Russell Westbrook is an explosive, box score player, but not in my Top 20 - Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Russell Westbrook notched his 179th triple-double of his career last night against the Milwaukee Bucks. He is now just two triple-doubles away from Oscar Robertson's all-time record. Despite Westbrook never winning a championship, Robertson believes that shouldn't be held against the Washington Wizards' point guard. The Hall of Famer said quote 'I think it's ridiculous that some sportswriters criticize him because he has not won a championship. Players don't win championships by themselves. You've got to have good management. You need to get with the right group of players.' Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss whether Westbrook gets too much criticism for not winning a title.

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Russell Westbrook is an explosive, box score player, but not in my Top 20 - Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Пре месец
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Milan Alfonso
Milan Alfonso Пре 5 дана
@Corey Chandler lately I have been using flixzone. You can find it by googling =)
Corey Chandler
Corey Chandler Пре 5 дана
i know I'm quite randomly asking but do anyone know of a good place to watch new movies online?
LeGM Пре месец
Lakers in 5
just asking
just asking Пре месец
5 up toss 88d7 il iui OP pd6 Ted t 6o oy up pp7spo IHOP ply rd 8
DJ burris
DJ burris Пре месец
Why tf yall don’t show the plays they be talking about on the screen like ESPN does wtf
D. Jay
D. Jay Пре месец
Yea tf they should be doing that man
pancakemix 707
pancakemix 707 Пре месец
Kd had russ Pj had russ Harden had russ Not jus russ had them. They didnt win amd harden has not won. Kd won with gs. Whats the point of this show???jus to hate on all the greats all the time??? Down play all. Russ got another ? Never saw anything like this before and they still hate hate hate. Give these guys a hat rack for all them 🧢’s
Senam Dzodzomenyo
Senam Dzodzomenyo Пре месец
Jenny is a way better host than Molly
vipnetworker Пре месец
Why don’t they show the highlights they’re talking about????
Barry Hamilton
Barry Hamilton Пре месец
His team has a 75% win percentage when he has a triple double. Shut up if y'all are not going to speak all of the facts.
Miyuki kun
Miyuki kun Пре месец
@Barry Hamilton same times as you lol
Barry Hamilton
Barry Hamilton Пре месец
How many times have you averaged a triple double?
Barry Hamilton
Barry Hamilton Пре месец
What has kyrie done by himself or harden? I can name so many people. You do know it's 5 men on every team?
Barry Hamilton
Barry Hamilton Пре месец
Miyuki kun
Miyuki kun Пре месец
His team has never made it out the first round every year he averaged a triple dribble lol
La Gravitas
La Gravitas Пре месец
Just came to see the boys speak on Jenny’s Nelly shot 😂 Never a disappointment! Jenny gon be these comments like 🤦‍♀️
Melvin Gregory
Melvin Gregory Пре месец
Those rings are meaningless anyway. Rings don't matter
Nope Son
Nope Son Пре месец
More fodder for barkley
Noah Longoria
Noah Longoria Пре месец
“He’s not a natural gifted passer of the basketball” LMAO no wonder westbrook is so hated because they’re spoonfed applesauce brain takes like this all day with the media
Shawno Da Demon
Shawno Da Demon Пре месец
Never knew Cincinnati had a NBA team that’s wassup learn something new everyday
Daddy P.H.A.T. Saxxx
Daddy P.H.A.T. Saxxx Пре месец
I'm sorry I cannot choose Russ over Charles, just my opinion.
theHustle_21 Пре месец
Early OKC years - that’s on KD AND Russ Late OKC years - that sh*t don’t count. First year surpassed everyone’s expectation that they even GOT to the playoffs. Next couple years Melo/Paul George and a lack of real shooters sabotaged that poor man. Houston got past first round but that small ball didn’t stand a chance against the Lakers.. RIP Clint Capela Russ a great. Put some respect on that man name and listen to what Oscar saying. He played the game. He gets it. All these other clowns just get on TV and talk (not trying to call Skip and Shannon clowns. I like them a lot. Just for the media in general). They’re right on some of his decision making though. Omg Russ slow down sometimes.
Godzilla Vs sushi
Godzilla Vs sushi Пре месец
Westbrick suck. Im glad we trade his @$$ with rocket and still suck. He a selfish player only play for himself. He Westbrick
I'm back
I'm back Пре месец
High pts and assists are usually a product of high time of possession. Players who have high time of possession running Isos and Pick and Rolls all game are bound to get high pts and assists. Some players will get more points and less assists (Luka, Dame), while others will get less points and more assists (Russ), and everything in between (Trae, Harden) but they will all get a lot of both. Obviously, Russ has had the highest or near the highest time of possession for many years now. Russ is no doubt the best rebounding guard, but it's not like he's getting his double digit rebounds like big men are, as 76% of his rebounds are Uncontested Rebounds, while a guy like Jokic gets those rebounding numbers while only 57% of his rebounds are Uncontested Rebounds.
D. Jones
D. Jones Пре месец
Knowda Ledge
Knowda Ledge Пре месец
Skip be a trip sometimes!!
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia Пре месец
Did skip bayless the guy who says 6'9 magic Johnson is tbe 🐐 point guard ever really say Oscar Robertson isn't looked at as one of the great pgs cuz he was too big and was more like a point forward am I jus imagining magic Johnson winning tbe finals mvp as a center that series and is much bigger than the big O but ok that's why he's not looked at as 1 of the greatest pgs ever even tho he is and shannon sitting there talking like he agrees wit it when he thinks LeBron is one of the greatest pgs already even tho hes only played tbe position for like 3 years and is bigger the Oscar as well wtf is goin on wit these so called analysts
Sands Пре месец
Him and Harden could’ve won together if they stuck together and tried. But they both wanted to cry and moan like little girls and left. Both selfish and pathetic people who I don’t have any respect for anymore. My two favorite players once, and I lost all respect for them. Just selfish and petty people.
Spencer Jameson
Spencer Jameson Пре месец
This man aint what y'all hype him up too ive always said without a ring stats mean nothing at the end. Dont mean the player aint GOOD
NewRim Hoops
NewRim Hoops Пре месец
I think it's worth saying that even though russ and kd failed together, the thunder front office kind of just threw them out there with bums mostly other than like Ibaka, after harden got traded. It's similar to the packers situation with Rodgers rn to me, they had such great superstars but they never have them good role players to go with it.
Kawhi Patterson
Kawhi Patterson Пре месец
U know Russ great because Skip and Shannon been talking about him all week smh 🙄 guess it's great to make millions being A HATER it's obvious he's both of you favorite player 🤣💯
Emoji Mr
Emoji Mr Пре месец
It's getting hot in here 🥵 so jenny take off your... 👙
Kvothe The Bloodless
Kvothe The Bloodless Пре месец
Not for nothing but didn't Westbrook get out of the first round with Harden last year?
Hudson Brown
Hudson Brown Пре месец
Skip is trash 🗑 water pistol Pete
Vincent Finley
Vincent Finley Пре месец
I got to get on this show they just be have fun best sport show hey jenny
Omasan Buwa
Omasan Buwa Пре месец
Best Skin in the NBA , Russ . Just had to chip that in 😋
Kevin Kerr
Kevin Kerr Пре месец
Russ couldn’t win with great players that he had/has on his team. It’s just westbrick
malcolm mitchell
malcolm mitchell Пре месец
Need to start showing the highlights the see
Castlewood Пре месец
it aint westbrooks fault that anytime he get someone good on his team the other best player turtles cuz russ too alpha.
Javari C.
Javari C. Пре месец
Skip, just who is in your Top 20 since it’s so exclusive?
Elias Hernandez
Elias Hernandez Пре месец
Russ had James Harden, KD, and PG wth acting like he never had great players smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jalen Long
Jalen Long Пре месец
James harden had Russ cp3 Dwight etc kd had James Russ Nd we know who else Nd hasn’t won a ring other than the best team of all time which is not even close to Russ leaving for a championship team Nd pg teams have also been great Nd where are they rings while not being stacked you can’t jus do that for one player
Fred E. Sims Jr.
Fred E. Sims Jr. Пре месец
Every big player make mistakes if you don't take the big shot then you're scared Michael Jordan Miss plenty of shots just like anyone else we can always find fault in somebody when we're just announcers you and Shannon never play basketball so it's always easy to talk stuff and critique somebody nobody's perfect
Theo Douwes
Theo Douwes Пре месец
Let’s not forget about Schröder.
Hamze Ahmed
Hamze Ahmed Пре месец
Russ literally won a game 7 series last year tf is Shannon talking about and KD PG and Harden are all stars but they never had a championship roster they always lost to a deeper team with a much deeper bench Miami, Spurs, GSW, Lakers
WolfofWexlerStreet Пре месец
But who is the top clutch scorer rn? Westbrook. Foh
Arthur Swanson
Arthur Swanson Пре месец
True true and correct.
NIKE Пре месец
So let’s me get this straight an assist doesn’t bottom line on the scoreboard?? Mfer what ?!
Malik Lofton
Malik Lofton Пре месец
Westbrook is a great player, but it's either his way or nothing. Can't win a ring like dat.
will liam
will liam Пре месец
Assiat today can be simply a pass from half court to guy 30 ft away frim the hoop or a bail out pass inside to a guy on the 3 point line
Scott Freebass #beats
Scott Freebass #beats Пре месец
Westbrook's problem is that he's really something between a shooting guard and a small forward but in his mind he is somewhere between a point guard and a 2 guard. Someone else needs to be dominating the ball and taking the outside shots and Russ needs to be the energy and effort guy. He is the least efficient superstar of all time.
Ej Jackson
Ej Jackson Пре месец
Skip did one of the best breakdowns on Russell. Good job Skipppppp.
Godzilla Vs sushi
Godzilla Vs sushi Пре месец
Westbrick you mean
Theo Douwes
Theo Douwes Пре месец
Aaron Пре месец
Jenny set herself up 🤣🤣 I came straight to the comments when I heard that
Seven Grand
Seven Grand Пре месец
Lol guys chill Jenny meant like going out to the movies with nelly
Quan Givenchy
Quan Givenchy Пре месец
Gotta Love it when Skip and Shannon are actually on the same page.
B. W.
B. W. Пре месец
I‘m sorry but how can you even have him in your top 20? Honestly what‘s the argument?
Jordan Weaver
Jordan Weaver Пре месец
Russ isn't even the second best point guard of this era tf?
小林 Пре месец
It’s just unfair, without Paul Gasol and Shaq Kobe didn’t win nothing in the season, so why you guys praise him as the 2nd sg in NBA history?
Yunus ömer
Yunus ömer Пре месец
KD was not a winning basketball player thats why he went and join the gsw.. yall love to forget that Kd was on that 3-1 lead
Sergei Stalin
Sergei Stalin Пре месец
The thing is that KD was the reason they were 3-1 on the first place, and all the mistakes Russ did on the las 3 games made them lose.
Aniv Пре месец
He had covid-13 on his team ffs
Aniv Пре месец
Why yall comenting about Jenny cant handle giving russ props
Lifestruth The poet
Lifestruth The poet Пре месец
She slipped that belly thirst in at the end lol 😂
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Пре месец
Nah russ is about stat padding watch him with steven adams.
Benoit Messi
Benoit Messi Пре месец
I keep hearing that Russ played with KD for 8 years and didn't win a title. Excuse my dumbness but what did KD win exactly in those 8 years? Given that he too played with Russ, Harden, Ibaka, etc. If he was such a great winner why didn't he win in spite of Russ? If he plays such "winning basketball" why did he need to join a 73-9 team? Why does he need to add Harden to Kyrie now? He should just do it! Or...maybe even the greatest need some support to win a title?😌
Filip Пре месец
Why did his FT % go so low? In the last 4 season he averages 69% before that he averaged above 80%. What happened?
TheFadedSpade Пре месец
Everyone saying he can't shoot must got in his head
Lillebror4 Пре месец
Y’all could have just said that, “Best player ever to not win a ring”. Because he could easily have had a ring if he really wanted to by doing like everybody else and team up with an already great team. We saw him in the finals with a great team when he was one of the top players on that team, a couple of more year if they could stay healthy they just moght have won it eventually (thank you Pat Bev). And his three years where he didn’t have KD, there are legit explanations to why he didn’t get past the 1st round. Through Hou series he was a + 15 with a terrible team that everybody agree sold him. Vs jazz he had PG but rest of the team was really bad, that’s just what it is, Vs portland basically the same team but Russ and PG were both in need of surgury. Like y’all can’t let those three years define his whole career. If he didn’t have KD through his whole OKC career he would definitely made it out of the 1st round multiple times either way. So thinking he’s incapable of it just because of those three years is stupid. And y’all never hold anybody else to the same standards. He’s had good teams, but never a team build around him to fit his playstyle, it’s hard to win like that.
Lillebror4 Пре месец
@TheFadedSpade exactly, if YOU did a list. That’s your opinion, but people aren’t gonna go by your opinion, because you’re using opinions only, and don’t care about facts.
TheFadedSpade Пре месец
@Lillebror4 Russ and AI is a better debate imo. Barkley and Baylor are top 21-25 on my list, Russ is probably not even top 40 if I did a real list.
Lillebror4 Пре месец
@TheFadedSpade Russ’s mvp puts him over elgin i belive and Russ athleticism and ability to do everything on the court puts him over Barkley. IMO tho, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Either way they are all up there
TheFadedSpade Пре месец
The greatest player to never win a ring would be Charles Barkley or Elgin Baylor.
Malevolent Elephant
Malevolent Elephant Пре месец
"I wish I was friends with Nelly in a lot of ways"? Hmmmm Jenny
Alaa Kilany
Alaa Kilany Пре месец
Really better than Barkley are you kidding me, sir Charles was amazing and so was Karl Malone you can't put russ over them By the way the comparison is stupid he is a guard compare him to guards
Antonio carranza
Antonio carranza Пре месец
Jenny you wild for that🤣😂☠
Joel Torre
Joel Torre Пре месец
Russ is a top 30 at best. Together with Harden and CP3. The only active players that I can think of who are in top 20 all time are KD and Steph and a Top 5 player in Lebron.
TheFadedSpade Пре месец
@Joel Torre David Robinson another guy I don't rate high enough
Joel Torre
Joel Torre Пре месец
@TheFadedSpade my top 30 in no particular order: Cp3 Harden Russ Admiral Hondo Garnett Bob Pettit Stockton Zeke Barkley
Joel Torre
Joel Torre Пре месец
@TheFadedSpade In no particular order, i have: Olajuwon Moses and Karl Malone Dirk Big O Jerry West Dr. J Elgin Baylor Kd Steph
TheFadedSpade Пре месец
Steph is top 15-20 KD I would say 17-23 or so.
j nike
j nike Пре месец
I just wanna say rockets are 15n 50 without harden and russ lol
Ramon Mabry
Ramon Mabry Пре месец
Jenny you good?👀🤣🤣🤣
Raul Bailon
Raul Bailon Пре месец
Todd Miller
Todd Miller Пре месец
That's what I heard too bro. Was she advertising for a dark sausage order??? Very strange!!
happy face
happy face Пре месец
This is why I like Lonzo... He is a game manager...
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
disagree. mj won by himself for basically 6 years in a row. dirk won by himself in 2011. kawhi won by himself in 2019, etc.
king midas
king midas Пре месец
Soon I heard Jenny say that... I came st8 to the comments😂😂 Jenny from Minnie want Nelly and some Henny
Tim Nyznik
Tim Nyznik Пре месец
Skip: "I don't consider Oscar a point guard he was big he was like 6' 5" so I thought of him as a point forward" Also skip "I don't care that magic was 6' 9" he's the best point guard of all time" I mean damn skip did you forget magic guarded 1-5. Skip always has weird criterias for his best player at whatever position or sport.
Paul Пре месец
Criticism will stop or lessen the day he does the same thing he does in regular season as it is in post season. Reg season is just a step above exhibition games. Till then, 1st round exits or worse makes his stats look obviously inflated. And it's not like he's not had a long list of talented team mates. Meanwhile, the New York Snicker vendors will be making the playoffs in the east while he's going to cancun early.
vZayy HD
vZayy HD Пре месец
Russ lost in 2nd round to lakers
CosmoeStars Пре месец
Jenny is Bae
Tenzin Lama
Tenzin Lama Пре месец
So to skip n Shannon only sports that America watches is football and basketball, or the teams they in invested in. What about hockey or baseball. What the Ny rangers n capitals fight , Yesterday! Oh I forgot u’ll work for Fox 🦊
:3 Perry
:3 Perry Пре месец
also played w victor oladipo and sabonis
Malaki727 Пре месец
So we going act like scoot Brooks not blind
Mik-Oz Official
Mik-Oz Official Пре месец
Aye shout out to skip for explaining the Cincinnati situation to us younger viewers💪🏽💯
Pootie Carta
Pootie Carta Пре месец
Nobody: Skip: I never seen anything in my life like this
isaac debeila
isaac debeila Пре месец
Russ just needs to learn from Jimmy on taking 3s... dont over do it... 3-5 a game is more than enough, Russ has one of the most over powered mid ranges in the game... they just need one more sold guy in Wizards an i can see him and Beal doing magic there in the East... i can see him leading them to a finals in the next 2 years if they get a solid guy to partner up with him and Beal
xTB Пре месец
Jenny can get piped in a lot of ways 🤣
grahamjl766 Пре месец
I like his play but I feel his bball IQ is lacking overall. He just out hustles everyone.
Justin Пре месец
soooo jenny like the dark side
Unc Tay
Unc Tay Пре месец
Charles Barkley had to go head to head with the GOAT. Russ just been losin.
Unc Tay
Unc Tay Пре месец
@Immortal lol
Immortal Пре месец
LeBron wasn’t playing in the 90’s
Rafsan Shivaduta
Rafsan Shivaduta Пре месец
blew 2-0 and 3-1 lead against Hakeem's Rockets when MJ took a sabbatical
Veck Пре месец
Westbrook isn't a top 5 all-time PG because his basketball IQ causes him to drop off in the postseason. I'd take CP3 over Westbrook in my all-time PG ranking even though neither has a ring.
BayAreaBurner CaliGrown
BayAreaBurner CaliGrown Пре месец
Westbrook use to be such a good free throw shooter too it’s crazy how low his percentage has dropped
Godzilla Vs sushi
Godzilla Vs sushi Пре месец
Westbrick you mean
Mr Average Boy
Mr Average Boy Пре месец
@Theo Douwes yeah man, the season they changed it was when it took a massive dip
Theo Douwes
Theo Douwes Пре месец
@Mr Average Boy was that his ritual?
Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper Пре месец
Also the surgeries on his hand and his ritual changed so it affected his shot but he still hits them in the clutch
jtremaine23 Пре месец
True...I wonder why nobody has been talking about his FT shooting for the last few years. He used to shoot 80%+ but now he's shooting in the high 60's/low 70's.
Maxwell Johnson
Maxwell Johnson Пре месец
Jenny this how you moderate! Molly take notes
John Capo
John Capo Пре месец
Jermaine FL
Jermaine FL Пре месец
Is this still a conversation. Russ gotta win a chip to get his props? C'mon Russ. if Lakers don't win this next chip. I want Wizard's to take it just for Russ. 💯❤
TheFadedSpade Пре месец
LOL you have Russ top 20 all time???
liandriunreal Пре месец
he dont always make the right play because he isn't trying to win he's trying to tally assists and rebounds and points
StAyBeAsTeN55 Пре месец
You guys need to show us the plays y’all talkin bout !!
Vigus DNA
Vigus DNA Пре месец
Let’s get one thing straight Oscar Played in an Era with fewer teams & less road to the playoffs & don’t get it twisted, Westbrook never played with a guy who was a 6x MVP & 6x Champion, That Team was stacked, & Russ with all The MVP’s added up from the players he played with is 2 & Russ is Also an MVP........When you have a guy who Many consider to be the GOAT (Kareem), who is in the debate with Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, etc..... & Kareem won 6 MVP’s in an era full of Alltime greats like Wilt & all them....& this was in an Era where Guys Like Wilt Averaged 55pts per Game & Like 30rpg Cuz it was much faster game then ....... Nobody is like Russell Westbrook, Allen Iverson is Close when you bring up heart & Being a Shark & super aggressive for guys 6’3 & below Etc....... GIVE RUSS THE RIGHT TEAM AROUND HIM & Watch What happens..... Put Westbrook with Giannis & Zion or Russ, Giannis & Embiid....A 2015-2018 version of Klay Thompson is a perfect Player to play with Russ.... But imagine Russ, Giannis & one of these guys Embiid/Jokic/Zion/Luka ....for his big 3 with some 3&D guys to fill out the roster & they will smash teams
LostInAwareness Пре месец
Is it me or is Jenny just not aging well? Lol
happy face
happy face Пре месец
People need to get it right... Get back to the old paths and remember this 1 thing... The POINT Guard position is equivalent IN IMPORTANCE to both the QB on offense and the MIC on Defense in football... Russ just doesn't have the game iq to run a offense and defense.. Look at Stockton, Payton, Nash, Kidd, Isaiah... even prime Lebron as a point forward... PG= Point General
Preyface456 From Chicago
Preyface456 From Chicago Пре месец
Wow.. Didn’t Russ and Washington just win 10 out of 13 games.. I think he deserves more credit than they giving.. Russ is a 1 man Super Team..
Jalen Long
Jalen Long Пре месец
@Zeafer Jones you seem to forgot pg hasn’t played that good in the playoffs since that series so it’s kinda hard to say that🤦🏾‍♂️
Zeafer Jones
Zeafer Jones Пре месец
I'm just saying that both Westbrook and Kawhi should have been able to win a championships with Paul George if David West(the best Pacer player) went to the ECF with Paul George.
Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper Пре месец
@Zeafer Jones and Isaiah Thomas went to the ecf with AL Horford what exactly is your point a 5'9 guard did it then rookie Tatum did it before that kyle Lowry and demar DeRozan did it ur saying it like that's some amazing feat in the east
Zeafer Jones
Zeafer Jones Пре месец
@Daniel Harper David West went to the ECF with PG13 twice.
Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper Пре месец
@Treal kawhi couldn't win with pg13 but they expected russ too dude hasn't showed up in the playoffs for years and the clippers were a championship team the thunder wasn't
Brock Austin
Brock Austin Пре месец
I respect Skip, been a fan for years....but his method of picking people apart seems pre-meditated, stubborn and just downright petty lol!
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas Пре месец
Idky but I can’t stand how now when they break to the highlights they don’t put on the screen
LA Пре месец
Espn copyrights ...they ain’t trying to get sued
LostInAwareness Пре месец
Westbrook is amazing but just a limited scorer and it hurts him a lot
alexis hernandez
alexis hernandez Пре месец
thats bs russ shouldve gone to the bucks instead of holiday
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Пре месец
why is a point guard getting that many rebounds he only cares about his stats end of story
Bobby Gray
Bobby Gray Пре месец
There are a lot of why's in this league
Jerry Bell
Jerry Bell Пре месец
Derrick Rose
Tre Slime
Tre Slime Пре месец
I’m not even a Westbrook fan but who gives a damn about someone who never played sports a day in there life top 20
Jerry Bell
Jerry Bell Пре месец
Russ did get pass the 1st round last year with Houston
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Ada Masalı 2. Bölüm
Ada Masalı
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Milica Todorovic - Izgubila sam sebe (Official video 2021)
Milica Todorovic
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Banat Boys Parody
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Nina Todorović - Ljubav Je Film (Official Video)
Parabellum Official
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Zvezde Granda - Cela emisija 72 - ZG 2020/21 - 19.06.2021
Zvezde Granda
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Tikvice kakve nikada niste jeli -  Super recept za tikvice na nov način
Uradi Sama- Ideje za kreativce
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