia Naylor
Amelia Naylor Пре 3 дана
Did anyone else filha e her on ur recommended and now watches her everyday ;-;
Nova Bella
Nova Bella Пре 3 дана
pleeeease cover micheal swango aka dr. death!!! i’d love to hear your take on it 🤍
Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor Пре 3 дана
I want her to do Yolanda and Selena
Ur Veve
Ur Veve Пре 3 дана
I like how it’s always like halloween vibes here
leya mwanza
leya mwanza Пре 3 дана
actually I am sure that was the plan to seem ditzy in a way 🤔🤔🤔
More Coffee&Halloween
More Coffee&Halloween Пре 3 дана
She makes me think of the “cool Aunt”who was the one that would tell the scary stories around the campfire! Lol
Makayla Пре 3 дана
I luv her
Sarah K
Sarah K Пре 3 дана
girl iove watching your videos. a lot the crimes I've never even heard of and I am an avid watcher or crime 48 hours etc shows.. I also liked the acne skin care video may help my gf nephew.. he's so shy about his skin but he doesn't follow my advice at all. i tell him to drink water and keep his face clean and hands off. but anyway ima buy him some retinol or something, what do u think? he is only 20 eats whatever and who knows what else he does. lol
D C Пре 3 дана
Bailey the lawyer for Bernardo is the one who had the tapes that were given to him by Bernardo. The lawyers name was Kenneth Murray and he was charged with obstruction of justice and I believe he was disbarred for his involvement. He had the tapes for months before he turned them over to police. I live in Hamilton Ontario which is right in the middle between Toronto and St. Catherine’s. I was 25 at the time this was going on and I volunteered to be in the searches for Kristen French!
Latisha Penner
Latisha Penner Пре 4 дана
I love your voice and stories. It made me smile when you say scarborough and then have to try again, you did very well. I use to live 3-4 hrs from there.
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Пре 4 дана
"He ended up giving Karla 2 black eyes, a broken rib and severe bruises" Me: I love that for her😌
Shannon Graham
Shannon Graham Пре 4 дана
This one is close to home. Went to the same high school as Paul (he was a few years a head) and a friend of a friend was one of his Scarborough victims. Had blonde male friends being pulled over for walking down the street (one stopped counting on the 7th stop). Having said that...interesting to hear the story from Bailey. FYI Karla goes by Leanne Teale now
Shannon Graham
Shannon Graham Пре 4 дана
And Bailey if you're from Scarborough we don't pronounce the first O ;) More like Scar-bro
ItsKeerthi Пре 4 дана
Your videos are my favorite. I'm dying at the way you say Scarborough. It's pronounced Scar-Bro.
Katelyn lajune
Katelyn lajune Пре 4 дана
I don’t see her as a victim . And how could her parents accept they killed her sister? Did she tell them she sexually assaulted her first? Absolutely disgusting
Carson Chapman
Carson Chapman Пре 4 дана
As someone who lives in St.Catharines Ontario this case was so huge in our city to this day my mom will always tell me how much it impacted their lives at the time. Weren’t allowed to walk home alone or anywhere, go out when it was dark out etc.
Yanelli Morales
Yanelli Morales Пре 4 дана
She in now walking freely....
Dominique Calvo
Dominique Calvo Пре 4 дана
My mom used to ALWAYS tell us as kids “monsters look just like you and me” she always drilled it into our heads that you never know a persons true intentions no matter what they look like or even act like
Luba Zak
Luba Zak Пре дан
Smart mother.
Mindy Mixon
Mindy Mixon Пре 4 дана
Karla is just as guilty as Paul. Google the court transcripts pdf!
Stacey Barrett
Stacey Barrett Пре 4 дана
I was 11 years old that summer of 1992, less than half an hour away from St Catharines... And I just keep remembering the phrase "cream colored Camaro" as the one thing to be most terrified of in life. We weren't allowed to walk to school that September for fear of being abducted.
Chris Joyce
Chris Joyce Пре 4 дана
When Paul Bernardo was housed in Kingston penitentiary there was a scandal about guards allowing people to bid on beating him for an auctioned fee. A dozen guards were fired. Kinda wish that still happened 🤔
Tanya LaMont
Tanya LaMont Пре 5 дана
I was wondering why the FBI would be called to Canada for crimes. Doesn't Canada have its own crime force? Very sick and depraved story. Carl's tricked them!
Aliyah Coulson
Aliyah Coulson Пре 5 дана
can you do a video on trystan bailey ?
Aisha Johnson
Aisha Johnson Пре 5 дана
I’ve never heard of this story so thanks for doing it I don’t live under a rock
Violent violet
Violent violet Пре 5 дана
At least you know when you mispronounce words, I mispronounce them so confidently 😐
MissSallyB1 Пре 5 дана
given that Karla had a past incident of animal cruelty I'm surprised she was working in a pet shop/vet's office...or maybe not...
p1nk_d0ll Пре 5 дана
Paul kinda look like Eminem 💀
Everglow-Up Пре 5 дана
"I was scared, so I stayed blah blah" no sis, you were fvcked up, he was fvcked up and y'all were destined to do fvcked up sh*t...period...
Janae Chavez
Janae Chavez Пре 5 дана
Could you please do the case of Sandra Cantu, I was in Kindergarten in the same school as her and I would want more information because I don't remember much.
Grandma's advice
Grandma's advice Пре 5 дана
i watched a movie on this story. but funny enough i still listened to her from the beginning till the end. she just know how to tell a story.
deborah milan
deborah milan Пре 5 дана
Pls feature liz golyar case
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls Пре 5 дана
two psychopaths that found each other. sadly.
Brittneey Patricaa
Brittneey Patricaa Пре 5 дана
I swear I could watch these over and over again and they don’t get boring AT all and it’s like it’s the first time all over again, I fricken LOVE her 💞 I’ve watched every single video of hers !!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Theo Dakota Wilder
Theo Dakota Wilder Пре 5 дана
As someone from Scarborough, I’ll forever love the way people who aren’t from here pronounce Scarborough and Toronto 😭💕
Alize Hancock
Alize Hancock Пре 5 дана
Am I the only one that think they’re not attractive? Like at all. Miss Sarian please cover the Villa Convento hotel in New Orleans ! 🥺🖤 much love!
Northern Lights
Northern Lights Пре 5 дана
I live in Windsor Ontario Canada which is just 4 hrs south of Toronto and 3 hrs south of St. Calerine’s. I remember this story so well, I was a teenager when this happened and it was the biggest story in Canada at that time...these 2 are sick and Karla should have done life in prison.
MissyJeanTaylor Пре 5 дана
Scar-bore-oh ;p
abby latkowski
abby latkowski Пре 5 дана
so your telling me the fisherman had concrete evidence of the victim
lemondale11 Пре 6 дана
Scarborough in England is pronounced 'scar-bruh' or 'scarburuh' if you're a southerner :)
Ron Armstrong
Ron Armstrong Пре 6 дана
"scar-bur-row" scarborough lol
RayGe FdZ
RayGe FdZ Пре 6 дана
"Where did all my perfumes go?" I had a bunch of perfumes here and the detectives took everything"
Emily MacAskill
Emily MacAskill Пре 6 дана
Okay okay super cool thing... I learned about this case in one of my political science classes in university and I learned that the police actually ended up finding the tapes in the bathroom in the ceiling under one of those push up tiles. They were just chilling up in the ceiling above their heads the whole time.
I stan thee
I stan thee Пре 6 дана
Ohmygod just adopt me
k s-c
k s-c Пре 6 дана
scar-burrow lol 😂😂 but I just found ya and I’m here for this content
margaret tallett
margaret tallett Пре 6 дана
This, as a Canadian who has all my dads family in Ste. Catharines, Thorold, Niagara and spent many years going there for summer holidays and Christmas... , I lived in Toronto myself, knew the areas. It was horrifying. Embarrassing and horrifying!! We were all just talking about her the other day.
Justine Hornberger
Justine Hornberger Пре 6 дана
Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I still see Karla as a victim and I still think the manslaughter charge is appropriate, regardless of how enthusiastic she appeared to be on the tapes. I don't believe Karla would have ever initiated this behavior had it not been for Paul's involvement in her life and especially his abuse. I was emotionally abused before and as uncomfortable as this is to admit, sometimes I engaged in toxic behavior as well as a means to feel some sense of power and control in the relationship. At this point she might have been attempting to regain control by becoming just as sadistic as he was in those moments, as a way to convince herself that she wasn't a victim. She still did it, and she still deserved the manslaughter charge, but ultimately Paul is responsible for making all this happen.
Latoshia Zimmerman
Latoshia Zimmerman Пре 7 дана
Wow!!!!!! Great job Bailey!!!
Katy Smith
Katy Smith Пре 7 дана
There is a lifetime movie about this and it's called the Ken and Barbie killers, it shows where the tapes were hidden, they were hidden in a cubby hole inside the house!
pat cole
pat cole Пре 7 дана
She should have gotten life for what she did. I mean her little sister? Not to mention all the other girls!! It’s just horrendous. Love your videos Bailey!
Ericka Robinson
Ericka Robinson Пре 7 дана
Karl is stilling living that’s sad in she’s free
Layla Dounoukos
Layla Dounoukos Пре 7 дана
To this day those documents are sealed in Canada. A movie was released and banned in Canada. And we can't access the movie online either.
Heather Elizabeth
Heather Elizabeth Пре 7 дана
I love your makeup in this one!!!! and yes...Karla needed to be in prison ALOT longer than 12 years.
Martin Oberman
Martin Oberman Пре 7 дана
Machine Gun Kelly Looks like Paul Bernardo's son.
msmariko85 Пре 7 дана
The actor that played Paul in the movie said he regrets playing that role
Cat_Tayles king
Cat_Tayles king Пре 7 дана
i hate carla so much
jyme llao
jyme llao Пре 7 дана
It’s pronounced SCAR-BRO
blossom Пре 7 дана
your content is interesting but it's sad that you use brands that do animal testing.. it makes the video repulsive:( guys, please use cruelty free brands.. logical harmony has a list for that.
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