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Big ups to Ghost Soup for datamining the game and for also hooking me up with some high-res screenshots! Check out his stuff!

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Jellyfish Fields - Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
CatDog's House - Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Ghost Zone - Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Gorgeous Blues - No More Heroes (Outro)



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AJ Пре 3 дана
Well this aged well.
Yoyomom Anonymous
Yoyomom Anonymous Пре 9 дана
Such a rushed game. No voice acting, non-protagonists are picked over protagonists, no Timmy Turner, no voice acting, no alternate costumes, no palette swaps, not even 4-player matches. Play-Station all-stars battle royale had more effort put into it. Only a diehard wave dashing fan could love this game.
Klizzard Пре 15 дана
This game needs more content
WaffleMutt Пре 23 дана
They mapped jump to pushing the stick up?
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders Пре 27 дана
I've seen literally ever episode of hey arnold and that helga costume never showed up.
Aquatic Ambience
Aquatic Ambience Пре месец
Please have Patrick with the ice cream cone on his head 😂
Dylan S.
Dylan S. Пре месец
Here's some possible alts for the remaining characters: Toph: Fire Nation Outfit Korra: Pro-Bending Uniform Oblina: Candy Cane Colors Alts for characters I would like to see: Mako: Season 4 Outfit Uniqua: Lady in Pink Costume Timmy Turner: Live Action Timmy Garfield: Monochrome Garfield Shredder: 2012 Shredder Dora: Teen Dora Diego: Teen Diego Steve (I'm not joking): Detective Outfit
Jeremy Nalley
Jeremy Nalley Пре месец
Aaron: Toph and Korra don't have alternate costumes. Oblina: *Appears on-screen* Forgetting someone?
Bryan THUNDER17 Пре месец
Everyone: What outfits you would like to see? Me: we NEED Ren and Stampy fire dogs outfits. The world needs it!
ΩMr.LeeΩ Пре месец
If they don’t add DoodleBoB I’m not buying the game
PRESTONTUBE101 Пре месец
Aaron don’t forget about the Smash Classic Mode Origins for Fighter Pass 2
LongSleevedUnicorn Пре месец
Fire nation aang and toph would be soooooo cool
superdavidbrothers Пре месец
Nice, I like the purple Reptar, Cowboy Patrick, black and white Ninja Turtles from the comics, 1990s April based off of her toy design from back in the day, and many many more of course! Also, not only do I want more costumes, but also more music, stages, and of course characters as well and I heard we are getting DLC soon so that's great to hear (whenever "soon" will be that is).
The Arkiromi Show
The Arkiromi Show Пре месец
if squidward was in the game there should be a costume of handsome squidward or him in his robe or even a purple costume referencing squidina and wait why am i making a costume suggestion for a character thats not in the game
I'mma Supah Star Warriah!
I'mma Supah Star Warriah! Пре месец
Ah good ol' Shcmidmenjersnweather, He was number 1!
André Пре месец
Why not a Beach Suit Spongebob? or the Medieval Cat Dog? Daniella Phantom for Danny?
Cole Takahashi
Cole Takahashi Пре месец
As part that data mine there was an icon for a costume shop symbol.
Jack Lightyear
Jack Lightyear Пре месец
Spongebob and Patrick should get their Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes too
Beatzie Graham
Beatzie Graham Пре месец
If we ever get Jenny in this game, her alt should be her design from the original pilot episode or one with the colors of her human form wearing the Exo-Skin.
thebuddyadrian Пре месец
I really want Spongebob to have his Ryu costume from the Super Brawl games
_rose_ Пре месец
team fortress BRAWL
Tweetingg -
Tweetingg - Пре месец
Fire dogs Ren and Stimpy please
Lisa Fisher
Lisa Fisher Пре месец
I really want items soon for this game they have so much potential
Edacious Пре месец
As a Lucy main , this is fucking sick
James Heatherly
James Heatherly Пре месец
Why do I get the feeling that this game is a last resort effort for Viacom/Paramount to stay in business?
NarcissBlue Пре месец
shoulda been day1 stuff tbh
DAYASHII Пре месец
I hope we get Patrick’s iconic sweater
A Day In The Lab
A Day In The Lab Пре месец
As usual, Oblina excluded from everything.
Jams The Toejammer
Jams The Toejammer Пре месец
This is becoming like smash bros now. I guess it's mostly inspired by it
Nagumo Haruya
Nagumo Haruya Пре месец
The devs still has to put in ALOT of work if they want to compare themselves to Smash.
Egocentric black
Egocentric black Пре месец
I hope we get a doodle bob costume for spongebob
Marshall Horton
Marshall Horton Пре месец
All I need to know is if Carl weezer is going to be in the game. And there is a 80% I'll buy the game.
Anne-Marie G. Brown
Anne-Marie G. Brown Пре месец
Smash theory: Sora from kingdom hearts had a twin but the twin dies when Sora's mom was giving birth to Sora his twin die and you may ask why a died twin, well that died twin would be PIT from kid Icarus series. but palutena help kid Icarus and raise him as her child and made pit into a warrior. That's a theory a game theory and cut.
Shihoblade Пре месец
Costume guy: Put a hat on that bish, mission complete.
InvaderNAV Пре месец
I hope they add the contacts to Zim's human disguise, it'll just complete the look!
Eddie Abrahante
Eddie Abrahante Пре месец
The devs are going somewhere with these skins. Its one thing to make skins in reference to certain episodes or even movies. But when you're putting in skins for a VHS tape and even the the characters never wore it, or from an action figure? Thats creative and shows how much of a fan these devs are for the game. They'll definitely get more of my money if they keep it up
SideShowKrill Пре месец
Fire attire Aang with hair when
Heinrich. da. 3rd
Heinrich. da. 3rd Пре месец
Spongebob Potential Palettes: - Invincibubble Costume - Abrasive Side - the Suds Condition - Spongebob in Patrick Clothes Patrick Potential Palettes: - Mr. Superawesomeness Costume - Patrick in Spongebob Clothes - Patar from the Episode "Ugh" - A color palette based on Larry.
Chestbumphero Пре месец
No surprise they had to get approval from Viacom. It’s par for the course and Viacom is like Nintendo with how close to their ips they can be
Heattokun Пре месец
Also those TMNT alts are sick. I think they’d look cool with like, the Super Street Fighter 4 shader alts
Heattokun Пре месец
If I had to guess, Zim’s eyes aren’t actually animated(pupil-wise, I mean). So if they added the contacts, they’d need to add animation to the eyes, and so they probably couldn’t finish that in time
Evan Пре месец
I just want CatDog to have a costume where dog is in his coyote form from the full moon episode
gametron59 Пре месец
It doesn’t surprise me that Nickelodeon were the main reason why there aren’t any alt costumes at launch. A lot of big companies are VERY protective of how their IPs are depicted, hence why in these sorts of games it’s uncommon to see Costumes that aren’t based on any existing design of a character. Hope this gets sorted out quickly as it’d make mirror matches a lot less confusing
J. Rob
J. Rob Пре месец
Spongebob round pants should be an alt
OldTimeyDragon Пре месец
I'm guessing the legal side of things is what's contributing to the lack of alt skins, which is stupid because if Smash can do it, there should be NO REASON Nick couldn't do it as well. Would love to see a Reptar color scheme based on Robo-Snail.
OldTimeyDragon Пре месец
Also they could do Spongebob's abrasive side, as well as a rainbow costume based on those pride promos they did a while ago.
NotGabriel Пре месец
I’m hoping we get multiple color swaps on top of these costumes. Also doodle bob needs to be his own character rather than a costume
meta527II Пре месец
I’ll still never forgive you for spoiling the Sora reveal before he was even revealed
Joshy Пре месец
Danny's casual clothes would be pretty neat
Neyapooh Пре месец
Sonicbot Пре месец
Having a colored aura could also work. I know TMNT Smash-Up had auras that you can change the color of and it helped to discern who was who.
Chickenites Пре месец
ah hell yeah, actually costumes with models instead of a re color
BlinksAwakening Пре месец
It is feeling more and more that they released an incomplete game. And I get it, they want to get the game out there, but no alt costumes is a genuine issue for a game like this when 2 or more people choose the same fighter. Couple that with no voice actors, no music from the shows, incomplete fighters in the game that undoubtedly will eventually launch as DLC (hopefully not paid for those already there, but we'll see), and it's a bit disheartening. You know that Smash fans would have lost their mind if omissions this large were not there on launch in Ultimate.
Kane C
Kane C Пре месец
You'd have to blame the network for that. Most of the content and budget revolves around their approval
Brick Master42
Brick Master42 Пре месец
Those are all awesome I love them all especially the original mirage comics ninja turtles
Dillon Fisher
Dillon Fisher Пре месец
Reptar NEEDS a grey skin with either white or blue spikes to reference Godzilla.
pupypup Пре месец
2:52 what is a sweatband on her helmet going to do? under water no less...
fortnite kid
fortnite kid Пре месец
baby mookie
baby mookie Пре месец
This will be the game that holds us over until smash 6 drops.
CrossoverBingo 64
CrossoverBingo 64 Пре месец
I wish that These costumes we're more drasticly diffrent like, Werewolf Catdog, Danny Fenten, pink Lucy, Lupa Loud, Weekly Condoment soak Patrick, and suitless Sandy just to name a few.
NiteOwl88 Пре месец
There’s a epic side in the loud house where Lucy dawns a pink dress and blonde hair to impress some guy I believe and it would make for a pretty good alt costume and I think oblina should have a lampshade on her head I can’t really pinpoint why but I feel like I saw it somewhere
Dallon Kent
Dallon Kent Пре месец
I avoid mirror matches simple because of this, so I am really excited for these
Slater Records TV
Slater Records TV Пре месец
i would love some color swaps
LJN Warrior
LJN Warrior Пре месец
that Channel 6 news van April shocked me man ! like WOW they actually went with the toy line ?!
Guyshu Пре месец
If Crimson Chin gets in, his costume needs to be Nega Chin
Toby Determined
Toby Determined Пре месец
There should 8 alternate costumes or even if there aren't enough costumes then colors (normal inclusive) for each fighter like in smash. Here are a few costumes that would work for the first 5 characters on the roster Spongebob costumes: 1.Spongebob (Normal) 2.Spongebob with Karate Helmet 3.SpongeGar 4.Abrasive Spongebob 5.Spongebob wearing the Kuddly Krab Uniform 6.Spongebob with Ripped Pants 7.Spongebob wearing Mermaid Man costume 8. Spongebob with Band uniform Patrick costumes: 1. Patrick (Normal) 2.Patricia 3.Patrick as Barnacle Boy 4.Single-Scoop Strawberry Cone with a Chocolate dip 5.The Elastic Waistband 6. Patrick with Glove world hat on pants 7.Alien Hunter 8.Seahorse Jouster Sandy Costumes: 1.Sandy (Normal) 2.Sandy without suit but with helmet 3.Sandy with cowboy hat and ukulele 4. Miss Appear 5. Sandy without tail 6. Sandy without fur 7.Sandy in Hibernation 8. Fishbowl Sandy Aang Costumes 1.Aang(Normal) 2. Kuzon 3.Waiter Aang 4.Aangs Recovery Outfit 5. earth Kingdom costume 6. "Avatar Aang" ending costume 7. Aang with Momo on his head 8. Aang with Mustache Toph Costumes: 1.Toph (Normal) 2.Toph with her hair straight 3.Bed head Toph 4.Blind Bandit 5. Earth Kingdom Party costume 6.Toph series finale costume 7. Fire Nation Toph 8."Dinner with Family" Toph
Evil Tables
Evil Tables Пре месец
I really hope Aang gets his new Air Nomad Outfit in Season 3 and his Fire Nation Disguise (Complete with the Hair and Headband) as Alternate Costumes. I also hope Toph gets her Fire Nation Disguise as well.
Zeo Spark
Zeo Spark Пре месец
One costume I definitely want: Aang as Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis the Third lol
Tyler S
Tyler S Пре месец
It was him MR. Krabs he was #1!
Dark Samurai
Dark Samurai Пре месец
Chie April
Oh Dang
Oh Dang Пре месец
I want Sten and Rimpy
Poop Pee
Poop Pee Пре месец
I just want a cat dog alt thats is just "dog dog"
I think the helga alt is from a christmas bumper nickeldeon used in the 2000's
Jebidiah Bushwell
Jebidiah Bushwell Пре месец
Aaronitmar gonna start click baiting NASB now
Bag2218 Пре месец
Really wish we had gotten Aang's season 3 outfit
Pigeon_Chest Пре месец
When they add Mr Krabs Im gonna wear the robot Krabs costume every time.
NEO ET Пре месец
i would like to see Toph in her Korra appearence
Just A Tomato
Just A Tomato Пре месец
hat Nigel, Nigel with hat, hat Nigel, Nigel with a ht on him, hat Nigel
Omar Ihab
Omar Ihab Пре месец
3:55 I have a basic understanding on textures and I dont think these are the color of the costume I think its an ambient occlusion map
Octoonz Пре месец
I’d love a Dalmatian alt for Ren & Stimpy based on their appearance in the episode Fire Dogs :)
sef E broth
sef E broth Пре месец
The only reason I don't want to buy this game is not because the game is so fast, but it's because there's close to no facial expressions almost every character is happy to get jv4-ed
1Alonely Пре месец
Bro whoever has this game can we please game share On ps4
CosmicGem777 Пре месец
This game is such a disaster lol!!
penis gaming Deluxe
penis gaming Deluxe Пре месец
Sponge in needs that skin from the superhero spongebob movie
A D O Пре месец
Fishbowl SpongeBob and Patrick Man
Jonsso Gaming
Jonsso Gaming Пре месец
Gotta love PS5 Danny Phantom.
Nick Allison
Nick Allison Пре месец
I know this one wouldn't make any sense but as an alt for april I would want Cat April from the 1987 cartoon episode " the catwoman from channel six" plus I would like to see leo and mikey in their trench coats and hats
Noob Slayer 47
Noob Slayer 47 Пре месец
I don’t want costumes. I want to be able to customize my character, like in mk 11. Seeing the hats just gave me the idea :l
Compucles Пре месец
This kind of thing really should've been in the base game. There's no shame in delaying a game if it's just not yet properly complete.
Alen Delon32
Alen Delon32 Пре месец
I would love to see Aang's Kuzon disguise as an alt
Waxabi2 Пре месец
Well il just go with spongebob and Patrick they have some cool ones they can add. Spongebob: hippy bob groovy pants, alien catcher suit, quickster hero suit, thief mask, caveman Patrick: barnacle boy, the elastic waistband, alien suit, robber, caveman
Zubat 23
Zubat 23 Пре месец
Lmao the devs really have to learn how to stop leaks, they’re really bad at it
Zubat 23
Zubat 23 Пре месец
@Sushi Girl Ember that’s actually a really good marketing strategy
Waxabi2 Пре месец
Love that their adding alt costumes! Please give Nigel the black shades lol. That’ll be awesome but besides that have not really seen Nigel wear anything else in the episodes other than a coat in a winter episode and a black tux. I know the team will add some cool ones.Great news
Jeureeka Пре месец
Why no sick Spongebob and dry spongebob
Jellyman Пре месец
We need SpongeBob in his Goofy Goober Wizard outfit and Patrick in his fishnet and stilettos. 😂
FROG Пре месец
I honestly feel like this is a lower rated version of super smash bros
Amit Avrashmi
Amit Avrashmi Пре месец
Liked Danny phantom the most Also for korra I think her alt costumes should be her pro bending outfit, air bender training suit and earth Kingdom suit
Striker Пре месец
I’d love a costume based on korra’s S4 appearance
putjosedown Пре месец
Patrick should have an alt costume where he’s wearing the gorilla suit
Timothy Schade
Timothy Schade Пре месец
I know this might not happen, but they should add Lincoln's Duke outfit from the movie!
Extendar Пре месец
I'm for alternate costumes. But they should have in recolors
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