LUKA DONCIC 48 POINTS | ARGENTINA vs SLOVENIA - Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

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Veljko POPOVIC Пре месец
Ma ovako i ja dajem 50 i vise, da su mu svirali sve korake koje je napravio imao bi 12 poena na ovoj utakmici
Free Yourselves Globally Project
Free Yourselves Globally Project Пре месец
Team Yugoslavia would be so dope PG - Luka Dončić - Goran Dragić - Milos Teodosić SG - Bogdan Bogdanović - Vasa Micić ( i know he a pg but he is 6’5 so he can play sg too) SF - Bojan Bogdanović - Nemanja Bjelica PF - Nikola Jokić - Nikola Mirotić (maybe he would play for Yugoslavia instead of Spain) C - Nikola Vučević - Boban Marjanović
Hangfeng Cai
Hangfeng Cai Пре месец
I wish Lukas can win the gold medal in Tokyo!
E Пре месец
Covid gestapo👹👹👹
Nam Nam
Nam Nam Пре месец
There are moments where it does not look like a game between Slo and Arg, but that it's a game where only Slovenia is playing.
Aleksa Пре месец
Za razliku od premorenog somborcanina, Luka nije premoren. Gumokotrljacu, gledaj i uci. Mali ce za koju godinu da te proguta u svim segmentima 🙂🙂
m0skit0zindahouse Пре месец
Slovenia coaching tactics be like: give the ball to Luka.
Galin Iliev
Galin Iliev Пре месец
1:43 Luka really got away with the travel :D
Allan Kiisk
Allan Kiisk Пре месец
Luka ist der Gott!
Valentino Musetti
Valentino Musetti Пре месец
Ljubisa Jelic
Ljubisa Jelic Пре месец
Браћо Словенци , Срби су уз вас 💪
francisco morales
francisco morales Пре месец
Aguante Yugoslavia, desde Argentina. Siempre en nuestro corazón. Vamos Argentina a por una medalla que andamos rengos.
Der Genussphilosoph
Der Genussphilosoph Пре месец
Ok, but thats steps everytime Luca plays Low Post.
David Bielsa
David Bielsa Пре месец
Pass it to Will
Armin Pesic
Armin Pesic Пре месец
Mislio sam da Drazena nikad niko sa Yu-prostora nece, dok ovo´ gledam....sta drugo reci osim da je Luka#CAROBNJAK izmedju koseva´ ( i besmrtni#Drazen bi zasigurno bio neograniceno ponosan na Luku).
a mid
a mid Пре месец
1:44 travel!
Sahin Mehmet
Sahin Mehmet Пре месец
22 years old MVP NBA, Killer Player…😂🤣👌
ThriftybyNature Пре месец
3:01 Luka Messi
Podbori Пре месец
Why does Slovenia have Serbian flag lol
Kaibaboy Пре месец
Good luck from Macedonia hope you win it all amazing player!
Milan Komlenac
Milan Komlenac Пре месец
svaka mu čast a ne kao ovi „naši“. Smradovi bez imalo kuveta u sebi. Otišli smo u P.M. što se tiče častim i ponosa.
Cantera Basket
Cantera Basket Пре месец
Amazing 🔥🤯🔝
Δημήτρης Пре месец
kuubσ Пре месец
did we just witness nba 2k22 singleplayer rookie mode?
Caglar Karakus
Caglar Karakus Пре месец
Such a natural. He plays like he eats, sleeps... :)
Muha clips
Muha clips Пре месец
Robert Čiš
Robert Čiš Пре месец
Great player. He plays as playmaker? Slovenia does not have playmaker? Dont like his often crying to referees while pushing his guard with left hand...
Damjan Zbodulja
Damjan Zbodulja Пре месец
Der Messias
Der Messias Пре месец
He could score 80 no problem
Der Messias
Der Messias Пре месец
@adrian P can you bring it to bed please?
adrian P
adrian P Пре месец
@Der Messias wake up coffee is ready
Der Messias
Der Messias Пре месец
@adrian P 213
adrian P
adrian P Пре месец
Shay Zukerman
Shay Zukerman Пре месец
Doncic VS Argentina ? Easy money !
Dex Belis
Dex Belis Пре месец
He is more Serbian as Jokic😁
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
His mother doesn’t agree and so doesn’t Luka. Tesla was a Serb. That’s enough for eternity. Stop poaching when you don’t have to.
fred wanxu
fred wanxu Пре месец
Maestro @ work. Slovenia can reach gold because there is a clear commander-in-chief who can score 100 points without being seen as selfish. If Doncic doesn´t mind to go for 70 points against team France or team USA, his teammates are going to be delighted and they can win 80-75 and he is going to make Slovenians and the rest of the world happy. No ego apart from Doncic. If he is fit enough, he can do it. impossible assist at 3:10 , how the hell does the ball go through the two defenders???? Look at 3:27 and the small ballet, in this case tango. Too fun to watch. Luka, I am going to call my son after you, buddy.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
It’s a nice name too 😉.
RandomContent Пре месец
Luka is slow but his control of the game is mesmerizing
MuTiNous4 Пре месец
Would have loved to see a young Ginobili ball out against Doncic. Two wizards going head to head with there national teams
johannes gunterman
johannes gunterman Пре месец
иван иванов
иван иванов Пре месец
L K Пре месец
Slovenian game plan : pass it to Luka 🤣🤣🤣
Claas Hollfoth
Claas Hollfoth Пре месец
Does James Harden suddenly play for Slovenia :-) How many step back threes did Luka make?
danielzdm Пре месец
one man army
mutikajj Пре месец
Is this just an arrogant attitude or just lack of education in general? Eurosport - shame on you. Not knowing the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia is huge lack of professionalism. How come as the adult people you got such a poor level of education?
- Knotocai
- Knotocai Пре месец
They fixed the flag
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
After a day of complaining!
sk4rr Пре месец
he should just 1v5 them :)
snazzy sailor
snazzy sailor Пре месец
EuroFarce has done it again
Animosity Пре месец
Doncic highlights
Mefunnel Пре месец
Unbelievable. It's almost like one player against another team.. Well done Zmajceki
Ricardo lopez
Ricardo lopez Пре месец
ya perdieron los rabiosos
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
No they won’t.
YEET 69 Пре месец
usa players struggle to put up 20+ and luka is out here altmost putting up 50!?
señor Пре месец
01:45 traveling? 🤪
DP Пре месец
Why do you always protest after making a basket?
V G Пре месец
One man team...
Adrián Das Miguéliz
Adrián Das Miguéliz Пре месец
For a moment I thought I was watching Luka’s highlights lmao
Božidar Jovanović
Božidar Jovanović Пре месец
Dončić and Jokić should play together in NBA and win the title coz mediocres players in their teams will probably waste their prime of basketball skills!
Branko Mitrovic
Branko Mitrovic Пре месец
This is like plaing one on five
Marius Bareiša
Marius Bareiša Пре месец
Luka is on another level. I wish Slovenia to win the gold medal. Greetings from Lithuania!
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Thank you. I wish you were here!
daniel Пре месец
1:44 nice travel
Night Stalker
Night Stalker Пре месец
Argentina what happend ? BALKAN HAPPEND
TC Пре месец
No fkin wonder he went off during this game look at the bench cheering him on
Özkan Gülhan
Özkan Gülhan Пре месец
1.45 steps
Daniel Tićak
Daniel Tićak Пре месец
Luka najbolji igrač Olimpijskih igara u Tokiju i sljedece 2 Olimpijade a o europskim prvenstvima ne treba trositi riječi. Gušt je gledati kako sam razbija suparnike, nešto u stilu Balića , Djokovića
Daniel Tićak
Daniel Tićak Пре месец
možemo i o Draženu,Kukoč,Šuker i Peđa , pa vaterpolo itd
Relaxinjo Ronaldinho
Relaxinjo Ronaldinho Пре месец
I Veselina Vujevića, Dejana Savićevića...
Test G
Test G Пре месец
Doncic is a one man army xD He's a playmaker of every action, best scorer, shooter, rebounder.... like WTF xD
abdelhalim lemkhanat
abdelhalim lemkhanat Пре месец
yet he has not invented the vaccine against covid 19 , sorry for your fans
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Wrong channel man. I’m sure you did.
Amsterdam Пре месец
Luka Number 1
6julio6 Пре месец
What kind of replay summary is that. Not a single shot of argentina shown...
Savvas g
Savvas g Пре месец
Best slovakian player ever :)
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Igor Jesovnik
Igor Jesovnik Пре месец
BoCiAn Пре месец
Congrats Slovenija from Poland ,your country have great athletes ,and I'm happy to see slavic country playing great basketball at olympics!!
Michael J Hopgood
Michael J Hopgood Пре месец
Not only is scoring easier in the NBA, but it is also easier for Luka in the Olympics!
Tomi Scherz
Tomi Scherz Пре месец
wizard Luka ❤️👑 🇸🇮
Klaus Brinck
Klaus Brinck Пре месец
Oh, Slovakia, the old, all-known basketball-superpower...
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
🤣🤣🤣👍🏻 we still love you bro! Greetings from Slovenia 🇸🇮 !
Klaus Brinck
Klaus Brinck Пре месец
Earlier, you got beaten by Yugoslavia... Then the NATO came, and now you get beaten by 4-8 different ex-yugoslav republics... Some will name that "progress"...
Bojana Krezovic
Bojana Krezovic Пре месец
Ceo tim Argentine je u prvom poluvremenu dao manje poena od Doncica, kakav majstor
A J Пре месец
Creo que se han confundido en el título, será Doncic vs Argentina.....jejeje, que lamentable Juegos Olímpicos por culpa de la puta plandemia
Небојша Радивојевић
Небојша Радивојевић Пре месец
Дончић и Словенија су осветили Србију. Браво, навијамо за вас.
S P Пре месец
To score 48 pts in the olympics is like scoring 70 in the nba
Branimir Djordjevic
Branimir Djordjevic Пре месец
Svaka ti čast Luka i celom slovenskom timu👍🏻
POPi POP Rpigalvan
POPi POP Rpigalvan Пре месец
When Slovenia playing with Usa, Spain, France or Australia.....out
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
@Just Me yup, we came and we saw 😎
Just Me
Just Me Пре месец
@Dana kaleb we saw...
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
We shall see, won’t we 🙂
Michele Piazza
Michele Piazza Пре месец
Beautifil, no more to be said
Milos Obrenovic
Milos Obrenovic Пре месец
Чудни неки Словенци, непрестано дижу три прста.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
For three points 🤣
samu el
samu el Пре месец
*It's time to repent and seek JESUS* .He gave his life, and suffered the wrath of the Father in the cross, to save you from a eternal hell. For God loves you, but the sin must be punished. On the third day He raised from the death, showing to the world that He is God. So stop sinning and clean your life. He returns soon to judge and destroy the sinners. *Read the Bible.* *THE END IS NEAR.*
samu el
samu el Пре месец
@Dana kaleb Repent and Jesus will clean you.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Then everybody will be destroyed for there is nobody but sinners.
Ke Wanu
Ke Wanu Пре месец
Are slovenians aware of his genius?
Ke Wanu
Ke Wanu Пре месец
@Dana kaleb Happy to hear that.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Have no fear. Very much aware since he was a kid.
aleix bendia
aleix bendia Пре месец
He smokes argentina by himself
El Robe
El Robe Пре месец
Mario Basic
Mario Basic Пре месец
Luka will go down as the best player who ever play game over Jordan when its all done.
Ali Dampied
Ali Dampied Пре месец
Doncic literally carrying the team
Daniel Sambo
Daniel Sambo Пре месец
Uhm...Doncic vs Curry would be a very great challenge
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
@Daniel Sambo Exactly! That’s why Curry is no challenge for Dončić unless he has Thompson and KD on the team.
Daniel Sambo
Daniel Sambo Пре месец
@Dana kaleb yes, but basketball is not just a 3-point game. That's how it is now in the NBA with the "strongest"
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Lol, he destroyed Curry and Warriors this season.
Astrologo Numerologo Torrealba
Astrologo Numerologo Torrealba Пре месец
1:46 Travel of Doncic !!!
Astrologo Numerologo Torrealba
Astrologo Numerologo Torrealba Пре месец
IG: @numerologo37
Neven Jagodar
Neven Jagodar Пре месец
Argentina already had a man who played alone against the rest of the world and won first place. It was Diego Maradona. Now is such a man in the Slovenian team.
JK Пре месец
At this point he’s just practicing for next nba season
Baze Tasevski
Baze Tasevski Пре месец
Luka KING, pozdrav od 🇲🇰 !!!
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Pozdrav natrag brate.
Mustafa Yalcin
Mustafa Yalcin Пре месец
🤣vay be nerden nereye real de fenerbahceye karşı oynarken ,spikerimiz "şu çocuğa bir sayı attırin "diyordu
Emir Sisic
Emir Sisic Пре месец
Ex-Yugoslavia countries have given so much to this game (Luka is an incredible talent, I get goose bumps while watching him. Without injuries he will be probably the best player of all time!)
francisco morales
francisco morales Пре месец
Aguante Yugoslavia, desde Argentina. Siempre en nuestro corazón.
Loris Fontanari
Loris Fontanari Пре месец
What a player
Marcin Studnicki
Marcin Studnicki Пре месец
48pts in 40min is like 60 in 48min nba game. He's unbelievable
Primož Draksler
Primož Draksler Пре месец
48 points in 34 minutes.
Ledai Cepelinai
Ledai Cepelinai Пре месец
Where is the second deep threepoint highlight?
Hijackedharry57 Пре месец
I guess he's experienced at FIBA cuz of Euroleague?
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
It helps.
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki Пре месец
What ignorance on the Eurosport team, never tiered to embarrass them self.
Nekys Acherontios
Nekys Acherontios Пре месец
Is Luka travelling when he backs down or is that not a travel any more?
Stevan Stojanovic
Stevan Stojanovic Пре месец
Obzirim da SRBIJA nije prosla, svim srcem sam uz Vas I MISLIM DA USA moze da se dobije IDEMO na zlato. 🇷🇸🇸🇮,. Nadam se da VI Slovenci razumete. SERBIANS ARE WITH OURS BROTHERS SLOVENIAN WITH ALL HEARTS. USA MAY BE BEAT BY 🇸🇮🇸🇮🇷🇸
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Пре месец
Hvala brate.
TADEJAU Пре месец
change the flag in thumbnail eurosport!
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