Music Theory for Techno

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Underdog Electronic Music School

Underdog Electronic Music School

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Have you ever wondered if music theory was relevant for techno? Well wonder no more!

In this video we examine:
1. How to apply classic music theory to the genre of techno
2. What the role of dissonance and repetition is in techno
3. How to get the right sound character for techno

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0:00 Introduction
1:02 Rule 1: Use classic music theory
1:49 Scales for Techno infographic
2:11 Using chord progressions or intervals
3:17 Rule 2: Embrace dissonance
3:39 Ostinato insistence
4:28 The harmonic architecture of a techno track
5:11 3 strategies to make repetitive riffs
6:38 Rule 3: Sound character
8:53 The techno toot
9:38 The ML185 sequencer and Phoscyon
11:16 Recap of the 3 rules

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Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре 6 месеци
Find Oscar's video courses here: 🖤🖤🖤 Join the Underdog Discord channel: 👾👾👾 Sign up to the mailing list here: 💌💌💌 Pledge to the Patreon: ​ 🌱🌱🌱
DaftFader Пре 5 месеци
@DJ WRAITH I've used fl studio a bit before, and although only used logic once or twice it's not to dissimilar to the way cubase is layed out, and I'm at home with that. What u need help on?
DJ WRAITH Пре 6 месеци
Do you do anything in Fl Studio or Logic? That is what I use for for school can you help please!
Daniel Nitsch
Daniel Nitsch Пре 6 месеци
@Underdog Electronic Music School my Brother is Born in Belgium. He is also dj-ing
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре 6 месеци
@Daniel Nitsch yep! Irish/Belgian actually 😊👍
Daniel Nitsch
Daniel Nitsch Пре 6 месеци
Are you from belgium?
haykikos Пре 4 дана
so Johnny sins teaches music now? 😁😏
Andrew Pierce
Andrew Pierce Пре 5 дана
Awesome explanation of using the root note with a scale. Thanks for the great videos.
Marc Пре 5 дана
This video, again, helped me alot as a bloody beginner that I am :) Thanks! Also, I would love to see the Paula Temple - Kralle video!
NeedleHair Пре 5 дана
Repetition legitimizes.
James Jameson
James Jameson Пре 10 дана
Actually talking about real techno. Good.
Frederico Krumenauer
Frederico Krumenauer Пре 10 дана
One more guy here who wants to do some pounding techno like i hate models
Mohammed Magdy
Mohammed Magdy Пре 13 дана
7:32 العصفور اللي مطير العقول
Heber Molina
Heber Molina Пре 15 дана
No viruses, good brother
Busk The world
Busk The world Пре 16 дана
so basically, the music theory of techno is dissonance and NO THEORY .... PUNK IS NOT DEAD
Busk The world
Busk The world Пре 15 дана
@Underdog Electronic Music School Great, I like punk spirit. Take care
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре 16 дана
Hahaha, I definitely could name a bunch of techno artists I consider punk as hell. That's the kind of techno i love the most.
yourordinaryme Пре 17 дана
If anything I'd call it sound design theory, the whole point of techno is that you leave the complex musical tools behind and focus on the core amelodic sounds
Farid Kassam
Farid Kassam Пре 23 дана
love it 🐐
SK-8K Пре 24 дана
The Techno Union army... is at your disposal, Count.
Charles Brown
Charles Brown Пре 25 дана
Real music has no theory No written word No pre planned approach If u follow this theory your music will sound like everybody elses Use your own musical mind and make your music yours
ambientrax Пре 26 дана
Nice video man
Joris Boulet
Joris Boulet Пре 26 дана
+polyrhythyms, + humanize the track (not everything falls in perfect computer rhythym).
Jules Tielens
Jules Tielens Пре 27 дана
Techno is not music. Music needs to be played. Techno is kinderdarten.
DJ BamBamRuby
DJ BamBamRuby Пре 27 дана
Sounds great! Thanks for helping the community of music lovers and content creators!
DJ BamBamRuby
DJ BamBamRuby Пре 27 дана
im sorry i just had to point out for some minecrafters this might make them thing: "music theory for technoblade"
The Urbanite
The Urbanite Пре 28 дана
Thank you for the lesson, Im struggling to put my ideas down and im not sure how to start a melody ive been trying to use for almost 10 years now
Roger Amezquita
Roger Amezquita Пре 29 дана
Techno is so easy to make is like punk rock
Csik Miki
Csik Miki Пре 29 дана
Huge disappointment. I was hoping for a video about the theory of the fundamental origin of techno.
Hitman Пре месец
This let's techno look so easy "just press the random button" And sounded legit
Simon O'Halloran
Simon O'Halloran Пре месец
This guy and Underdog is awesome. Clear instructions to make your sound killing it.
HistoriCity Пре месец
Dude your videos are great but as a fellow oldie with teen kids I can guarantee if you ditched the cliched ‘ooh! What am I thinking’ yt thumbnails you’d get a fudge ton more viewers. They are turned off by shit like that. They just think you are lazy and click baity instead of merely old
kanedNunable Пре месец
as a 46 year old i love how techno is going back to some of its root noises like the old hardcore bits you showed here. glorious.
kanedNunable Пре месец
@Underdog Electronic Music School just need to brush up on my music knowledge so I can start making my own bits now too. Making music oddly much harder than DJing with it eh who knew 🤣 kudos to you proper musicians.
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
😁 yessss
Kiki Lucena
Kiki Lucena Пре месец
You really shouldve put more sound examples!!
Kiki Lucena
Kiki Lucena Пре месец
in the beginning i mean
Beefy Beings
Beefy Beings Пре месец
Great content! There's a lack of people talking deeply about electronic music (except for saying single words like: banger! belter! etc.). New subscriber!
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
Cheers, appreciated :) :)
aidan d
aidan d Пре месец
Love the video it actually really helped !
aidan d
aidan d Пре месец
Do you/ can you do music theory in modern dubstep PLEASE !!
Guttz Game
Guttz Game Пре месец
In Spanish please :(
Daniel Freeman
Daniel Freeman Пре месец
Awesome video maybe consider downgrading microphones it sounds like ASMR and was difficult to listen to
Balint Nogrady
Balint Nogrady Пре месец
I Hate Models is garbage. Try Steve Stoll instead.
Trabelsi Mouldi
Trabelsi Mouldi Пре месец
johnny sins of music 😮
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
Ritmick Пре месец
Why not use major scale and make happy and positive techno music instead of evil and depressive? Producers should think much more how their music affect peoples emotions and mindset...
Rick Suurd
Rick Suurd Пре месец
Holy shit this guys mentions a whole lot of bullshit techno is a feeling the end
samantha Lasso
samantha Lasso Пре месец
Dillon Yakub
Dillon Yakub Пре месец
👍 👍 👍
Cyril Coste
Cyril Coste Пре месец
First mistake, Phrygrian is not a scale but a mode of the major scale. There's a big confusion here. You are right it sounds minor. So the second mistake you've made is to consider that major scale sounds necessary happy. You can sound minor using a major scale using the phrygian mode for example but not only. But it is nice to try to talk about music theory for electronic music. Thanks for this.
umanoid Пре месец
Im always impressed by the depth and detail you go into for your tutorials. You explain things so clearly and break down many of the important details on things Ive never considered. This techno breakdown is great for explaining how to work in a very specific genre. Any chance you could do this type of breakdown for Dub or Dub techno?
Gastón Ibarrola Heer
Gastón Ibarrola Heer Пре месец
I've been thinking about getting deeper into techno techniques and this video suggestion came from the sky. Perfect. Subscribed
mcedsonrunescape Пре месец
now I just need a music theory explanation for GPF's songs...
smkh Пре месец
'Ostinato' is like being obstinate and sticking with it.
Shamanbear Two
Shamanbear Two Пре месец
Great video. But I had to chuckle at the comment that classical composers were into consonance when they taught their students dissonance right off the bat (species 2:1 counterpoint) and you then go on to teach your techno students to use ostinato and Phrygian which every classical composer used at some point. They just didn't have a Moog to run it through:))
DJ Bryn Godby
DJ Bryn Godby Пре месец
Old Skool House Mix
TheZoomjuice Пре месец
9:15 ahahahahahah
daniel canty
daniel canty Пре месец
Phyrgian is a mode tho…
 Hank Stars
Hank Stars Пре месец
I played drums on buckets as a child , sing and started piano around age seven and guitar , I was playing music many years before Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley and Kraftwerk ,,understanding loving music very early , I did studio recordings on tape in the 80's and started synths in 1976 first loves were Gary Wright Dream Weaver and BeeGees Nights on Broadway ,,Love is alive ,,I understood music years before I bought my first Kawai synth for $100 and cried because I felt I had spent to much money selfish I had just gotten married and my wife said dont worry about it its ok ,,the next was a amazing Casio arranger ,,I have not made enough money in my life playing music around $300 , and ...If it were not for Guitar centers I could not have synths ,,there is so much more I have to learn ,,,the only way I enjoy making music is on electronic keyboard instruments now I have need of the sound and I like to play all my music and sing it my self ,,, arranger with synths gives me that ability I had thought of music theory for electronic music before my self ,,, I just watch other synth artist and learn from them ,, really I don't learn that much that I dont already have some understanding my self ,,, but anyway nice channel ,,,,my favorite electronic musician is Vince Clark ...Howard Jones ,,Patrick Cowley , ATB,,,and Cynic Project ... Loved In To The Night ,,, By Cynic Project still do ...Human Leauge ,..Pet Shop Boys ..but I am old I am 60 years old and live in the country back mountains ,,, I first heard electronic music in Detroit Mich in clubs I play banjo in blue grass band and on synths both but I dont play in bands any more I dont want to ...only by my self .
LootFragg Пре месец
Another thought: When you know how it works, you can recreate what you hear in your head and you're able to stray from the norm. You first need to know what the norm is. Can't break rules if you don't know what they are. I'm learning a fair bit of all kinds of music theory as I'm learning to play guitar. Earlier, when I heard a song that went for "really evil, super-edgy badass satan sound", I had no idea how that worked and when I tried to make progressions or melodies sound "evilbad edgelord wrong", they often just sounded "cringe wrong". Looking back at many popular songs, techno, rock, armed with knowledge makes you understand that very often people just stay within the norm and then bend it juuuust a little bit. Like adding a tritone that "doesn't belong". Like using a half-step where "there shouldn't be one". Like singing a "wrong" note at the high point, like making a melodic techno progression that borrows extensively from the harmonic minor scale (the one that sounds like Spanish guitar). The fucking counterpoint that's been used in organ music for centuries (playing an unchanging unrelenting bass note) is a common techno technique and it's just names for things you already kinda know. One of the best things to do in techno music is to play what I call the "hope chord" (IV). It sounds nice on every instrument but when you have a grizzly low bass synthesizer and a constant feeling of majestic power, switching to "oh wow the sun goes up" from a long part of repeating the "everything is dark" minor noise drives tears into the eyes of drug enhanced techno addicts like myself. So learn the basics and abuse that shit cause that's what it's there for!
makeminea99 Пре месец
that RS7000 on the shelf!!! i miss that beast!
TheTalantonX Пре месец
Fantastic video that showed up randomly in my recommendations. Well, maybe not randomly - I listen to a fuckton of techno and watch a lot of music theory videos... Anyway, subscribed.
High Frequency EDM
High Frequency EDM Пре месец
Hard House, Hard Dance, EDM, House, Techno, Trance & Electronic Dance Music, Subscribe to "hIGH FREQUENCY EDM"
HeavyDevy-C Пре месец
This was a great help. I used to listen to a lot of old school techno back in the day and can't find the artists I used to listen too lol. So I've been trying to emulate it the best I could from what I remember. At least I got the portamento right lol!
GBIGBO zjebeezjeboo
GBIGBO zjebeezjeboo Пре месец
Excellent !
Dejan Hadron
Dejan Hadron Пре месец
Thank you, regards from Zagreb Croatia :)
Alex Vasheim
Alex Vasheim Пре месец
Man you are like a mentor for me, I use fl studio but I can also apply all your videos with no problems
Frankie B
Frankie B Пре месец
Okay, so... I make filthy nasty bass lines. I realize that everything can't be covered in 12 mins but one VERY important thing to remember when plotting out "nasty" baselines is frequency. Familiarize yourself with what keys on the piano produce what frequency. Always check your spectrum EQ, and remember to make room for the kick and snare. But also, I don't think you mention automation, which is key for making a bass move (unless you rely solely on LFO's)
ody vinty*
ody vinty* Пре месец
This was surprisingly interesting and informative. Thanks for this.
Kavokei Пре месец
Thanking the benevolent gods of the algorithm for revealing to me the music theory secrets of techno. Via your channel, of course. Subbed
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
ozowizo Пре месец
forget it. It’s about the soul, filters and effects.
Sam Loan
Sam Loan Пре месец
Remember, even classical musicians didn’t avoid dissonance. Adam Neely’s video on the myth of the tritone ban has some great musical examples of this.
Ondřej Mrázek
Ondřej Mrázek Пре месец
This is so...sciencific. Why not to just play notes, which sounds good? Music theory is just for people, who don´t hear music. It is making something good so boring, when making science from something entertaining.
Arthur Postma
Arthur Postma Пре месец
Or a 303…
Alexander Galbory
Alexander Galbory Пре месец
Remember, as Techno is technically easy, you will fail if you have no talent. Most people dont have talent, most techno artists are therefore really really bad.
Alexandre Soma
Alexandre Soma Пре месец
Elijah Buras
Elijah Buras Пре месец
Watched this twice, love it
Creature Crosby
Creature Crosby Пре месец
Maker of scary/tense movie music and ex techno dj here. Choose your root note than think INTERVALS, not scales, incorporating semitones (tense/evil) and likely the tritone (same). Example in C: C Db F Gb G.
Von und zu
Von und zu Пре месец
Theorie for EDM
MONO Пре месец
hehe...the first 6th of your video i waiting to write you a comment "hey this is not techno"...but like so often : I am wrong...-This ist Techno-...great job with the class...thx allot and greets from Berlin
James Пре месец
this needs way more views and recognition, your explanations are great cheers
STP Пре месец Awesome one sir!
Chiah Huff
Chiah Huff Пре месец
C Phrygian, I'm sorry, did you mean Ab Major?
Jaspertine Пре месец
Interestingly, loop theory is a new and growing field of music study, where instead of looking at chord progressions and riffs as belonging to keys in the 18th century European sense, but rather looking at chords that move away from and then return to an anchor point. You don't need to fuss too much about what key everything is in so long as the last chord or riff in your loop smoothly transitions (or "resolves" if you will) back into the first chord or riff. That's not to say that classical music theory is useless, but a lot of modern music skirts around traditional tonality but still sounds entirely listenable because it's built on stable loops. (Adam Neely did a great video breaking down what key "Hey Joe" is in, and while the answer is pretty messy and ambiguous, that hasn't stopped many guitarists from easily soloing over the Hey Joe chord progression without sweating the details)
finesserphd Пре 24 дана
jazz theory helps a lot with electronic production which most wouldn't expect
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
Great comment, totally agree :)
stephen Bridges
stephen Bridges Пре месец
Ngl you look like the default character in RuneScape
the kneebreaker
the kneebreaker Пре месец
Music theory for techno is simple, think of a great song, then don't make it!
Ramxes Пре месец
this should be a class
Aiden W
Aiden W Пре месец
Stop being lazy and learn some piano!!!!!!! You will be surprised how far just practicing your scales can get you!
C O Пре месец
Is this guy fucking serious ? with that EDM sounding shit in the middle of the video ?
Tamber Squirrel
Tamber Squirrel Пре месец
Wow! This was very informative! Thank you! May I ask, will LMMS work for techno music production?
Tamber Squirrel
Tamber Squirrel Пре месец
@Underdog Electronic Music School Thanks!
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
Never used it but I'm 99% sure it's totally possible.
Ruben Nielpha
Ruben Nielpha Пре месец
Hell, I thought it was a joke....
paradoxe Пре месец
shestakovach Пре месец
Incredibly interesting. It’s funny, I’ve always been interested in western classical music and EDM but I’ve never thought about how theory could apply to dance tunes. It’s clear that the character of the sound and production is paramount and it’s very interesting to see aspects like these discussed, it’s not something that comes up so much when I learn about classical music
Wioleta Wnorowska
Wioleta Wnorowska Пре месец
Actually, there are no "illegal notes" - there are notes out of scale - the cherry on top If used consciously
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
For sure, you're 100% right about that. I just try to (over)simplify so people grasp the foundation, and then can build on that as their understanding deepens.
TX-606 Пре месец
Use accents. Use accents. Use accents.
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
I wanted to make a really lame joke about English language accents, but then I figured I might accidentally offend someone 😂
Arthur DM
Arthur DM Пре месец
By any chance do you know how to produce aggrotech?
Arthur DM
Arthur DM Пре месец
@Underdog Electronic Music School yes it’s a very European genre
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре месец
Didn't even know this genre :) sounds like you want to mix your techno techniques with a lot of guitar amp sims and metal vocal screams :D 🙏
Dan James
Dan James Пре месец
No no none of that
Wade B
Wade B Пре месец
Its impossible to not think of Their Will Be Blood when detuning oscillators!
ShellWave Пре 2 месеца
This is helpful. Starting to experiment with techno music.
Find The Acorn
Find The Acorn Пре 2 месеца
In addition to distortion - reverb and delay are always great for beefing up a synth. Reverb can kind of smooth out distortion as well if it's too harsh. I know it's probably an acquired taste but I also love the Arabian type scales.
SirMiluch Пре 2 месеца
9:25 it's more like a gabber or other hardcore styles that didn't originate from techno tbh. Not to mention that modern techno is mostly an uninspiring boring trash. Really. Peak of techno was in late 90s and early 00s. A lot of creativity was put into this music back then. And it's not just my nostalgia, because I was like 8 years old back then. Modern techno is a crap. Also, I completely don't agree with you about synth and drums usage. DRUMS are the foundation of techno, anything other is just an addition. If you want to make interesting techno track, you need to experiment with drums - modulation, filters etc. And no, techno is not dark by the default at all. It's the opposite. Really. Please listen to founders of this genre. Of course there are darker techno styles like hard techno, industrial techno (real one, with offbeat bassdrum and sounds of machines, which is completely different than what many people thinks of industrial techno nowadays) or schranz, but techno was never dark by default. Please watch documentary called "High Tech Soul: The creation of Techno Music". You'll understand why techno was never meant to be dark by default.
Kalib M.P.
Kalib M.P. Пре 2 месеца
The principle of techno (3:49) is the same like of propaganda: If you repeat a lie often enough, it will become the truth at some point.
Александр Селюгин
Александр Селюгин Пре 2 месеца
Ничего не понял. Говорит, говорит, а потом какой-то график под музыку показывают. Как техно сыграть на пианино, если играть на пианино не умеешь? Думал объяснит. У меня пианино есть и техно нравится.
Doge FTW
Doge FTW Пре 2 месеца
Why he look like Johny Sins
Troy Hall
Troy Hall Пре 2 месеца
Just wanted to throw this out there: music theory is frequently thought of as a set of rules. The better way to think about it is that music theory instead explains why things sound the way they do. If two bits of music have the same explanation, they will have the same kind of sound. If you like the sound of one, you will like the sound of the other, and music theory will be an explanation as to why. It is entirely possible that there is another theory of techno. It's totally fine that it incorporates some of the explanations of what you like in classic western music. And it is ALSO totally fine that it says that some kinds of dissonance sound good in techno.
Underdog Electronic Music School
Underdog Electronic Music School Пре 2 месеца
100% agree 😌✌
Samuel Castelli
Samuel Castelli Пре 2 месеца
Great video, very interesting. Thanks!
ghtkings Пре 2 месеца
Audio Realism Bassline is the better choose for 303
Andrew Venegas
Andrew Venegas Пре 2 месеца
No. That’s trance. Most original techno had to do with oscillators, the mistakes and difficulty of it being in key using analog machines. Most techno was made by mistake. Computer program Robotic music is what he is explaining. Thats homogenized jargon.
george reason productions
george reason productions Пре 2 месеца
Very cool
C.Ø.D Пре 2 месеца
I was wondering if you have to use ableton for techno music as i have been using fl for years now and all i see on youtube or any producers i know using ableton, i do eventually want to swap to ableton live at some stage but i want to stick with what i know for the time being
Jacob L
Jacob L Пре 2 месеца
1:30 it's funny to think "You don't want happy results" for techno, but it's true, as it's a darker sounding genre
SirMiluch Пре 2 месеца
It's really not. It depends what you want to achieve. No, techno is not dark by default. The opposite in fact.
everyday learning
everyday learning Пре 2 месеца
The Prodigy... the memories.
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