Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

Michael Arenas
Michael Arenas Пре 52 минута
Alex Jones : We are made of Carbon so how can it be bad for you . Also Climate change is like Trans people. Melting Ice caps is fine . Lol
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson Пре сат
Alex: “Joe I like how your new studio is like a colon.”
Carlo Riverso
Carlo Riverso Пре сат
Joe Rogan fact checking every 5 min ruins this podcast
Pilar Martin
Pilar Martin Пре сат
The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow
The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow Пре сат
Frogs are gay now!!! Thanxs a lot.. blegh!🤪
Luiz Maranhao
Luiz Maranhao Пре сат
Sweden... lowest death rate?!!! WRONG!!!!
Ian Nicholson
Ian Nicholson Пре сат
"I can sit here and make fart jokes all night long. I just wanna get drunk and have a good time." Alex Jones is my spirit animal.
Central Coast Briars
Central Coast Briars Пре сат
My mother and I spoke to Jeffrey Epstein a few times about 10-11 years ago. He was a friend of her boss who founded Office Depot. Sold his part for a shit ton. . Was doing investments when worked for him. Makes us wonder just how close friends they were ... nasty.
Kingcangri20 Пре сат
Joe rogan is way too close minded for alex jones. The fluoride is evident
Ricky Collins
Ricky Collins Пре сат
I feel for Alex Jones, he has some real mental pain going on inside. He wasn't his normal self but a more down to Earth and vulnerable than he's ever been.
Ryan Busby
Ryan Busby Пре 2 сата
In the 1 hour and 4 minutes mark, Joe Rogan says that he knows Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks back in 2004 because he knew Bill Hicks at the same time as Alex Jones and that Bill Hicks was alive in 2004. That is completely untrue, Bill Hicks died in the '90s. there's a reason they keep on trying to convince everyone that Alex is not Bill Hicks , and that's because he is quite frankly Bill Hicks. Another thing that Alex conceited on is when Joe told him that he was absolutely wrong about Sandy Hook and Alex just took it and said yeah I was basically he said uh-huh . That's f****** b******* too because Sandy Hook was a complete hoax and Alex Jones used to say that he would go testify before court because he knew the evidence that showed that Sandy Hook was a complete hoax but they must have got to him somehow because now he just says he was wrong about Sandy Hook which is f****** b*******. Alex Jones is a sellout and in fact I think he's more than just to sell out I think he is a plant and I think he has been a gatekeeper this entire time. yes he has awakened many people and red pilled a lot of people but the truth is is that there are certain subjects that he's not willing to discuss and he won't even entertain the idea of speaking about them. he is one of those kind of people who is a gatekeeper that will lead you only so far but then try to keep you and your mind inside a box of his design. I listen to Alex Jones and followed his radio show for about 10 years before I realized back in 2014 that he was really Bill Hicks. I actually met Alex Jones back in 2007 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas during his premiere of his documentary video called endgame. Alex Jones was in the lobby and he and I began chatting. After a few minutes I asked him why are we not forming some type of revolutionary resistance and getting malicious together to oust those who have overthrown our government and why are we just allowing them to keep on taking more and more of our rights away period And I asked him" don't you think that it's time that we formed a revolution?". When I asked him that his whole demeanor changed and his eyes got real shifty and he started looking back and forth and he started stumbling on his words and I just felt a very thick air of uncomfortableness from him that came upon him suddenly and all he could say was"oh we've got them on the ropes brother we've got them exactly where we want them and they're on the run there's no need to worry about them they're on the run". He was speaking about the Illuminati and the elites and just trying to brush it off as if though we had them cornered and that they were bowing out and on the run and there was no need for us to form any type of revolutionary guard or militias in an effort to rid ourselves of the corrupt politicians, bankers and satanists that run this country. I knew right then at that moment that there was something weird about him and it didn't sit right with me, and I never forgot it. Then in 2014 I saw a documentary on RStoolss that someone had put together that was extremely well and informational and it showed without a shadow of a doubt that Alex Jones was indeed Bill Hicks. There is no way that all the coincidences that line up between the two of those men could just be simply coincidences in their similarities to each other. Anyone with common sense can look up Alex Jones is Bill Hicks on b**** shoot or some other video format besides RStoolss and you should come across some videos that will show you without a shadow of a doubt that he is indeed bill hicks. And I believe Alex Jones is just a character played by Bill Hicks because Bill Hicks sold out and became part of the oppressors the government and the CIA. I used to go to the website prison planet all the time which is an offshoot from, and there is a comment section where people would talk about various articles that were on the website and make various comments. People would talk all kinds of mad crazy ass s*** in that comment section and there was no editing and no censorship. I was a member of that discus form from many years but as soon as I started bringing up the fact that I thought that Alex Jones was Bill Hicks, I got banned permanently and still to this day I cannot leave a comment on prison because it says my IP address is banned. Now you tell me why in the world would they not censor people making death threats to each other in those comment sections but whenever I bring up the fact that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks suddenly I am completely banned from even joining the discussion. if it was just a joke and there was nothing to hide why do they fear critical thinking and criticism of the fact that we see through Alex Jones and we know he's Bill Hicks? Alex Jones can tell some good stories and make some people laugh he's a funny ass mother f***** but the truth of the matter is is that he is a shield and he truly really is period and this comes from someone who truly loves the guy at one point in my life until I found out that just like many others he has a price that he was willing to sell out for and that he is just another one of their foot soldiers.
arsmartins Пре 2 сата
I’m a fan of JR, but Joe should never, ever, give this lunatic a platform.
Scott Morin
Scott Morin Пре 2 сата
There needs to be a weekly/monthly Joe Rogan and Alex Jones episode
farming dk
farming dk Пре 2 сата
Gosh dam Joe @ times needs to shut (wake) the hell up.
Daniel Prendergast
Daniel Prendergast Пре 2 сата
they're right on the money about sacha cohen. The extreme levels of free speech in the west has allowed him to do what he does, and then he turns around and pulls up the ladder from other people. His entire Bruno act is way more inappropriate than what they allege Rudy did and yet they make out like its some big thing. Even if he was jacking off, the girl was there to flirt with him so much in order to bait him into doing something himself; was is that not inappropriate behavior from her? I find him so funny, but i cannot stand his inconsistency
Ronin Rider
Ronin Rider Пре 4 сата
The elite are trying to start another civil war so they can bring IN OUTSIDE military the UN for one to control Americans..but they got another thing coming.
captain crunch
captain crunch Пре 4 сата
I dont need to see this podcast anymore
captain crunch
captain crunch Пре 4 сата
captain crunch
captain crunch Пре 4 сата
im sick of this podcast
Jmanrocks78 Пре 4 сата
This is one of Rogan's worst, you hang out with morons you start to act like a moron. This is the result of college education being too expensive in the United States
JHLman 1
JHLman 1 Пре 4 сата
Everybody watch the London 2012 opening ceremony and tell me this wasn’t planned and they’re rubbing this in our face
JHLman 1
JHLman 1 Пре 4 сата
Come on joe it’s not about a virus anymore surely you know this
Samuel Stahl
Samuel Stahl Пре 4 сата
Alex Jones has proved to be right so many times I don’t even question him anymore
Twán Emanuel
Twán Emanuel Пре 5 сати
RStoolss is blocking the view count.
Ross Harbinson
Ross Harbinson Пре 5 сати
Ok Jamie ..pull up why the future doesn't need us !! - 😂😂😂😂😂Alex Jones. What a guy
Tim Boland
Tim Boland Пре 5 сати
That jaw Alex has makes me think the Adderall isn't over
Kuunda Пре 5 сати
His election prediction did not age well. Lol.
RAWBeats Пре 5 сати
alex jones is PURE TEXAN LULZ alex is joe's texas pass
Kevin Brittingham
Kevin Brittingham Пре 6 сати
Where is Eddie Bravo? He has not been on in awhile. Joe should have had him on this episode.
Ian Greenwood
Ian Greenwood Пре 6 сати
Man watching how Joe and Alex interact in this one, I understand why Joe is trying to throttle Alex down, and fact check him when he gets going too fast. Alex can get 99% of what he says completely factual, but lefties will jump on that 1% trying to ban/censor/sue, and then no one will be able to watch the video.. I believe in free speech. Get rid of THOUGHTCRIME!
Morgo _
Morgo _ Пре 6 сати
RIP Joe Rogan Experience 2009 - 2020
Greek Adonis
Greek Adonis Пре 6 сати
Grew up in Boston, Former navy, and fedgov 22 yrs, live in NM. Nice video, I smiled listening to it.
d2 Пре 6 сати
Alex Jones is a national treasure... But... Every now and then he says something which falls in your wheelhouse and you're like nah that's total bollox and the illusion is shattered. Still, he's good for a laff
Ezswan420 Пре 6 сати
if they are in texas, isnt pot illegal?
Wendilis Blue
Wendilis Blue Пре 7 сати
Alex is so badass And when joe and Alex podcast I watch and listen On repeat for a week
Ezswan420 Пре 7 сати
"maybe satan is the only one that can do that...." literally what a Satanist would say. THEY ARE WORSHIPPERS OF THE DARK LORD.
JokerBeWild Пре 7 сати
Gates father was head of EUGENICS and gates said the biggest threat to humanity was over population and he said he could drop population 10 to 15% with vaccines look up his speeches...
Z71_Son Пре 8 сати
Phil anselmo as next guest
Kwame Weekes
Kwame Weekes Пре 8 сати
Took me three days to watch this. Hands down the most entertaining episode I've ever watched. Crazy unpredictable with a levity that makes the more insane claims made here a lil more palatable
Janette Milne Sauter
Janette Milne Sauter Пре 8 сати
Astraestus Пре 9 сати
Will we ever see Alex again now that JRE will move to Spotify?
Matt Sanders
Matt Sanders Пре 9 сати
roadman 98
roadman 98 Пре 9 сати
The other guy sitting next to Alex Jones is so annoying , why is he there ?
jim murphy
jim murphy Пре 9 сати
Joe Rogan talking about fact-checking 14 George Washington never tells a lie and that was never a true fact or statement
tyler knox
tyler knox Пре 9 сати
“The new hummer looks badass” okay be serious
Mo Freuger
Mo Freuger Пре 9 сати
“Joe joe joe let me tell you” Fuckjng love Alex
Anthony Ireland
Anthony Ireland Пре 10 сати
Alex, chill.
ANNON ymous
ANNON ymous Пре 10 сати
Joe is as big as Alex. But Alex is all fat. No offense. Lol making observations
Ben Hard
Ben Hard Пре 10 сати
Joe: “not that rabbit hole” Tim: “not that rabbit hole” Alex: starting another rabbit hole...
GeorGeorBinksh21 Пре 10 сати
Idk I didn't enjoy this episode that much, I thought Joe was unusually disagreeable and I wished he'd shut up on occasion and let Jones go off, it would've been way more entertaining than listening to 3 hours of Alex Jones getting interrupted with routine "faCt cHeCkS" every 3 seconds.
gamer U MET
gamer U MET Пре 10 сати
Thank God for Alex Jones finally someone who cares about the future , I fear the future some crazy shit goes on
Aytaç Genç
Aytaç Genç Пре 10 сати
Sanders and Alex Jones together... I just can't imagine...
Shari Scholl
Shari Scholl Пре 10 сати
Trumps attorney, Cohen, testified in front of congress before he went to prison. He said Trump would not step down if he lost the election. So your blaming just Padesta is disingenuous or you are lacking the whole truth. Voting on a voting machine. 100% of computers and wifi items is hackable as they left a back door so they can gain access. Chips in tv's, appliances, vehicles etc etc. you can hack into all of them. They can monitor your conversations even when your phone or tv is off. Then there is the Electoral College. It doesn't matter who wins the election, as then one or two people in each state vote. They can agree or disagree with who the people in the state vote for. That is democracy?? That is a fair election? Trump lost the last election by 3 million votes but he is your President because one or two people in each state said so. Republican states are so gerrymandered I am not sure why they bother to vote. Democrats are all evil and Trump is going to save you. Never mind he was a life long Democrat before he ran for President. They are both on the same side.
D Kite
D Kite Пре 10 сати
“You think they care about the mortality rate on the highways?? These people are wearing hoods in the forest!”
Antimatter TV
Antimatter TV Пре 11 сати
I dare anyone to watch this on a gram of ket with the video speed @1.75
James Marshall
James Marshall Пре 11 сати
“A bombshell? 😦”
ANNON ymous
ANNON ymous Пре 11 сати
All I need to hear is "you told me all about this epstein stuff years ago"... everything els I believe
JokerBeWild Пре 11 сати
Humans produce 3% of CO2 the other 97% is unstoppable (nature) they have been predicting the worlds end since 1974 and have been wrong every time worse case scenario computer generated models are can you gather data for only 100 years to predict a change in something that has been around billions of years they can not even predict the path of a hurricane 3 hours out......and melting icebergs will not raise sea levels for the same reason your drink full of ice does not over flow when the ice melts the buoyancy is already there...
Letisia Castellon
Letisia Castellon Пре 11 сати
"Joe Joe Joe I brought the documents" 🤣🤣 that part was funny
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali Пре 11 сати
What can be done??? You , I and people of the world to push back do not not comply or accept your life to be controlled from one central grid or system!!! Get ready to fight, get your your health in good shape become healthier. Because you’ll need be the resistance!!
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali Пре 12 сати
Who is very very uncomfortable with what’s to come under The Great Reset ????? 🤔
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali Пре 12 сати
Ok Joe you act like your naive then .....🙄 it’s happening as we speak!!!! Go do your homework if you haven’t already. But then course you haven’t, Joe!!!! 🙄
Incusus Пре 12 сати
When you interupt someone just because you dont agree and dont let them make their point thats not a far throw from censuring. Also the thing about Sweden when they say umm you should probably stay at home and social distance we dont really know what we are dealing with, the thing is people dont go to the streets and go woooooo freeeedooomzzz and rights
nico heidenreich
nico heidenreich Пре 12 сати
Alex is sort of right. The planet has been very warm in the past (in the carboniferous not the Jurassic), ocean levels have been very high in the distant past. The carbon cycle does recycle the vast majority of carbon in our environment and plants and other life forms will eventually recapture most of the released carbon and the climate does depend on many other factors besides CO2. But none of that actually changes the fact that increased CO2 traps more heat on earth and we are the cause of the increased CO2. Also the recapture of CO2 will take millions of years so it really won't be helping us and many of the other factors of climate besides CO2 are actually cycling downwards currently, but global temperatures are still increasing.
Gary Williams UK
Gary Williams UK Пре 12 сати
Alex Jones is too Dan Brown
Wes Knipp
Wes Knipp Пре 12 сати
Look it up!!!
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali Пре 12 сати
Manipulate reality...... yup exactly what we’re living through “covid” through “corona virus.... .... “ fake reality people, caused by those cults!!!!
Matt Harden
Matt Harden Пре 13 сати
Smoke one Joe. You're being so mean to Alex. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this. Here drink this.
Cbooth1988 Пре 13 сати
First Rogan podcast I’ve watched in over a year and this just reminds me how insufferable Joe Rogan is. Always acting like he doesn’t know anything and being a “moderator” that’s constantly undermining anything of actual interest that Alex Jones has to say.
Hondo The Honda
Hondo The Honda Пре 13 сати
Is it just me who finds it particularly odd that just about everyones name they mention, Alex Jones claims this or that of sexual abuse or misconduct of everyone’s family member like that gislane person they were speaking of he claims her father was a legendary mi-6? Whatever that means idk man he sounds like one of those people who always has to have the best shit to say.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Пре 13 сати
free jizzlane
Zach Cochran
Zach Cochran Пре 13 сати
Tim Dillon is a low key national treasure
Jhon Shmit
Jhon Shmit Пре 13 сати
Do they realise that humans are not able to live in conditions like 65mil year's ago ,no space for 8+ billion people ,also our food growing only at this climate now etc etc . Bloody hell how can people be small minded?
Jhon Shmit
Jhon Shmit Пре 10 сати
@Sufina Ali we already have troubles to feed everyone , what u think how we going to manage if we have 10 billion people ( in about 30 years) , seal level's have risen , crop's won't grow because it's too hot,too cold ,too much rain,too little rain. Animals die out ,fish gets eaten away , ocean's get out of balance etc etc. How can u be so small minded and not understand it is serious shit we find ourselves in. And nobody gonna kill half the humanity ( hopefully ) , only mother nature can do that. And this wasn't my point , my point was it probably would be good for the earth. Take this covid shit , with the lock downs some India, China city's see blue sky first time in years because everyone staying home. Or Italy , Venezia first time in decades you can see fish in canal's or can see trough the water to the bottom of the canal. The shit what's happened is definitely our doing , just we are lucky we should get to the end of our lives without crazy problems ( hopefully) but the next generation definitely going to be f'ed
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali Пре 11 сати
@Jhon Shmit indeed humanity is beautiful. But half of humanity doesn’t have to be killed off for us all to survive to continue living.... lol.
Jhon Shmit
Jhon Shmit Пре 11 сати
@Sufina Ali of course earth survive nobody claim otherwise . It's about humanity.
Sufina Ali
Sufina Ali Пре 11 сати
well, I only read what you posted! And my comment is within the context of your comment! 🙄 I have faith in our earth! Earth survived for billions of years and will for long time to come unlike those who make you believe ice melting .... bugs .... will wipe out humanity or there’ll be no room left for life to exist. How ludicrously mad thinking to have. Yeah live in fear! Earth replenishes... life ends and you new life begins...... it’s how the earth have always replenished. There are enough food to go by but instead it gets destroyed! We look after the earth and it looks after us. I enjoy my to the fullest and NEVER live in fear! I do not worry “what could kill us or that there is too many people on earth or not enough recourse... to go by” I don’t know about you, if you believe in higher power (God) and that’s where my faith lays. Take care to you too! ✌🏻
Jhon Shmit
Jhon Shmit Пре 12 сати
@Sufina Ali mother nature makes the decision. Sadly you don't understand what I'm talking about. Go enjoy your life, take care
ssplintergirl Пре 14 сати
Alex never gave us the straight dope on Antifa. 😔
ReCycle Spinning
ReCycle Spinning Пре 14 сати
3+ hours conversation . Wonder how much is true? If true wouldn't their lives be in danger from these so called elite?
Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno Пре 14 сати
Who's listening well after the election and Jones ended up being wrong as fuck.
Anthony Ireland
Anthony Ireland Пре 14 сати
Humility will win. PRIDE is dominating, but not for much longer. BE ready to endure suffering for Jesus Christ. GOD'S WILL, united with Good men, women and children WILL renew the face of the earth.
MajikkijaM Пре 15 сати
Wow what a show
Revolving Destination
Revolving Destination Пре 15 сати
Covid deaths inflated
Joel Barker
Joel Barker Пре 15 сати
Bring all these demonic baby killing sick mfs to light.. the more we expose them.. the less power they will have
Kirky Drums
Kirky Drums Пре 15 сати
Alex needs to be careful. He's going to disappear pretty soon
what now
what now Пре 15 сати
His damn voice is annoying!
RaTiCuS Пре 15 сати
Alex jones is the ENEMY of TRUTHERS. He speaks the truth only to discredit TRUTHERS by acting a fool.
aeon 617
aeon 617 Пре 15 сати
Alex fucking Jones.... what a biblical beast... damn he’s great
Ken Rubenstein
Ken Rubenstein Пре 16 сати
JR is such a deluded and moronic tool...
Nicholas P
Nicholas P Пре 16 сати
My spelling is way shitter now that I no longer write with a pen. It's all on a QWERTY keyboard (PC and mobile phone).
Topical Comedy Gang
Topical Comedy Gang Пре 16 сати
Anyone else still waiting for the answer as to whether frogs are gay?
Liam Kelleher
Liam Kelleher Пре 16 сати
Almost feels like Joe is feeling the pressure from above to put down Alex Jones beliefs...
bean Пре 17 сати
2:07:24 CHYNA
Crichjo32 Пре 17 сати
Tim Dillon is like Alex's young padawan in conspiracy talk.
ShadoeFax1986 Пре 18 сати
Joe: *Alex Jones: Look here*
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
If people gave a fuck they’d do all they could to benefit the human race rather than take money to destroy it all just for monetary gain
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
And actually work their ass off to attain it
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
Go back to the worlds fair of the sixties and compare it to how we restricted ourselves and holy hell people became pussies to strive for a better world
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
They can go anywhere anytime to do whatever they want as long as you’re not contributing
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
They want control so they control you to not interfere with what they want to do hot damn
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
What are we gunna do? The same shit they did during the Spanish flu
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
Why don’t we go back to the bubonic plague jesus
Joseph Mysak
Joseph Mysak Пре 18 сати
On the precise of carbon emission humans have always burned shit in order to survive base the “invention” of fire...if not for our creation of fire we would have not survived
Dre Dre
Dre Dre Пре 19 сати
I remember a recent video the WEF put out about the great reset. Couple days I believe after Alex appeared on Tim Pool (after this podcast). Wondering what else Alex is saying that they have planning
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