Is Cougar's Conquer the COOLEST Open-Style PC Case Yet?

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Пре 3 године

The Cougar Conquer computer case might be the coolest open-style showcase PC case we've ever reviewed. But is it without flaws? ... let's find out!

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Cougar Conquer gaming case:

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Monkey D. Ivan
Monkey D. Ivan Пре 21 дан
Ugliest shit I've seen in my lifetime.
NASA limbu
NASA limbu Пре 21 дан
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
Lord Refrigerator Intercooler Пре 2 месеца
This has to be the dumbest PC case ever. I cant imagine using it, i have like 4 cats at home, each more obsesed with small places.
NASA limbu
NASA limbu Пре 4 месеца
Laptop brobrand Apu
Koushik Shom Choudhury
Koushik Shom Choudhury Пре 5 месеци
I know the design is cool. But ₹35K (INR) is too much.
Video Nomad
Video Nomad Пре 5 месеци
Was here
Gaming-Zombie13 Пре 6 месеци
Awesome Looking case
Sean C
Sean C Пре 6 месеци
Okay so what monster chopped off bumblebees head and sent it to you as a computer case?!?!
Rakryan Sanga
Rakryan Sanga Пре 6 месеци
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos Пре 6 месеци
Ah, the time people liked this crappy edgy style of case...
Omar Ihssas
Omar Ihssas Пре 6 месеци
Nice case, but it's too damn difficult to install the components into the case :( .
Cernan Sabturani
Cernan Sabturani Пре 7 месеци
EhrgeizVR Пре 7 месеци
in 2017 I would have disliked this video. In 2020 I just stopped playing it in a few seconds. You're an idiot bud. Don't touch technology... LOL It is encouraged to light up your hardware? No, its not. It is a preference.
Psychonaut Пре 7 месеци
I'm in love with it....but I am falling in love with a Grandma or is this still good in 2020?
T1tan1us Пре 7 месеци
If the panel was white instead of orange I'd get it
tiago vasconcelos
tiago vasconcelos Пре 8 месеци
what water cooler cpu ?:
Canny 7x
Canny 7x Пре 8 месеци
My 'Orange' side panel is removeable. I also have an Antec Torque, which is what my main system is in atm. But I'm going to be building a new PC soon. So the old parts with a custom loop will move to the Conquer.
Chema Espinal
Chema Espinal Пре 9 месеци
Really cool case but my concern is it will collect dust pretty easy
shadow fata
shadow fata Пре 9 месеци
Free 3 quite ugly fans 😂
Jesrael Camarillo
Jesrael Camarillo Пре 9 месеци
The rat and small insect might. Snack it all..
HM masso
HM masso Пре 10 месеци
11.111 likes, no more likes pls
Mohammed Razick
Mohammed Razick Пре 10 месеци
There are similar and better versions of these cases which are better in price and customization.
Ed dy
Ed dy Пре 9 месеци
Paradox Riz
Paradox Riz Пре 10 месеци
Pisi jeiming
Rishi Rawat
Rishi Rawat Пре 10 месеци
KTM Duke fans gonna die for this case
Raja Bebek
Raja Bebek Пре 11 месеци
Monster pc run windoes
Bob The builder
Bob The builder Пре 11 месеци
looks like a dust magnet to me.
Steve Joseph
Steve Joseph Пре годину
what's with you you tube people with fingerprints learn to give a review instead of wasting people time
Bill Luo
Bill Luo Пре годину
How are you able to hold the power supply in place with that case?
REDD Пре годину
My uncle got the cougar conquerer 2 lmao
Andre Potts
Andre Potts Пре годину
I dont like it
Loque Пре годину
wish this case would have the option for 3x140 and 2x 140 fans
Brian Woodrow
Brian Woodrow Пре годину
The logo is not that bad. Have seen other builds where the orange piece is removable. You should have known when you ordered it that it was open-air system.
MR WHO Пре годину
Worth for $1100?
Charles1er Smeyers
Charles1er Smeyers Пре годину
It is horrible. Not practical at all and ugly.
Gertrude Cyplenkov
Gertrude Cyplenkov Пре годину
This Milf Conquer case is NICE!
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper Пре годину
Can you do a review of the DarkFlash Knight computer case with a build? Looking for cons or if this is the same case different company basically.
Raj Nibhani
Raj Nibhani Пре годину
DVD bay drives ?
Kag3 Пре годину
This dude is literally put his pc near the window lmao.
Abhijith K.R
Abhijith K.R Пре годину
What's that cool toy on your desk?
Ohan Пре годину
Cougar Conquer 2 is out on Newegg... now just waiting on your review XD
Chyeqarl Alhasni
Chyeqarl Alhasni Пре годину
please help, I want to buy this case but I HAD NO IDEA WHICH NETWORKING CARDS TO USE, I DONT WANT TO USE USB. *FOR 5GHZ ROUTER* i plan to use ASUS AC3100 4x4 MU-MIMO 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wireless PCI-E WiFi Adapter *but will it fit in Cougar Conquer case?* my alternative choice is TP-LINK AC1300 Wireless Dual Band PCI-E Express Adapter Archer T6E WiFi
The Zyrex
The Zyrex Пре годину
Hey....Chris Pratt.... Could u do a vedio of all the best Open style PC's like best to worst...... Hail 2020 🙋🏻‍♂️
Joe Sal
Joe Sal Пре годину
Plasti dip. That'll fix that orange piece
Fonzie Bulldog
Fonzie Bulldog Пре годину
Its like they said ... Lets make a cool case ! ... Yeah, but what about the practical like dust , cable management, every day use ... Hmmm, dont bother.😀
G G Пре годину
Alien technology
Valkyrie Dawn
Valkyrie Dawn Пре годину
What Trash ...Tesla could make a better PC Case
Faze Tea Food
Faze Tea Food Пре годину
It looks like an character from overwatch
Aeromagnus Пре годину
Damn really nice, I love these kinds of cases because they're a simple way to flex your pc at a single gaze
Dirtys CrapLab
Dirtys CrapLab Пре годину
lol aio... with a custom loop a pretty sweet case but with of the shelf components just wasted money
Semyon Galitsky
Semyon Galitsky Пре годину
to be honest, the case look amazing and if u have a water cooling system and a way to cover all the cables wich actually isn't that complicated, u can just put the cables side near the wall or something so no one can see... the case is overall very good for showcase...
GodTheFather Пре годину
Cougars are Ugly, except for Jennifer Aniston
Ricky Leung
Ricky Leung Пре годину
No offense and with respect, but are you from the Guardian of Galaxy? LOL. I thought Star-Lord is building a PC at the beginning.
Vergye! Пре годину
My dad and mom works at Cougar
Alina Nita
Alina Nita Пре годину
did anyone else notice that cougar's logo is EXTREMELY SIMILAR to the Lamborghini's one? even their cases' appearance point in this direction imho. (written by a satisfied cougar conquer purchaser)
Clarence Пре годину
My conquer didn't come with standoffs for mobo, gonna have to run to the computer shop and get some tomorrow ... :(
O J Пре годину
That case just looks so unstable, if there was a strong gust of wind it would tip over. A shame as well because this case is so expensive.
Lemon Пре годину
Honestly I like the Orange, I didn't liek ti at first but it grows up on you eventually. I saw one of my friends who spray painted the orange part black and he still regrets doing that xD not that he didn't paint it properly but more of it just blends in the case and we can't differentiate the segments.
Tokyo Пре годину
The Lamborgini supercane
Neon Citi
Neon Citi Пре 2 године
Why is conquer a bad name?
Ron Ronson
Ron Ronson Пре 2 године
Is it a Canadian thing with the "Conqueror being an annoying name?" Americans and British don't really have that hangup...?
MrCraigMullins Пре 2 године
love the honest review
Michael The Sociopath
Michael The Sociopath Пре 2 године
I didn’t know Chris Pratt was into PC gaming.
Teddy Softwares
Teddy Softwares Пре 2 године
its will no comfortable for clean every time motherboard
Jens Volders
Jens Volders Пре 2 године
5:50 how on earth is the orange part not removable ?, thats the only thing holding me back for not buying it, i saw other modding vids on youtube where is it removable our you sure of this ? anyone help me plz
Sajol Bhadra
Sajol Bhadra Пре 2 године
shit mann.. looking so ugly
Abdulrahman Ibrahim
Abdulrahman Ibrahim Пре 2 године
Guys i really like this case and intend to order one but this orange colour will be not looking good with my table so asking can i remove the orange part so i can change it colour with paint
Brock Ligit
Brock Ligit Пре 2 године
Awesome design, executed poorly
Eccomi Пре 2 године
maybe i am too much of a mechanic, but why do people have such a problem with rivets. just drill them out and replace them with screws. yes it is something you have to do for yourself with a 300$ case. but come on it is not that hard
Aharon Ya'akov
Aharon Ya'akov Пре 2 године
Chris Pratt?
HackGoDz Пре 2 године
The orange piece is removable...
werthy is my name
werthy is my name Пре 2 године
That shit is ugly....... ima stick to my mid tower thanks.
Android Пре 2 године
I bought this case a while ago and its my favorite PC case ever. As for the orange piece unlike what's stated in this video, it is ABSOLUTELY REMOVABLE by simply three screws at the front. I painted it red along with the five support beams and it looks absolutely stunning!
Alex Worm
Alex Worm Пре 2 године
I think these case reviewers over estimate a easy build process cause they have to build lots of systems on various cases. The end user is gona lose 4h tops building the pc and thats it. Is it good having a user friendly installation? Sure, is it a priority? Hell no.
YJM Strat
YJM Strat Пре 2 године
This is fucken stupid, the motherboard is way too far from the front panel. Too stretched out , total waste of space. Dumb.😝
Luís Carlos
Luís Carlos Пре 2 године
this case is so stupid
Alex singh
Alex singh Пре 2 године
if there is a chinese clone at cheap price tell me
Suleiman Boutzamat
Suleiman Boutzamat Пре 2 године
For a guy who has 1.1m subs, your taste in cases is disgusting.
Nguyen Tran
Nguyen Tran Пре 2 године
Just like your face xD
Alan Walker
Alan Walker Пре 2 године
too aggressive towards design
Jelooboi Пре 2 године
Absolutely atrocious looking case
Nanoatic Alaeddine
Nanoatic Alaeddine Пре 2 године
i have a dust genie locked in my room i cant use this case .
Twillight Пре 2 године
I got this PC with 1080-Ti, i9-7900X, 32GB Ram, 478GB of disk space and asus prime. that is what i know i have on my PC.
Brandon McGraw
Brandon McGraw Пре 2 године
Could you punch out the rivets and then remove the orange pieces n then paint them? Then rivet them with a riveter gun?
Redridge07 Пре 2 године
you are a huge complainer ….
Plasmancer Пре 2 године
the case name just makes me think of someone going around dominating old prostitutes, "Cougar Conquer" why internet? why?
Patrick Eichele
Patrick Eichele Пре 2 године
Can you fit a 240 radiator setup in front. Are hoses long enough to reach from motherboard
Michael Bauers
Michael Bauers Пре 2 године
Is that a specific LEGO Technics model, or a MOC?
Mk Ruiz V
Mk Ruiz V Пре 2 године
Ugh... Rgb...
They call him dangerous Bryan
They call him dangerous Bryan Пре 2 године
How many hard drives can you put in? I have 5?
dogbog99 Пре 2 године
Takes a lot of work but it is possible to make this case look a lot nicer.
iPotency !
iPotency ! Пре 2 године
Every commenter: not for you if you have a dusty house. People with a brain: every house is suspect to dust we don't live in a perfect world. That said case looks nice if you're 12. It be a better prebuilt PC looks too much of a project just putting it all together and putting your components in. If you like it and have the time and patience on your hands get it. If not don't get it.
Doge Pool
Doge Pool Пре 2 године
VegetarianFeast Пре 2 године
Hate the orange trim and I super dislike large logos. Recently got a Lian Li Dynamic because of the absence of visible logos.
Alexius Corylus
Alexius Corylus Пре 2 године
This case was my 1st priority for buying, now it's not
Harvard Ford
Harvard Ford Пре 2 године
Huh... cougar conquerer huh Is there a model called milf conquerer? I’d love that
-L- Пре 2 године
That's a overpiced case! (Come on! Some laser-cut pannels and Glass Windows! That's What It is made of)
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth Пре 2 године
Wardens, we've found our case.
Canny 7x
Canny 7x Пре 2 године
I like the looks of this case... It's Funky! Plus I don't care that it will get 'dusty'. You just have to clean it on a regular basis. I guess no one hear has heard of a 'Swiffer'? That and some air from my compressor would do the trick. The upside is that the system should run cooler.
MC Stodder
MC Stodder Пре 2 године
I painted the orange part white, and installed glowing skyblue colored watercooling.
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Пре 2 године
Looks like a helicopter.
Jsp Пре 2 године
One problem i see with this case.. Dust and cat hair.
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