I'm in a movie with Ryan Reynolds

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You read the title right, not even lying.
Free Guy Trailer: rstoolss.info/long/video/msfMmWXdkZVyk4I

cyber thief
cyber thief Пре 9 сати
Even Lazarbeam is in free guy
S R Пре 12 сати
Potato man
Harry Starr
Harry Starr Пре 12 сати
Who do you play Jack
A.C. Triggered
A.C. Triggered Пре 16 сати
Sooo, did you get your SAG carrrd??? :)
shawn fazzi
shawn fazzi Пре 16 сати
he and lazerbeam are in it
Diego Zamora
Diego Zamora Пре дан
Omg I really want to watch that movie but when u said u where in it now I really want to watch it
Nathan Пре дан
I am commenting to see REEEEEEEEEE POTATO
Kieran Deane
Kieran Deane Пре дан
Chalamet 😂
ryleyisa weeb
ryleyisa weeb Пре дан
Ryan should be lucky
Ezra Hilbig
Ezra Hilbig Пре 2 дана
Lit Industries
Lit Industries Пре 2 дана
will you get much screen time?
Squillex Пре 2 дана
I just got a “mint mobile” ad with Ryan Reynolds
Silent Butler
Silent Butler Пре 2 дана
Free Guy is just stealing the ideas from Viva La Dirt League!
Sans Пре 2 дана
Am I the only one who thinks Jack looks like Millennial Peter from family guy?
ThoseSecondFilmes Пре 2 дана
Ryan Reynolds is such a great Canadian
AnxietyGalK Thompson
AnxietyGalK Thompson Пре 2 дана
2:36-2:44 Totally using that in the future.😂😂😂
Kurt Zeckryl
Kurt Zeckryl Пре 2 дана
WTF witch part
Keagan Jagneaux
Keagan Jagneaux Пре 2 дана
I would rather meet The Jacksepticeye instead of any famous actor, he is just amazing and always puts a smile on my face, thank you 💯❤️
Gerard Guerrero
Gerard Guerrero Пре 2 дана
Tewhiu Rakich
Tewhiu Rakich Пре 3 дана
They need to add nolga he will be a funny comedian
Fresh Frozen
Fresh Frozen Пре 3 дана
One word: nice
Smg6 productions
Smg6 productions Пре 3 дана
I saw the trailer and I didn’t see u ;-;
Jules Bad
Jules Bad Пре 3 дана
Ryan has whisky. Jack has coffee. This shit Goin full circle
Troy Strass
Troy Strass Пре 3 дана
I love the fan fic he made half way though the video
Hamza Mustafa
Hamza Mustafa Пре 3 дана
You should be the next batman next
Steel-101 Пре 3 дана
Flashback to the video where Seán and Ryan played the Deadpool videogame😁🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Bloody Bois Gaming
Bloody Bois Gaming Пре 4 дана
why are people dislikeing
Crossed life
Crossed life Пре 4 дана
I can`t wait to watch that movie i bet i`l LAUGH alot
Joseph Carias
Joseph Carias Пре 4 дана
isnt lazarbeam in freeguy
yukiko 201
yukiko 201 Пре 4 дана
2:37 Just my personal support drug
Tommy Peck-Springer
Tommy Peck-Springer Пре 4 дана
Jack! So glad you've addressed it! Good luck!
Skyler Bagwell
Skyler Bagwell Пре 4 дана
Made it to 2:30, congrats on being in the movie bud but i cant sit thru this whole thing
Pelican Priest
Pelican Priest Пре 4 дана
Jake DoesFood
Jake DoesFood Пре 4 дана
Oh.My.God THE Jacksepticeye is in a movie with THE Ryan Reynolds. Life has peaked
Sagittarian -
Sagittarian - Пре дан
The one good thing that came from 2020
Elisabeth Johnson
Elisabeth Johnson Пре 4 дана
Ashli Selby
Ashli Selby Пре 4 дана
Jack: I’m waiting for an applause Me: oh Also me: starts clapping
Bauloo. Пре 5 дана
I- How- did you- I mean I’m not complaining- but how lmao
D3C0DED Пре 5 дана
Reminds me of you and ryan playing deadpool
Crystal Esquibel storytime
Crystal Esquibel storytime Пре 5 дана
Oh god
Fabri and Facu 1
Fabri and Facu 1 Пре 5 дана
a bunch of famous youtubers are, including you!
NAthan Faucett
NAthan Faucett Пре 5 дана
Where are you in the move
pog champ
pog champ Пре 5 дана
he,s in the part where he get,s hit by the red truck with that purple hair girl lol,z
AS Пре 5 дана
Is the movie actually happening like there has been a lot of claims going around saying the movie got cancelled (November 2020) and will just be ditched
Soysauceisme Пре 5 дана
Ya when I looked it up about 2 weeks ago I was like ok who’s in it and I was like omg ima watch it 10 times over in the same day Anyone else😂😂
Miguel Messina
Miguel Messina Пре 5 дана
Sean and Ryan have this special bond I see ya know?
G. R.C.
G. R.C. Пре 5 дана
Omg Taika is in that movie too I love Taika!!!!!!
Tyra Pasion
Tyra Pasion Пре 5 дана
Wow! I didn’t know! I heard about the movie but I didn’t know u were gunna be on it! That’s amazing!
Phoenix Phillips
Phoenix Phillips Пре 5 дана
I know I'm late to say anything. But I gotta say that jacksepticeye has made a lot of people's lives and my own a lot better.
Billy Baby
Billy Baby Пре 5 дана
Hey Jack I want to be a RStoolssr or a twitch streamer but my mum says I can’t what should I say
Parzival Пре 6 дана
The 1.8k dislikes are just alt accounts of Ryan himself, just screwing with Jack.
Ben Rutledge
Ben Rutledge Пре 6 дана
I’m a new sub, and I already love the channel. Congrats bro. 100% watching the movie.
Tessa Livingstone
Tessa Livingstone Пре 6 дана
Does anyone else want jack to play skyrim
gumboula1 Пре 6 дана
Ya you should totally say shut up pecint to puts
random people that don´t watch jacks channel find out that his in a movie with ryan reynolds: OMG ITS JACK AHHHH I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH. Jack: ahahaha no. then the OG fans: congrats dude you made it, your in a movie, be confident be calm and MAKE SOME NOISE
Chips SF Gaming
Chips SF Gaming Пре 6 дана
Bro did you hear that Ryan Reynolds is going to be in a movie with Jacksepticeye, yh I heard John Krasinski was really sad he didn't get the role
Skelly Пре 6 дана
You go Jack, me and im sure all your subscribers will love that movie and how much you have reached so far up the ranks, so you go Jack, you go
coolcore 2016
coolcore 2016 Пре 6 дана
wowim jealous i love Ryan Reynolds im realy happy for u u deserve it
Stephanie Stone
Stephanie Stone Пре 6 дана
jack: i might get sued! The trailer next to the vid: hi:)
Zaide Taul
Zaide Taul Пре 7 дана
What character are you?
blaziken114 playz
blaziken114 playz Пре 7 дана
I just realised your vid has half the amount on ryan reynalds free guy trailer 2
Old Geezer
Old Geezer Пре 7 дана
Sean is very lucky that Charlie did not want to make a grand return to the movie industry.
MLegend Пре 7 дана
I need to watch this
Logan Boyd
Logan Boyd Пре 7 дана
today is the first day I will now call jacksepticeye” Shawn
poisson ivy4
poisson ivy4 Пре 7 дана
Applauds for Jack* yay jack is in a movie his worth and talent is shown finally
Ex0tic_ El0
Ex0tic_ El0 Пре 7 дана
Ryan should be honored to be standing near jacksepticeye
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson Пре 7 дана
so basically jumanji
vhby bdchchyd
vhby bdchchyd Пре 7 дана
ryan reynolds i dare you to suprize jack go to his house and scary him
Jonathan Kasulke
Jonathan Kasulke Пре 7 дана
who u is tho?
Cookie Nookie
Cookie Nookie Пре 7 дана
Jack: "shut up peasant, don't talk to me i'm big time now." me: dang
lil_olie Пре 7 дана
ada boi potato man
Joseph Bernat
Joseph Bernat Пре 7 дана
Yo he mentioned charlie love it they should have episode 3 with jack on the podcast where charlie and him can argue over movies
Mykel Son
Mykel Son Пре 7 дана
He plays Q*bert in the movie btw
TH3A Пре 7 дана
Arianna-Louise Reid
Arianna-Louise Reid Пре 7 дана
Shut up peasant, dont talk to me IM BIG TIME NOW!
Derpo the Random
Derpo the Random Пре 7 дана
Who would win the Merc with a mouth(deadpool) or The Boogie Man(John Wick)
Deon Vermeulen
Deon Vermeulen Пре 7 дана
I did not cheer......
David Jimenez
David Jimenez Пре 7 дана
Damn u play q bert
Dejawoo FN
Dejawoo FN Пре 7 дана
you are not garbage jse
Jtn Lee
Jtn Lee Пре 8 дана
That one comment when Jacksepticeye played Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds really predicted it 😭😭
Christian Dickerson
Christian Dickerson Пре 8 дана
I've been watching the trailer so many times and I can't see you!
gaming witz
gaming witz Пре 8 дана
I'm gonna watch this movie when it comes out
Cesar's Gaming Channel
Cesar's Gaming Channel Пре 8 дана
Everyone reply with the same emoji 0:13 👏👏👏👏
Marie Smith
Marie Smith Пре 8 дана
Adam Fry
Adam Fry Пре 8 дана
love you jack can't believe i wasn't subscribed to you until now!!!!!
The FlashofLife
The FlashofLife Пре 8 дана
Who knew jack was in free guy. Haha I've seen all the trailers and I love that movie
NBG_Phantom Пре 8 дана
Im just relizing that im a og
Bryce Pirie
Bryce Pirie Пре 8 дана
hate it or love it, you are here to stay and there is not a thing you can do about it.
Alfie Pease
Alfie Pease Пре 8 дана
I’ve been here since the begging who else
Soul Eater
Soul Eater Пре 9 дана
yes I am a peasant I will shutup I’m so sorry
Nicholas Arens
Nicholas Arens Пре 9 дана
Crit1kal is the #1 actor in the world because of his work in the Hunger Games, you must really be talented to take his crown from him.
Beth T
Beth T Пре 9 дана
👏 👏 👏
ThatsJust Jay
ThatsJust Jay Пре 9 дана
Wow. After all these years of watching you I never felt closer. Love to you from my whole heart❤️
Faith Sparks
Faith Sparks Пре 9 дана
So is it just a second of him or does he at least have 2 minutes of screen time?
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki Пре 9 дана
You didn't say to Deadpool that he deserves Deadpool underwear
Mr Qais
Mr Qais Пре 9 дана
Dice7Drop I Know
Ark Guy 4 Ever
Ark Guy 4 Ever Пре 9 дана
Man bun? ):0
Brandon Cartagena
Brandon Cartagena Пре 9 дана
Not hating but I saw the trailer but I didnt see him can someone show me where he is lol
Minecrafter102 Пре 9 дана
I can’t believe that you AND LazarBeam AND RYAN FREAKING REYNOLDS are in the exact same movie.
babyjinho Пре 9 дана
Am I the only one who have obsession with Jack's eyes
Typical Panda2245
Typical Panda2245 Пре 9 дана
jack has made it big time tho
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