Skip & Shannon react to Jags' organization not being thrilled with Tebow signing | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Tim Tebow is reportedly set to sign a deal with the Jaguars but not everyone in Jacksonville is happy about it. According to a report yesterday, there are people in the Jaguars building who are not quote, 'thrilled' about the potential signing. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Jacksonville Jaguars signing Tim Tebow.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip \u0026 Shannon react to Jags' organization not being thrilled with Tebow signing | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Пре месец
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ThomasFromTN Пре месец
It's ironic...the more Skip Bayless talks and talks and TALKS about being confused and (genuinely) personally disturbed as to why Tim Tebow is such a polarizing figure in sports...the more he lends exhibit to exactly why Tim Tebow is such a polarizing figure in sports.
Chris R
Chris R Пре месец
To see the look on Shannon's face as Skip is going gaga over Tebow is unparalleled: Totally classic!!! I just couldn't stop laughing!!
Reignmkr! Пре месец
Great statement: He is the most polarizing 'marginal' athlete we've ever seen!
Jack Shockey
Jack Shockey Пре месец
Who cares he won’t even play
ben l
ben l Пре месец
This is gonna be funny
GreenFridays Пре 29 дана
Shannon: I don't want to make this a racial issue but..... he is a straight, white, evangelical male. Good debate, but both of them take this topic too personally. Tebow has no business in the NFL as a tight end, but he isn't the first, last, or even the only one this season to benefit from personal relationships. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Oo7'smom 007 papa
Oo7'smom 007 papa Пре месец
Tim got the job. Get over it!!!
Morris Johnson Jr
Morris Johnson Jr Пре месец
Imma say it here first if he does make the team a documentary will come out about how he got bullied in the locker room years later🤐
Morris Johnson Jr
Morris Johnson Jr Пре месец
Shannon brought up a good point think about the kids who didn’t get drafted who played TE and this man gets a contract after not being in a football locker room for more than 5 years and gets to play a position at the highest level that they have never played before
Linda Day Holliday
Linda Day Holliday Пре месец
Why would everyone be happy he is not talented enough to play the position. There are more qualified people who deserve that chance more than Tebow.
Boss Blck
Boss Blck Пре месец
Skip is a Tebow groupie
Sammy Southpaw
Sammy Southpaw Пре месец
If anybody at this day and time still think the nfl is real,I feel sorry for them.
calm 104
calm 104 Пре месец
Skip is saying everything but not being a good quarterback. Tebow is not God's gift to pro players that can actually play!
Davey Jones
Davey Jones Пре месец
lol racist
Raymond Rosario
Raymond Rosario Пре месец
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LeftLane Hip Hop
LeftLane Hip Hop Пре месец
Skip talks to long...long winded
CyberviewU Пре месец
Tebow scored 34 times in his first 16 games of playing time. You don't take the ball out of the hands of a high scoring QB and make him a tight end. His 34 scores would rank 2nd for scores by a QB in 2019. The NFL should hang their heads in shame. Lamar Jackson scored 43 times in 2019 and ranked 1st for scores by a QB. MVP. Tim Tebow scored 34 times in his first 549 touches, passing or rushing. Russell Wilson scored 34 times in 591 touches and was 2nd in 2019 Jameis Winston scored 34 times in 685 touches and ranked 3rd for scores by a QB in 2019 Deshawn Watson scored 33 times in 577 touches. 4th Dak Prescottt scored 33 times in 648 touches. 5th Tebow's scoring in his first 16 games of playing time would rank 2nd in 2019 for scores by a quarterback. Tebow scored 34 times with 9 Ints in 549 touches in his first 16 games of play in Denver. Lamar Jackson, the 2019 MVP, scored 32 times in 687 touches in his first 16 games. Tebow was 33% more efficient at scoring per touch, passing or rushing, in his first 16 games of playing time. Note that 4 of the top 5 scoring QBs are dual threat. The NFL is now dominated by quarterbacks that run and throw. Tebow earned the job of QB in the NFL.
Molorange Пре месец
Why is everyone so butthurt that he got this chance? It’s cool when guys get to the nfl off some miracle chance for anyone but Tim Tebow
Bimbo Duduyemi
Bimbo Duduyemi Пре месец
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DirtMcGert313 Пре месец
They shoudvle just signed Tim Tebow as the Waterboy n called it a day
DirtMcGert313 Пре месец
Tim "The Waterboy" Tebow
David Olson
David Olson Пре месец
if he was any good he would still be playing in the NFL... Teblows just SUUUUCCCKKKKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i almost forgot that jacksonville was still in the NFL... tim teBlows???????? this is gonna be fun to watch:)) :)) :))
unclevroomvroom Пре месец
It's a great idea! Tebow will be huge for the NFL. The NFL went woke, and lost huge. Tebow will bring back many who were turned off, because of the SJ BS. He will also bring much moolah!
Mattys Fixins
Mattys Fixins Пре месец
Can you two jamokes make one segment without mentioning the cowboys? I didnt think so
Swordfish 000
Swordfish 000 Пре месец
The NFL cannot make any money from Tim Tebow endorsement deals because of a loophole. Tebow donates all of his endorsements to charity, which cost the NFL millions. If the NFL cannot make money off Tebow through his endorsement deals; Gatorade being one; then why would they want him in the NFL??. That’s what this is about
alien dude
alien dude Пре месец
Tebow has God given abilities. But he is not a quarterback and I doubt a true tightend. But we shall see.
Derek Denner
Derek Denner Пре месец
I almost can't even watch these two anymore. They used to be my favorite, but now all they ever talk about on every single show is race...
Justin Пре месец
Skip and richard sherman would make the best undisputed
Fue Yang
Fue Yang Пре месец
Urban's way + Jacksonville + tebow = 3-14
Stanley Jointer II
Stanley Jointer II Пре месец
14:57 Although I'm not sure how I really feel about Tebow playing, I can tell you that we do not know whether other teams aside from Jacksonville were contacted. For all we know, Tebow had been trying to get back in the league this entire time
Charles Lacombe
Charles Lacombe Пре месец
Hopefully Shannon's Big, RACIST mouth gets Shut with Tebow setting records at TE and breaks any records Shannon may have set.
Pru itt
Pru itt Пре месец
Skip should play DB with all that back pedaling 🥴
Charles Lacombe
Charles Lacombe Пре месец
I hope Tim Tebow shuts all these Racists like Shannon Sharpe up with a pro bowl season. Fk these POS Scumbags who make everything about Race.
Z L Пре месец
If tebow was black we wouldn't hear about anything
jlowery68 Пре месец
Skip caught Shannon hating and being racist. Nice job Skip
john doe
john doe Пре месец
Shannon says it’s not a race issue but brings up that Tebow is a straight, white, Evangelical male hahahah what an idiot
jaime esquivel
jaime esquivel Пре месец
Why 🤣 does it matter what he wants to do to anyone but Teebow.
MikekiM Пре месец
Allll the haters going to be eating crow.
Ravens Fan
Ravens Fan Пре месец
This is such a distraction for Trevor Lawrence 🙄
The Dark Overlord
The Dark Overlord Пре месец
lol why not bring Tebow in? not like the Jags have ever done anything relevant anyway.
Signaturestriking Пре месец
Is a TE end around reverse pass a thing? It’s about to be
Dominic Mallano
Dominic Mallano Пре месец
He’s not getting out of training camp
Bill Fleetwood
Bill Fleetwood Пре месец
The mascot has a better chance of making the roster than Tim Tebow.
Adam Dunmars
Adam Dunmars Пре месец
I mess with unc but he all the way wrong here. I hope Tebow get in at qb and dismantle the NFL for one season, drops mic and leave.
chris bloomfield
chris bloomfield Пре месец
Paused the segment within 3 seconds....Cowboys were brought up 52 times. Getting tired of this Cowboys hype stuff....
John Park
John Park Пре месец
11:55 Not in today's society there aren't. I like Shannon and agree with him 99% of the time, but I really had a feeling his outright hatred of Tebow came down to race.
aaron afre
aaron afre Пре месец
I low key hope Tebow is successful geez 😒
Q money
Q money Пре месец
I am nothing like Tim Tebow, Black From the wrong side of the tracks dreadlocked and actively militant. I’m not a big fan guy but he deserves a chance. Why because he wins and winners always deserve a chance. What’s overlooked is Urban Meyer is also a winner and Tim Tebow was loyal and executed his game plan. This shouldn’t be such a mental trigger. For me his not the epitome of white privilege.
Chris Pitts
Chris Pitts Пре месец
Does nobody see the big picture here? The NFL gives some guys who make poor choices and who commit crimes a 2nd chance. Over guys who do it the right way who are more deserving. But when a good man comes for a 2nd chance who may not have the same tallent as an Antonio Brown or even Richie Incognito it baffles me that anyone scoffs at that. If these sub par humans can get 2nd and 3rd chances then i think Tebow for all he is not can get another look. Besides. Whats he going to do? Drop the ball in the one game the Jags would have won this year?
ed salisch
ed salisch Пре месец
If he is good enough to make the team, great. if not, oh well.
Burt Gummer
Burt Gummer Пре месец
I dont think the Jags organization is thrilled about much...
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Пре месец
Kieran Law
Kieran Law Пре месец
williamchick Пре месец
I can’t wait until Tebow gets his first hit as a TE yes as a quarterback you get sacked but not hit nearly as hard as a TE or a wide receiver he will get destroyed
Papi Grande
Papi Grande Пре месец
Does he even have hands?????
D00MTR33 Пре месец
I need to find me someone who'll love me as much as Skip loves him some Tebow.
Kenneth Boone
Kenneth Boone Пре месец
He is nobody
The Guardian
The Guardian Пре месец
Urban using other people’s money to get attention. White privileged
otherZinc Пре месец
Shannon, he didn't try another team, because the Bullshited him a long time ago! Why is Mike Glennon an NFL Quarterback!!!!! Tim is better than that friggin Bumb with his Eyes Closed!
otherZinc Пре месец
Skip Bayless is 100% Correct! Tim Tebow was Bullshited ss a Quarterback in the NFL. Tim is a friggin Winner, Period! and, I'm not a Florida Fan at all! Shannon is wrong on this one.
Timmy Allen
Timmy Allen Пре месец
SHANNON SHARP just finished cooking SKIP BAYLESS but he could "NEVER" admit it. The thing is that "NOBODY" is talking about "college football" Since when is double A baseball more harder than triple A baseball? haha , this is a joke...but I can't wait till see how this joke turns out..🤭
David Durango
David Durango Пре месец
The thing is... Every time that Tebow scores, we are going to hear so damn much about it that it will make me want to puke. You listening Skip?
csr326 Пре месец
Tim Tebow is getting a chance because he’s Tim Tebow not because of the four things Shannon mentioned period
G.D Gibson
G.D Gibson Пре месец
4 whole mins SS talked about a situation that should’ve taken 1:30 Shannon gotta hate because if he’s successful it shows the position is a fall back! TE’s are nothing but slow WR’s who can’t catch. Shannon this is hate
Corie Holland
Corie Holland Пре месец
Stop hating.
GrayEdenfield Пре месец
There’s so much Skip Bayless doesn’t know...
Strong Will
Strong Will Пре месец
Skip should've been a salesman
Timmy Allen
Timmy Allen Пре месец
Awe maaaan, skip knock it off. Nobody is tryna hear these lies you're pushing out in the Universe..😒
Jay 3
Jay 3 Пре месец
Skips right he's doing it again, getting coverage on how he's not good
Poverty Based Entertainment
Poverty Based Entertainment Пре месец
Why is Tebow a topic?
Nicholas Roccuzzo
Nicholas Roccuzzo Пре месец
Skip: "You can't deny that in the last 10 seconds of the games that Tebow started, WHAT IS HIS QBR? He has the highest QBR of ANYONE in the last 10 seconds of a game. Is that not clutch gene, LeShannon Sharpe? You can't deny that he is a game CHANGER. If you could choose ONE quarterback to have in the last 10 seconds of ANY game. I'm taking Tebow!"
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores Пре месец
Tebow will be the new waterboy on that team.
christianrapper Пре месец
It’s skip’s fault that tebow is so polarizing. He started all of this. Anyone who remembers him on first take knows this. Skip needs to stop acting like we people are going to forget that.
Gerardg Jackie
Gerardg Jackie Пре месец
You're with Skip Bayless Tim Tebow is trash he only getting a chance because he's a white man that Noah white man everybody know he should not be on that damn field plain and simple
Taylor Nelson
Taylor Nelson Пре месец
Coaches coach, players play. If I was the coach, I would remind the players it is my team and I will have final say on who is on my team. Squashing gossip would be easy.
DraftMagic Again
DraftMagic Again Пре месец
lol. Just lose the lock room, no problemo.
Richard's Outdoor World
Richard's Outdoor World Пре месец
Shannon is so full of White Hate !
Tre Ridley
Tre Ridley Пре месец
All y’all that wanna talk about Tebow, even though he beat the Steelers in the playoffs. Imagine if Peyton Manning got to mentor Tebow… imma just put that here
David Seawell
David Seawell Пре месец
If they have brought in Colin Kaepernick you would have been singing to a different tune Tim Tebow is a better player than Colin Kaepernick. But that's just my view
j drayton
j drayton Пре месец
Omg this is going to be a daily topic until the season starts
jokatech Пре месец
It's amazing how someone has success whenever given the opportunity, and they get run out of the league for not having talent.
Aaron Dougherty
Aaron Dougherty Пре месец
But Urban Meyers won doing it his way so Shannon’s point isn’t valid
Derrick Kimsey
Derrick Kimsey Пре месец
There's also an advantage to being a black man who's really fast and a good athlete because over 70% of the NFL is black don't give me that bull jive
Derrick Kimsey
Derrick Kimsey Пре месец
I'm so glad I unsubscribed from this channel. Marginal athlete?
Lamar Miller
Lamar Miller Пре месец
Dreams and nightmares
MasterBlaster Пре месец
"I don't know that" ha 😂
jacob Пре месец
Shannon got his job because of him name. He took a job away from another sports analyst.
Zechariah McGhghy
Zechariah McGhghy Пре месец
So we just gonna set here and act like Kaepernick was not a distraction. If we are gonna consider Kaepernick not a distraction then Tebow is not either
James Causey III
James Causey III Пре месец
Straight white male is the most hated thing on this side of heaven
Jordan Angle
Jordan Angle Пре месец
“Let the hate flow through you” -the emperor return of the Jedi
Dutch Master
Dutch Master Пре месец
Tim Tebow is going to the pro-bowl
Mabena Lebaan
Mabena Lebaan Пре месец
The irate blade separately wrestle because turnover aditionally rinse forenenst a annoyed bit. ubiquitous, wiry conga
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay Пре месец
Why y’all hating on Tebow. Just let the situation play itself out. Blacks are mad because of Kapernik. Kap did everything he could to stay out of the NFL.
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta Пре месец
I disagree that Urban Meyer was the only coach who would have given Tebow a shot. I’m sure that other teams would have taken a look at him, but not as a T.E. or QB. The Seahawks gave a tryout to Nate Robinson when he hadn’t played football in a decade. People were mostly supportive. It turned out that he was good, but not good enough to justify giving him a spot over other CB and special teams talent that had impressed the Seahawks coaching staff. Plus he lacked the one thing Pete loves in a CB: height! Maybe coaches like Pete Carroll and John Gruden would have looked at Tebow, but it would have been their way or the highway.
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta Пре месец
The only good thing about all of this is that it relieves other players of SOME of the enormous pressure they are facing this year. It could be a blessing for them that Tebow’s signing will be scrutinized all season. Here’s a partial list: *Rookies* Trevor Lawrence Trey Lance Zach Wilson a few others... *Veterans* Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson Dak Prescott Deshaun Watson Lamar Jackson Kirk Cousins Carson Wentz Jimmy Garoppolo Kyler Murray Patrick Mahomes Cam Newton Matthew Stafford Sam Darnold Baker Mayfield Jameis Winston Tom Brady For various reasons, all of those dudes face serious pressure to produce this year, and all will have some relief because if Tim Tebow.
Money- J420
Money- J420 Пре месец
If Tebow was black they all would be happy. They mad a white guy got hired. Sharp is racist af
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson Пре месец
The 2020’s will be remembered as the decade where everyone claimed racial issues where they never existed, and in doing so divided our country more than it has been in the last century. All in the name of wokeness, just so celebrities and the rich can feel good about themselves while being too stupid to see they are training young minorities to grow up thinking everyone who has a different skin color is against them and that they have some disadvantage that other races don’t have to deal with. I hope we can get out of this without unprecedented violence and our country forever being torn apart...
Jordan Cole
Jordan Cole Пре месец
HMM.... Ok So.... A 33 yr old, 6'3 250 lb , athlete who just so happens to be a great .... locker room guy/leader/ role model ....etc Who will probably be there as a situational player(goalline)and contribute much to team chemistry/ morale (locker room, tone setting) Gets a shot .... What's the problem? Every team has players like that on their roster.
John Dunne
John Dunne Пре месец
Shannon was 100 % Correct.
Kyle McCool
Kyle McCool Пре месец
Skip denying that tebow would get laughed at and hung up on shows how desperately old white men just can't even acknowledge true privilege. It's really hard to defend this. Michael Vick barely got looked at to come back. Plaxico Buress. But even a full year out of the game is a truly long time to not be in NFL shape. And it's been 8 years since the man suited up, it is just beyond comprehension to me.
JWT Пре месец
Remember that Shannon Sharpe is a follower of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He is clearly anti-Christian therefore anti-Tebow.
millionaire mindset
millionaire mindset Пре месец
1:30 dayummmmmmmm shay sheeshhhhh that was crazy lmao
Ron Silvia
Ron Silvia Пре месец
The Jaguars even with Trevor Lawrence are not a threat to anyone.
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