Kevin Durant & Kyrie's chemistry is starting to get concerning - Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Brooklyn Nets dropped another game to the Milwaukee Bucks last night, losing 124-118. Brooklyn was up by 2 heading into the final quarter, but was outscored by 8 points in the final 12 minutes. However, both these recent losses occurred with no James Harden on the floor for the Nets, so many think that it won't matter come playoff time. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Kevin Durant and the Nets.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Kevin Durant \u0026 Kyrie's chemistry is starting to get concerning - Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Пре месец
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Gabriel Пре месец
Lebron Hater Trolls and Bots in the comment section. Sad.
SheHateBallout Пре месец
@Ade ToVAR ur opinion is irrelevant
J Kali
J Kali Пре месец
If skip is talking about a clip then show the clip. Find a way around the rights or something
Xan Frank
Xan Frank Пре месец
@Ade ToVAR Rent Free
F.O.E Music Group Family Ova Everything
F.O.E Music Group Family Ova Everything Пре месец
$TravisLegette123 my house was burned last night due to racism. Im new to s.c. and an argument started at a bar which led to me and my sister being followed home. Argument led to a fight and later that am a fire was set to my mother's house. 😔😔 anything will help us right now. Thanks🙏
kindu Hamilton
kindu Hamilton Пре месец
Why does every basketball discussion on this show end up about lebron. And every football convo end up about Tom brady that must be in there contract. Smh
Cory S
Cory S Пре месец
Wow,, against the goat. Against the king. Against the greatest player on the planet. Lebron James. Skipper is a hater. Lebron is the greatest player ever. Skipper. Play lebron on a one on one....hater. wow u a true hater
Wendell Lewis
Wendell Lewis Пре месец
Look like PlayOff P 😭💀
Eric Comrie
Eric Comrie Пре месец
Skip is an idiot. Any time Shannon proves he’s a hypocrite, he just says “okay” and changes the topic
The 14th Master
The 14th Master Пре месец
So it'll take them 6 games instead of 5 to win the finals?🤔
Franklin Morel
Franklin Morel Пре месец
Last time I checked, Skip grew up a fan of the Spurs.
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory Пре месец
All these teams that are letting Giannis practice his 3pt shooting during games are gonna regret that
Brian Hacker
Brian Hacker Пре месец
Because Kyrie is a Self-Centered spoiled brat who lives in a bubble and has zero ideal about the real world ! He's a Clown
kenny mckoy
kenny mckoy Пре месец
Kd always been clutch 🤔 what about. That 3-1 lead they blew ? Lol
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Пре месец
I sleep easy right here right now. Gators OUT. I like a Gator.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Пре месец
The University of Florida Hot Ticket Gators OUT
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Пре месец
Gators? OUT
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Пре месец
Gators OUT
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Пре месец
National Media thinks we got a shot Put up 11 or we OUT
Jay Cutty
Jay Cutty Пре месец
You can't say KD is the best player on the planet when he had to join arguably the greatest team in NBA history to get a ring. Also, I don't recall KD being clutch for OKC in WCF......Skip refuses to bring that meltdown up from 2016.
Joshua Everett
Joshua Everett Пре месец
Without harden this team is not great they’re only talented. With Harden they’re great. Kyrie and KD both can only do 1 or 2 things great. Harden is a facilitator, shooter, can drive and control the pace of the game
Carl T. Boobs
Carl T. Boobs Пре месец
3:38 not against Steph and GS in the conference finals when him and Westbrook choked to an injured GS team😂😂😂
Josh _
Josh _ Пре месец
Skip called Shannon a sell-out. Dang lol
Jason Gabe
Jason Gabe Пре месец
How does salmon sharp make his lips grow 3 times the amount normal size
Bo Davis
Bo Davis Пре месец
The most I’ve ever liked skip!! Thanks for calling it how it is this time about players you like!
JR 08
JR 08 Пре месец
Skip, that joker look is a little bit off
VERBAL Kint Пре месец
Look at how the modern sports media misleads the public. What if the game plan for Giannis in the playoffs is to emphasize defense and share the ball and it leads to a title. By the ridiculous logic of modern sports media, they would give Giannis more credit if he goes for self and gets better stats while his team loses. Young kids, don’t listen to these idiots. They don’t care about the game. They care about narratives and their dollar sign bottom line. There’s a way to do both while keeping your integrity. ESPN and FOX is not an example of this. Listen but understand that it’s all for show.
Hommy Rodriguez
Hommy Rodriguez Пре месец
Nets not built to be champions. No defense and no dominant big man. You won't be able to handle Philly and Milwaukee.
David Chandler
David Chandler Пре месец
honesty its on kyrie, he looks so disinterested on focus so mnay time during the GAME even when scores well and tries stupid shots wutg left hand so many cause hes bored lack of interest
bollocksnlilies Пре месец
'You are not a nets fan, you're anti LeBron.' 'That's true. I'll buy that.' At least one person admitted it. Every year there is a number of people supporting the warriors, then the clippers, then the nets, supporting the favorite to beat LeBron's team. That is what most nba fans have been seeing and it's sad tbh. Just pick a team, pick a player you support and give them your positive energy. No one is worth hating that much that you always root for their competition.
Bori Пре месец
Concerning is that this group is gonna have to figure it out during playoffs it Never works
Trey Vaughn29
Trey Vaughn29 Пре месец
Got to love Skip he kept it gutter (Shannon) "you're not a Nets fan you're anti Lebron fan" (Skip) unapologetic "TRUE" SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE KD FAN😎
RED DOG Пре месец
Might be the knicks yr !! Dont sleep
The Laziest
The Laziest Пре месец
I wish we could see the highlights
Catries Johnson
Catries Johnson Пре месец
Love Shannon suit
Lashawn Nolen
Lashawn Nolen Пре месец
“Kevin Durant has always been clutch” blew a 3-1 lead to the warriors 😂
Leo Brada
Leo Brada Пре месец
Yeah Skip this is so concerning for you that I assume you can’t even get it up. Pffff
J B Пре месец
Sixers best chance to win the chip
J Phil21
J Phil21 Пре месец
SKIP: Ah so u do see my tweets SHANNON:🗣️ DONT WORRY BOUT WAT I C!!! "I see everything"😆😆😆😆
John Davis
John Davis Пре месец
This season is a dry run for the Nets...they just assembled the team a rookie coach..James Harden just came on the scene..LaMarcus Aldridge the off season some trades have to be made.. DeAndre plays no next season they should be ready to rock..Brooklyn
Ed Ahmed
Ed Ahmed Пре месец
I guarantee you Kyrie will be traded for Westbrook next year OKC reunion Durant Westbrook beef is fake
mobezzy1 Пре месец
he's anti LeBron because he knows that MJ is the goat and you cant take that from him and not Lebron taken it for sure.. Man played for all these teams , gets his coaches fired, gets the best players on this team, and always has the highest payroll.. Compare that tp Jordan's teams .. Jordan 6-0 and played baseball(and could have went pro) retired twice, had his dad murdered .. I never switched teams or took his talents to play with the team and or the players that beat him... That = weak character.. MJ for Prez !!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Wethington
Charlie Wethington Пре месец
Skip to Shannon: *You're a stooge and a SELLAHT*
OldAssYoungBoi Пре месец
Kevin/Harden > Kevin/Kyrie
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder Пре месец
I already know whose gona win NBA finals, if Nudget, Washington or Dallas mav
Seymour Bunyan
Seymour Bunyan Пре месец
Durant and kyrie, Durant westbrook KD keep getting these scoring guards that can't run a offense it turns into your turn my turn
IciCestCongo News Na Binomoko
IciCestCongo News Na Binomoko Пре месец
Two men arguing about two men LOL
D.e.j Chung
D.e.j Chung Пре месец
Lebron jus stank up the court last time he played Shannon delusional
1canilive Пре месец
Stop with the replay
freddy jones
freddy jones Пре месец
skip drinks his LeBron flavored hatorade on the daily
Flowtrocity Пре месец
am i crazy or did skip age like 20 years since leaving ESPN?
Adam jonson
Adam jonson Пре месец
Only 4 minutes?? Lebron woulda been at least 9 minutes lol
Christopher Liu
Christopher Liu Пре месец
Not supposed to show true colors that skip! Can’t admit you’re biased on a talk show
Bill Redenbocker
Bill Redenbocker Пре месец
Giannis can singlehandedly sweep and destroy Brooklyn
Peter Edwards
Peter Edwards Пре месец
Best on the planet? He’s not even the best player on his team lmao
Roadrunner Пре месец
Skip and Shannon being on TV has always been concerning.
Teran Icer
Teran Icer Пре месец
Eastern Conf Clippers (Nets) being fitted for rings already uh?
Shermaine Callahan
Shermaine Callahan Пре месец
Skip "I'm a Nets fan" get your bandwagon a$$ up out here! Smh
nothing bt facts
nothing bt facts Пре месец
How do they loose to giannis ?:0
Jj The 13Th
Jj The 13Th Пре месец
Skip is the cat that pulled the mouse out of the bull's sh!t. It looks like a good thing.. it isn't. There's an alterior motive
dudes_04 Пре месец
They are avoiding lakers ...
Hashir Farid
Hashir Farid Пре месец
shannon swag rubbing off on skip with the brights
David Canada
David Canada Пре месец
My frustrations is that KD and Kyrie are not hitting shots as they normally would but it doesn't have nothing to do with harden not playing they had their chances in both games smh.
Chris Ochugbo
Chris Ochugbo Пре месец
Skip energy towrds criticizing kd is low.
Kapitol HP
Kapitol HP Пре месец
Me and Skip both Anti Lebron lol. Hopefully he still keeps his job tho...
kered gung
kered gung Пре месец
Burning Sage & Burner Account are only their weakness for Nets?
Christian morales
Christian morales Пре месец
It's clearly there missing harden to start the cooking
Victor Doctor
Victor Doctor Пре месец
What happened to undisputed today no show
Xavier t
Xavier t Пре месец
Not really objective when he screams at lebron for mistakes, but seems to whisper them for Kawhi or KD
Jah Tillah
Jah Tillah Пре месец
If kd play the way he’s played these last couple games in the fourth and chokes that way in the playoffs I’ll never look at him the same no lie can’t use no excuses for this
TheDarkHunter81 Пре месец
Only took until Lebrons 18th year for Skip to admit he just wants to see Lebron lose
Mad J
Mad J Пре месец
Remember when they said Harden and Kyrie wouldn’t have good chemistry together? They said K.D never has chemistry issues
Itcouldhappen21 Пре месец
So tired of ppl saying Durant is the best player in the world right now. I’m sorry but he’s garbage, can’t win without another top tier superstar, he’s soft as cotton. Just can’t wait for the nets to lose in the first round 🍿
Carlo S
Carlo S Пре месец
I thought he war pro kevin durant?
sammyslam1 Пре месец
.500 without Harden With KD and Kyrie on the floor...
Cromwell Cabalu
Cromwell Cabalu Пре месец
Skip finally admitted that he is an anti PLAY FLOP KING🤣😅😃😁😆😁😃🤣😅😃!
DeMarco Dillon
DeMarco Dillon Пре месец
Fox Sports yall don’t got enough technology to show the replays? 🤣
diogo082 Пре месец
That's only 4th quarter in Skip's game.
Ken Li
Ken Li Пре месец
Hahahahaha Your a Lebron hater.. Hahahaha Your not a Nets fan.That true. Hahahahaa
Detroit Sosa
Detroit Sosa Пре месец
He called Shay sharpe a sellout at the very end 😭😭😭😭
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Пре месец
I can predict that about anyone that teams up with Kyrie
Karnige Пре месец
i said again and again ill take harden and KD.. thats it. kyrie is all about himself
João Brito
João Brito Пре месец
The nets matchup very poorly to the bucks. The nets don’t actually have big bodies to put in the paint to stop giannis. They have deandre and that’s about it and that is a Field day for giannis
Showtime Ro16
Showtime Ro16 Пре месец
Kd don’t pass the ball in the stretch
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee Пре месец
It’s just the first year dam
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas Пре месец
Damn Skip really fan of whoever is the Best Team in The League😂😂
Brian Gibbon
Brian Gibbon Пре месец
I think the bucks match up well on Brooklyn if Brooklyn don't play better d they won't beat milwaukee. Score all they want there d is bad and there chemistry is worse nobody has won a championship playing 10 games togather. Kd, kyrie and harden have been hole only 10 times this year and they won't figure it out in the playoffs cause everyone else has there game plan figured out during the season. Abd there plans are more complicated then score...
Shane Miller
Shane Miller Пре месец
Shannon’s satisfaction in this video is such joy😂😂😂😂
Working Man
Working Man Пре месец
Lebron has lost in the Olympics. Something people seem to forget.
kwaku oppong
kwaku oppong Пре месец
Well Shannon was really objective in this one about not looking to hard at this Bucks win. We know NBA isn’t predictable.
Colin Duhart
Colin Duhart Пре месец
Yea bucks both games looked good all around!
athantas Пре месец
But no credits to the defense during 4th quarter. Prelast game KD was shut down clearly after Giannis' block on his shot. This time MIddleton did exceptional job on defending him. I agree that KD is the best but he isnt tough. Kyrie isnt tough either. Unless they change their toughness during playoffs, I think Bucks can overtake them.
David Foster
David Foster Пре месец
Nets nation 🙏🏽
George Louis
George Louis Пре месец
Wait I thought that Skip was a Clippers fan now he's a Nets fan he can't have it both ways and Lebron James is still the best player on the planet with four rings.
William Mcqueen
William Mcqueen Пре месец
Skip can be objective????? TF
Plate lunch express
Plate lunch express Пре месец
Next year KI will be a shell of himself
Spirit Planes
Spirit Planes Пре месец
lmao Nets ain’t losing to a bucks team when the nets was missing a 30+ scorer and 10+ assist player bucks better hope they don’t get matched with heat or 76ers before the nets
Courtney 3000
Courtney 3000 Пре месец
I Am..😂😂
Sagat Uppercut
Sagat Uppercut Пре месец
Skip actually criticized Kevin Durant. Wow.
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg Пре месец
Skip finally admits. Holy grail
NG23 Пре месец
So we gonna act like that whole game wasn't on Nash for enabling Deandre Jordan lol
Zach Пре месец
“That’s true. I’ll buy that”. This will be held against skip for the rest of his career💀
Sakun Meusara
Sakun Meusara Пре месец
Fox must have threatened to fire skip he finally being objective 😂😂
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