No Time To Die reviewed by Mark Kermode

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Mark Kermode reviews No Time To Die. Daniel Craig returns for his final adventure in the James Bond series.

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Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke Пре 2 дана
I was totally underwhelmed if I’m honest,good but not very good,Safin was underused ,bond/Swann took up to much of the film,arnas aka paloma I enjoyed ,was a breath of fresh air and kick ass,overall 7-10 expected more👍
Mr. Pudding
Mr. Pudding Пре 4 дана
NTTD was Bad. James Bad.
Nick Пре 5 дана
i liked it, but my god did Bond have main character syndrome. He was shot, blow up via 3 grenades at once... endless! Every shot he took was a one bullet kill, it was like aimbot back in the day on Call of Duty lol
Soundtrack-Audio Пре 6 дана
For me it was a bit of a let down. Craig was great, a really strong performance ... but you could tell the script was an amalgam of ideas and so it ended up feeling like it was written by a committee ... leaving it notably lacking of the pace and dynamism of a bond movie. It almost felt like each scene had been written by a different writer and then someone had stitched them all together as a kind of patchwork plot. That's not to say it was a terrible film, but I just felt it was the weakest of the Daniel Craig Bond movies and I don't think it'll age well as a result of the lack of pace.
Léguman Пре 7 дана
"Lea Seydoux [...] in many ways kinda rivals the impact of Diana Rigg" - Mark, what have you been smoking ??? LS has about as much on-screen presence as a wet piece of cardboard.
beno _
beno _ Пре 7 дана
Can somebody tell me what is the motive of the villian in this film ?
jerry fletcher
jerry fletcher Пре 7 дана
This review goes on longer than the film! Kill me, someone please!
marley Mathers
marley Mathers Пре 7 дана
Explain to me why the bumbling corrupt scientist got a more ‘grizzly death’ than the nastier villains
GAMERTAG VR Пре 8 дана
Excellent Film.But sadly one of the worst Bond themes to date . I've noticed how normally a bond theme carries on throughout the film.On this occasion thankfully it was ditched after 5 mins in favour of the classic Louis Armstrong "We Have All The Time In The World"Thist is a good example of young "Award Winning "Singer/Songwriters out of their depth when a grand and lavish performance is required to match a bond film and it fails due to Mumbled Vocals and poor musical arrangement.
Harlin67 Пре 8 дана
Not really Bond. Unless you can flick out your Q-created pen and kill 12 villains, it's not Bond. Also the ending is terrible. For Bond fans who were there for the start, yes oldies, Bond has been a constant escape from the norm, an exit into the world of treating life threatening situations with a quip and flash of a grin. Everything about the ending reeks of money for franchises and 'Bond Jr' Season 5 etc.
Peter Malbin
Peter Malbin Пре 8 дана
Your introduction is way too long, as is the film itself. While I like Daniel Craig, the story is very dreary and the villains are uninteresting.
Matt Matt
Matt Matt Пре 9 дана
Malek will be underrated as a Bond villain, but give it time. Listen to what he says. How he says it. He will be seen as a great villain in time.
the sodium lights
the sodium lights Пре 10 дана
Just how old is Rami Malek supposed to be at the end of this film?
nicola johnson
nicola johnson Пре 11 дана
It was a very good movie but my one issue is the lack of a good antagonist, Remi needed more screen time, maybe a more charismatic actor would have been better for so little screen time, as for the controversial ending, I actually liked how it played out, but my partner certainly didn't appreciate it. Who ever takes on the role next, has a hard act to follow.
Jocelyn Turmel
Jocelyn Turmel Пре 11 дана
Low-effort mess.
D Wnright
D Wnright Пре 12 дана
great film.
viddiot Пре 14 дана
It is good. The third act is solid. It almost falls over and dies with the little slapstick comedy scene in the first third of the film.
Colin Luckens
Colin Luckens Пре 15 дана
TOTALLY AGREE WITH MARK ABOUT "SKYFALL" - IMO too the best of Craig's Bonds - loved everything about it from beginning to end!!! The ACTION SEQUENCES, the MUSIC, ATMOSPHERE, STELLAR PERFORMANCES...PERFECT PACE of the movie, CINEMATOGRAPHY.....the perfect Bond!!!❤️
sodosopa Пре 15 дана
The problem with Spectre was that the last three movies evolved around Blofeld having had daddy was bad
MrTkeddo Пре 16 дана
I watched it yesterday and yes it was fun to watch and Craig opened up the character a bit but it wasn’t as good as the hype unfortunately,and the plot is ridiculous .
truth to power
truth to power Пре 16 дана
just watched it. honestly, it was a great film, but gratuitously long and a bit OTT on the daniel craig send off. bits of it were excellent for certain and the only actor who i felt was a bit lacking was Lashana. the rest were exemplary. but my god, the whole scene in cuba feels a lifetime ago now. this really was 2 films mashed into one, and had they just split them up into two we may have developed a bit more of a sense of dread toward Safin and a bit more fear from Blofeld. the villain element was almost entirely absent from the film after the opening, and i feel it was a bit wasted considering the depth of talent Malek exhibited in his short performance on screen. Lea Seydoux was breath-taking and the film definitely convinces you of their on screen chemistry, and all I can say is THANK GOD there weren't any spectre-esque superfluous sex scenes which at this point in my life just make me gag. Go for the Craig send off, stay for the gorgeous cinematography and superb acting. 4/5.
CG Mat
CG Mat Пре 18 дана
The beginning of this film with it's action scenes and locations is stunning, as you would expect, its just that the ending is very disappointing....the island scene is old hat and I am not really interested in Bond's personal life
Dungeon Craft
Dungeon Craft Пре 20 дана
You are correct about Skyfall--great film. But No Time is not. I can't tell you how hyped I was for NTTD and how disappointed I was when I left the theater. Plodding, absurd, and murkily shot. This was "The Last Jedi" of Bond films. It made me not care if I ever see another one. And judging but the disappointing U.S. box office, many Yanks agree.
sffl83 Пре 21 дан
Worst James Bond movie , trash
Gabriel Пре 21 дан
This film attempts to blend a Blade Runner 2049 aesthetic with a well worn premise about apocalyptic viral domenation- a premise, mind you, that infects its host (us the audience) without a cure. It has a diseased and curiously delayed sense of suspense: instead of using music to accompany suspense, the film appears to use music to replace suspense. If it was intentional, it still didn't work. The pace of this film puts the film's title to the test. There are many- I stess MANY- times this film should have died and didn't. Where is the irony, the sardonic humour, the dry as a bone dialogue that should spit and crackle, even at its knowing self parody? This 007 movie is like an inoculation we seriously don't need. And boredom is no cure as it does laps around itself, throwing off most of its gadgets, grit and heart in the process. It makes the time to tick each politically correct box, like a mandated jab in the arm, but it died before it began. Even a one armed undergraduate film flunky armed with a chopstick and scotchtape could have clipped this film in half and still would have plenty of time to die on its own. Sorry, James... the film and I simply didn't Bond.
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz Пре 21 дан
11:47 Spectre was boring.
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz Пре 21 дан
9:37 Bullsh!t.
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz Пре 20 дана
@womble1981 No one even comes close to Connery in my opinion.
Victor James
Victor James Пре 21 дан
I thought they took his balls away in an earlier Bond film, but they really took them away in this one!
Karl Moore
Karl Moore Пре 21 дан
A slow and boring film with a truly horrible ending. To much Dreary talking from a bunch of tedious characters, and how ana de armas only got like 5 minutes of screen time in a near 3 hour film is a joke to me, given her being on all the promotionals on the film...🤷
NOTBANKSY Пре 22 дана
The new 007 would of been a more effective role if she'd been East Asian, fighting fit, and beautifully dangerous, like the sister in Shang Chi.
Ian Pearson
Ian Pearson Пре 22 дана
James bond is supposed to be a cheeky womaniser. Not a soap opera or terminator. We have had the hard man Craig in earlier movies now we have the softy lovey dovey Craig. Good movie but we don't want a soap opera.
freddy fender
freddy fender Пре 23 дана
Worst Bond film ever. Craig looks like he is hung over for most of the film, and the villains were either previously killed or had no context. And why isnt anyone mentioning 007 ?
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Пре 23 дана
My big problem with this movie is that the storyline is incoherent and that some plot elements make zero sense.
drumdrum cymbal
drumdrum cymbal Пре 23 дана
Phoebe Waller-Bridge.............take a bow for the worst bond film of all sodomy scene, maybe in the dir cut.
Rambler Andy
Rambler Andy Пре 23 дана
Gotta say, I think No Time To Die is the best DC Bond film, and DC has been the best Bond overall. I really enjoyed this one. It isn't superficial, like many Bond films, but harks back to OHMSS, which for me was the best non-DC Bond film. And as to locations, the opening shots of the beautiful town, Matera in Italy, are simply gorgeous.
Jay Пре 23 дана
No time to die was just trash
David Loughlin
David Loughlin Пре 23 дана
I am 70 minutes in and have no idea what the plot of this movie is! Moneypenny is a joke, M too, and Q also. What happened to the great movies with Connery and Moore. These bond movies are awful, am I the only one that can see that?
L. S. R. L.
L. S. R. L. Пре 23 дана
James Bond doesn't work in the modern world. He is just a boozy pensioner that likes Jason Statham films.
BS fishing
BS fishing Пре 24 дана
Well let me start off by saying that I think spector you will be the last James Bond movie that I will ever watch because after this monstrosity I don’t ever wanna see another James Bond movie unless it’s the old school any person who in their right mind says this was a good movie doesn’t know what a good movie is I would hate for you to be a director if you think that this was a good movie first off I haven’t even seen the movie but I’ve seen enough trailers to know what the movies about it’s about Daniel Craig once again falling in love and there seems to be this ploy in every single one of his James Bond movies that the girls out there in the real world want a man to stay home and change the diapers I don’t go to the movies to watch some guy change diapers do not get me wrong someday I’m going to be a family man but I don’t wanna be a family man I wanna go to a movie so that I can get away from my normal day life that’s the reason James Bond movies were invented so they could be enjoyed watching Daniel Craig to play James Bond has been like listening to country music he becomes mine he loses the girl she kills her self he loses himself to alcohol he seeks revenge for her betraying him and throughout every single movie for that I’ve watched he is always falling in love for the girl Jiminy Christmas can we just admit that James bond has never meant to be a family man and that’s what they turned him into an every day fat guy I’m just saying sure he has the gadgets but what is that I would think all the guys would agree with me on this one it’s a reason we go to the James Bond movies to forget about our every day life I don’t wanna go to a movie that reminds me about oh yeah we have a dinner date you go to the movies to enjoy it movies were invented so we can go to another world another place James Bond is a hero and you know what happens to a hero who gets married his family gets killed they get murdered by the revengeful people but just from watching the few second clip of Stephen talking I will I just almost fell asleep so if that’s what James Bond‘s going to look like in the future then I’m glad that Spectre is my last James Bond to purchase because Spectre is way better than this thing inspector didn’t even have a good script but at least he didn’t he wasn’t married he didn’t have a wife he didn’t have a daughter and they didn’t kill him so where do they go from here they say that the next James Bond‘s going to be a mail you cannot kill the main character in a movie can you say this again you cannot kill the main character in the film James Bond has always survived until now and to think that this is how Daniel Craig wants to and his legacy of being James Bond makes all the sense in the world to me he’s never been the greatest James Bond and some people are gonna get pissed off and say you don’t know what you’re talking about look I watched every James Bond from Sean Connery to this Bourne identity James Bond crossover Daniel Craig era just to tell you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to James Bond I’ve been a James Bond fan since I was born in 81 my grandpa and me used to sit down on the weekends and watch James Bond movies that was our bonding time there’s a ploy in the eye was funny I wasn’t meaning for it to be that way but they kind of turned out that way when I say bonding time so I actually was our bonding time because we were watching a James Bond movie did you never mind anyway the point of the matter is those movies those movies were interesting and they never ever killed the character yes he slept around he slept with women and some people are saying well we can’t have James Bond doing that today then you know what I don’t wanna watch another James Bond film because that is who James bond is and personally I think this is getting ridiculous when they’re trying to change the character of the most successful franchise and film history thank about it there has never ever more successful franchise than James Bond from 64 two the present day over 50 years of James Bond and this is how they end it I hope the next James Bond tanks like majorly and they have to rethink their efforts and they do a better job but I don’t care because I’m never gonna watch it I have no reason to watch another Barbara broccoli movie about James Bond Because her idea of James Bond is a married man who is a secret agent that just doesn’t sit well with me and I know that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people anyway I’m sorry it was so long I just had to vent
PieInTheGnome Пре 24 дана
I could die a happy man if they never made another bond film.
Devesh Bhatt
Devesh Bhatt Пре 25 дана
No Time to Die was lousy because: 1. after first 15 minutes of amazing, it was all a walk in the park for Bond. 2. The romance was soapy n not intense 3. The villain was a sideshow n useless. 4. The existential threat never felt high stakes, the moral dilemmas were not there, the family threat was not edgy. 5. Craig was wasted in a rinse repeat of returning from retirement. He was excellent but all else was shit. 6. Cyclops the henchmen was crap, I didn't love Spectre, but it felt better than this. Batista was a menace. 7. No Time to Die could have been rewritten as a spoof. This was a predictable mess. The first 15 minutes of amazing went down the drain afterwards. Rami Malek was the 2nd worst villain after Quantum of Solace.
G A Пре 25 дана
IncorporatedOps Пре 25 дана
Anybody know the word that the character "mouthed" that was almost a joke?
bartoni79 Пре 26 дана
The flaw is how did Sabin manage to gain the resources to destroy spectre. It seemed like a poorly thought out bad guy and unremarkable
zoot soot
zoot soot Пре 19 дана
Yeah, it was rubbish.
Frank McElhill
Frank McElhill Пре 26 дана
Just finished watching it there now. Awful. Truly awful. The worst Bond movie by far. I loved On Her Majesty's Secret Service. No Time To Die is just tripe.
Tom Langdon
Tom Langdon Пре 26 дана
I Feel like Craig demanded that his Bond ....... I liked his Bond but I feel the last movie pandered to the actor too much.
fensterfred Пре 26 дана
The problem with this film and the entire Craig era is that we're never allowed the fun I feel we deserve and have had earlier. Craig's Bond is far too much an emblem of the excusatory, modern male figure. Does he need to be? Perhaps. But that just reduces the Bond character to a mess of intentions that lead to nowhere. I'd rather be without Bond and perhaps we should be. But then again, the box-office disagrees.
iSuRRendeReDuK Пре 27 дана
50 mins in and bored rigid....a proper yawnfest up to now..Zzzzzzz. And yes ive already had the ending spoiled and it still sounds boring.
Jonathan Pardoe
Jonathan Pardoe Пре 27 дана
A ridiculously long film that if time hadnt have run out , I would have . This film is protracted , its trying to be a brain inducing thriller but ends up being nothing more than a Star Wars style shoot out . and why the two Aston Martins ? is Bond a collector ? Where did the bimbo in the almost topless dress come from ? was this an afterthought to glam up the .....sorry , polish the turd ? This film is trying to be a re write of OHMSS which wasnt a particulaly good outing for Bond . I found it boring , way to complicated and unconvincing . Im not sorry that Craig has gone , Im definately not sorry that the two baddies , Chris Waltz and the guy that tried to play Freddy Mercury has gone . I paid £16 each ticket to watch this effort and now realise that I could have stopped indoors and watched a more enjoyable Moore /Brosnan Bond film . This like its previous film is why Bond is no longer at his best and others like Jason Bourne and Liam Neeson in "Taken " have usurped Bond in every way . Yes the DB5 sequence at the start was enjoyable but went belly up after that had ended . Complete nonsense boring twaddle . Give me Brosnan as Bond anyday at any age . By by Craig , dont come back .
Nick Redford
Nick Redford Пре 28 дана
2022! The year of RESPOKING, not REWOKING, with not one, but two brand new Bond novels, written with the help of the 'SPIRIT' of IAN FLEMING . "LIVING PAST ANOTHER DAY" OUT EARLY 2022! How does an older Bond cope shadowing a much younger 003! Introducing PENNY GALORE as the new 003! "GRAVITAS!" OUT CHRISTMAS 2022! The new AI department in Mi6, under 'Lady Q', is about to go operational in 2022! Humans and AI working together . What could possibly go wrong! All will be revealed in the 2022 James Bond novel: GRAVITAS ! Written by RICHARD CRAWLEY and NICK REDFORD (c) HOUSE of SHYE! (new website coming soon)
Gadgety Пре 28 дана
Kudos for making a review without sharing the plot. This is the way reviews should be made, rather what most so called reviewers do, usually a synopsis of the film.
ep1phany62 Пре 29 дана
I don’t agree that On her majesty’s secret service is the misunderstood classic that people make it out to be. It’s just become cool to say that it’s the best bond film, because it was so hated. Even for Bond it was a massively misogynistic hodge podge of a movie. And somehow we are supposed to find some pathos with the character at the end because the girl married him and then she [Spoilers] died. Nope. Sometimes a bad film is just a bad film. Although, there was one scene where he is snooping through files, and instead of doing the bond thing of announcing his presence, he actually does the realistic spy thing and covers his tracks. But that’s not enough to save it. No Time To Die on the other hand. Those human relationships I can get behind. An absolute masterpiece. It was so brilliantly executed (writing, acting, pace, plot, tying up threads) that I wept with joy! It was so perfect that it saved the middle three films for me. I was completely blown away. It perfectly paid credit to/and celebrated the entire franchise. Even Billy Eilish completely knocked it out of the park with the theme tune. If ever a Bond film were to win an Oscar, this is surely it. Love every single second👌🏻 (Apart from a few obvious virtue signalling attempts - nothing to do with the new black, female 007 though, who was absolutely superb! What a perfectly played role Lashana Lynch👌🏻)
Filthywings Пре 29 дана
I stopped watching Spectre because of Bond’s forced kiss on the window in the first few minutes
Filthywings Пре 29 дана
I didn’t love the style of banter in this film, felt like I was watching Mission Impossible.
John Пре месец
Disappointed that you did not give your opinion on James Bonds death
Bill Bonnington
Bill Bonnington Пре месец
I left the theatre uber disappointed with this film - the plot is all over the place, the baddy has no motivation, Felix Leiter gets topped (again) and Bond has his bollocks removed. Can anyone tell me, without looking it up, what Lashana Lynch's characters name was? AND, worst of all, Blofeld dies because Bond touches him. The most bad, badass Bond baddy ever gets an end like that. Pathetic.
Bill Bonnington
Bill Bonnington Пре 20 дана
@womble1981 I thought he copped it in Live and let die, but apparently being eaten by a shark isn't fatal!
silkyjohns0n Пре месец
The best part of this movie was the musical call back to On Her Majesty's Secret Service in the scene with M. Goosebumps
Michael Klerck
Michael Klerck Пре месец
Can someone please explain how the character (not actor) of James Bond was killed yet we are to expect another James Bond movie. JB is dead. Don’t confuse this, I think as people do, with new actors being used over decades. JB never died before...
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart Пре месец
James Bonds daughter will be the next female bond. Be it in a spin off or full bond film. No Time to Die ends with Madeline about to tell Matilde a story about her dad. Seemed like an obvious set up for a future film.
Anil Пре месец
Don't waste your money on this one.
The Art Of Making Alternative Media
The Art Of Making Alternative Media Пре месец
It was the worst bond movie I’ve everyone seen in 38 years of life. Who is paying you to get people to go and see this disappointing and boring moving. I would not have gone if I had known how bad it really is.
NeverLastRec Пре месец
Coming out of the cinema I described this film to a friend as: A Bond film, that is not a Bond film, with a dash of Metal Gear Solid FOXDIE, and a smudge of the Fast & Furious “family” meme.
NeverLastRec Пре 29 дана
@Dancestar1981 I have a friend who has watched it twice at the cinema and loves it. Set piece and action wise, I cannot fault it. It’s just the severely obvious plot holes that let it down. I also felt the Ana De Armas scene, despite how bad-ass and fun it is, just feels shoe horned in and may have had more impact if it was Felix Leiter and Bond having a shootout. Especially seeing as the Felix Leiter of Craig’s tenure just appears, says some things, has a beer, and buggers off all the time. I went it in with no expectations and at first I enjoyed the film despite some of the plot elements. I was immersed and I was enjoying the ride, but towards the end it just kinda fell apart a bit for me. The ending (I imagine) will divide Bond fans. I personally felt it made the film anti-climatic. I wouldn’t be surprised if Craig’s last film will be a marmite of a Bond film. You’ll either love it or hate it. Overall, I felt it’s alright and there’s certainly been worse Bond films.
Dancestar1981 Пре 29 дана
It sounds disappointing
Jogo Lock
Jogo Lock Пре месец
Just watched 2 of kermode's reviews. "It is Good" you got a catchphrase.
SPORT2932 Пре месец
I am trying to figure out what Phoebe's contributions were.
Lakhbir Singh Anbid
Lakhbir Singh Anbid Пре месец
Has everybody not noticed the biggest flaw to the movie ? They blew up James Bond ??? Erm ..does this not mean that this is the end of Bond but the beginning of 007 as a entity ? No more shaken not stirred ? As that could only have been a personal preference as James Bonds taste ?
Jamie Cates
Jamie Cates Пре месец
Made for the wider audience (that's where the money is) rather than longtime fans of bond. Poorly cast villain and the ending was terrible. It'll make money because it's James bond, but can you imagine watching this on Christmas day?!
The Market Trader
The Market Trader Пре месец
I disagree Mark, blofeld was not even aware of safin, this is unlikely seeing as they were running the show all along in the previous craig bonds, opening scene was very good and then the movie went seriously downhill, there was zero suspense after the first explosion, it was very predictable therafter and the safin character seemed weak and at times pointless.
6th. replicant
6th. replicant Пре месец
Once again, a review without spoilers (unlike the lazy jottings of your Guardian colleague). Thank you.
Simon Hellier
Simon Hellier Пре месец
Good film, not a Bond movie.
Vonriga Пре месец
Lazenby is the best Bond. Always was.
Big Moncrief
Big Moncrief Пре месец
Casino Royale No time to die Question of Sport Skyfall Spectre My opinion of course. He is the best Bond though.
Splen borg
Splen borg Пре месец
The last Bond movie was Casino Royale.
ZoogaZig Пре месец
I was very disappointed in this film. I came in with low expectations, which was even worse. The villain had no motivation. I felt that having Bond feeling betrayed and discovering a child, was a very circuitous route to reach a place that would have been more interesting: Bond having something to lose. We've seen him "come back" before, in Skyfall. Here, we have an opportunity to see something I can't recall in any Bond movie: Bond with a family, with something to protect, something that he could be dared to protect. We saw him betrayed with Vesper, fine, let's see him finally love someone, finally allow himself that opportunity, and see the nightmare of having it threatened. (*Spoilers! Spoilers ahead!*) It was clumsy to make Blofield his step-brother, but the entire character of Safin could have been Blofield himself, both Waltz and Malek were criminally misused in their Bond appearances, with weak villains. Because the stakes were so ridiculous with Safin, and Spectre was never fully fleshed out, what could that organization truly do? Why would Safin want to destroy Spectre? This entire situation is created by a group of people who could have grown up together. How do you lose sight of your step-brother who turns into the evil head of a massive organization, when you're in the intelligence industry? Mr. White's daughter, is intertwined with Safin, who did what for the last 20 years? It makes no sense. If Safin was working with Blofield, that'd make more sense, but it doesn't, and none of the villains have motivations, and by removing motivation from characters and replacing it with massive stakes, it is poor writing, and lazy. Skyfall worked because the villain made sense. He was a former agent, was betrayed--traded by M for other prisoners--and he was James, before, well, James, and he wanted to destroy the organization that gave him up for dead. The stakes were clear, it was M, the mother-figure of Bond, and we go and see Bond's origin, his family home, we get to see that, a dimension we've never been able to see. His childhood, his pain, and of both reclaiming his birthright, symbolized through using his father's gun, while also discarding the gun because nothing of that past means anything, M represents his reality, the closest thing he has to family. Now we have the opportunity to see Bond have a family, and what do we do? We make it so that he only gets to taste that for a few hours. For Raoul Silva, Bond is the barrier to his goal, the stakes aren't world-ending, they're personal, even if they are done under the guide and within a world of spies and intelligence, security, etc. It seems that the only reason why the stakes of the world ending are so high, is because we have to justify Bond's death. This movie felt corny, it just did. It felt like a 90's Bond film that was updated for today. That tonal shift was jarring. It also meant that I was disappointed at the predictable death of Bond. I would have rather given him a happy ending and simply rounded out the cheese of corny lines over deaths, filled with puns and all that. Without a villain who has motivations that make sense, larger stakes are boring. The accented evil scientist was funny, kinda, but he wasn't Boris from Goldeneye. I would've liked to have seen Nomi fleshed out a bit more, I would've loved to have seen Paloma more, de Armas is beyond charming in this--but absent true motivations from villains, the movie follows a predictable send-off for characters we've grown to love. Whether it's Logan, Iron Man, whatever, the formula seems to be the same. At least the end of Nolan's Batman films had the beautiful moment with Bruce Wayne and Alfred, which we don't get here. It was a frustrating movie, especially with how highly I rate Fukunaga and Waller-Bridge.
James Donald
James Donald Пре месец
"Family" was a brilliant moment.
Fragile Crystal
Fragile Crystal Пре месец
I’ve seen a bond film before, do I need to see another one?
Graham Johnson
Graham Johnson Пре месец
Loved the nod to Lazenby and Daltons Bond. No Time To Die is a great film
Peter Пре месец
The first Daniel Craig film 'Casino Royale' was a game-changer for Bond movies. It was vastly better scripted, acted and entertaining (real super-cars that crash vs joke invisible cars!) than all of the recent Bond-Bollox iterations. BUT.... the ONLY reason it was that good is because it was forced to be - as a reaction to the Bourne films that had made Bond look like a joke. After that 'renaissance moment', Bond returned to the usual uninspired crud - an ageing man who survives being shot by a uranium bullet (!) blah... blah... Bourne would destroy Bond within 1 minute of fighting... and he's not a dumb enough 'spy' to book first class tickets ordering the same crappy 'non-stirred' drink every time. Doh!
Johnny Graham
Johnny Graham Пре месец
For me not so much. The stealing of OHMS quotes and score felt cheesy and misplaced, and this underpinned the various other now enormously well worn Aston Martin and disfigured villain cliches and focus-group pleasing plot. I left the cinema emotionally unruffled (in major contrast to OHMS) and really wishing Boyle and Hodge had done it after all.
owenhunt Пре 15 дана
@Mike Shirley OHMSS is the peak of the series, or a Top 5 alongside Casino Royale, Goldfinger, Goldeneye and FRWL. They're going to have to get ghostbusting now, in order to tearjerk on the level of those blockbusters.
Dungeon Craft
Dungeon Craft Пре 20 дана
So did I. No we know what the "creative differences" were with Doyle. He was not going to go down as the director who killed an icon. Good call, Danny.
Mike Shirley
Mike Shirley Пре месец
I have to agree with you. It just made me want to revisit OHMSS and I would have preferred something new and original to add to the mix, not a rehash or what the fans have definitely been introduced to before. I only saw it last night for the first time and I just want to thank everyone on social media for keeping the ending under wraps. I purposely stayed clear as I know people love to post spoilers. The film was much more darkly lit and it was terribly distracting for me. I definitely thought it would have had more humour and whilst I can't stand Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I have no idea what she contributed that stood out. Best character for me was Paloma and so wished Ana had a larger role in the film. It needed her energy and presence. But overall, I thought it was a really good film and did feel bloated in parts. Worth the wait and made me wonder what Danny Boyle would have brought to the franchise.
MrPenfold4 Пре месец
Feels like quantum of solace is chronically unloved.
MrPenfold4 Пре месец
I loved ben whishaws q.
William Fagan
William Fagan Пре месец
163 minutes was way too long to wait to hear the great Louis Armstrong. No further comment is necessary, I hope.
Lloyd Carson
Lloyd Carson Пре месец
Commode is the most boring person to listen to ever!
Richard S
Richard S Пре месец
It's the same bloody film repeated 25 times.
John Harper
John Harper Пре месец
I can’t think of a time since the end of World War Two, the gloom of which led to Bonds creation, when worldwide moral has needed the uplift of Bond beating the bad guys and coming out on top more. And just when the world needed that...
Daniel Brewster
Daniel Brewster Пре месец
Having heard this review a week ago and now again after watching it, Kermode is bang on 👌🏻.
Welcome To Samrock
Welcome To Samrock Пре месец
Look. Bond parked on a double yellow line in Central London & they didn’t include a scene where he gets a ticket. Completely took me out of the movie lol
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu Пре месец
I just can't forgive them the paper thin explanation of why the virus is incurable.
TheGrid Пре месец
100% Best bond, the way he plays bond is fantastic. So sad to see him go, but so happy he gave me Casino Royale
David McGuigan
David McGuigan Пре месец
For me, Quantum of Solace is better than many think, and the collateral damage around the unhinged Bond in that movie, Rene Mathis, Ms. Fields, etc., Is enough to justify death finally catching up to Bond in the end. Wondering how Bond can return if he's blown to bits.
AudioFlat Пре месец
The villain has a couple of soliloquy’s where he speaks profound life truths - but actually they are just meaningless word salad :). I watched this last night and it is good - however, it’s a bit disjointed in parts and perhaps tries a bit too hard to include every possible Bond trope. I also got a bit of a concern that product placement in movies has now got to such a point of importance that it’s actually creating the plot (three different Aston Martins).
John May
John May Пре месец
Having a French leading lady seems to bring out the best in Bond, World Is Not Enough being my number 1 PB film.
real scientist flanders
real scientist flanders Пре месец
Is there a baddie with bad skin or a bald head?
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy Пре месец
Craig has elevated Bond to break him at the end. Unforgivable. The reviews of this movie are beside the point.
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy Пре месец
@Peter super comment, well done.
Peter Пре месец
Yeah, but what is your point.... try explaining in clear English...!?? lol Has Craig broken Bond..... has he broken himself? Which act is 'unforgivable'? The 'reviews of this movie are beside the point' - but what is the point!!?? And how can anyone like you be DUMB enough to not get the ambiguity of what you're trying to say and be too dim-witted to say a simple sentence in English??
David Aames
David Aames Пре месец
'On her majesty secret service' was a great movie? When did that happen? Am i in the twilight zone? Whats bad is good and whats good is bad?
rab 1
rab 1 Пре месец
For his last film it was okay but could of been better as Saffin didn't get much screen time and between the last 2 scenes where you seen saffin what was he doing in that time then he just appears out of nowhere and you know the rest but it was kinda disappointing the villain needed more of a story and even though Billie Eilishs song is great I think Louis Armstrong song at the end was a much better fit for the opening if they decided to of done that imo
Daniel Jamieson
Daniel Jamieson Пре месец
Okay gentlemen, as defenders of mediocrity when you wish to appear on the right side of debate, let me engage you with the problems with Bond. 1st An ill thought out universe (concocted as a reaction to Marvel) that mirrors your despised Pirates of the Caribbean series. 2. Superficial female empowerment, give me Geena Davis in 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' or Diana Rigg in 'The Assassination Bureau' or Kim Ok Vin in 'The Villainess' any day. 3. A hero who never appears to enjoy himself. James Bond is a comic book character, I don't think Daniel ever got this, Roger got it , and to some extent so did Timothy and Pierce. Sean well the times were different. Bond isn't serious so stop treating it so. As for the future whoever they pick 1. Make it fun. 2. Bring back the surreal, e.g. killer bowler hats. 3. Go back to the 60s the current times are too bland and restrictive, reminds me of Ollie Cromwell 😀
AlexanderPews Пре месец
What do you guys think about the ending in this film?
VanguardSupreme Пре месец
Did Daniel Craig end up fulfilling the role of James Bond? Yes...considerably.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Пре месец
Not the best bond movie imho
Andy Shepherd
Andy Shepherd Пре месец
which film did you watch. think this is nearly the worst bond film ever
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