I Got a FREE BMW E39 528i Touring Individual

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M539 Restorations

M539 Restorations

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I present to you a beautiful 1998 BMW E39 528i Touring with Individual equipment that incredibly generous subscriber and Patreon, Timo has given to the channel. We travel through Germany to meet Timo, see the E39 and road trip it back to the dojo.

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Joshua D
Joshua D Пре месец
“I’m not gonna go crazy with this one like I did my e46” Famous last words
StudioMarand Official
StudioMarand Official Пре месец
@asatrv don't know what legally means
Frans B
Frans B Пре месец
@asatrv yes, too bad. A man can dream, though
asatrv Пре месец
Lol you guys don’t know how Germany works. Putting a V12 in there legally would be equally as expensive as buying a brand new super car.
StudioMarand Official
StudioMarand Official Пре месец
@Frans B he already have a v12 in the shop.
Frans B
Frans B Пре месец
@StudioMarand Official now this is an idea I would love to see become reality. Probably would go well north of 20k euros though
Dark Пре месец
I love that Germany has such a good train system. I wish the US would embrace high speed rail. They are planning high speed rail from Dallas to Austin Texas. Timo is a generous guy. I would love to have a Touring.👍🏻 can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with this car.
studdaman420 Пре 5 дана
@Inacio F. Marques (EyeOfDarnkess) Indeed. It can be done though. Most states already have imposed Left lane only for passing laws, and that is one that is important to have. Many have been enforcing it as well.
Inacio F. Marques (EyeOfDarnkess)
Inacio F. Marques (EyeOfDarnkess) Пре 5 дана
@studdaman420 for that the americans need to learn a very important thing called: lane discipline
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp Пре 26 дана
@SchoppeROFL Don't know what this all about, but compared to the US the German train system is gold. In the US there is nothing to be not cheap enough or being 10 minutes late, because .. there is NOTHING, there just is no train connection. At all. Also all this whining about the trains being late ... that's a typical german thing. For Germans 10% of all trains 10 minutes behind schedule is catastrophic, something to complain all day long. "Missed my connection and had to wait another 30 minutes for the next one! My whole life is ruined" While in the US: If there even is a connection it goes once a day. The typical German can not be happy if he has nothing to complain about. Train connection every hour? "Why can it not be every 30 minutes?" Train cheaper than car if you take all costs into account? "Yeah, but I want to compare it ONLY to petrol costs and than it feels expensive!" It's funny how proud Germans are on being not proud on what they have.
studdaman420 Пре месец
@SchoppeROFL Just trying to help you improve on your english. Not that it is bad at all. There is a difference between brake and break though. As for inspections, they are adequate for the current situation, and I agree that they would need to be more aggressive if the speed limit were to be unrestricted. Most states have already adopted laws requiring the left lane to be used only for passing, so we are working on the learning part as far as the people goes. Lol. All I am saying is that it could be done, and I personally wish it would. We all spend a lot of time in our cars, and life is short. On a positive note, many of the red arrows in my area have been programmed better recently to flash amber while on the green cycle. It is the little things that make life better. Like not wasting it sitting at stupid red arrows.
SchoppeROFL Пре месец
@studdaman420 So as you say. People need to learn, rules need to be made, inspections need to be improved. All that is not here today. So its better you folks cant drive 250kph+ on open road. Oh and sorry for the wrong words. There are people with another 1. languages
legioner9 Пре месец
God bless that man Timo and his family. Very nice person and at the upmost of hospitality (like people should actually be).
fw1421 Пре месец
I love that Germany has such a good train system. I wish the US would embrace high speed rail. They are planning high speed rail from Dallas to Austin Texas. Timo is a generous guy. I would love to have a Touring.👍🏻 can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with this car.
Ian Feast-Vine
Ian Feast-Vine Пре месец
@Miljörör för Språkpartiet What, Japan? ;)
John Hanson
John Hanson Пре месец
California is putting in a train system. From Bakersfield to no where. It is at a cost of $15 Billion right now. So you can ride it from farm country to farm country. It is for from workers and will be ready in 10 years. Sounds awesome.
Miljörör för Språkpartiet
Miljörör för Språkpartiet Пре месец
@Kris idk, cars post-2005 are bad altogether. But S-class was still top of the line last year iirc
Kris Пре месец
@Miljörör för Språkpartiet i hop you are joking - the German cars are not the best ones in the world anymore... they used to be, I agree, some 20 years ago
Miljörör för Språkpartiet
Miljörör för Språkpartiet Пре месец
How fortunate the country manufacturing the best cars in the world have trains good enough to keep you away from driving.
Devin Friske
Devin Friske Пре месец
I absolutely love when someone handing off a car can run through the status of the car with complete honesty. I really wish more people were like Timo in the car enthusiast community! My E39 had problems the previous owner was not willing to disclose before sale, whether out of ignorance or malice I don't know. So here I am, glued to these restoration videos :) I have lots of gaskets to replace this summer! (I'm jealous he's getting to meet a hero in return for his donation to the channel.)
dizzywow Пре месец
It was free. Why lie?
Chris-R Пре месец
If you have bought a crashed M5 then that sounds like a perfect opportunity to build an e39 M5 touring ala speedacademy.
SLAM Пре 13 дана
@Dalibor Lešnik I agree with you completely. As Sreten mentioned, the 528 has a steering rack not a box. This, combined with lighter front end thanks to both lighter engine and Alu not steel front components, make it a much different ride. I never needed more power myself. It is also nice to have an engine that doesn’t need adjustment just maintenance and gets
Chris-R Пре месец
@Dennis I love wagons, but I find the regular E61 to be one of the few cars I prefer as a saloon. The M5 more so. The rear looks ungainly and the exhausts look a bit afterthought like some aftermarket choice on the M5. The e34 M5 touring is perfect looks wise but I wish they had done an e39 Touring. An e46 M3 touring as well, which I think would be my perfect car. One day I will build one for sure. Have to be happy with my regular e46 M3 coupe for now 😊
Dennis Пре месец
@Chris-R i love the e61 touring, except the rear lights looks kinda ugly. M5 e60 is just generally an awesome looking car, but the fast they made it a wagon is even better. Too bad its one/the worst selling bmw model xD
Dennis Пре месец
@Riley kouki 180sx yeah thats what he said boy
Eriksitoo Пре месец
Tino Zedd
Tino Zedd Пре месец
I don't usually comment but this is really my favourite episode so far. As a German who"s been living in Australia for the last 11 years I especially enjoyed the city walking footage and your sandwich (Stulle in Berlin).
Si shabadab
Si shabadab Пре месец
Moved to Oz from the UK nit so long ago... The prices of cars in Oz is CRAZY... And huge mileages...
DashDrones Пре месец
His Toyota Starlet looked mint too. It was like stepping back 25 years going to his house! You're definitely a hoarder dude 😎🤣
Arunas B.
Arunas B. Пре месец
Finally: Touring and Automatic! I had E39 528 for 5+ years. Wonderful memories, traveling Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain... Nice, very comfortable and smooth. Huge trunk, self-leveling air suspension at the rear. Just awesome!
T M Пре месец
Thank you Timo for providing us with new content
Robert K
Robert K Пре месец
I just love how you speak with such reverence and love about anything BMW. Just listening to you talk while driving the car to it’s new home is making me happier about my own F30 because I too love the build quality.
Robsa Walker
Robsa Walker Пре месец
Love these Tourings! It should have the smallest possible alloys with the largest tyre-walls for ultimate waft.
Marc Jensen
Marc Jensen Пре месец
We had that "winter cold start it runs on 4 or 5 cylinders till you rev it" issue on our 520i as well: Turned out to be the hydraulic tappets "overfilling" somehow and letting the valves not close fully. We found out when the battery was especially low one morning and it didn´t start right away. On further cranking and jump starting it then one by one lost compression on all the cylinders.... Obviously a bit worried, but the old Meister at our shop knew that issue: He let the car warm up a bit inside and just cranked it till squeezed the oil out and stumbled itself back into life. On diffenrent oil now and its never missed a beat since then. I still love that slow boat :D
Henry Sevtsenko
Henry Sevtsenko Пре месец
Blessed to have a great friend who can afford an e39 m5 and to have the opportunity to drive it around. The feeling that car gives is something else. I totally agree that the e39 is one of the best bmws ever made, it has all the necessary extras and can either be driven peacefully in silence or speed like a maniac. And it looks magnificent!
Farkas Máté
Farkas Máté Пре месец
We all know that the Touring will have a B30 engine, large navi and upgraded suspension. As well as a brand new underside with all rusty bits fixed. You don't fool us, Sreten! Thank you very much in advance though, can't wait to see it.
NTcap Пре месец
Another great video, love your videos! If only all mechanics were as passionate, knowlegeable and as good as you we would all be much happier motorists! Keep up the great work!
ChrisB Пре месец
What a find! I had the exact steering wheel in my touring, I changed the column to a 99+ column and added cruise actuators and ECU for the buttons. All fairly easy with OEM wiring diagrams
1chish Пре месец
This was from an era when BMW relied on pure engineering, quality of components and classic design cues to sell cars. And built timeless classics as a result. Then they did a 'Boeing 737MAX' and went all electronic where even the horn push is an ECU and they thought having timing chains on the BACK of an engine was pure genius. And they wonder why the BMW reputation is in the crapper. Lucky man getting hold of one of these classics.
Trackercx Пре месец
Sreten, listen. Have you ever actually driven an e39 with an diesel engine? I find it way better for the e39 than the gasoline counterparts. M57 is a wonderful engine.
Damir Unlocks
Damir Unlocks Пре месец
" I 'm gonna try to not go crazy with it like I did with my e46" . The way he described how he liked the car on highway he will find donor car and everything inside will go full extras & electric 🤣🤣🤣
ThaZapalka Пре месец
@lptomtom Yes and I would love to buy his e46 after seeing what he's done with it and the condition it is in currently :D
lptomtom Пре месец
He should sell the e46 once he's repaired this e39, he doesn't need two daily drivers and it could free up some space for the other projects!
Márton Misik
Márton Misik Пре месец
Would love to see this old icon restored, I think it would be worth it after you're done with the other projects. These models are becoming more and more rare every year, and if you now fix all the rust and maybe protect the rest of the car from rusting, it could be a beautiful addition to your collection, plus a great, long lasting daily.
Sebastian W
Sebastian W Пре месец
Really like your videos and sens of humor :) and I'm also a huge fan of E39 M5's . Keep up the good work and making these vids . Best regards from Poland !
eric luebbers
eric luebbers Пре месец
Perfect timing on this, I am ordering rear suspension parts for this today. I have 2 of these as daily drivers and they are just the best cars for driving. Hope to see many videos on this platform. Keep up the good work.
MapleStreetGarage Пре 28 дана
This has quickly become one of my favorite channels. I have a small fleet of BMWs (like yours but far less nice) and it's nice to see someone else keeping these things on the road.
MauriceDW Пре месец
With the e39 M5 being your favorite car, the crashed M5 being a perfect donor, the e39 touring as a new project and with the practicallity of your e46 in mind…. I can already see where this is going
dukedub Пре месец
@Jim jibroni In the pacific northwest nothing really rusts. It can if there is neglect or if you live on the ocean. Our roads are not salted due to wildlife regulations.
Jim jibroni
Jim jibroni Пре месец
@dukedub rust bucket 🤣🤣 you’ve obviously never been to the northeast of America
Umberto Moriega
Umberto Moriega Пре месец
@dukedub You clearly have no clue what is a rust bucket. Easily replaceable tailgate and little rusted jacking points? Seriously?
dukedub Пре месец
There's no way he puts a v8 in a rust bucket. Don't get me wrong that's a cool swap and would make a fun car
James Pugh
James Pugh Пре месец
Love your work. You might hate Deepo headlights, but they can certainly take a good kicking- I'm impressed!
Matthew Harding
Matthew Harding Пре месец
Mate, amazing interior!! Love all the combinations you could pick with the Individual options
Bce_HopMyJIb Пре месец
I owned a '86 ford escort, and one fella accidenely destroyed one of original Carello headlights and bought DEPO for a replacement.... That peice of shit got foggy and rusted away in a mounth... I can absolutely agree with you about your method of their improvement.
Wipsplash Пре месец
I have an E39 and E46 and really love them. The newer stuff has way to many needless electronics. My only complaint is that I am having to replace parts constantly.
Ian Donkin
Ian Donkin Пре месец
e39 Touring = brilliant car. I love your treatment of the Depo headlights and agree that the e39 touring is so much better than the e46 touring (and I like the e46, but the e39 is just so much better). It’s definitely an oddball specification with the individual interior, yet basic wheels; that interior trim is very special though. As always, looking forward to seeing this one progress 👍
Zodiam Пре месец
Just bought myself a E39 for a winter car, perfect timing! I had no idea these things were so comfortable.
vishS14 Пре месец
And yes, E39 is the best BMW ever built. And the beautifull design thanks to a bit of Japanese aesthetics.
Fernando Rui Faria
Fernando Rui Faria Пре месец
I just like all your projects. Keep up the good work mate.
eddierofl Пре месец
Yesssss! E39 Touring! I have a 2001 530i Touring in silver, with black leather interior and wood trim in a slightly darker shade than yours, with all the M options. Absolutely gorgeous, I love it. Yourself and Jason (50s Kid) taught me everything to refurb the engine. Next up is full overhaul on suspension so can't wait to see you attack this!
Zack Komachkov
Zack Komachkov Пре месец
Ah, I wish we got a 530 touring in the US, unfortunately they were only offered as 528, 525 and 540. I bought mine last September, slick top, zero rust Texas car. I replaced the entire suspension on it, it was fairly easy, I followed his e38 suspension rebuild video as geometry of two cars are similar
L888 Пре месец
50's Kid is a legend too
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman Пре месец
I had the same issue with my M54 running rough and then running really well with 1 percent throttle. I cleaned the ICV and throttle body and it completely took care of the issue and it’s been years
Heikki Kuoppala
Heikki Kuoppala Пре месец
This made me want my old E39 back really bad... Fantastic edition to the channel! 🔥
Sonny Kaledi
Sonny Kaledi Пре месец
A life well lived is one well enjoyed 😉, 'cause you do what you love. Enviable! Keep the inspiring content alive. Well done Sreten, congratulations 👏. How long would you keep the e39 540i V8 version in your ownership if may ask. I like that engine, common forums seem to discourage long term ownership...timing chain issues cited as a menace, what's your take?
J Carlton
J Carlton Пре месец
Great video! I love to see classic cars saved from the salvage yard. I will be watching intently on how you restore this classic E39 since I own a 2003 E39 530i that I bought new 19 years ago.
Brendon Raw
Brendon Raw Пре месец
I've had my 328Ci since 2002, and yes, the M52 engine is a peach. Looking forward to seeing this project develop.
Maarten Swinnen
Maarten Swinnen Пре месец
Love the car! Recently picked up a facelift 530i touring myself, love it. Also has a few issues but nothing that can’t be fixed! Luckily it’s rust free and has quite a nice layout of options. Just needs a new front bumper and some shadowline trim pieces on the outside. Don’t really like the chrome bits 🤭. Hope you like your touring as much as I like Mine 😃
emrefifty Пре месец
The best automotive channel on RStoolss hands down. Always get excited when a new episode comes out.
Matthew Romano
Matthew Romano Пре месец
Touring rear subframe bushings too are notorious for tearing/ripping. New rubber or poly is a vast improvement. And your outside air temp sensor reading -40C might have something to do with your rough starting, or possibly leaking fuel injectors?
Matthew Romano
Matthew Romano Пре месец
@Flickering Celluloid my bags had a slow leak, replaced em and did poly rear SF bushings and it was a world of improvement
Flickering Celluloid
Flickering Celluloid Пре месец
The 4 bushings are filled with oil, with age the rubber hardens and cracks and it leaks out causing a harsh ride at the rear. Some cars go for years like that and owners don't realize anything is wrong until the rear airbag suspension also collapses and an enormous bill comes along!
J New Zealand
J New Zealand Пре месец
Love your videos what always amazes me is how many Germans speak such good English including yourself. Thx for doing these in English best of both worlds we get to see parts of Germany and your repair videos.
Chicken Rice Banana
Chicken Rice Banana Пре месец
Nice catch Sreten, need to see more soon :) Same thoughs on e39, it's great everywhere and you can't destroy it ! Have myself an 528i too, in quite mint condition with many new OEM parts, it's my daily and probably best BMW i've owned, never had V8 so maybe will change my mind one day ? Mine has some fun options as double glazing. Full toolbox and OEM torch in the gloves box :) Recently put B8 and HR spring (with every chassis parts new) only non OEM upgrade for this one, but it handles so much better on dynamic driving. I'm on 16s style 5 wheels.
Ben Hunter
Ben Hunter Пре месец
Really looking forward to this project, as an E39 owner myself im looking forward to see where you go with this.
Werner Danler
Werner Danler Пре месец
Can't wait for you to start working your magic on this one. In 06 I managed to trade an 02 A6 for an 03 530i with less than 50k miles. At 110 mph I'd swear I was sitting on a large rock with no wind noise. The most stable and smooth running car I ever owned. Better than my current mercedes e320. I did put new brakes on it and changed oil and plugs. The car was solid with no squeaks and rattles. Lost it at the end of 07.
pkhkp Пре месец
That speech on the autobahn really came from the heart. You can feel the E39 passion.
AutoAvids Пре месец
Nothing like a good road trip, especially in a car you've never driven before to keep you awake 😂
Sweetasthesun Пре месец
Timo sounds like a very kind man! 🌺 And his dog! Gah! ❤
TooColdS4 Пре месец
love 90s and early 2000s BMWs. Theyre built so well. I hope you can find some nice E39 OEM headlight projectors for that wagon. I own a E90 Wagon 328 xi wagon in that same color. Its a great daily
Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander Пре месец
Always liked how the sedan version of that car looked. Almost bought one as a first car couple years ago. So elegant! I hope we get to see lots of videos with this one. N52 6cyl is the most 'BMW' engine ever
jalluaZ100 Пре месец
That is m52 engine, n52 engine is newer and very much different than m52
J. Пре месец
I have depot projector headlights on my E30 here in the US. It came with sealed beams and they’re definitely an upgrade from those but quite bad compared to modern HIDs
Finn G. Hermansen
Finn G. Hermansen Пре месец
Lucky You Sreten - A free E39 touring, I wish It was me - and It looks awesome. I love that You repair these wonderful cars, bring them up to date/ back to life which they deserve. Thanks for a great video Sreten, i really enjoyed it. Take care and be safe 👍
dennis carreno
dennis carreno Пре месец
You deserve it! Enjoy your restoration and I’ll be watching your videos
Nick Gauthier
Nick Gauthier Пре месец
I knew the day would come where an E39 touring blessed this channel. Definitely on my bucket list of cars, I think one would look great next to my 2002 E39 530 🤔
Tony Street
Tony Street Пре месец
A lovely car Sreten well worth saving. A very practical, comfortable daily driver which you will love to mend, and we will love to watch you do it!
Roman Schmitz
Roman Schmitz Пре месец
Great video, as always. I really wanted an E39 touring badly, and got one! Found a 530 E39 M in blue and loved it !!! Absolutely amazing cars!! By the way. I honestly don't understand why people still watch netflix or other stuff when you can have such hich quality content online. Thank you a lot for your work my friend => just became a patreon to support you :)
nikos melas
nikos melas Пре месец
As a m52b28 owner I am looking forward to see some top quality engine maintenance !!!
Mr_Butz Пре месец
Those VLOG type of Videos are always the best my dude. Enjoying your content! Please keep your great work up ;)
Cj Lomax
Cj Lomax Пре месец
Great find for a freebie! Also thanks for taking us on the trip. That was awesome!
Alex Cozma
Alex Cozma Пре месец
"I'm not going to go crazy, it will be just a daily driver" - famous last words! 😂
Bademeister333 Пре месец
Really nice car. The e39 is definitly on my list of cars I have to own at one point. If you polish this paint, the orientblau will look absolutely fantastic.
Skinned Knuckles
Skinned Knuckles Пре месец
I think you're going to fall in love with it. I honestly think you should keep it with your fleet. I love that colour combo, absolutely stunning! I once got a free 523 Touring in Cosmos Black with light gelb 07LG interior. It was MOT'd, (UK equivalent to TUV). A free car is always good. A free e39 is somthing un heard off these days. I've owned 4 Tourings, 3 I still have owned only 1 Limo. I also have a 99 Cosmos Black 740i My first ever BMW and one I still have and adore to this day is my 1997 528i Touring. It's a factory Manual in Calypso Red with beige interior. Huge spec with comforts, heated seats, nappa leather, blinds, nav, TV, DSP, phone, PDC, genuine oris tow hitch, sliding trunk floor Style 32's and Xenons to name a few. Auto dip mirror and rain sensitive wipers as standard on UK 528i's. It's currently a rolling shell as its going through a full nut & bolt restoration at my own leisure. Not only was this my first BMW, It also was my first car. 2 previous owners, last owner 13 years. I've owned it 10 years. I have every invoice and original bill of sale with brocure, and accessories catalogue from 97.
MikeFotoPL Пре месец
2:53 thumbs up for framrate matching train speed clearly visible on the train tracks
ExtraGlutenPlz Пре месец
I also love the straight six sound, I listen to it in my 340i every morning and it's so smooth and unique.
Doug S
Doug S Пре месец
Loved the car wash scene! I much prefer the ones where you get to sit in the car and watch the brushes in action. Nice to know they are the same in Germany as in Canada. Here they are a weekly event in winter to get rid of the salt!
Iwan Chandra
Iwan Chandra Пре месец
I really enjoy your videos, awesome cars. Keep it up 👍
tw1st3d Пре месец
Hey Sreten, love your videos and keep up the good work. I was wondering where do you buy your car pars for cars? Discs, Pads, suspension etc... Keep up the good work and I'd love to hear back from you!
James Guthrie
James Guthrie Пре месец
I like the old style wheel with the controls on it, especially the heater function. One of the best parts about my old E39 530d.
Georg Lorenz
Georg Lorenz Пре месец
Great stuff! And thanks for keeping it pre-facelift.
Ciprian Mihai
Ciprian Mihai Пре месец
Loved it. I was thinking. Back in the day you have to buy the cars and work on 2-3 projects in the same time. Now you receive it for free and you have to have an entire logistics to keep a clean eye on every project.
Yoyoyo BS
Yoyoyo BS Пре месец
Cant wait for more updates on this beast, picked up a 1998 E39 myself not long ago and will definitely copy most of what you're going to do :D
Петър Томов
Петър Томов Пре месец
Exactly the same with me, i bought a 528i sedan, but a later double Vanos(October 1998) and am pumped to see future episodes
mithat jukovic
mithat jukovic Пре месец
This channel and The 777 garage are my favourite RStoolss channels keep up the good work guys save them old bimmers
Gochi Пре месец
That interior is beautiful. Love the color variation. So unique.
Chibu Пре месец
Can we just all appreciate beautiful Germany in the beginning? Gonna visit Europe one day and just go on a vacation through the continent.
David Alderman
David Alderman Пре месец
Another great video. My first BMW was an E39 back in 1998 - been a fan ever since and an owner of a few more. Keep the videos coming Sreten, much appreciated.
weisspanzer Пре месец
I love my E39 touring, best car i ever owned. 350.000km and 20yo, and still perfect. But some problems, brake are very bad, steering rack is fragile, some plastic are in bad quality (espacially in rear), some rust, etc But this car is so good, very easy to repair, powerfull and perfect for cruising, nice design
Dustin Hutchinson
Dustin Hutchinson Пре месец
This car would be my “ultimate driving machine”.
Rob Moon
Rob Moon Пре месец
I had one of these, it was a 523i with a 5 speed manual gearbox in sapphire black with turbine wheels. Loved the self levelling rear suspension. Also there was a cassette player behind the fascia above the radio. Light grey cloth seats tho, not great with two young kids to keep clean but it was a great family car.
Stephen Kayll
Stephen Kayll Пре месец
Ah, the sound of the car when you drive away brings back many happy memories of driving my E46, 328i SE Auto. my car suffered with overheating. I stored it for 4 years and recharged the battery and it started first time! I was always under the impression you cannot replace the head gasket as the bolts won't tighten down? A swine to bleed the header tank, what's the technique?
Dennis Пре месец
What a great car! Also love the random indicator and diesel jokes :D
WieDrDerJonge Пре месец
E38 and E39 are indeed the best quality "modern" BMW's!!
Christian Haselwanter- Grasl
Christian Haselwanter- Grasl Пре месец
The interior of this 528i is absolutely astonishing and beautiful 😍 !!! My dad had a 2001 740i with the same wood interior..
Michael Hynds
Michael Hynds Пре месец
Top class. How kind of Timo. I had a couple of E39s and agree, superb. Thank you for sharing.
M Verbaan
M Verbaan Пре месец
Another great episode! Thank you again. Warning: Whining ahead! I really think your floor needs a good, proper coating. It will make your landlord happy because it is liquid-tight so no environmental issues. For you it is easier to clean, and -if it is a bright colour- will lighten up the place/ spot you are working on, so less energy costs AND better light for your video's.
Rj Nation
Rj Nation Пре месец
Hell yeah, who could knock back a free BMW touring, nice colour, great looking interior, like the wood heaps, Rj in Oz
bigdawg420 Пре месец
i know its hard to pump out content but im telling tou your channel is gonna keep growing the more often you have the chance to upload your wonderful outstanding content!
Robert Kozlovski
Robert Kozlovski Пре месец
huge fan. I drive an e39 and waiting for you to work on it and learn myself some awesome stuff.
Greg Morris
Greg Morris Пре месец
I have never seen such a suggestive tow hook. I’m mildly jealous.
Bosanac Soprano
Bosanac Soprano Пре месец
Love your videos always looking forward to new episodes. Hopefully in the future you'll do an episode on a M62 engine 4.4L would love to get your input on it since I'm starting a swap on a e34 525 🙏🙏
Kris Пре месец
31:15 - if you are not going to repair the rusty spots properly I can higly recommend you a paint which is put ON the rust - ELASTOMETAL. Myself didn't believe it might work but I painted the rusty fender edges and some of the bottom parts in my 18 year old astra few years ago and it seems to really work! The rust which was covered with this paint didn't "grow" and the rest of the steel parts is strong and healthy under the paint. Try it out - especially on such a car, where you say no additional proper body reparation is planned.
Lorkowski Racing
Lorkowski Racing Пре месец
you almost make me want to move to germany and start restoring bmw´s even though i dont really like them
digitalrailroader Пре месец
The Touring fleet is expanding! This will probably be the heavy hauler with that tow hitch!
Cosmin Пре месец
" I love the E39 , it's so well build. No rattles , no nothing" 15:04 hello darkness my old friend
Cinderella Пре месец
E65, E34 and E39 touring in a row - that's great. Destroying the headlights must not be done if you ask me. Although they were aftermarket ones. But nevertheless: good luck with this car and keep up this very interesting channel!
DashDrones Пре месец
Watch from 23:00 and say that..
Alan Fish
Alan Fish Пре месец
I had DEPO headlights on my old E39 540i, and they had great light. Of course, I just used the frames and swapped in Nissan Murano HIDs with LED Angel eyes, so that might have had something to do with it. :)
Leo's World
Leo's World Пре месец
Congratulations.... you got a great score. Very generous from Timo!
Victor Lupu
Victor Lupu Пре месец
This channel is dope!!! I was watching at 2 in the morning how you are working on the ALPINA, and just can't get enough!
Great to see this project car...I want to see the transformation of this rusty touring to a healthy eye catcher
Gaz Grill
Gaz Grill Пре месец
This is the car! I have the E39 523i Touring (manual). Absolutely love it, even if I'm broke from just keeping the rust at bay lol
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