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Jay & Sharon

Jay & Sharon

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Hitchhiking is illegal in some states (6 out of 50...I googled it) This law was actually passed by giant oil companies not wanting you to know this secret life hack. You're welcome. Stay Cheap Fam...& thanks for supporting this channel. Really...your nice comments keep me going. Well, I will always be like this but your nice comments fuel the fire for me to keep sharing my secrets. Tickle the subscribe button if you have read this far.

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Mr. Mind Blow
Mr. Mind Blow Пре месец
That cheapreme shirt is next level 😂😂
Zachary West
Zachary West Пре месец
It prolly costed like 40 bucks anyway tho
Ryhêēm FF
Ryhêēm FF Пре месец
@Mr. Mind Blow Ill be there to watch!!!
Mr. Mind Blow
Mr. Mind Blow Пре месец
@SXNSEI SWAE BABY I am back! Gonna upload today or tomorrow
Please come back
Sakura Dxst
Sakura Dxst Пре месец
a chicken
a chicken Пре месец
I love how he uses other people to fulfill his goals/needs 😂😂😂 so genius 😂
Hkm Hakimi
Hkm Hakimi Пре 10 дана
@SimplySuperior idk whether you're serious or not
Mario Пре месец
Mars Пре месец
@SimplySuperior It is a joke....
SimplySuperior Пре месец
@Blaster Ack seriously! I don't understand why people are saying it's a good idea. Then again the video looks very faked so I'm sure it's just a joke video but still!
Blaster Ack
Blaster Ack Пре месец
The word you’re speaking of is manipulative.
VanderWiel Company
VanderWiel Company Пре месец
Tears in my eyes of laughter! Brilliant. Not only doesn’t the guy not get a ride, he gets to push the car the entire distance! Lol
atnfn Пре 10 дана
Only if he is stupid, nothing preventing him from just leaving.
ImLitFire Пре месец
Never let your gas run out it can damage your fuel pump and actually leave you stranded
InfinityGaming Пре месец
Can we all just do appreciate the fact that his videos are so addicting to watch
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips Пре месец
finallySeriousShit Пре месец
YouTube promote Bot
YouTube promote Bot Пре месец
Finally AA AA.AA
Crimson Demon
Crimson Demon Пре месец
Arnav Jain
Arnav Jain Пре месец
this guy is a living legend
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin Пре месец
As a hitchiker this has happened to me. Back in the sixties. Hitch a ride. Get stoned. Run out of gas. Happened several times.
D Lo
D Lo Пре месец
Just found your skits and there are pure class. Keep it up brother!
Mellosus Пре месец
To have the actual RStoolss account to be impressed by this video, guy is a legend
Spicy Royal
Spicy Royal Пре месец
I feel so bad for the guy won't anyone talk about how surprised the guy was he literally was waiting for ever then suddenly he has to push 😭😭😭
Blastoise 356
Blastoise 356 Пре месец
@Names arent important Ok go for it
JJoe Biden
JJoe Biden Пре месец
My song slaps harder than my abusive dad 🔥👀
A.J Gaming
A.J Gaming Пре месец
Yeah just look at that man,s face
KayPlaya Пре месец
If I were him I would be like "ok go ahead"
•Insert Text Here•
•Insert Text Here• Пре месец
@Brittany Lehman Also why u only coming after me when loads of ppl have said it a joke?
Tintinbeast Пре месец
Can we all just think about how addicting this is.
Reactive Пре месец
@Underrated Rappers Wtf
Underrated Rappers
Underrated Rappers Пре месец
my song slaps harder than my abusive dad 👀🔥
Usual_StoryTexter Пре месец
The fact that his shirt is called "Cheapreme" seriously makes this even funnier
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
zDayBreak Пре месец
At least he’s training and doesn’t seem hungry. Eco friendly is also a giant PLUS.
aswer huio
aswer huio Пре месец
Never let your gas run out it can damage your fuel pump and actually leave you stranded
Deivid Пре месец
these shorts are so entertaining they always make my day
Liam Hawke
Liam Hawke Пре месец
That would’ve been a good twist if he was driving his Tesla and ultimately just wanted to save on battery
Yuma Tsubouchi
Yuma Tsubouchi Пре месец
And you could just drive away taking his stuff
BiteableOwl Пре месец
Cool to see a small RStoolssr (not saying he’s really small but compared to some others) get in #1 trending
McKenna Jordan
McKenna Jordan Пре месец
i love it how he’s in a tesla so it doesn’t even need gas 😂
jimv33 Пре месец
PSA: running your vehicle with little to no fuel will ruin your fuel pump
YouTube Пре месец
this is genius 😆
Sleepy Pikachu Paradise
Sleepy Pikachu Paradise Пре 2 дана
Here before this comment blows up:
Danny Yew
Danny Yew Пре 8 дана
Yoooo youtube
PoKe Пре 16 дана
here before 500
Front Man
Front Man Пре месец
Front Man
Front Man Пре месец
JannahBird Пре месец
I’d love to see a hitchhiker say “no thanks push it yourself cya!🙃” 🤣
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Пре месец
He could of walked the whole way which is easier than pushing it
He's making the hitchhiker pay in a way since he can't pay him with cash, he probably doesn't have any.
jacob comongore
jacob comongore Пре месец
Undeniably eco friendly 😂😂😂😂
mappplesirrup Пре месец
arguably unethical, undeniably eco friendly is a good slogan
Anna Smith
Anna Smith Пре месец
He always has such unique and funny plot twists🤧🤌✨
Cherrylstha Пре месец
OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED --------THE CUTE----------------------GIRLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i Sepecial hot girls for you 💋 *_GO.SV/CASHREX'SLOVES_* 💋. Pretty: face. Body: Beautiful. Smart: flirt. Like to eat. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков Gaze: "Amazed" Lips: "Sensual" Smile: "Sweeter" Body: "Colder" Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾 Everyone talking its true RStoolss is the best forever Someone said i love you Life's story is a short journey so have fun before eternal sleep forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾.
JJoe Biden
JJoe Biden Пре месец
my song slaps harder than my abusive dad 👀🔥
JJoe Biden
JJoe Biden Пре месец
my song slaps harder than my abusive dad 👀🔥
Punkred Пре месец
Lmao the original comment is literally right above this one
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
Rixxy Gaming
Rixxy Gaming Пре месец
Undeniably eco-friendly 🤣
Abhinav Vinod
Abhinav Vinod Пре месец
"Arguably unethical, undeniably eco-friendly..." sun-tzu of the eco friendly driver. Edit: Omg! Mom, I'm famous! Thanks for the likes guys. I just logged in and this what I see. Just sad that I didn't get to see this comment at 169 likes lol.
RanStuff Pedia
RanStuff Pedia Пре месец
you got 200 now
Chew Пре месец
Man is 50 years of knowledge infront of us
Maya Gacha Reacts ⚡️⚡️
Maya Gacha Reacts ⚡️⚡️ Пре месец
What i need is this hitchhikers workout routine-😆
ItzKyle Пре месец
I thought he was gonna pay him for a ride then tell him the gas is low. Then go to the station and use that money for gas
chan cardel
chan cardel Пре месец
That "5 more miles!" 🤣🤣🤣
Vladislav Bashtakov
Vladislav Bashtakov Пре месец
A dude in my city took a stranger from the road and he was murdered by the stranger who was sitting behind him, the stranger also stolen the car. So if you want to help a stranger tell him to go to the front place of the car, so you can keep an eye on him/her.
Dam Пре месец
So nobody is gonna talk about homeboy having a tree branch in his bag?
Gina the Cookie
Gina the Cookie Пре месец
Nope What tree branch? All I see is bag 👀
Steven Opolis
Steven Opolis Пре месец
If you don’t have a freshly plucked sycamore branch woven into your knapsack, are you even a real Southern California hitchhiker?
Explunky Пре месец
@Yuji Suzuya it's fake, Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers) explained how these people buy their accounts, and Dam did groomed his friend into subbotting his gaming channel, Damify
Yuji Suzuya
Yuji Suzuya Пре месец
@Explunky doesn’t he have a video explaining why he has no videos
mpollono_plays dumb stuff
mpollono_plays dumb stuff Пре месец
Child *******
Sephy's World
Sephy's World Пре месец
"Arguably unethical...undeniably eco-friendly" lmao🤣
Fortunate Son
Fortunate Son Пре месец
Running out of gas in a modern car can cause a backfire which can damage the catalytic converter.
ShiPlays Пре месец
Nooo this is so horrible I have compassion on them now😂 Ps. I know it’s a joke
Gampy_du Пре месец
Smart and cruel at the same time entertaining videos by the way
Elif Пре 17 дана
I feel for hitchhikers lol
Fieqman Пре месец
* Arrive at gas station * " wallet gone" "One of us must pay"¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Williamr Murphy
Williamr Murphy Пре месец
Rip to your fuel system tho if your gonna intentionally go on empty
Amy Hinkle
Amy Hinkle Пре месец
This guy is so funny 🤣
kuro oh
kuro oh Пре 25 дана
Eco-friendly! I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣
jake shim
jake shim Пре месец
I thot he’s just gonna ask him to pay for the gas 😭
Shanel blossom
Shanel blossom Пре месец
Undeniably ecofriendly
Leo Louro
Leo Louro Пре месец
But it can cause damage to the engine if run out of fuel to much or running on low fuel a lot
Master Vacation
Master Vacation Пре месец
It takes so little to brighten someone else's day. Yet it can leave them feeling happy for a moment, an hour, a day, or give them a sweet memory for life. Help someone in need (esp. the elderly), tell someone you care about they’re amazing, compliment the chef who just made your delicious dinner, post something positive or leave a kind comment on social media, even just smile at people around you..... And it will make you feel pretty awesome, too 🙌.
JJoe Biden
JJoe Biden Пре месец
my song slaps harder than my abusive dad 👀🔥
JJoe Biden
JJoe Biden Пре месец
My song slaps harder than my abusive dad 🔥👀
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
finallySeriousShit Пре месец
Bored Boi
Bored Boi Пре месец
He left that dude happy for like half a minute
monkee Пре месец
These gas prices make me wanna do this
Rose Kat
Rose Kat Пре месец
I feed bad for the poor hitchhiker ☹️
Sumon Das
Sumon Das Пре месец
"Arguably unethical, undeniably eco-friendly" 😌
nightvader Пре месец
So Eco-friendly 👍👍
• K dramatic • 50 years ago
• K dramatic • 50 years ago Пре месец
He always has such unique and funny plot twists🤧🤌✨
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
Mosey Пре месец
You’re one funny guy 😂😂
Skedge Пре месец
Legally? It's questionable. Morally It's Disgusting. Personally I like it
Andrew Lee Tech Tips
Andrew Lee Tech Tips Пре месец
"Arguably unethical... undeniably eco-friendly" lmaooo
Bribe Пре месец
Is no one going to talk about his cheapreme shirt? 🤣
CurlyPigeon Пре месец
@XxFastmotionplayzYT no it's really not
ꪜĭ̈b͟i͎ꪀ Пре месец
@Sanchez Garcia respectfully ... Get glasses ..
Sanchez Garcia
Sanchez Garcia Пре месец
@ꪜĭ̈b͟i͎ꪀ I read your name as virgin...
yourlocalnarutoweeb Пре месец
i was gonna
Brandon Morales
Brandon Morales Пре месец
@teabook 😐
mugisha ntaganira
mugisha ntaganira Пре месец
This guy is a genius
Aufa R Cahyadi
Aufa R Cahyadi Пре месец
Gonna buy that shirt 🤣
B L Пре месец
I do the same thing with hitchhikers when I’m hungry
Ghost Memes
Ghost Memes Пре месец
Them : how can we make the hitchkiker more Fake Also them : yes
Sophrosyne Mind
Sophrosyne Mind Пре месец
CHEAPREAME - he understood the assignment 🤣🤣
Skyler Batto
Skyler Batto Пре месец
What if the hitchhiker just, gets out and leaves you?
a r friedman
a r friedman Пре месец
Never take hitchhiker. Very dangerous. I know this is a comedy skit, but warn people.
Unbox Combo
Unbox Combo Пре месец
This guy is a genius
Kira Saunders
Kira Saunders Пре месец
I have the same compression gloves for arthritis!!!
Cali Mo
Cali Mo Пре месец
This eco friendly reminder lol 😂
ModBear🐻 Пре месец
The fact us doing this is really mean I’m in-subscribing
Queen Sparkles
Queen Sparkles Пре месец
I was expecting to get them to give you gas money.... But this is wayyy better B)
Abhishek Dubey
Abhishek Dubey Пре месец
Hitchhiker be like :- Beware of this man
reactiongameplayer Пре месец
My mans got supreme strength pushing that car
Mohammad Zuhaib
Mohammad Zuhaib Пре месец
Arguably unethical undeniably Evo friendly .... 😂😂😂
hafiz wahab
hafiz wahab Пре месец
The driver: upgrade The hitchhiker: downgrade
↑GetRekッ Пре месец
Cmon man it’s a good workout I would push even when it ain’t needed
Glitter Collectoress
Glitter Collectoress Пре месец
I want a cheapreme shirt 🤣🤣
[REDACTED] Пре месец
*bro how the hell is this trending anyways GOOD JOB MANN!*
Precious Akira Jacinto
Precious Akira Jacinto Пре месец
this is a genius idea lol 😂
Vichy Bitchy!
Vichy Bitchy! Пре месец
"Alright we reached your destination!" "Oh my god i feel like im going to pass out from pushing" "Now push my car back home, which is 15 miles away" "AAAAAAAAA"
j0rds Пре месец
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
finallySeriousShit Пре месец
Blue line
Blue line Пре месец
@Bobanius Jr. it's rude
Blue line
Blue line Пре месец
@Marco cause it's rude and the hitchhiker is trying to be nice. Someone picked you up when you needed help now they need help you help them right?
Lesbian Ghost🍓🌸
Lesbian Ghost🍓🌸 Пре месец
This is amazing😂
Mehroz Khan
Mehroz Khan Пре месец
Omg 👁️👄👁️ this is amazing we all should try this I ain't joking.
H. Martín de'Campo
H. Martín de'Campo Пре месец
Dude you are hilarious‼️‼️😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nikki Lawrence
Nikki Lawrence Пре месец
I would never do that. I’d feel bad. Respect others guys!
MmanJune10 Пре месец
aswer huio
aswer huio Пре месец
Undeniably ecofriendly
fuck it
fuck it Пре месец
Lmao a taxi driver had me push the car for him so he can jump start it lol
Doug Spooner
Doug Spooner Пре месец
I could have a full tank and run out of gas just looking for a hitchhiker. My state must be on your illegal list.
RedVelvet Пре 25 дана
When I was little we gave my dog away to 3 different people and he came back each time. We were giving him for free 😂
Matt Tran
Matt Tran Пре месец
Ultimate life hack thanks.
Muffin 🎗
Muffin 🎗 Пре месец
I love how he looks in the mirror as he says it like “that’s your cue”
Deep Chatterjee
Deep Chatterjee Пре месец
I NEED that Tshirt!!!
Trisha Пре месец
You are literally A GENIUS
Ayush Raut
Ayush Raut Пре месец
Hope the person is a hitchhiker not an hijacker 😂
browni Пре месец
you make the best shorts 😂
BIG RED Пре месец
Ok.. But how do you always find a hitch hiker when you literally about to run out of gas.. Everytime too
Blanky Пре месец
People: able to to push cars Me:struggling to carry my baby cousin
Sultan B
Sultan B Пре месец
I was thinking he would say “oh shit we ran out of gas, if you want a ride pay for the gas”
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
Patnos Пре месец
Same 😂
sonofsun Пре месец
Yup he doesn't leave you alone and will push your whole car for more than even 20 miles
Ayanna Dewberry
Ayanna Dewberry Пре месец
Doing all that he could have just walked lol🤣
Not-So_8 Пре месец
If I was the hitchhiker I would just walk away.
kamalartlaval art
kamalartlaval art Пре месец
If this video is related to gas, then I’m sure you didn’t buy the plug in hybrid on that UX
Since you were in your mama's womb
Since you were in your mama's womb Пре месец
Yes that was indeed eco-friendly..😂
MBG BadBoy
MBG BadBoy Пре месец
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew Wilkins Пре месец
You sold me I am now subscribed 😆 🤣 😂
DiscoZula Пре месец
Don’t do this in a diesel, it will destroy your injectors and fuel pump
DEKU Пре месец
This channel grew faster than my hair length Yesterday it was around 95k and now it's 116k Damn this is great
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