Skip & Shannon on Aaron Rodgers referring to Packers GM Gutekunst as Jerry Krause | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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The drama in Green Bay continues to build up between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers despite us never hearing directly from Rodgers as things continue to leak out. The latest reports are that Rodgers often refers to GM Brian Gutekunst as Jerry Krause in group chats with teammates, making reference to Michael Jordan's adversary in the Last Dance documentary. There's also rumors that Rodgers wants Gutekunst or his backup QB Jordan Love gone if he is to return, among other things. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe has to say about Aaron Rodgers beef with the Green Bay Packers.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip \u0026 Shannon on Aaron Rodgers referring to Packers GM Gutekunst as Jerry Krause | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Пре месец
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Jordan Slingluff
Jordan Slingluff Пре месец
If he is a choke artist and you drafted his replacement why hold on to him?
Alma Johnson
Alma Johnson Пре месец
Zzz A P
david veino
david veino Пре месец
Fox need to hire skips replacement and have him int the building everyday maybe bench skip this week
a_collection_of_cells Пре месец
If Tom Brady were to come out and stated "Bill Belichick is the Jerry Krause of the NFL" I can ride that wave because the NE Patriots won so many Super Bowl titles in the past two decades & Belichick tried to end the relationship with Tom and moving forward Jimmy Garoppolo. How many championships have the Green Bay Packers won in the last decade or 2?
Paul Faducci
Paul Faducci Пре 4 сата
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Ami League
Ami League Пре 2 дана
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Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре 21 дан
Shannon is all about defending divas like Rodgers and james. Why I don’t know Why should Green Bay just let him go after they way he’s treated them
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре 21 дан
Since when is competition a bad thing and why is it a unforgivable sin to draft a QB. I don’t get it as I thought competition is what sports is all about Rodgers is under contract and wants out but Green Bay management won’t budge So Rodgers issues under cover press releases saying he is being mistreated Whatta choking diva
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре 21 дан
Since when did Rodgers become general manager
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре 21 дан
Diva Rodgers is a expert at blame deflection as it’s every bodies else’s fault he chokes in nfc championship games. No Rodgers is a egocentric diva who blames everyone else besides himself. Rodgers is under contract and is still whining and complaining
Bob& SilentJay
Bob& SilentJay Пре 26 дана
When Shannon points out Skip's double standards for Rodgers/Brady all he can say is "I'm offended you even put them in the same sentence together," "they don't belong in the same conversation," or "I don't care about that. We're talking about Aaron Rodgers." He is a terrible debater. Shannon is pointing out your ever-shifting standards, dude... You're a joke, Skip.
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh Пре месец
Shannon Need to be the most paid person on tv Got Damn Skip
Jordan Romero
Jordan Romero Пре месец
I feel about Aaron Rodgers the way Skip does but Unc is right. Just let him go.
BOOM BRO Пре месец
Wow bro. Sometimes I’m like “Is Skip ferillz or is he just trolling???” Haha Cuz the Brady and Rodgers situation is just about the same 💀💀
Mista Idgaf
Mista Idgaf Пре месец
I agree with Shannon this happens in sports, everytime a team comes close to a brass ring, the gm owner or front office executives don't make moves to bring the team back to being a contender or champion
Jason Rahman
Jason Rahman Пре месец
If Aaron has a bad game, it's his fault. Tom Brady plays bad it's always everyone but Brady's fault. Skip Bayless logic.
alan pena
alan pena Пре месец
you guys do deserve an emmy
Victor Gutierrez
Victor Gutierrez Пре месец
Funny how skip makes the same argument for people he doesn't like poor LeBron! poor Aaron!!! Nice try..
Toney Beasley
Toney Beasley Пре месец
no offensive line will get you a low QRB and no defense
Toney Beasley
Toney Beasley Пре месец
skip "STOP " all you want to do is talk cowgirls why don't you be more all around.
Mr. H A Double
Mr. H A Double Пре месец
None of what Skip is saying answers Shannon’s question. Aaron Rogers can be all of what he’s calling him. but the real question is why doesn’t GREEN-BAY LET HIM GO!!!…Never mind how much of a choke artist he is. if he’s trash Dump the Trash🤷🏾‍♂️
Jason Brenholt
Jason Brenholt Пре месец
skip you are a idiot
mg19cal Пре месец
5:20 so Tom Brady has only 1 MVP then right? If winning MVP and not winning a title means NOTHING, then what about the 2007 and 2010 MVP awards Brady has? Huh Skip?
DC Bay 12th Man
DC Bay 12th Man Пре месец
Skip why don’t you answer the mans question? He asked you why won’t they let him go if he is a choke artist and washed up
DC Bay 12th Man
DC Bay 12th Man Пре месец
So Skip you saying that MVP means nothing and you begged on this show for more weapons for Brady and Dak....and your talking like Green Bay is better or the same without cut that out, why you think the Packers haven’t traded him since he’s the problem like you say
frank campbell
frank campbell Пре месец
Aaron Rodgers is a choke artist Shannon can’t admit it Skip tired of him avoiding the facts when it comes to this guy
Blake Braden
Blake Braden Пре месец
So, Skip gets upset when Aaron doesn't say anything, but he also gets upset when Aaron comes out and talks?? Where's the logic, Skip?
RebornKingz Пре месец
I feel just like skip I’m tired of hearing about Aaron Rodgers. If it ain’t coming from his mouth i don’t wanna hear it. Man is 1-4 in championship games with talent around him and has had questionable losses at home before the nfc championship game. Nobody wanna talk about him losing to eli Manning with one of the most loaded rosters of all time at home with a 15-1 record
Tucker Scott
Tucker Scott Пре месец
Mat Brooks
Mat Brooks Пре месец
Lol skip getting owned again my god
Ellery Burnette
Ellery Burnette Пре месец
No no no no that’s not what you did 😂🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️
Koop Пре месец
Shannon is a bad judge of talent. Most all the TV persons are bad at there jobs. Skip uses his eyes it is not about reputation. For skip it is about the end result. If your not first your last!!!
32 32
32 32 Пре месец
Two brothers get into a fight over a piece of chicken?wtf is he talking about
Fan Made Videos
Fan Made Videos Пре месец
For a guy who's so tired of this story, Skip sure loves to keep talking about the mediocre entity called the Dallas cowboys
Paxsoprano Dynasty
Paxsoprano Dynasty Пре месец
What did Brady do in the second half vs. Green Bay you ask ? He sucked.......and Rodgers failed to take he usually does when it matters..
Shawn Mchone
Shawn Mchone Пре месец
Tom grossi did research on this. Aaron's camp and the front office didn't leak anything
Evan Siegel
Evan Siegel Пре месец
Skip totally lied about Jared Goff. He played that whole game
ThoughtsOfThePeople Пре месец
How can you be a fraudulent 13-3 that makes it to the NFC championship game? Lol
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Пре месец
Remember, Skip Bayless thinks the Cowboys are going to win the Superbowl ever year. That is all.
lamlam Пре месец
Shannon needs to go, all he does is yell
Ben Gatson
Ben Gatson Пре месец
I rarely agree with Skip, but here I agree.
TheSco415 Пре месец
Old man Skip is so mad and hella cranky today 😂😅😅🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
A H Пре месец
Nobody is talking about the fact that the guy who broke the news on 29th of April said that he literally had no source...
chris temaat
chris temaat Пре месец
Only reason skip hates Rodgers is Bc he’s the ok my qb that threatens Tom Brady same with mahomes and unc is Rodgers and mahomes boy Bc skip isn’t and they do the same arguments and I’m here all the time lol why
Ron Palacios
Ron Palacios Пре месец
Shannon is a hater, always losing the argument when it comes to the fake GOAT Aaron Rodgers so he always has to bring up Brady
David Ahola
David Ahola Пре месец
Skip would never stop talking about Rodgers like Brady if he played for the Cowboys.
Zack Armstrong
Zack Armstrong Пре месец
Shannon sharpe has more entertaining analogies and metaphors than any other human being in the entire history of the human race.
Dead Internal
Dead Internal Пре месец
Skip is absolutely right once again as always. Aaron Rogers is a bum, you know it and I know it.
FantillDeath Пре месец
Welcome to our world skip...cowboys/dak😑😒
Brennan Beattie
Brennan Beattie Пре месец
Skips got this one...
The Riddler !
The Riddler ! Пре месец
Uh....Skip saying Rodgers getting lucky to have a ring and should have lost to Philly that year...Skip what about your boy Brady in both 49 & 52...He should have two less in his possession. When will these guys realize that even great players need and get lucky! Geez.
malcolm berry
malcolm berry Пре месец
Aaron new he was gone leave that’s why he won the mvp
malcolm berry
malcolm berry Пре месец
Jerry Krose had 6 though not the same Jerry got tired of winning lol
Risky Yoganda
Risky Yoganda Пре месец
Aaron good but can't cash in no more..
hume1234561 Пре месец
Skip tore the house down with his analysis. Shannon dodged the bannisters caving in, but got hit by the chandelier on the way out.
aaron porter
aaron porter Пре месец
Jenny 🔥🔥🔥
M Wodrazka
M Wodrazka Пре месец
"Aaron Rodgers not in top 50 players" - The only time this was true is when he was riding the bench behind Favre.
Whoadieson Пре месец
Shannon Sharpe is right, let him go
Kubush Пре месец
Aaron "The Karen" Rodgers.
Boston Bandit
Boston Bandit Пре месец
Blah blah blah!
Todd Fox
Todd Fox Пре месец
How about we are tired of Brady
Defness Real Talk
Defness Real Talk Пре месец
@5:52 Skip, What did that poor table do to make you turn red and cause this tantrum? 😆🤣
Nick McCormick
Nick McCormick Пре месец
For some reason skip makes me hate the Cowboys and Jerry Jones more. I wonder what it could be?
Love @NBA 🏀✅
Love @NBA 🏀✅ Пре месец
I hope Cowboys are working underground to do trade for AR12 with help of 3rd team than need Dak Prescott Jerry needs one fathertime is approaching..
Geoff Schewe
Geoff Schewe Пре месец
Favre cuts grass, and drives a pick-up. . Rodgers was always Hollywood bound. Look at his dating new history.
Geoff Schewe
Geoff Schewe Пре месец
B_Favre knew it all along. So-Cal ...spoiled , ..His talent made us fans, but his personality was different.
Geoff Schewe
Geoff Schewe Пре месец
BTW I was Pro Favre and one of the most expressive people online at that time...I respected Aaron once he took over , and his talent...kinda fell in love with him.. F*#$ go play for your 49ers, you were never a GB packer.
RCYoung Пре месец
Skip is big mad that the Broncos, picked up Pat Surtain II in the draft lol!
Melly Kruger
Melly Kruger Пре месец
Skip needs to retire. tired of him. Put chris with shannon. And put skip with rob parker. call their show HATERADE 2.0
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy Пре месец
Aron Rodgers one word Overatted!!
Kristina H
Kristina H Пре месец
I'm with Skip on this one
Chris Vazquez
Chris Vazquez Пре месец
Shannon destroys Skip with pure logic for once!
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Пре месец
Call his bluff. Don’t trade him and see if he’ll retire like he’s threatening. My guess is no.
Shannon has won this one.
I'm also tired of hearing this story
Nathan Foley
Nathan Foley Пре месец
I know who is sharp
nini*** Peabody ***
nini*** Peabody *** Пре месец
Aaron gna Be in superbowl if not in playoffs. A dominant force with any Team.
Backup Account
Backup Account Пре месец
there has never been someone as stupid as skip to talk about sports lol only 10 players ever have won an mvp and a superbowl in the same season so how does that even matter smh
Rick Rodgers
Rick Rodgers Пре месец
Skip is a hater mane for real lol
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре месец
Rodgers hokes in championship games
Michael Robert
Michael Robert Пре месец
I can't believe that Skip, a tom brady fanboy, is talking about aaron Rodgers getting lucky breaks in the playoffs
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре месец
What team is gonna eat Rodgers huge salary and the baggage that that he brings to the table
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock Пре месец
Rodgers is a diva and a very arrogant person Rodgers is always whining and complaining Trade him to a really bad team and good riddance
Paul Grunert
Paul Grunert Пре месец
I woulda told Skip to calm the f**k down after he started yelling right off the bat 😂
pete pethes jr
pete pethes jr Пре месец
It's funny how all these people are assuming that this "leaked" from Aaron but weve all come to find out that there was no "story". No "BREAKING NEWS". Aaron hasn't said anything because he doesn't have to. Skip is clown shoes. You don't have to be a Rodgers fan boy but watching a hater is super cringy. Skip... You a hater.
Hip Hop Dan
Hip Hop Dan Пре месец
Skip is too easy to upset. Use your brains instead of your heart.
Mike Karl
Mike Karl Пре месец
Rodgers drafted at like 24th pick in 05 draft and sat 3 years but he's got a problem when he did the same to favre .. He a little ... Pick your choice phrase
WeezyD313 Пре месец
Skip turned the clock back to his 2010’ prime .he was mad Fr I heard the old skips voice
Keyon Moffitt
Keyon Moffitt Пре месец
Ready for Skip to leave this earth . So annoying . So big headed , literally hates on people in a way that’s disturbing and sickening .
Junius Adams
Junius Adams Пре месец
Maybe all this hate Skip has for Aaron Rodgers is probably because Rodgers has owned his Cowboys in AT&T Stadium. Just sayin😆😆😆
K R Пре месец
LMAO Skip got ROLLED on this entire topic for the entire 20 min. segment.
Skip is a TRUE Narcissist
Slick Guitar
Slick Guitar Пре месец
Does skip even realize how often he contradicts himself and makes himself look like a hypocrite within the span of a couple of minutes? It's unbelievable.... Criticizes Rodgers: Yeah, they won but look at how bad Rodgers stats were.... Praises Brady: Yeah, Brady's stats were bad but they won, right!? Am I missing something? Am I in the twilight zone?
Matt Hawkins
Matt Hawkins Пре месец
Blah blah blah blah blah.
David Fuertes
David Fuertes Пре месец
I'm really tired of these pre Madonna's players bitching about these mundane Little things when this world is in chaos with disease and poverty there are people starving in this world and these millionaire babies are constantly bitching and griping about dumb things this is why I'm really getting tired of the NFL
tomhernonjr Пре месец
They will trade him next month so they dont take the cap hit..
Sith_lord_steve Пре месец
Skip keeping it 💯
Corey A. Moore
Corey A. Moore Пре месец
I agree with Shannon ... why hold on to Aaron when you have your "guy" who you traded up to get? It's like the Packers are married to Aaron and have their side-piece living in the same house but are too damn scared to get a divorce because it would cost too much
Whacked out Cookie
Whacked out Cookie Пре месец
Whenever you hear "Okay now it's my turn!🤓" It's a great sign that you should SKIP the rest of the segment. Only garbage will be said after this quote is spoken.
Kazaam818 Пре месец
“Dont be a problem” two 13-3 seasons later Aaron isn’t the problem just as before
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Пре месец
After 2 straight NFC Championship loses he has proven he's not the answer either (And please don't make me give you his horrendous stats in those 2 games)
Ninjachickenfingers Пре месец
It’s funny skip saying Rodgers is lucky to have won a lot of his playoff games when he’s a Brady homer
Joe Corrales
Joe Corrales Пре месец
Get off Brady n$&ts.
Joe Corrales
Joe Corrales Пре месец
I don’t know how Shannon could be so patient with Skip. Skip act like he is going senile at times
RiioTzZHD Пре месец
Skip has a deep hatred for Aaron and LeBron honestly so sad
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