Nikola Jokić Game 7 highlights (triple-double) vs. Clippers

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Denver Nuggets

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Kraljica grada !
Kraljica grada ! Пре месец
Jokic kida
petar g
petar g Пре месец
This guy is insane
Geto Deca
Geto Deca Пре месец
Jokic Brat Moiiii
Vito Pastrana
Vito Pastrana Пре месец
Mark "the spark" Caguioa from the philippines will kick jokic ass
sla_ic 65
sla_ic 65 Пре месец
Nikola Jokic, Srbin nas dobri.
Golden Sperm
Golden Sperm Пре месец
Marcus Morris deserve this defeat
Golden Sperm
Golden Sperm Пре месец
Double teaming jokic only make it worst, no efrect + loose guard to other
Aleksandra Bisenić
Aleksandra Bisenić Пре месец
Nikola Jokić🇷🇸
Utkozaranje Udiczamlanje
Utkozaranje Udiczamlanje Пре месец
Jokic > AD Let's go NUGGETS!!!
Bodiroga96 Пре месец
Bodiroga96 Пре месец
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Пре месец
The most enjoyable magic player right now for all not just for Serbia. Those who don't like him, just need to respect his art work 👏🏀💙🔥🔥
Jacob T.
Jacob T. Пре месец
0:31 is what separates Jokic from a lot of the rest. He knows he's deep under the basket after he scores, but still sprints down the middle to get back on defense. Legit passion.
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic Пре месец
Stevan Crevar
Stevan Crevar Пре месец
Science vill find answers for Corona, NBA have no answer for Jokic.
Milan Drazic
Milan Drazic Пре месец
Gary Harris is the best when received ball from Jokić
o p
o p Пре месец
The Joker was playing chess while the Clippers were playing checkers! His game 7 was unbelievable!
92KOBE24 Пре месец
Im the one who dont like Jokic on defense (but he can be good when he put effort). But i have to admit : His offense and IQ as center can be matched atm imo in the league.
Borko Kostić
Borko Kostić Пре месец
LA Lakers, beware Nikola Jokić !! There will be more triple-double for Joker :)
Ron Košak
Ron Košak Пре месец
Im so happy that morris went home
Јелена П.
Јелена П. Пре месец
ИДЕМО 🇷🇸❤️
Morishige Hiroshi, in Meihou High School...if you were Japanese.
C PA Пре месец
Beautiful basketball! Not showing off, just smart team playing, fun to watch and super exiting, when basketball comes to the core.
True 23
True 23 Пре месец
Best center in nba
Gaizka Lúa
Gaizka Lúa Пре месец
The Joker one of the most well fit nicknames
Marko Obradovic
Marko Obradovic Пре месец
Jokic je presao igricu.Jokic flipped the game of basketball.To summarise his contribution has became irrelevant.The way he approaches on the court need to be studied carefully, as he sublimmes everything what highest basketball offers.So get your pencils and notebooks and write his game.Man is the future of basketball .
King KOBS Пре месец
Jokic read the doubles perfectly and punished the Clippers pretty much every time in game 7. It's amazing how they kept trying to go to that well when it wasn't working.
shamalookah Пре месец
Miodrag Milinkovic
Miodrag Milinkovic Пре месец
hope so nuggets get to the finals.
Anthony Tavera
Anthony Tavera Пре месец
Jokic was the best player in the series.
David Perez Gaming
David Perez Gaming Пре месец
Y’all gotta watch this video, theses espn guys predicted that the nuggets would win 11 months ago
Temnicanin Пре месец
Fatboy Slim, that guy kicks ass
Temnicanin Пре месец
fat boy slim
Filip Пре месец
Sombor Shuffle!
Vukan Simic
Vukan Simic Пре месец
When he doesn't score 30+ points, then he score a triple double!
Brosef Main
Brosef Main Пре месец
that was a hardcore travel 0:20
S. Wang
S. Wang Пре месец
I finally know how Larry Bird played
Simon Johnston
Simon Johnston Пре месец
Love how pumped he gets after blocking Harrell
Raizer Пре месец
He told him to shut the f up lol. Probably wanted a foul.
Marko Obradovic
Marko Obradovic Пре месец
Beast mode 😂
게비스콘 Пре месец
he was eating the Clippers live.
アルフォンソデイビス Пре месец
Dobrivoje Mutavdzic
Dobrivoje Mutavdzic Пре месец
THE BEST BIG! the WORLD! period
Regi Treas
Regi Treas Пре месец
Sry clippers but jokic is too much for you King jokic
Sansa Potter
Sansa Potter Пре месец
Jesus! He was doubled team the whole game and still managed to get a triple double with 22 rebounds. 22 rebounds man! Damn! One of the best centers in the league!
Бритка Сабља
Бритка Сабља Пре месец
One of the best? Seriously?Joker is a God for all of them literally...
Regi Treas
Regi Treas Пре месец
He is the best center
dejan savic
dejan savic Пре месец
Dragan Kitanovic
Dragan Kitanovic Пре месец
J would say - Serbian Giant !!! Perfect !!! Hi from Serbia!!!
kaybrera Пре месец
0:29 crazy how the announcers don't even mention jamal's pass 🥶
Jasmin Masina
Jasmin Masina Пре месец
Nba cirkus medrano se nastavlja. Ovo je namješten meč, igrači clippersa bukvalno puštaju da protivnička ekipa daje koševe.
Totoni1983 Пре месец
@Tyler Durden goviri srpski da te razumemo 🖕
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Пре месец
Hahahaaaahahaaaaa haha hahaaaaa
Totoni1983 Пре месец
😂😂😂 Nameštajlka, samo to znate vi muslimani...
B Bole
B Bole Пре месец
Gary Shan
Gary Shan Пре месец
Jokic shooted like nowizki,passed like magic
The humble guy
The humble guy Пре месец
Shoot in past shot. Irregular verbs don't have - ed ending. English teacher here
P'tit Asky
P'tit Asky Пре месец
This is the real unicorn.
Mac Watson
Mac Watson Пре месец
I saw a tweet that said it looks like he plays in flip flops.
dragan zivkovic
dragan zivkovic Пре месец
Jokic persistently assisted Grant, Harris, Morris, Murray, do you think he did it by accident and Jokic himself shot less on the pitch?
Владимир Перишић
Владимир Перишић Пре месец
His brain is as big as a house! The most interesting player to watch in NBA.
Flame King
Flame King Пре месец
all the weight he lost weighted down on the Clippers.
duka ivan
duka ivan Пре месец
Nikola Jokić is the best center in NBA! Nikola Jokić je najbolji centar u NBA ligi!
Kingston Пре месец
It’s like a bigger magic johnson
Бошко Кијановић
Бошко Кијановић Пре месец
Serbia has some of the best basketball players!
Vuk Пре месец
Taib Basic yeah Serbia
Vito Pastrana
Vito Pastrana Пре месец
Yeah! also in the philippines they got mark "the spark" caguioa
May 1995
May 1995 Пре месец
Coa Ricpe
Coa Ricpe Пре месец
Tooo Srbinee!! Pozz iz Budve
ezjapanesecooking Пре месец
The last block of Kawhi by Jokic pretty much summarizes this game.
母湯大法師 Пре месец
Nikola Jokić the Joker of NBA.
Valprax Пре месец
Legend has it that the LA Clippers are still looking for the ball after Jokic's assist
David Filipović
David Filipović Пре месец
Cant gueard him, cant double team him, cant stop him💪
Aleksa Pivnički
Aleksa Pivnički Пре месец
Joker for MVP and the PRESIDENT!
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime Пре месец
teo fia
teo fia Пре месец
They cant read the joker plays!
Jamirimaj Пре месец
That play at 1:52 and that Pandemic P corner 3 to the side of the glass says everything about their collapse
Youtubefan2017 Пре месец
Go Joker!
The KING Пре месец
Serbian boys Jokic, Doncic, Dragic are 🔥
Stojan Dobrocelic
Stojan Dobrocelic Пре месец
@Random Music Generator They have father's second name - no mother's!
TejaY TJ
TejaY TJ Пре месец
@Frank Stein yeah. If yugoslavia still existed they definately would have won fifa worldcups
Frank Stein
Frank Stein Пре месец
@Anonym Anonym I think that He is neither good enough to win a major Championship with Serbia nor the sustainable body. He Is quite injury prone.
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym Пре месец
Frank Stein nedovic is pretty good.
Frank Stein
Frank Stein Пре месец
@TejaY TJ Serbia in it's best lineup has a little chance. Currently there Is just no PG who could crash the glass. Other than that the general rule applys to sports: in all major competitions people say imagine Yugoslavia still exists.
Boris Savovic
Boris Savovic Пре месец
If you double team him he gets triple double and you get blown out...if you take him 1 on 1 he will lit your ass up 😂😂😂
Regi Treas
Regi Treas Пре месец
Facts if you double jokic he finds the open men and if you dont double him he scores easy eveytime he is too good for a center or big men
DJ STOEK Пре месец
He can pass, shoot, and dribble.
Saiz Пре месец
@Romulo Ambay post up
Romulo Ambay
Romulo Ambay Пре месец
and rebounds, steal and block shots
gerard lundrigan
gerard lundrigan Пре месец
Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha way to go nuggets!!! Fuck the clips should have played more than 10 games together all season. Kawhi the laziest nba player in the league lolol
VradjRadj Пре месец
Nikola Jokic IQ = Nikola Tesla IQ = SERBIAN
Aleks Jeff
Aleks Jeff Пре месец
Big Honey the Joker with the Sombor Shuffle, your best NBA center and you know it.
stojko tvrdi
stojko tvrdi Пре месец
Brand Marikina
Brand Marikina Пре месец
Larry Dirk Jokic
Steve M
Steve M Пре месец
Nah Jokic is Jokic same for Dirk and Larry
David Filipović
David Filipović Пре месец
+ Magic and Zach Randolph
FPL Amateur
FPL Amateur Пре месец
Stop doubling him. They don't get it. Murray, Harris and Millsap will get easy buckets lol 🤣
Saiz Пре месец
@WeabSter his FG is highest in his team goddamn
WeabSter Пре месец
if they dont double him, he can easily score too hahaha
C PA Пре месец
Yep, it was way too easy for Jokic, he took the ball, drible to the paint just a little and wait until they doubled him, then he passes to the free teammate.
Jamirimaj Пре месец
That's why Jokic is they key if Denver wants to win. He proves that he can score against Bron and score against AD, we will see Bron and AD doubling him... safe to say that thank god Utah didn't win that series lol Gobert just can't do what Jokic is doing.
Boris Vranic
Boris Vranic Пре месец
Stvarno je doktor
Green Right Hand
Green Right Hand Пре месец
The Joker and Novak shinning bright like diamonds all the way to Serbia.
Aziz NV
Aziz NV Пре месец
And nemnja vidic
D D Пре месец
@Aleksandar Ristic?
Aleksandar Ristic
Aleksandar Ristic Пре месец
@D D q
Јелена П.
Јелена П. Пре месец
D D Пре месец
And we🇷🇸 are proud of them and cheering for Denver Nuggets! GO NUGGETS!!!!!
Michael Petrovich
Michael Petrovich Пре месец
Embiid who?
The humble guy
The humble guy Пре месец
Lol yep who da fuk is dat guy?!! xD
HikoSeijuroXIII Пре месец
Nuggets in 7.
incognito 111
incognito 111 Пре месец
Golden Serbian player!
kshienator Пре месец
it's nice to see someone who's never more than 10 inches away from the floor play basketball, a true anti-Jordan.
Colby Martinez
Colby Martinez Пре месец
He likes gravity and gravity loves him back lol
C PA Пре месец
No need for having a huge vertical in this case. No need to win a dunk contest. Smart basketball is coming back big time!
Marko Ivankovic
Marko Ivankovic Пре месец
He is NJ
loooooodo Пре месец
His ground highness!
Aleksandar Dzelajlija
Aleksandar Dzelajlija Пре месец
Anti inteligent coment . Congrats !
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez Пре месец
Jokic plays just like I do in 2k lol
TheLazyP Пре месец
Imagine the Joker together with Luka. That could be a perfect fit. Both with high Basketball IQs, crazy rebounding numbers, great anticipation and overview combined with an an assist-first mentality and never in a rush, .... i'd rather see the Joker together with Luka than Kristaps!
TheLazyP Пре месец
​@G-ManYou could be right with Murray-Jokic being a better fit than Doncic-Jokic, although this is a legitimate subject for debate. But Doncic-Porzingis is for sure worse than Doncic-Jokic.
TheLazyP Пре месец
@Tomás Amaral he is for sure! One of those trolls who think they can simply deny the talent of a player they don't like. Like Skip with Lebron. IMHO you can like or hate Luka, Lebron, KD and other players, but their skill set is indisputable. The stats and their achievements are ample evidence
TheLazyP Пре месец
@G-Man Why? because both are flexible and intelligent pick & roll players and outstanding passers. While i understand your point and don’t want to take anything away from an historically excellent Pick& roll duo Murray & Jokic i’d love to see Doncic and Jokic and i know they’d be in tune with each other. To answer your question: „why“: 1. because Doncic is one of the best pick and roll players on the ball handler side and Jokic is one of the Pick & Roll Roll Men. Both are phenomenal improvisers, really good in reading the game and the pick & roll defense and reacting within a split-second, often surprising even the best defenders. Think about what Luka did together with Powell at the beginning of the season before Powell got injured. -> here’s some footage if you forgot about their excellence as a duo While Powell is a threat driving and throwing down alley-oops, Joker would be a threat to another extent kind being able to shoot from outside, doing mid-range shots and floaters, driving and passing to anyone on the court including Doncic who has the same abilities. 2. While KP is a great player him and Luka did not fit together as well as Luka and Powell, especially when it comes to Pick & Roll plays. 3. From my point of view KP is an generational talent and i like his style of play since the early NY days. The problem is that he’s susceptible to injuries. 4. As a lover of the game and of the specific basketball style and set of skills players and coaches from former Yugoslavia contribute to the game, i’d love to see the Joker and Doncic play together. That being said i have numerous other wishes & phantasies whom i’d like to pair Joker, Doncic or other players i like with. 5. Lust but not least i don’t agree with your argument that Doncic and Jokic don’t complement each other. From my point of view they would perfectly! Both are among the best and most frequent Pick & Roll players in the league. And while Doncic is one of the prime P&R ball handlers Jokic is one of the best pickers/Screen setters. Precisely because of these complementary capabilities i’d like to see them together! I Are these enough reasons for you? Hope so! ;-) This is and article i like covering Doncic’s P&R prowess.
TheLazyP Пре месец
@Höher wertiger Not putting energy in a discussion with a clueless troll. Go somewhere else. Luka's IQ,, maturity, court vision, allround-ability are unmatched for 20/21 years.
TheLazyP Пре месец
@Green Right Hand whereever that would be. Would love to see it! :-)
Србољуб Србић
Србољуб Србић Пре месец
Milinko Arsenov
Milinko Arsenov Пре месец
@Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham не може му нико ништа
D D Пре месец
@Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸👍
Алекса Николић
Алекса Николић Пре месец
@Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham OFC
Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham
Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Пре месец
D D Пре месец
Yasin Acarbaş
Yasin Acarbaş Пре месец
His IQ is way too much for NBA.
Regi Treas
Regi Treas Пре месец
If lakers double jokic he finds the open men
Jamirimaj Пре месец
@Yasin Acarbaş Funny that the six games they lost, they played the pace just like their opponents (That's why Murray became Jordan against Utah). And those eight wins, it was the coaching staff not afraid of Jokic to be doubled. That's their best shot at the Lakers, to Jokic to be the man. And when he does, we will see the delight of Bron and AD double teaming Jokic, and we'll see what happens from there.
Yasin Acarbaş
Yasin Acarbaş Пре месец
@thkalas it remains to be seen :)
thkalas Пре месец
if you're right, he must sweep the nba king james.
Whitey O'Banion
Whitey O'Banion Пре месец
Can't wait to beat the Fakers to see all their LAbronsexuals lose it.
GET R4KT Пре месец
Ur not the only one ;)
dont worry we will see
protectyaneck__ Пре месец
LMFAO @ those weak ass doubles doc kept sending him
R I Пре месец
Best big man in the NBA
prussianblueppt Пре месец
If I am on that last play, I wouldnt junk it just yet, Im gonna wait till they run to the othet aide and then dunk
Zoran Armanda
Zoran Armanda Пре месец
Nikola Jokic SERBIA !
Јелена П.
Јелена П. Пре месец
@May 1995 Тако је, Сомбор је град у републици Србији, у нашој лепој покрајини Војводини. 🤗
ilovepaprika Пре месец
Kawheelchair Leonard - 14 pts Playoff P - 10 pts Alex Caruso still the UNDISPUTED GOAT
Good Mood
Good Mood Пре месец
Basketball IQ 250! Tonight the Joker was a bartender, serving his colleagues with assists !
Good Mood
Good Mood Пре месец
@vladimir stojanovic hahahahaa
vladimir stojanovic
vladimir stojanovic Пре месец
Jokić deal with assist as a Trump giving his pencils .
Empty Giddy
Empty Giddy Пре месец
Regi Treas who administered the Basketball IQ test and Court Vision test? Were they accredited doctors?
Regi Treas
Regi Treas Пре месец
Jokic has the highest basketball iq and the best court vision
Empty Giddy
Empty Giddy Пре месец
Ace 23 still doesnt make sense. VIP or not he was saying that Jokic ( bartender) is serving his colleagues (workers in the VIP bar) not customers. Bad business model
Nexsniper Пре месец
Jokic really showed his playmaking tonight and passing a thing of beauty
Vibrant Eclipse
Vibrant Eclipse Пре месец
Triple double
Sloan Nethercutt
Sloan Nethercutt Пре месец
His performance is so underrated! Murray had an amazing game, but Jokic's performance was equally as impressive as he did it all!
Byk37 Пре месец
Jamirimaj it’s not that hard, when you have jokiclike guy on the floor every other teammate increase its overall by far
Gavro Sljukic
Gavro Sljukic Пре месец
@Kermit T. Frog Honestly I see much more potential in MPJ then in Murray. Jamal is awsome but man he knows how to fuck up
Kermit T. Frog
Kermit T. Frog Пре месец
@Gavro Sljukic I am looking at the stats on him, and you could be right. Much too early to declare him an all- star, much less a superstar. The scary one, in my book. is Porter.
Gavro Sljukic
Gavro Sljukic Пре месец
@Kermit T. Frog Murray will handle himself with his lack of consistency
Jamirimaj Пре месец
2k said they are struggling to transfer guys like Jokic's game to their games. Easy, just tell them to pass to Jokic in the post area, then throw an assist to an open three-pointer.
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