How I Got to #1 In the World with Eternatus

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Eternatus is one of the new Legendary Pokemon released in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and I made it my mission to try and make it to rank #1 in the world with Eternatus!

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Коментара: 753
daniel rulo
daniel rulo Пре 6 сати
i really cant stand how vgc allows legendaries .-. like why
Nintendope Пре 21 сат
Nintendope Пре 21 сат
Inti Ortega
Inti Ortega Пре дан
Apologies if this is common knowledge but the game’s performance seems higher than what I experienced at launch. Has Game Freak patched in improvements to frame rate since then?
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Oliveira Пре дан
1:04:54 nice
Fontaine Пре дан
49:40 him messing up one thing that cost him the battle is for sure throwing lol
Ey Boss
Ey Boss Пре дан
whats the song at 1:05
Waifu is Laifu
Waifu is Laifu Пре 2 дана
Eternatus takes 0 skill to use or train up. its like using torb or sym in overwatch and making grandmaster. anyone can do it
james merges
james merges Пре 4 дана
Those edits that mess with the screen had me thinking my old ass laptop was dying
Martin Boge
Martin Boge Пре 5 дана
i literally watched the whole video on 0,75 speed. jesus man u talk fast
truemadmanmatrix Пре 7 дана
The thing I hate about competitive Pokémon is the legendary spam. I am of the opinion that legendaries and mythics should all be banned or a max of one per team.
Banri Swirl
Banri Swirl Пре 8 дана
Just wanna say, I love the teambuilding intros. as someone who really wants to be good at VGC, it's very helpful to see how you think about teambuilding.
Zac Burn
Zac Burn Пре 8 дана
Love the intros. Love your personality and your explanations are amazing too. Thank you
catguy mcyarnson
catguy mcyarnson Пре 8 дана
This editor deserves $500
Astraia Rune
Astraia Rune Пре 9 дана
Thanks for all the tips and proud of your journey, I'll start my first competitive team soon just working to finish brilliant diamond and shining pearl because I want to shiny hunt in it but I've been enjoying sword and shield a lot and hope to build a sun or rain team or just a good combo.. of various types like most seem to. It'll be fun!
Nicholas Пре 9 дана
The editing on this video is so good. I was scared it might just basically be a stream vod, but there's a good effort to keep up the pace of what's happening, and a lot of great small jokes.
Arcana Apocalypse
Arcana Apocalypse Пре 11 дана
NGL I never understood the hate for T-Lando in competitive, never had problems dealing with it and figuring out the set isn't that hard most of the time
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez Пре 12 дана
How can I use this team?
Rozianna Пре 13 дана
cant get over how suicune just has ribbons coming out of its asshole like a dog who ate christmas wrapping and the ribbons are just floating delightfully in the wind
Lee Sin the Blind Doge
Lee Sin the Blind Doge Пре 13 дана
I just realised you kinda look like a young Lin Manuel Miranda lol Pokemon musical when
Kieran Beebe
Kieran Beebe Пре 13 дана
1:04:54 nice
Phosphilolite - Speaker of Santa
Phosphilolite - Speaker of Santa Пре 15 дана
Yveltal was/is more used than Eternatus? Thats how you know it's bad
eco8gator Пре 15 дана
How to get to #1 with (any Pokemon) - Wolfey...
The66ryder Пре 16 дана
I’d like to see more wideos like this please.
Tenseigod Пре 16 дана
Wolfey: There’s no way I can win this. Wolfey 1 minute later: *Wins*
Tryforlive Пре 17 дана
The theory stuff at the start was super cool
Paulito8000 Пре 19 дана
1:59:36 submissive leftists?
Friday Night Fight Night
Friday Night Fight Night Пре 19 дана
EV/IV stat spreads for the team?
Friday Night Fight Night
Friday Night Fight Night Пре 19 дана
A copy/pasta from showdown would be awesome!
AkniEU Пре 19 дана
"Amoongus was not an Imposter" XD
Blue Mobile
Blue Mobile Пре 20 дана
Buddy of mine always tells. "All i have to do is type match to beat you"
Shaun verse
Shaun verse Пре 20 дана
Do mewtwo next
Splat Boo
Splat Boo Пре 22 дана
28:41 I feel bad for amoonguss now
Clayton Moore
Clayton Moore Пре 22 дана
The editing is sometimes subtle but SO DAMN GOOD.
Sequaz K
Sequaz K Пре 22 дана
THIS IS A AWESOME TEAM BUILD. My fav pokemon Eternatus! Im glad you make this vid, So thanks you!!
cookie_bot 950
cookie_bot 950 Пре 22 дана
In the rankings if the opponent disconnects you don’t go up as much in rank?
Jon Abshier
Jon Abshier Пре 22 дана
Do metal powder ditto coward
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Пре 23 дана
Eternatus is a great pokemon lol.
Kristi Guo
Kristi Guo Пре 24 дана
Obsessed with these videos because I know I’ll never get to rank 1 myself lmao. Please do swampert!
Rng Пре 24 дана
I got to the part at 58:20 and thought my pc was shitting itself lmao
Manan Dabass
Manan Dabass Пре 24 дана
I actually really liked the way you explained everything
Manfred Zwick
Manfred Zwick Пре 24 дана
The edits are so good
Jacob Chalkler
Jacob Chalkler Пре 25 дана
I refuse to acknowledge regielecki and the dragon one as Regis...they're too viable to be regis
Artisan Пре 25 дана
Now can it beat mono-psychic?
Artisan Пре 26 дана
I want to see Rank 1 Magikarp ftw... :c
Steve Пре 26 дана
I will never understand how there isn't a cap on legendaries in VGC. I find it very odd to me
Jonathan Ventura
Jonathan Ventura Пре 27 дана
The editor needs to stay forever! Love how this vid was put together
kenonmanno Пре 28 дана
im at 22min 3-4 matches in and eternatus made 1 attack in total xD i dont know but it feels like he just says ''How I Got to #1 In the World with Eternatus'' but actualy is ''How I Got to #1 In the World with only using 3 mons per match''
Jesus Aponte
Jesus Aponte Пре месец
Zekrom plz
Jesus Aponte
Jesus Aponte Пре месец
I love the intro
It’s Sullay Man
It’s Sullay Man Пре месец
58:32 where is this music from? It sounds so familiar…
K J Пре месец
Amongus will forever be the sus pokemon (btw guys don't look up pig scientific name! 😳)
dakillaftw 2
dakillaftw 2 Пре месец
can you do one for sableye
KFCBlaziken Пре месец
JohnGold42 Пре месец
Squirtle you said it was OP before prove it by getting rank one
Vaughn Yerkes
Vaughn Yerkes Пре месец
some parts of that play style (hitting yveltal and foongus with scald twice while the full hp inceneroar is right there) make 0 sense to me and i actually cant see how some of these mistakes are made. can someone explain to me why at 1:45:00 ish there are two water tyoe moves that hit targets they are far less effective agains tthan the other avqailable option? i understand scald burns but in that case just bring a wil-o -wisp to garuntee it and use the other turn for the super effectivr option instead of wasting two hits on a not very effetive to try and get a burn? Am i wrong? why not kill the inceneroar...
Tyrell Mcnary
Tyrell Mcnary Пре месец
Do you have a Gastradon video? That's my favorite pokemon still trying to understand team building
Zetlin Пре месец
What awful BM tricks with that timer.
Joe Teck
Joe Teck Пре месец
Where can I find the EV spread and natures info? Anyone have thanks
T Jastec
T Jastec Пре месец
6:00 ARE U KIDDING ME ?///////// Your intro's the best
Andreas Thon
Andreas Thon Пре месец
Waiting for "How I got #1 in the world with Stone Edge"
Juan Velez
Juan Velez Пре месец
I would love to see a mono type team get to top 50 master ball rank.
Kristóf Tóth
Kristóf Tóth Пре месец
#1 flygon
piemastera Пре месец
I love the way you explain your game plan in battle it really does let the audience know that high level pokemon takes a lot of prep and strategy! Also your editing and effect were very great!
TGmusic Пре месец
great video man!
Trusted Source
Trusted Source Пре месец
please do more of these wolf
Sad Can
Sad Can Пре месец
Do you fully train up your mons for all these challenges or do you Gen them?
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera Пре месец
LOVED the intro Wolfe. Very informative and easy to listen to. Great editing.
Emil Borchert
Emil Borchert Пре месец
You literally stole my Eternatus moveset. Like, the exact set I run haha
pingu is god
pingu is god Пре месец
I wasn't even looking at the time until the "sry 4 the long intro" I though the intro was the whole video.
Guillermo Caballero
Guillermo Caballero Пре месец
Amazing wideo as always Wolfey! But I have only one question. How do you manage to get so many battle ready pokemon so quickly?
omnirisible Пре месец
I wish Protect would get the Hidden Power treatment.
Kirill Golyakov
Kirill Golyakov Пре месец
Anybody knows where can I get pokemon usage stats like at 3:11?
Kirill Golyakov
Kirill Golyakov Пре месец
@WolfeyVGC thank you so much! Love your content!
WolfeyVGC Пре месец
Christian Jacobsen
Christian Jacobsen Пре месец
what is that webstite called?
Caleb Wilson
Caleb Wilson Пре месец
A team I find effective is focus sash talonflame, choice scarf dracovish (thanks for the build wolfey), leftovers barascewda for ultimate speed control, charizard, zacian and life orb metagross
Marc Abi Raad
Marc Abi Raad Пре месец
Malamar @ Metronome Ability: Contrary Level: 50 EVs: 252 HP / 132 Atk / 124 SpA Gentle Nature - Superpower - Rest - Sleep Talk - Stored Power Grapploct @ Leftovers Ability: Technician Level: 50 EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe - Circle Throw - Detect - Power-Up Punch - Octolock hey wolf i just got this idea for a team core could you help me build a team/ use it to build a team ? its a bit gimmicky to use octolock on a contrary pokemon but it can be soo strong
Un]{n0wn Пре месец
I feel like you used eternatus the least which you were suppose to use the most ( but i know it just isn't the meta) good content though
Josh Gaboriault
Josh Gaboriault Пре месец
Can you do getting to rank 1 with Yveltal next?
LaRiFaX /-\
LaRiFaX /-\ Пре месец
Just want to tell u that u are my biggest reason to be interested in competitive Pokemon
Autobot Starscream
Autobot Starscream Пре месец
Incineroar: 65% Lando-T: *10%* When you hate the actual meta Pokémon of the format so much that you use the one everyone hates even though it's only everywhere in Singles, a different format entirely, and defend the hated Pokémon in favor of hating the actual meta Pokémon of your chosen format... #StopTheLandoHate
Gaydily Пре месец
Ok, but no guard Midnight Lycanroc is right there for the optimal stone edge plays
TheGeopigMan Пре месец
I love that this team has two legendary doggos 👌
Zwean Пре месец
okay wolfie still got it with the rank 1 and the tft prodigy
Austin Zudel
Austin Zudel Пре месец
Do a #1 attempt with heracross!!!
Andy_ARBS Пре месец
I appreciate that Surging Strikes edit on 2:00:43. Sick edit. I also appreciate Wolfey's thoughts on timer wins. Use whatever is allowed. Losing due to a self-inflicted drawback won't help anybody.
LucianDevine Пре месец
If the opponent is going to play such a slow and grindy team then they are just bringing it on themselves in my opinion. I'm sure he's won a fair few of his games because of the timer as well.
Risu Пре месец
I know he probably gets this question a lot but how does competitive players get their pokemon? Like perfect IV legendary mons and switching between natures of different legendaries? Do they have mon dealers or something? 😂
Crowe_Reaver Пре месец
These first 6:20 minutes, are so much appreciated on my end. Thank you so much, much love and keep enjoying what you do! ♥️
Sem Jans
Sem Jans Пре месец
how do you ev/iv train for all the teams you make? it seems quite intimidating for me when thinking about going into comp
Sophie Morgan
Sophie Morgan Пре месец
Reshiram pls make reshiram #1
Spiriteddust Пре месец
Kinda why sleep clause is important
LucianDevine Пре месец
10:55 I'm looking forward to seeing Heatran at nationals in 2816! No spoilers on whether you win or lose though! I want to be surprised!
忌まわしきジンテイ Пре месец
I want to know if the Former Rank 1 player somehow find this video, and watched the whole thing
celryy Пре месец
ur entei impression is great
Salamence Пре месец
4:18 LMAO
ethernet Пре месец
i remember the days of hour long intros with the singles draft league years ago
Giovanni Пре месец
Sometimes i forget incineroar is a pokemon and not a smash character
FlamingAce111 Пре месец
Does Wolfey play tft because he keeps saying he's going 8th?
lynn2822 Пре месец
Team building :)
Luigi Zonta
Luigi Zonta Пре месец
i love this content i hope you can make more videos like this, i am very interested in understanding how to build a team, your explanation of the team was the coolest part
Anna Paula Doro
Anna Paula Doro Пре месец
While I can understand the idea that you are "respecting your opponent by attempting to win by any means", I don't believe winning by a timer is respectful in any way. What defeats them in that case isn't you or the strategy that you put together, but the timer. It's interesting to see your point on this matter though; it's a perspective I'd not have come across otherwise. I think in great part my thoughts on the matter are also greatly impacted by certain matches and how I saw those players cary themselves after defeating another based on a timer.
Eternvexious Neverity
Eternvexious Neverity Пре месец
I must say I'm honored to have been a factor in this effort, I often feel forgotten but I'm pleased to see someone being aware of my power. I mean even the comment section here ignores my role here.
Eternvexious Neverity
Eternvexious Neverity Пре месец
@Ashen Amber have a good day.
Ashen Amber
Ashen Amber Пре месец
@Eternvexious Neverity 🤝
Eternvexious Neverity
Eternvexious Neverity Пре месец
@Ashen Amber understood, here is your very delicate handshake
Ashen Amber
Ashen Amber Пре месец
@Eternvexious Neverity handshake please
Eternvexious Neverity
Eternvexious Neverity Пре месец
@Ashen Amber yeah... you want a pat or somethin'?
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