Jaguars will reportedly sign Tim Tebow as a Tight End - Skip & Shannon react | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Looks like it’s actually Tebow time in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly on the verge of signing the former Heisman winner to a one-year deal to play tight end this upcoming season. The 33-year-old Tim Tebow hasn’t been on an NFL roster since he spent preseason in 2015 playing for Chip Kelly’s Eagles, and now he’ll have a chance to make the team under his former college coach Urban Meyer. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the reports of Jacksonville's interest in Tim Tebow.

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Jaguars will reportedly sign Tim Tebow as a Tight End - Skip \u0026 Shannon react | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Пре месец
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Luis Rafael C
Luis Rafael C Пре месец
Joe Kent
Joe Kent Пре месец
@Benny White 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Benny White
Benny White Пре месец
Rex Ryan and Tebow also shopped at the same Kroger and had the same barber......... Those sonsabitches. They tricked us all.
Elliot Пре месец
Shannon knows so much about football that he forgot that Taysom Hill plays in the NFL
Pen Knight
Pen Knight Пре 19 дана
Hard to argue with Skip on this issue.
Pen Knight
Pen Knight Пре 19 дана
Shannon Sharpe is oozing some serious White Hate once again. Not sure but I think he is more racist than Stephen A. Smith.
Eric B
Eric B Пре 24 дана
Also Tebow DOES NOT crave attention. The dude is a freak athlete and clearly just wants to ball
Eric B
Eric B Пре 24 дана
Tebow literally inspired a nation and people wonder he gets a chance
Bxnyc828 Пре 24 дана
Shannon is talking the truth!!!!
ProblemSolved Пре 24 дана
I haven't watch football for 10 years. I will be watching the Jags this years. Thank you Tim
Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen Пре 27 дана
Stop hating on Rudy...I mean Tebow. Tebow can be a great motivator. That’s worth the price of his contract.
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang Пре 28 дана
The pink puffin neurochemically label because icebreaker structurally confuse at a handsomely arrow. unsightly, freezing single
Jaygo Chuggington
Jaygo Chuggington Пре 29 дана
You know Tebow is gonna sell tickets, people love the guy
Scott Bishop
Scott Bishop Пре 29 дана
All eyes on Tebow; I think he is the best player on the field.
Scott Bishop
Scott Bishop Пре 29 дана
Only a racist would use black privilege by alluding to a black/white connotation on national media all the time. Jags will be #1 on views every Sunday:-)
Jerry L
Jerry L Пре 29 дана
Shannon is a cry baby😂
Siale Hakau
Siale Hakau Пре 29 дана
K P Пре 29 дана
"Nobody gonna listen to a 3rd string Tight end in the locker room for motivation." Facts.
K P Пре 29 дана
Don't need to watch the clip....Shannon is right....Skip is wrong...cause he an old white guy.
D F Пре месец
See Shannon and Stephen a Smith. You guys keep coming unjustly at Tebow and now you got *Kwame Brown* call you *BOTH* out.
david213ization Пре месец
Skip stop drinking.
Andre Williams
Andre Williams Пре месец
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Пре месец
Skip is really sickening
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Пре месец
Skip damn teboe can't play football
Charles Martin
Charles Martin Пре месец
Skip really sound thru off
Ron Fahrner
Ron Fahrner Пре месец
Poor Shannon....
Joe Carrizales
Joe Carrizales Пре месец
Shannon is a racist hater, why is he on this show???
Eagle Eats To The Bone
Eagle Eats To The Bone Пре месец
3:16 Skip's drip
Ira Isaacs
Ira Isaacs Пре месец
Sorry to break it to you Shannon he is that good of an athlete don’t be mad because you Aren’t and never were
Yoshi Freidkin
Yoshi Freidkin Пре месец
The awake geography lamentably treat because crime inherently telephone pro a romantic lung. enchanted, luxuriant xylophone
The Sage
The Sage Пре месец
Tim Tebow is garbage
Ty Tratar
Ty Tratar Пре месец
Since Tim Tebow is a tight end, he is gonna have to do a lot of blocking. He is absolutely gonna get killed doing that. Defensive Ends are going to go through him like a knife goes through butter. Trust me after a few practices he is gonna be crying to his mommy!
Russ Lumley
Russ Lumley Пре месец
Shanon he's more athletic than you ever were. He can beat you in every measure!
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Пре месец
Tebow, 6'3" 255lb always hard to stop. Understands offense and reading defense thoroughly. Tebow is a competitor.
Jamie Lane
Jamie Lane Пре месец
Proud of Shannon for getting through this video, almost to the end, and so far he hasn’t made it some kind of race thing
mfj Пре месец
Ever wonder why the thy dumped on Tbow is because Christianity is a threat to the communist agenda corporate NFL is as corrupt as the government. End game slavery for all
Donald Brower
Donald Brower Пре месец
Shannon got that White Man Hot about that Tebow Fella, he's about to cry sounds like.
Devon Reaws
Devon Reaws Пре месец
i want to see tebow in QB again!
Primus Inter Pares -
Primus Inter Pares - Пре месец
Shannon always hates on anything not Black!! Period!
scott hyde
scott hyde Пре месец
I don’t understand the problem !! Nobody has a say on who Urban hires ?? He wants him on his team, Case Closed !! Which of these super sport cats are not addicted to fame ??
Bigg Mike Nose Best
Bigg Mike Nose Best Пре месец
Shannon speaking facts. bet the under on Tim Tebow lollll
NAPU2 Пре месец
Tommy Schmitzer
Tommy Schmitzer Пре месец
All it is is a publicity stunt. Takes media attention and pressure off of Lawrence. Maybe he can make the team and make a couple plays, but that will never be the point.
If he actually plays the TE position a lot Defenses around the League are gonna try to knock his block off
LochFN Пре месец
Tim Tebow is a great pick up. Shannon needs to get over himself.
LimaMikeAlphaOscar Пре месец
Why did a guy like Michael Vick get a second chance after being involved in dog fighting? Is that black privilege? Or was it because who he knew too?
Tu Hk
Tu Hk Пре месец
How many people went to school for sports broadcasting and couldn't get a job and Shannon sharpe took their job
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Пре месец
Nobody knows the spotlight better than Tim Tebow? WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Пре месец
They really pay skip to give horrible sports takes. Wtf
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Пре месец
Skip is so bad at making points
P JB Пре месец
Bubba Gump is really upset by this
rodee40 Пре месец
Shannon you can't fix stupid skip is sleep look at the poor child 🤒he and Mike Vick the only 2 believe in tebo getting anything fired up in a locker room. Kappa just keep getting the nfl hate . No more talk.
Too Late
Too Late Пре месец
Hey TREVOR, this is a SETUP! Watch your SIX! Tebow cannot be trusted! TEBOW: "Trevor, I am so sorry I missed those blocks. It's going to be ok, I'll hold it down while you are out."
Brian McCorkell
Brian McCorkell Пре месец
we all know damn well in Tim Tebow was black, Shannon would not be this critical? racist shannon as always
Marc McCourt
Marc McCourt Пре месец
Shannon!! Kinda like Karen! The dumbest person in America along side of Joe Biden!!!
Trump2024 Пре месец
Can we stop hating..on the WHITE guy!!!!!!!!
Van Damage
Van Damage Пре месец
Shannon is another weak minded fool. Malcolm X would call you another fake, a puppet for the left, for better words.
Brandon Howliet
Brandon Howliet Пре месец
White Privilege
Jacksonville Jaguars Hype Productions
Jacksonville Jaguars Hype Productions Пре месец
Don't hate smh
Michael Charles
Michael Charles Пре месец
Skip is so biased when he talks about white athletes. If not for Shannon I wouldn’t watch this show. Tim is an average athlete at best, why is anyone talking about this dude! This will end badly but let’s see how honest Skip will be when it happens!
KevinAlvarez86 Пре месец
Racist ... if it was Colin K lol he'd be singing a different tune
Shamdy Crook
Shamdy Crook Пре месец
Shannon makes a REAL point! FINALLY!
Richard Slap
Richard Slap Пре месец
This show is terrible guys boring lol 😂 Skip bobs his head for too long while Shannon repeats himself over and over
Richard Slap
Richard Slap Пре месец
Why is this such a big deal? Who cares bro. This is not anything to spend time talking about let them do them.
Pedro Sardinas
Pedro Sardinas Пре месец
The puny cirrus weekly license because trunk apparently bathe lest a plastic united kingdom. cynical, ambitious jail
MBF Пре месец
Tebow legendary college player but he was trash in the NFL 🗑🚮
Saul Katz
Saul Katz Пре месец
Hey Shannon how does the haterade taste? Why can't you just be happy that Tim Tebow still has the heart and the drive to play the game? Better to try and fail than never to try!
EliteSaiyanWarrior Пре месец
Dumpster fire of a franchise anyway.
Giant Steps
Giant Steps Пре месец
How many of us actually saw Tom Brady winning the Superbowl last season! Skip knows his stuff! Brady knows so much out there its like a college guy playing against POP WARNER teams! And its gonna be that way until Tom leaves!
Giant Steps
Giant Steps Пре месец
He got everyone to buy back in this year too!!! INSANE!!!
Milton Williams
Milton Williams Пре месец
WE KNOW WHAT THIS IS… but Skip is totally clueless. It’s hard to admit what Tim is getting when you have benefited from the same institutionalized system yourself?
Giant Steps
Giant Steps Пре месец
The game is just to fast for any pro rookie!
Giant Steps
Giant Steps Пре месец
Giant Steps
Giant Steps Пре месец
Keep you eys on Detriot this year...Aaron Rogers does not want to play against GOFF at all!
313 Dreamin
313 Dreamin Пре месец
Yet Colin Kaepernick can't get signed...🙄Sounds about white
Chuck Rambo
Chuck Rambo Пре месец
Catching a football isn’t the hardest thing in the world Shan
David S
David S Пре месец
There shouldn't be any dispute about this at all. They weren't vying for the same QB job. Tebow has long time connections with Jacksonville and the Jags new head coach. THAT is the reason he's getting a shot. Not white privilege. I reject that completely. I honestly thought Shannon was smarter than this.
Ryan Painter
Ryan Painter Пре месец
Skip is actually right about how Tebow would be used IF he makes the team. Goal line packages, short yardage packages only
Kao Saechao
Kao Saechao Пре месец
Shannon Sharpe is a racist
Wberry Пре месец
If Shannon Sharpe got a phone call from Mike Shanahan a year removed from playing or two or three to come back and play TE for him, he would have.
DirtMcGert313 Пре месец
If only American politicians cared about the American people the way Skip Bayless cares about Tim Tebow America would be a better place.
DirtMcGert313 Пре месец
White privilege is the ONLY reason Tim Tebow got signed by Jacksonville
Larry Hobbs
Larry Hobbs Пре месец
Skip just busted Shanas balloon. Hahaha
John Menyhard
John Menyhard Пре месец
This is so predictable it’s all for show
John Menyhard
John Menyhard Пре месец
This is a joke tom is a great person
Life & Time of Tiger24
Life & Time of Tiger24 Пре месец
Shannon is 💯% rite about everything he's saying, theirs are people who worked their butts off and never got a chance like this. They are signing this guy off his name. Tim Tebow is addicted to fame and he never changed for the better.
Ephie Hymer
Ephie Hymer Пре месец
Shannon been taking speaking classes! He's learning to talk
Ephie Hymer
Ephie Hymer Пре 29 дана
@Fitzgerald Moore I couldn't careless what skip or Shannon is saying. I'm saying Shannon has been taking speech classes. He's learning to annunciate. Am I wrong?
Fitzgerald Moore
Fitzgerald Moore Пре месец
Eppie... @ Least Shannon is saying something compared to SKIP LOUD MOUTH SAYING NOTHING!
Edward Wilson
Edward Wilson Пре месец
Not what u know .... but who u know.... can't b mad cuz Tebow got a hookup at work.
Shannon Sharp is a racist Privileged black man, attacking a person for his Christian Faith...
Sharpe is jealous of Tebow , hes getting the attention and big mouth isn't
Ron Villejo
Ron Villejo Пре месец
Skip is spouting off on Tebow stats from a long time ago - and more college ball than NFL level. (a) It's hard to imagine that these stats are even relevant now, and (b) Tebow has proven himself to be a terrible football player. I'm with Shannon: I'm like "really!?!"
Plate lunch express
Plate lunch express Пре месец
Shannon isn’t even a lil jokie about this lol this is his “da white man” argument lol
bullfranthrow Пре месец
So why is Shannon Sharpe on TV with a country accent and can barely string a coherent sentence? is that black privilege? This clowns are given orders to say what they say. If they're so woke and care about injustice why don't they talk about china with the worst human rights record or Israel treatment of the Palestinians? Because they know they would be taken off TV immediately and never work again.
Gary Veuve
Gary Veuve Пре месец
Shannon your a racist let's say it was Michael Vick and he wanted to come back as a tight end how would Shannon feel then I bet he would have a different take on it know that Shannon is a racist
EZ Media
EZ Media Пре месец
Roll the tape of Tebow getting hit in the back of the helmet running a route on the Jets... Basically the Christians aren't being objective and just want Tebow to play cause he's nice Nothing wrong with that, but don't get mad at anyone for calling a spade a spade... It's a friend's and family sweetheart deal... and NOT based upon talent.
William Stokes
William Stokes Пре месец
Skip can’t be serious lol
William Stokes
William Stokes Пре месец
It’s sucks for Trevor
William Stokes
William Stokes Пре месец
Shannon Sharpe telling it like it is....
Douglas A
Douglas A Пре месец
Shannon is so racist! Doesn't need to say it but we all know. Can we talk about Derape Watson????
Ben Ivey
Ben Ivey Пре месец
Why exactly is Sharp so upset?
Matt Adams
Matt Adams Пре месец
They can sign who they want to.. they don’t have to explain it to anyone. If people don’t like it, go buy an nfl franchise and sign who you want, stop crying
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins Пре месец
I love and respect Skip Bayless, he is very progressive on most issues in the sports world. But we all know he has a Tebow blind spot and it really showed in this take. He's kidding himself
Craig Holcombe
Craig Holcombe Пре месец
He played 3 years in high school as a tightend.not the same level
charlie bana
charlie bana Пре месец
I’m done with skip
eddie lizana
eddie lizana Пре месец
Ole racist Shannon sharpe
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