Rimac Nevera Goes Off-Road

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Buckle up, you're in for a treat!

Our Nevera development journey is in its final stages. We’ve showed you a lot this far, even the tough-to-watch crash tests. This time around, we want to share with you how our perfectly finished Nevera gets completely destroyed as a part of its global homologation crash testing program. But first, let’s have some fun!

This particular example of the Nevera was our first pre-series car, made in early 2021, and used for various track and road tests, but also for customer and media drives, exclusive worldwide events, and more. Unfortunately, it had an expiration date from the very beginning, and now it is time to say goodbye, as we wrap up the crash testing homologation program.

Since it's going to be destroyed in the final crash tests soon, our CEO Mate Rimac decided to take it for its final spin and do things we wouldn't normally do and most of the Nevera owners probably never will. But a little fun never hurt nobody, right?

This is not our typical hypercar adventure, but it’s great to see that the Nevera can handle off-road like a pro.

Do not try this at home!

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carwow Пре месец
Did we mention we do off-road challenges? 👀
alphonsa bibin
alphonsa bibin Пре 14 дана
Hi carwow hey why a land rover 36,000 pounds
Mihai Rezeanu
Mihai Rezeanu Пре месец
ANANDHU A Пре месец
😂💪lets test the car
booggie man
booggie man Пре месец
Mat can do it be-t-t-aa..
czaro Пре месец
Maybe “Rimac Nevera vs Suzuki Jimny OFF-ROAD- is an extra 1 950 000 € worth it?” kind of video
CrashForce Пре месец
1:54 If we could get a 3D rendering of the car to use in games like BeamNG drive that would be great! :D Ps: The car looks beautiful by the way
Gustavo Franco
Gustavo Franco Пре 20 дана
there already is, in Fh4 and Fh5 we have the car
Bibhuranjan Nath
Bibhuranjan Nath Пре месец
I second that. It would be awesome.
Kumyar Пре месец
Most people: Driving supercars offroad in Forza Horizon isnt realistic Mate: Today we're gonna do some rallying with my supercar.
Michael Richter
Michael Richter Пре месец
@Micheal3104 I would propose that every car that can drive 400 km/h is a hypercar but not every hypercar can reach 400km/h (e.g. the AMG Project One is a hypercar but its top speed is at 350km/h)
Micheal3104 Пре месец
If it's can reach at 400km/250miles does it mean it's hypercar?
Sphynx93 Пре месец
@Michael Richter Rimac C2 is for sure Hyper car tho.
DREAKONV.2 Пре месец
@Michael Richter i don't know where that line is, but i can say something like a Lamborghini Huracán or an Audi R8 would be a supercar but Bugatti Chiron or a Koenigsegg Agera R would be a hypercar
Michael Richter
Michael Richter Пре месец
@Ganesh Basa where would you draw the line between super and hypercars?
gmax876 Пре месец
I think RIMAC might have just invented the first official hyper car pre crash test ritual. I hope they do this with the next Bugatti they produce.
Hayden Bristow
Hayden Bristow Пре месец
New standard test - Can it Rally?
Dave Sirikientong
Dave Sirikientong Пре месец
This is what I love about young CEOs. Always thinking outside of the box and not afraid to take risks. Congrats for your success Mate Rimac
malice604 Пре месец
A CEO who can drive AND isn't afraid to wash his own car. Kudos.
Taylor Schultz
Taylor Schultz Пре месец
@Borna Horina I’m sure that’s exactly how he feels. That team made an absurd vehicle, doing anything with it is fun.
Apoorv Shah
Apoorv Shah Пре месец
If someone can't do even this then whats the point of living life
Ronald RM
Ronald RM Пре месец
@DDE new slayers in town.
Oliver Schwarz
Oliver Schwarz Пре месец
you don't know if he washed the whole car.
Agent Black 5.0
Agent Black 5.0 Пре месец
Just thinking the same thing
HereWeGoAgain Пре месец
and THIS is why we love this brand. So glad to hear the Bugatti and Rimac merge
Infinity Plus1
Infinity Plus1 Пре месец
It's great to see that Richard Hammond helped in the offroading ability of the Rimac
David D
David D Пре месец
i knew these king of comments were gonna pop up
Max Пре месец
Yo mad respect. I love what you're doing for your country and your brand. I hope I can buy one of your cars someday. Having a RIMAC would be one hell of a goal.
Shawn Crandon
Shawn Crandon Пре месец
Say it again that will be one hell of a goal.. One of the biggest achievement if not the biggest achievement
chingwodapigu Пре месец
Love seeing how happy Mate is throughout the video...especially when he's washing the car! It's refreshing seeing nice people who love what they do!
Alen AxP
Alen AxP Пре месец
Honestly, I want more videos of Nevera going off-Road
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin Пре месец
@Marian Cihoň Off *The* road is a tad different tho...
Prince King
Prince King Пре месец
then go volunteer as a driver for the crash testing and make us those videos.
Luke De Boer
Luke De Boer Пре месец
Shock Пре месец
you the parrot guy :o i love ur videos :D
Marinade Пре месец
@Marian Cihoň good one
v Пре месец
I can't even imagine what it has to be like, having to destroy so many cars as a low volume manufacturer to get the model homologated.
Salmaniack Пре месец
Nevera - Hands down one of the best things to happen in automotive industry this decade, a true engineering marvel. I would love to tell stories about it to my grand children (if I get to live that long).
TrevorsBeenBusy Пре месец
i honestly would love to see how the technology you guys have applied to a rally car or something, it'd be REALLY funny
Nitesh Maharaj
Nitesh Maharaj Пре месец
Really love the work of Rimac and I can't wait to see what they do with Bugatti.
Joshua Пре месец
This is stuff I do in FH4/FH5 with the Rimac. So cool to see it off roading in real life.
Wagner Couto
Wagner Couto Пре месец
I appreciate you even more! Really nice to see this kind of things. YOU ROCK RIMAC!
AOSPOR Пре месец
That car looks amazing on off-roads
Kunle Пре месец
Looks like the calibration is perfectly suited for off-road oversteer. I approve.
Misha Charoudin
Misha Charoudin Пре месец
Off-Road is actually translated for international audience because it is just "road" for Balkans. Edit: so many triggered people that cannot take a joke 🤣 go have some ćevapi&chill. I have lived in Zagreb for a year and yes, paid highways are better than German Autobahns. However, local roads are horrible disaster that reminded me of Russia, which made me feel at home. Also great to test and set up the suspension of my track car for the Nürburgring. Betonka: never again.
Branimir Fijačko
Branimir Fijačko Пре месец
@5ergio Graphics istina a ja nemam pojma sta se ljudi srame,ja sam u Minhenu pa da vam kazem da ceste nisu nesto posebno!Bolje ceste ima Holzkirchen koji je 40 km od Minhena
Branimir Fijačko
Branimir Fijačko Пре месец
@Miroslav Klose mozda jesmo dijelom Austro-Ugari ali miljama si daleko za Matu,,Mate je proveo vremena u Bosni kao i Tesla u Srbiji,Prije je Njemac nego Bosanac!ali Mate je HRVAT,Hrvati gdje god da jesu su Hrvati..pa sto mislis da Hrvati iz Livna,Mostara nisu Hrvati majstore,mi se ne sramimo svoje brace iz Bosne...Jednom Hrvat uvijek Hrvat
Branimir Fijačko
Branimir Fijačko Пре месец
@Sinisa Jovic soori stari,fulao si gadno!Bandic je RIP,fontane su gotove vec 3 godine! da istina grad je unisten ali to je i od potresa!Da ne pretjerujem, je ima naravno cesta koje su UZAS
Rocco Пре месец
Road's in Croatia are pretty good,you realise that when you visit other countries.They could be always better of course! As a motorcyclists I respect and for sure know what good road is. I would give score six out of ten for Croatian roads!
MGA Пре месец
Don't forget enough Ajvar & Luk & Pivo to that chewapi things *LOL*
Agent Smith
Agent Smith Пре месец
What an amazing car, I hope the cutting edge EV technology can be transferred to cheaper cars in the near future :-D
Ian Jalili
Ian Jalili Пре месец
LOVE YOU MATE! You're seriously one of my biggest heros❤ through all that hardship and crazy moments that life gave you, you made it out like a champ! seriously an Iconic character.
Duster McClean
Duster McClean Пре месец
Great presentation by a great and humble CEO. Bravo Mate!
Leon Philip
Leon Philip Пре месец
Such an amazing driving machine. Awesome work Mate Rimac and his team
Artur Dias
Artur Dias Пре месец
All right, you are the greatest. It's easy to see how humble you are. Keep up the good work.
Spoony Пре месец
Rimac, so good at getting all walks to connect with the company and car. I can't help but picture how good a Gymkhana vid with Ken or Travis at the wheel of this thing would be though 👌
Mustafa Kozak
Mustafa Kozak Пре месец
Awesome original content that you don’t see often👌🏻
DivaniKingston Пре месец
I love how he's making a 2.4 million dollar hyper car look like an everyday toy... That's really cool
Hidden Spots BC
Hidden Spots BC Пре месец
Incredible. I appreciate that you chose to do this. And what a cool legacy moment to drift around in the beginning phase of your new manufacturing building. Congratulations on your innovations and lofty dreams coming to fruition.
Experience Пре месец
Silent but deadly. Wow such a presentation I love it. As always thanks Mate for sharing with us.
Pierre-Nicolas Schwab
Pierre-Nicolas Schwab Пре месец
Breathtaking video and car. I love the tech and the entrepreneurial passion behind it.
You are big inspiration for jung generations. Much love for you. ❤ Enjoy to watch ever new project. 👏
Star Boy
Star Boy Пре месец
Respect to Mate Rimac for letting his inner child show whilst making this video. World class car with a world class humble CEO
Troll Пре месец
@Hates Spam sorry about just asking "why". Should've given the context. And thank you for explaining why there should a cap to a person's wealth.
Hates Spam
Hates Spam Пре месец
@Troll If you are referring to me mentioning there should be a cap for some people, I will make it clear. There should be a cap on how much one single person can own, a cap of say 1 billion dollars in the bank. Elon Musk currently has the ability to earn money faster than it can be printed - there is clearly a problem is one person can earn money faster than it's created. No one needs more than 1 billion dollars, so a cap should be implemented because the money that they earn and lock away does no good for the world and instead that money could be better spent on solving world problems - This would be better than being locked away doing nothing, especially while that individual earns more millions every single hour. Let's not forget Musk has the ability to grow his net worth by up to 25.6b in one day!
Hates Spam
Hates Spam Пре месец
@Troll Why what? Please understand CONTEXT goes a long way...
Troll Пре месец
@Hates Spam why?
Le-WiiSs Пре месец
@Powder Skier Unless he makes cars for the masses like Tesla, or invest in other shit then I don't see that happening
Hypnotizin' Detailz
Hypnotizin' Detailz Пре месец
Mate, thank you ever so much for being such an inspirational and truly exemplary guy!!! 🤩
Krish Пре месец
Rimac is becoming the redbull of hypercars ans I LOVE IT 😂❤️
FreWHEELER ASU Пре месец
I would straight off say that very few videos have made me giggle and on the same time elevatated my heart beat. THIS WAS SURELY ONE OF THEM
rhesus Пре месец
First of all, my respect for the man. I just hope he also advances the EV tech tree for "mundane" serial cars. He builds super hyper cars that cost so much money, only a small number of ppl on this planet could buy them. So all I can see is a crazy expensive car packed with advanced tech that only bezos, musk and co. could buy and use.
X Пре месец
You know a CEO is a humble down guy when he has no problem everyone see him washing his own creation.
Dionykn Пре месец
Still, Rimac CEO is a cool guy indeed.
Dionykn Пре месец
I bet it's fun to do because people will wonder what it is or already know it and it will make their day seeing it at the carwash.
HaYNBoii Пре месец
I guess this answers the question, “do CEO’s play Forza Horizon 5?” … the answer is no. They just take their actual super cars out off-roading 😂
Sink Пре месец
A hypercar going off-roading. So crazy, I love it
Elliot Hedlund
Elliot Hedlund Пре месец
This right here i a sign of a great company. I can not wait for what Rimac will achieve in the years to come!
hamzehomari Пре месец
Impressive driving skills Mate!
Glinnzar Пре месец
I'm playing Forza Horizon 5 right now and I'm cruising with the Nevera all the time, which means drifting it in the mud and sand and stuff...it's fiction and a game so can't be done in real life, then I see this video.... :D Well played Rimac, well played :D :D
///AmgFanboi74 Пре месец
@Hrvoje Odobasic It was in FH4 too
Hrvoje Odobasic
Hrvoje Odobasic Пре месец
Wait what I've been playing FH5 like crazy and how didn't I notice the nevera
Patrick martin
Patrick martin Пре месец
@Graydon Webster that’s whats in the game, the C2 was just the concept for the Nevera
Graydon Webster
Graydon Webster Пре месец
Do you mean the Concept 2?
Pedro Pinto
Pedro Pinto Пре месец
Zander 63
Zander 63 Пре месец
Love seeing Hypercars going offroad 😆💖
AideBlade 09
AideBlade 09 Пре месец
This is such a great video! You guys should do one in the snow too.
madman_video's Пре месец
svaka cast brate! samo pun gas :D auto kida, nadam se da cu jednog imati para za tvoj auto :D
bvc100 Пре месец
Imagine what a Rimac SUV can do, given what this one did.😍
Nauman Reviews
Nauman Reviews Пре месец
Absolutely awesome to watch that car sliding on a offroad/gravel track
Manny Magaña
Manny Magaña Пре месец
Awesome, it must of hurt to watch it get wrecked but this was a great send off!
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal Пре месец
Jay C
Jay C Пре месец
Great video!! Very informative!! Very honest!! Shame to crash though isn’t it 🥲 fun to take it off road too!!! Wildlife were happy 🤫😂
MrRadicalMoves Пре месец
I mean... in all honesty... unlike a lot of other hypercars... this being electric you probably can actually beat the living daylights out of it offroad and be totally fine. You say that you hope no one ever does this... I watch this and hope you guys make a rally team XD
elwingy Пре месец
@DB Class 407 I do not disagree with what you said.
DB Class 407
DB Class 407 Пре месец
@elwingy What I am referring to is the supercar category. None of the Tesla vehicles are in supercar category, apart from the Roadster. Even so, that isn't in production yet.
elwingy Пре месец
@DB Class 407 if you are talking about the reliability thing we were commenting above, that should work against electric supercars the same way it does with ICE supercars. Tesla had to go through a process. And it is a huge company producing thousands of cars per week. Rimac is nothing compared to that. I am not suggesting Rimac will have issues, just saying that limited production supercars are always more vulnerable than large scale production cars.
DB Class 407
DB Class 407 Пре месец
@elwingy Teslas are not supercars, though. Maybe the Roadster could count as one, but that isn't in production yet.
elwingy Пре месец
@MrRadicalMoves i am not heated at all, just stating the obvious. About the reliability of supercars though, you are somewhat exaggerating regarding their reliability. In terms of engine at least. Teslas were a mess when they got out. Reliability isnt just the engine. Anyways we dont disagree on most you stated above.
Jacob Burt
Jacob Burt Пре месец
Gotta hit those offroad speed zones!!
Brandon Douglas
Brandon Douglas Пре месец
That was extremely enjoyable. Wildly different cars but that made me excited for snow season in my wrx! Not alot of dirt roads around where I've sadly
Viamontis Пре месец
Well... This is truly different! We love different! More content like this!
Carl Ian Go
Carl Ian Go Пре месец
I believe that they are going to make an SUV version of this. 🤞🔥🤣
Tahsin Faiyaz
Tahsin Faiyaz Пре месец
The biggest middle finger to crossover n suv owners we will ever, ever see. This is history-worthy.
elwingy Пре месец
@DB Class 407 I was not talking about sand. I was talking about very poor roads and dirtroads that lead to the best beaches in a lot of holiday destinations. Germany has great roads, but dont expect such a network in the vast majority of the rest of the world. Like I said convenience and peace of mind is a huge plus on an SUV. Getting luggage or the kids in and out without having to crouch and bend is a blessing if you are a man my age...
DB Class 407
DB Class 407 Пре месец
@elwingy Why would you drive a car to the beach? Sand isn't known for their ability to hold weight. But to answer why ground clearance isn't a big deal, it is simply due to well maintained roads. Notice German cars tend to be a bit low. German roads, though often riddled with frequent road constructions, are generally in good quality. Cars for each purpose. Forget trying to park SUV in Lucca; there is a reason why cars have to be small. rstoolss.info/long/video/x8LIsofMqWeQi4I Conversely, you already provided reasons for SUV.
elwingy Пре месец
@DB Class 407 I do not disagree with you final statement. About the ground clearance though, allow me to tell you that no, there is a huge difference. Saying that anything other than super and hyper is pretty much good to go, makes me wonder where you live and what streets you are using. Try going for vacations to an island with for example a Volvo S60 fully loaded with your stuff and trying to reach a beach... you will think twice about your statement. With an XC60 you wouldnt even look at the road or think "can my car reach that location"? Also bad quality roads on an SUV compared to a sedan is way more comfortable and way less anxiety inducing. Point is. All cars have advantages and disadvantages like you said. If someone buys an SUV solely because he wants to corner fast and seeks driving pleasure, then for sure he has no idea what he is doing. If a guy buys an SUV because he wants peace of mind and a car that is convenient in almost every scenario, then he sure as hell knows what he is doing. I used to have sedans my whole life. I am never going back to them as a family car. In fact I just placed an order last september for another SUV. I prefer having an SUV and a proper drivers car pure for driving pleasure than having a sedan. For me it works as a safety reason as well. Speed is sweet and I prefer not being tempted with the family inside.
DB Class 407
DB Class 407 Пре месец
@elwingy Ground clearance for anything that isn't super and hyper is enough for the vehicles. Even fully loaded, it should be fine as long one doesn't go crazy with is such as rock-crawling with Golf, mudrunning Civic, etc. All I did is point out the alternatives to SUVs, when SUV's off-roading capability isn't needed. No need to assume they are under attack. Like all cars, SUVs have disadvantages, one of which is their higher center of gravity. Many people tend to overestimate the handling of SUVs when they should have been more cautious. Worse, they tend to assume winter tires are not needed for 4WD. Nope, tires are far more important in low traction conditions.
elwingy Пре месец
@DB Class 407 most station wagons just dont look good man for most people. Also clearance is always welcome when you have a family and especially during summer. Seriously what is the problem? Seems like you jest way more than you should…
Ndrick971 Пре месец
forza vibes amazing video rimac as always love the nevara looks
Adolfo W. Wolf
Adolfo W. Wolf Пре месец
This car has lived a good life, raced other super cool cars, has been to places, an is now playing in the wild, living the life, driven by the man himself ;) Great to see the Rimac channel being super entertaining too, that was fun to see.
trent smith
trent smith Пре месец
Awesome driving off roads i always loved that car
Jonathan Sheeran
Jonathan Sheeran Пре месец
That’s cool! More of this please!
Ducky Пре месец
Don’t ask why Rimac is so different from other brands. Coolest CEO ever🔥🔥🔥
dodoz44 Пре месец
Mate and CVK are by far the coolest.
Leslie Nordman
Leslie Nordman Пре месец
Fantastic! I loved this video! Now, Glickenhaus has issued a challenge to race with no emissions and no plugging in to recharge. For the entire race. Come on, Bugatti Rimac! You can rise to the challenge!
Kron's Clips
Kron's Clips Пре месец
the system in this car is so good it lets you have fun not limiting everything when going sideways
Ok Go
Ok Go Пре месец
That looked great driving around the new factory campus and he sure had some fun........ well done Mate we love you and your company. Regards from Rome👍🇬🇧
Sam Walling
Sam Walling Пре месец
Mate, you sir are a damn legend ✊✊
Moritz Ameseder
Moritz Ameseder Пре месец
Love how you present your company as a humble and fun driven CEO. 👌
Morten Lund
Morten Lund Пре месец
@Nenad Milunovic And it is not just some region!! You guys fought off Hitler and Benito Mussolini during 4 tough yeas all by your self. I must admit my deepest respect! You should broadcast your history more actively.
Creed Пре месец
@Erkules pusti to sa strane i da je srbin bilo bi mi drago da napokon mi balkanci budemo svjetski konkurentni u nekim proizvodima
Miki Mosky
Miki Mosky Пре месец
@Nenad Milunovic Well said, mate!
Nenad Milunovic
Nenad Milunovic Пре месец
@Erkules Yes, croat from Bosnia, and passed through North Macedonia, and drink water in Slovenia, and... how cares? He is more then croat. World belongs to him. Regards from Serbia. Nice to see successfull man and successfull company from the region.
Erkules Пре месец
@Morten Lund correction... he is a croat from Bosnia,
MrZziraldo Пре месец
Only few will remember the Bugatti eb110 going up a snowy ski slope.. This really reminds me of the same mind set 😊 Gratz Mate
Thomas Johannesen
Thomas Johannesen Пре месец
I have an insane amount of respect for Mate Rimac.
Bob Smoot
Bob Smoot Пре месец
What an awesome sled I love it that the creator of this stunning vehicle take it out and trash it through the mud and dirt. Very cool video
this could be your ad
this could be your ad Пре месец
hehe this guy is actually a LEGEND. and thank you for letting me know how to pronounce rimac (rimatz)
BVD JVD Пре месец
Its nice to see the actual founder of a freaking supercar company present their product in a personal way. Also this must have been a great idea, imagine if we all got such video's from manufacturers thrashing their pre production cars about like no tomorrow because they will be crushed anyway!
Angel Nunez
Angel Nunez Пре месец
Oracio pagani likes to show his cars him self too but doubt he’d have this much fun with one of his cars
darko99x Пре месец
Koenigsegg be like... Book me Moab's Hells Gate... ASAP
Madhukar Jonathan Minj
Madhukar Jonathan Minj Пре месец
@djsomeguy as much i like Porsche they're a bit too corporate.
djsomeguy Пре месец
The only one I can see doing that is Porsche....they are nutters there too!
ShaddowChief Пре месец
Imagine pulling up to a public car wash in 1 of these, all mud covered! This might be the coolest thing I've seen a car like this do before!!!
Sapjez Пре месец
It sounds so awkward without an engine but it’s really really cool
Kapiti Electric Vehicle Society
Kapiti Electric Vehicle Society Пре месец
Stunning EV, on or off-road.
Paweł Jarosz
Paweł Jarosz Пре месец
I think it is a good test to find out how much mud and extra weight car can get. For the electrical car it is quite important to have properly design floor to not accumulate the dirt and gravel.
Reza Hussaini
Reza Hussaini Пре месец
I never thought I would see such a car offroading. Crazy world.
Master Mind
Master Mind Пре месец
From a E30 to this, my respect to Rimac....
Sirocc Пре месец
I really love the transparent politics of rimac. It's really nice, they openly talk about their fails and wins. Also it's nice to find out what it takes to build such cars ha
trackerrrr Пре месец
Far too many of these types of cars get put away in garages and warehouses and not driven. Nice to see one being enjoyed!
Rolf Karlsson
Rolf Karlsson Пре месец
99.9% of SUV drivers would go "I can't drive my car there - it's way to rough!"
King Patrick
King Patrick Пре месец
Best car company ever. First time seing a super car being driven like this. 😍
ICEWAVE51 Gaming
ICEWAVE51 Gaming Пре месец
Can I just say rimac you made a beautiful electric car. Usually I don't like electric cars but this one I would buy in a heart beat.
Sarel Breitenbach
Sarel Breitenbach Пре месец
And after this, he will now develop the fastest electric SUV/Buggy! Looking forward to see that Beast!
cathix D
cathix D Пре месец
Wish they made a suspension kit for these. Then you could opt to have something like the Mega Track
Morten Lund
Morten Lund Пре месец
Ohh my, how can I support you? Completely my man. Please never stop. Croatia for ever. Greetings from Denmark.
viksamf Пре месец
Greetings from Croatia to lovely Denmark 😎✌🏻
drfibo Пре месец
Buy some t-shirts
Danijel MTB
Danijel MTB Пре месец
Support him by buying the Nevera!!
What if you...
What if you... Пре месец
Simply great, out of the box, out of the road thinking 😁. Have you thought about gymkhanas before every crashtest and calling Travis Pastrana or Ken block 😁😁 Or just Mrgud, Boki and Mate in Gymkhana Croatia😉
Julian Пре месец
I just loved how casual how he said now this one is now ready to go to the wall lol!!
B E M Пре месец
He's a crazy CEO, and I love it!!!!!!
Joe Tee
Joe Tee Пре месец
epic well done keep up the good work
Gavin Warwick
Gavin Warwick Пре месец
Damn bro this so hype. I’m hella excited to see what Bugatti Rimac can do together!! I’ve been a fan of Rimac ever since Hammond crashed the C1 🤣.
srinitaaigaura Пре месец
@Neojhun It was Hammond's fault just like last time. He went for one last unauthorized ride way above the max planned speed and forgot to brake. He also did that in the dragster where he went for an unplanned last run despite being warned of a flat spot on one tire.
Neojhun Пре месец
@MagBus Same been a fan way before. But Hammond survived with a full recovery. I knew that would be good for rimac.
Ergot Murphy
Ergot Murphy Пре месец
@DaPoPo Yeah I can’t believe how little damage he walked away with. (Well he didn’t walk, but you get the point)
DaPoPo Пре месец
@MagBus Because it saved the hamster's life
MagBus Пре месец
I've been a rimac fan before the crush.. I thought the crush gonna have bad history for rimac. But it actually gaining fans lol
abhishek patel
abhishek patel Пре месец
What a beautiful car🔥
사칼루즈늬유리이 Пре месец
So crazy, but fascinating at the same time ;)
AgentMiner Пре месец
I like the look of how much fun he is having when washing the car
YouMedia Пре месец
What a CEO! For the first time I saw the "Rimac" peoject I liked it. You can feel the passion for the car of the CEO and of every person involved
Bhuone_01 Пре месец
Loved what you did ❤️
WIZE Пре месец
Mate and Elon deserves to be recognized as the ones who revolutionized the 21st century automotive era
Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸
Tesla Plaid Baby 🇺🇸 Пре месец
If electric cars are the future please give us more cars like this
Torben W
Torben W Пре месец
Now I want them to make a rally car😂
Powder Skier
Powder Skier Пре месец
How can anyone not be proud of this guy
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