Tesla Battery Day: entire Event in 16 minutes (Supercut)

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Tesla Battery Day event finally happened. Elon Musk made some big announcements. The company is planning to get rid of Cobalt in their batteries and to manufacture its own “tabless” batteries, called 4860 cells. This type of battery is six times more powerful, and the range will be increased by 16 percent. The new battery technology will make a $25,000 Tesla car a reality. Tesla Model S with Plaid powertrain also was announced, which can reach 60 mph in less than 2 seconds and break records on tracks. Max speed: 200 mph.

Wire Dob
Wire Dob Пре 9 сати
Akash 😀😀😀🙏
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре дан
1000PS Elektrohummer kommt. www.n-tv.de/22119262
I'm so disapointed... Where is the transparent aluminium?
Jordan Gate
Jordan Gate Пре 3 дана
I wonder how many people honked their horns at the wrong time pretending to understand what Elon was talking about.
Suhaib Imtiyaz
Suhaib Imtiyaz Пре 5 дана
The gold standard is still an all metal lithium anode. Only goodenough can make it good enough for production
Luca Siciliano
Luca Siciliano Пре 7 дана
papayspeanut Пре 7 дана
Wonder what BS lucid will bring up haha
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem Пре 8 дана
Expect for copycats to go at it at once! Not only chinese compacts (they always do), but also 130 year old European & US ones that have made saudi arabia, azerbaijan, turkey, iraq etc. richer than many Western countries and have almost singlehandedly ensured that Europe (and the West at large) is no more Europe.
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem Пре 8 дана
Impressive! Lovely! Go Tesla!
Thomas Hayes
Thomas Hayes Пре 8 дана
History in the making.
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 9 дана
GTE Technology in Seat Leon, Scodia Octavia iV, Tiguan, Passat & Golf www.seat.de/modelle/leon/ehybrid.html?idcmp=sea:11_MODEL_LEON_Exact:GOOGLE:Plug-In-Hybrid:seat+leon+hybrid:NA:NA&dns=true&gclid=CjwKCAjwz6_8BRBkEiwA3p02VeYgbxEfK-S5PhJ5t3a7fP_3HC5jNmtTQ17mpPD-wh3iIiVu-IPtNhoC2e4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds www.skoda-auto.de/news/news-detail/der-neue-octavia
Strech Пре 10 дана
If Elon’s iron man then is the bearded guy jarvis? 😂
Xavier Castro
Xavier Castro Пре 11 дана
Looks like CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. had also come out with a tabless battery design. I randomly bought 955 shares today of CBAT because it was the only stock that was moving up from all the EV stocks I’m watching. I just had some surplus funds in my Robinhood and so I put it all to work. Then I saw the big jump and I started researching why. I couldn’t find anything anywhere....until I found this lonely random article dated 09/28/20: “CBAK Energy has Successfully Developed Large-sized Cylindrical Tabless Battery with 25% Boost in Energy Density and 20% Cost Saving”. What the?! Do you know what that means?! This is HUGE! I don’t want to put the link to the article here because I don’t want you to think I’m trying to spam. Google the article for yourself. The quote above is the title of the article. As far as I know, Tesla is the only one that developed a tabless battery design. Googled around “tabless battery” and the only thing Google returns is about Tesla. On Tesla Battery Day all they talk about is their “tabless battery design” and how it is a game changer for them. Now I stumble across CBAK Energy doing the same?! Look into this and tell me where my thinking is wrong. According to the article, “CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. ("CBAK Energy",NASDAQ: CBAT), a world's leading lithium-ion battery provider”...wow. The worlds leading!!! Let me know what you think. Have a good day.
Xavier Castro
Xavier Castro Пре 9 дана
@Shourya Bose I appreciate your response. That’s what the article was saying, that it passed the R&D phase and is ready for production. I’m all in Tesla. I believe in Tesla. Tesla is my biggest stock holding. I’m genuinely concerned that this article may be true. I’m just saying, Tesla will make its batteries for Tesla but this manufacture makes batteries for everyone. I’m actually hoping this article is BS. I was just wanting to hear everyone else’s opinion. Thanks
Shourya Bose
Shourya Bose Пре 9 дана
Be careful. 25% improvement over what? CBAK doesn't mention its baseline. At least Tesla explicitly tells us that their baseline is their own previous batteries. Also, making a tabless battery in the lab isn't difficult (I worked at an Indian university and even we made "tabless" batteries in the department's material science lab). Getting reliability and volume production is improtant.
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 13 дана
@John Pittman Sunsidy amount in BRD was increased in june until 31.12.2021 from 1.7,2020 to 2 billion € before same amount 2020-2025 now for 300 000 cars in 18 months but now about 40 000/monrhs e-cars & plugin each car 6666€ devils number on subsidy half from manufacturers to pay ! 2 years free loading or CNG ? www.t-online.de/auto/technik/id_88724978/auto-elektrofahrzeuge-wird-das-foerdergeld-schon-knapp-.html
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 13 дана
Grund wieso Ford Kuga hybrid nach Erfolg gleich wieder weg aber Joint Venture mit Tesla für 4WD 700bar CNG hybrid geht ? app.handelsblatt.com/technik/thespark/plug-in-hybrid-brandgefahr-ford-bekommt-batterieprobleme-beim-kuga-nicht-in-den-griff/26268542.html Renault ZOE Nr. 1 bei E-Auto weil Franzosen hier kaufen ? Passat GTE Nr. 1 bei Plugin und Golf & Tiguan kommen.wie ID 4 bis Subventionstopf leer ! Tesla sollte auf jeden Fall schmell Plugin Hybrid bauen da damit 5 mal soviel baubar mit selber Lithiumproduktion so am Ende mehr direkt elektrisch mit Rekuparation fahrbar geht aber auch mit Elektrolyse H2 + CO2 bei Strom von Wasserkraft auch anderswo, Atomkraft und kalter Fusion die geht nie viel zu heiß, Förderung CNG Hybrid müßte höher sein nicht umgedreht ! E-Auto ist nicht Zero Carbon wen bei Lithiumproduktion freigesetzt bei Energy Break Even 30 000km dazu kommt Strom oft von Kohle & Erdgas letzteres noch viel abgefackelt und BRD hat selber Frackinggas www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-30350-MS www.goingelectric.de/zulassungszahlen/ m.rstoolss.info/long/video/xauqymev0nGHrLA m.rstoolss.info/long/video/y9uo3YWpq3didoo deutsch.rt.com/nordamerika/107754-er-ist-wieder-da-trump/
The Vegan HESST
The Vegan HESST Пре 14 дана
It’s time to check out the extremely fun & affordable future of mini-transportation, only on Indiegogo rstoolss.info/long/video/1d2TzJ7Zqnd_p5w
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 15 дана
Our genius Herbert Diess and all cheating mama Angela Merkel en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Diess?wprov=sfla1 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel?wprov=sfla1,
Retro CD
Retro CD Пре 16 дана
You cut that 69% Elon made I'm angry lol
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 16 дана
100km/h-200km/h acceleration of new VW Tiuareg R plugin, hybrid from VW AG 452hp rstoolss.info/long/video/tamWyIa7w3yLgGk
TMB247 Пре 16 дана
Indy 500 is going to get interesting
Old School Rider
Old School Rider Пре 16 дана
Dark Helmet included...
Telogor Пре 17 дана
How do you replace the structural battery once it wears out? From what they're saying, it sounds like they'd have to take the frame of the car apart to replace the battery pack.
Jarrah Пре 17 дана
the cars using their horns to clap cracks me up
_proto_type_ Пре 17 дана
Elon is becoming a chunky boi
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 18 дана
History of electro mobility and zero carbon super hattery CNG (H2+CO2) with 700bar 4WD trifuel hybrid, CNG truck, bus, train, ship and cheap airplanes. www.n-tv.de/22064724
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 18 дана
Will that be a chicken farm ? Any video from new ID VW AG extension build up in USA and from working Zwickau factory with all day information about genius legend Diess etc etc. ? Tesla could sell much again in september without normally one month less deliveries but succesfull Ford Kuga hybrid could likely not deliver more also for gettng high subsidy before pot out limited to 2 billion € 2020-2025 means about 6600 • 5000€/month for e-cars and plugin hybrids in Q4 with ID 4, Golf and Tiguan GTE awaited more in numbers than Passat GTE already Nr. 1 hybrid Tesla Nr 2 VW ID 3 Nr 3 but still much e-golf and e-up in norway ID 3 Nr 1 also the taycan buyed. 600mio. € set already for subsidies likely limited also annually until 2025 2 billion €. How to sell 500 000cars/a in EU if tesla gigafab is finished 2021 ? Giga means less VW planning 900 000-1.5mio. VW ID cars. All together about 3.3 mio. new cars/a in BRD in world 100mio. www.goingelectric.de/zulassungszahlen/2020/September/
anuvrat Chhillar
anuvrat Chhillar Пре 19 дана
Horn part is amazing!!! 😂❤️🐢
TriggerHappy Me
TriggerHappy Me Пре 19 дана
This is the man that has literally reinvented the car, the rocket, underground travel, space travel, brain signal transmission, and now batteries, give him a NOBEL!
Paul Order
Paul Order Пре 21 дан
What a joke .
ProbeGT2 Пре 22 дана
all those production cost reductions are nice, but what about recycling those cells once their lifecycle will be over?
Beef Pinch-A-loaf
Beef Pinch-A-loaf Пре 22 дана
Billionaires are a dime a dozen but Elon musk is one in 1 Dillion, and yes that’s Dillion with a D
BJames3351 Пре 23 дана
Look at these two: First of all, the whole thing has a 'used car salesman' vibe to it; you just KNOW they are bullshitting in places, especially as it pertains to the scalability, growth projections etc. Second, Elon can't speak worth a shit, its as though he is nervous for some reason or is just a poor communicator. The skinny guy, whoever he is, is smart, but got really lucky he somehow fell into this job and is now a top dog and doesn't have to work his ass off doing the actual work making the break-throughs whilst a gun is pointed at his head. He gets to stand on stage and make the sales pitch and act like he and Elon are going save the world with their effort alone. Forget the actual people who did the work. Its all SO gimmicky. In the case of the skinny guy, you can tell he is a touchy-feely flaming lib that really truly thinks he is saving the world with his bullshit and has an aire of arrogance about him as that type of person usually does (unjustifiably I would add). Unreal....just unreal. Now that I know the truth from personal experience as an engineer....the people behind them are truly doing great things (they have to, they have no choice with a gun pointed at their head, unless they want their kids to starve...and you might be surprised to find out just how many engineers leave the field within 5 years of starting their first job....its a meat grinder), these two clowns just get to take the victory laps and claim the credit. Forget the shortened life expectancy and reduction in quality of life from the stress on those engineers, nah, forget about what pushing people like this does to the human psyche. THEY are saving the world...ssuuuuure they are. The share of the pie has to change. I am not talking about redistribution via federal government, I am talking redistribution through society. In other words, the social contract has changed since life was good for a working society (like it was in this country in the 50's and 60's from a purely economics standpoint), and much for the worse. These two benefit greatly by pushing the hell out of their engineers to figure out all of these complex methods and what do the engineers really get out of it except another year that they get to feed their kids and pay their mortgage and car insurance? Engineering culture today, because of the business culture that is driving the bus, is really cut throat. Its about survival, by any means you can muster. You have to produce something, on a weekly basis, to justify your employment as an engineer today. You might say to yourself, "whats the problem with that? We ALL have to produce at our job". While that is true, intellectual work is not just something that you can show up at your job, lift a few boxes or fill out a few forms, and viola...its done. NO...there can be many failures in trying to figure something out with nothing to really show for it, and a good bit of time and resources invested between EACH ONE of those failures....YET....they want it NOW. Pushing people like that does bad things to them psychologically. I encourage you to NOT send your kids to school to be engineers. I mean seriously....TOTALLY lopsided....and yet they get credited in-part with saving the fucking planet....yeah ok.
PAJTIM Пре 23 дана
Fast improvement !
truth Seeker
truth Seeker Пре 23 дана
Anybody else depressed Elon looks like a fat lesbian now😭 what happened to the real life tony stark.
Alfinurrohman1 Alfin
Alfinurrohman1 Alfin Пре 23 дана
Madhuri Bhave
Madhuri Bhave Пре 24 дана
Awesome TESLA needs to move out from Automotive to other sectors which require desperately quick TESLA kind of innovation. What I feel is the best achievement is moving out from Cobal and sulphate free lithium process also moving to much more abundantly available silicon this will help to reduce carbon footprints.
Robert Kurowski
Robert Kurowski Пре 24 дана
If I was Elon Musk I would make sure and have a kill code. Set up at the China factory. That has to be reset regularly.... just to protecting intellectual properties and factory production. So when the CCP gives them the shaft...
vannia das
vannia das Пре 24 дана
Love the way they are openly discussing their company secrets with the customers, just like that! Hats off, tesla
Elton John Candy
Elton John Candy Пре 25 дана
Number on screen *HONKKK*
kinn grimm
kinn grimm Пре 25 дана
In the 90's and at the beginning of this melinium, car manufactureres hesitated to develop and produce electric vehicles. I suppose so they could milk the existing marriage with the oil sector due to the combustion model. Now i expect most of them won't be keeping pace with and loosing more and more market shares to Tesla. Serves them right.
Ardo Robello
Ardo Robello Пре 25 дана
What is the recycle plan or program when we upgrade our Electric Vehicles ?
Derrick Hui
Derrick Hui Пре 25 дана
This battery day is science crash course!
Flinstone TV
Flinstone TV Пре 25 дана
After one year maybe you reach to 1000mi omg Elon : ive never give up Thats is unusual for a human your a hardworking genius
Flinstone TV
Flinstone TV Пре 25 дана
The inventor who just do it better and better Elon : i want much better what we have
Luner Link OG
Luner Link OG Пре 26 дана
hey im 13 an Im thinking about investing in tesla should I?
Caruzo96 Пре 26 дана
when they say 54% RANGE INCREASE is it per cell or per weight of batterys or per dollar amount? i dont get it
Colin Southern
Colin Southern Пре 23 дана
Caruzo96 I thought that the 16% referred to vehicle range on a single charge.
Caruzo96 Пре 23 дана
Colin Southern still not sure about the +16% though they weren’t really clear about it... might mean per volume unit in the finished battery pack or per kg or something else i didn’t think about but not per cell because that would be so much worse than the previous cells actually xp
Colin Southern
Colin Southern Пре 24 дана
Caruzo96 Ah - that makes sense. More energy per cell - less cells - but modest improvements due to efficiency gains.
Caruzo96 Пре 25 дана
Colin Southern 5x energy (watthours) per cell (because they are much bigger) 16% more range per watthour (efficiency because of new tap design and because cells are bigger with improved thermal design) 6x power output (ampere) per cell (again because much bigger and more active material) 56% OVERALL range increase per watthour (new cell design, new anodes, new cathodes)
Colin Southern
Colin Southern Пре 25 дана
@Caruzo96 I'm not sure either. Perhaps he's talking per dollar or something. Put it this way - if someone came up with a technology that doubled battery energy density then it would be headline news everywhere. If they came up with a way to increase it by 500% then that would be something that they'd interrupt a POTUS announcement of life discovered on another planet for but ... nothing. It would also mean proportional increases in range; that's certainly how it works with my big RC helicopters. A 16% increase in range suggests to me that they've increased energy density by around ... 16% - not 500 percent. There could be other variables like changes in size etc, but it wouldn't account for a 500% difference. So I'm really at a loss to understand just what he means.
Alexandros Pantelidis
Alexandros Pantelidis Пре 26 дана
tesla's are not cars are maounes
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Пре 26 дана
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LifestyleChange Solar
LifestyleChange Solar Пре 26 дана
Going Green 🔋
customer is king
customer is king Пре 26 дана
whatwherethere Пре 27 дана
Step One: Steal Bolivian Lithium in a coup Step Two: Pretend you did some engineering and never mention your supply chain Step Three: Take all the money. Nothing here but MIC in action.
Edwin Vazquez
Edwin Vazquez Пре 27 дана
Elon musk for president 2020!!!
P8 Zero
P8 Zero Пре 27 дана
It's The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer
Mr Georgio
Mr Georgio Пре 27 дана
Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
exeterweathermodification watch
exeterweathermodification watch Пре 27 дана
Try Nordost cables they are fast
Okie Bear
Okie Bear Пре 27 дана
What do you feel about Bolivia‘s finding of lithium and them back in China just to have an overthrow a government that backs more US tour now a German drilling company is going to extracted and tesla is going to open a factory in Germany
M M Пре 27 дана
Jacob Young could play Musk in the movie
Off-Grid Optimist
Off-Grid Optimist Пре 27 дана
And which country are you going to force to hand over that silicon, tesla?
John Пре 27 дана
I am not really surprised, but to see the TSLA share price fall after this event merely demonstrates to me that the financial world operates according to reverse logic. If a company makes a "great" announcement, they sell because the results were not good enough. If the results make a "good" announcement, they do much the same, but more strongly. Make a weak announcement and the share prices often go up! This announcement is a great *long-term* announcement; and the financial crowd do not seem to think further into the future than the next reporting period.
Diyan Dobrev
Diyan Dobrev Пре 27 дана
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Пре 27 дана
Horns just don't have the ring of claps...
Kristal Yeow
Kristal Yeow Пре 28 дана
Under water cable bear do we do bear dont do i dont do, if lose money we hug together n die
Dlerious D
Dlerious D Пре 28 дана
OOOooo...can't wait for a great EV made by Tesla I can afford...I'm with ya all the way....EV is the best and only way to go towards a literal brighter and better future
Dan Tee Sud
Dan Tee Sud Пре 28 дана
Elon should beef up his personal security, the oil and car companies will be out for his blood.
timbd87 Пре 28 дана
Horny audience
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Пре 28 дана
Lately two things are very famous, Musk and Mask.
Gary Hayden
Gary Hayden Пре 28 дана
The wheel is the motor.
Edgaras V
Edgaras V Пре 28 дана
Wtf??? I wasn't invited😬
karthick bubbly
karthick bubbly Пре 28 дана
Am from Indian country, Tamil NADU State 🔥such a great teacher ELON MUSK 💝
Carlo Herrmann
Carlo Herrmann Пре 28 дана
Superlative 15 minutes to revolutionary change
Solar Power USA
Solar Power USA Пре 29 дана
We have Tesla Batteries
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Пре 29 дана
Nothing new here
Karolis B7
Karolis B7 Пре 29 дана
Looks like a perfect time for buying tesla stocks. Tesla is on its way to become the next microsoft
Paul Watson
Paul Watson Пре 29 дана
I think Elon Musk is a genius
TheBenjammin5150 Пре 29 дана
This company is such a joke. Elon is a fraud, the truth will come out.
Decatombe Пре 28 дана
Ok boomer
Bobbi Kyky
Bobbi Kyky Пре 29 дана
All great where is the cows poop go?🤣
Adam Rutter
Adam Rutter Пре 29 дана
So cool...
arjanv45 Пре 29 дана
United States. A country with brilliant people and two completely incompetent presidential candidates..
Marek Sýkora
Marek Sýkora Пре 29 дана
More Teslas in USA means more CO2 produced. In most states of USA the growing consumption of electricity is covered by higher production in coal powerplants. Teslas are coal burners in most states of USA. So, Elon, please, safe your effort on bateries and try to make some inovation in electricity production in cold foggy winter days. Please, concentrate on fusion reactors electricity production.
Joe OConnor
Joe OConnor Пре 29 дана
King Miura
King Miura Пре 29 дана
Let's make more lithium batteries....power your home....your lawnmower...everything....there is an unlimited supply of lithium.....no problem with rising prices.....new battery technology is twice as expensive...power up! Get a brain implant and fly to Mars...because Elon is not - but he wants you to go instead...nice guy.
Great but Tesla maybe can't do their plans in 2030
Doug Halpern
Doug Halpern Пре 29 дана
Can Elon give the entire presentation next time.
DNASHID Пре 29 дана
Bravo Tesla!
K G Пре месец
Where is the battery?
Dzalissimo MK
Dzalissimo MK Пре месец
make 5000 dollar vehicle than we can talk ... :D
Dad Channel
Dad Channel Пре месец
Elon is an awesome Dad
0Tweaky0 Пре месец
Why do those cars keep swearing at him :D
DotMatrix Пре месец
*happy car noises*
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Пре месец
May the gods smile upon Elon
BlackFeather Пре месец
oil company don't like this video.
Stephen Low
Stephen Low Пре месец
If the battery pack becomes a glued structural part of the car, does this mean it becomes unreplaceable? The life of the car becomes the life of the batteries, or any single one of them?
R R Пре месец
-Tesla making new battery technology further pushing the world into the future like no other everyone else: Yeaaaa no, that sucks, lets plummet the value of the company
Daniel Jamieson
Daniel Jamieson Пре месец
Is Elon Musk human?
Tim Ypp
Tim Ypp Пре месец
Let say at the moment Tesla is paying $100/kWh for Panasonic batteries and say Panasonic is churning out 35GWh a year. That's 100 * 35,000,000 = $3.5b in revenue for Panasonic Nevada. If Tesla can pull this tetrawatt thing off and they get the price down to $50kwh. Tesla would be saving themselves $50b or in another way- $50b in revenue as a battery company.
ulaalzaa ulaalzaa
ulaalzaa ulaalzaa Пре месец
Гайхалтай шүү
รศŋɖყყ ყყρหคร
รศŋɖყყ ყყρหคร Пре месец
how can i order these cells for my bike
Rob Brenton
Rob Brenton Пре месец
I've built batteries like these years ago in my garage. I should have sold them !!!
PCMasterRaceTechGod Пре месец
So pretty much all those people in those cars bought into soon to be super outdated tech. At the rate they are improving their cars, it really makes no sense to buy one now
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson Пре месец
The Osborne effect!
Aaron Пре месец
holy shit.
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