Go_A - Shum - LIVE - Ukraine 🇺🇦 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

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Eurovision Song Contest

Пре 4 месеца

Go_A represented Ukraine at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Shum
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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest Пре 4 месеца
Read more about Go_A here: eurovision.tv/participant/go-a-2021
Nerila Duka90
Nerila Duka90 Пре 11 дана
BOULE DE CHIEN Пре 17 дана
I go here 3 months after this comment 😅
Максим Кравченко
Максим Кравченко Пре 18 дана
Alan Aleksa
Alan Aleksa Пре 23 дана
Milka Tesic
Milka Tesic Пре месец
Anna Shelob
Anna Shelob Пре 8 сати
Да...это вам не Лобода с надутыми губами и попсой...это просто шикарно!!! Как жаль, что не победили, хотя победители тоже хороши! Песня завораживает, голос нереальный!
Emrullah Biz
Emrullah Biz Пре 9 сати
I am Turkish🇹🇷🇹🇷 I don't like this song. does anyone really like this ? Lithuanian song is better🇹🇷🇱🇹
Emrullah Biz
Emrullah Biz Пре 22 минута
@Kerem Hiç beğenmedim, neden bu kadar puan aldı anlamadım. Hırvatistanın şarkısı bile bundan daha güzeldi ama onlar finale geçemedi
Anatoliy Pavliuk
Anatoliy Pavliuk Пре 7 сати
Many people, many tastes
Kerem Пре 9 сати
Şarkı çok güzel
Зося Быкадорова
Зося Быкадорова Пре 9 сати
русь наша
Ахмед Азизов
Ахмед Азизов Пре 10 сати
Просто отвал всего. Эта песня НЕРЕАЛЬНАЯ! Украина всегда держит марку.
Kevin Vidar
Kevin Vidar Пре 13 сати
* поклони * королеві
Alex Burton
Alex Burton Пре 15 сати
When Turkey participated in the competition with a Turkish song, everyone who did not show enough value started to say that every country should participate in the competition in their own language.
C.I.S Пре 16 сати
i didn't know Ukrainians could afford to this hahahaha ukraine is so fkn poor hhahahha
Be_Happy Пре 9 сати
ПНХ!!! Russian bot 🤖
C.I.S Пре 13 сати
@Елена Вековцева wtf
Елена Вековцева
Елена Вековцева Пре 13 сати
@C.I.S кокошник вдягни і лапті взуй- тобі буде пасувати)))
C.I.S Пре 13 сати
@Елена Вековцева Найбідніші люди Англії, в якій я живу, багатші за найбагатших людей у ​​вашій країні, тому мовчіть. Незабаром ви будете гостем у своїй країні, коли Росія захопить Україну. Незабаром України більше не буде. І ви найбідніший у всій Європі. Нікого це не хвилює. Прибалтика має більше грошей, ніж вся ваша країна разом узяті. Ви нічим не відомі. Англія взяла вас на чотири - нуль на чемпіонаті Європи. Ти нікого не любиш, і люди скрізь жартують над тобою. Ти ніщо
Елена Вековцева
Елена Вековцева Пре 14 сати
@C.I.S Чувак, судячи з твоїх коментів, ти не просто бідний, ти ще дурний, бо самодостатня людина такою маячнею займатися не буде. І ти в гостях,тому пиши українською, ніхто не зобов'язан тобі писати англійською, хоча я її знаю добре. Ти не заслужив)))
Bogdan Daraban
Bogdan Daraban Пре 17 сати
Matrix 4 theme song
Black Moon
Black Moon Пре 21 сат
ed junior
ed junior Пре дан
I really thought this song would win! Such a unique song, it just blows my mind! Greetings from Kosova 🇽🇰🇺🇦
Ljubica Miric
Ljubica Miric Пре дан
walter escapegame
walter escapegame Пре дан
My winner❤❤❤❤
Jelica Vasić
Jelica Vasić Пре дан
Neverovatno dobar nastup👏👏👏👏 Sve pohvale pevačici ❤️
Dickieboy Bradders
Dickieboy Bradders Пре 2 дана
Still watching this 🎶
Gözde Tizgili
Gözde Tizgili Пре 2 дана
This is the coolest eurovision performance ever.
Ulf Ulfsson
Ulf Ulfsson Пре 2 дана
Reinstate Paganism
Jan B
Jan B Пре 2 дана
RIP to this already dead meme song :( May we come back in 2026
Molti Пре 2 дана
at least they sing in their nativ language (like it should be at Eurovision Song Contest)
Xx__Xx…? Пре 2 дана
I love this song so much I just can’t under stand Why….?
natxx2 Пре 3 дана
i am back after 4 months to listen to this masterpiece
Fedotov Vitaliy
Fedotov Vitaliy Пре 4 дана
Bad at Drawing
Bad at Drawing Пре 4 дана
CupcakKe did it better
Emily Miller
Emily Miller Пре 4 дана
Mees Пре 5 дана
If you sing in your native and not in English, you deserve to win
Surfalong Пре 4 дана
Tough call. In the 2021 top-5 only Iceland sang in English.
AlbanianGirl664 Пре 5 дана
This song is so powerful 😍 and even better live
Stephanie C
Stephanie C Пре 5 дана
it is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Marinooooooo Пре 5 дана
Go_A is so gooooood💋❤️😎
nugget sus
nugget sus Пре 6 дана
nugget sus
nugget sus Пре 5 дана
@RaccoonLeaf nope haha
RaccoonLeaf Пре 6 дана
I bet you have sussy baka humour right
Granny Пре 6 дана
My 8th Ukrainian is very proud right now. As well as my Дяченко family heritage :D
Be_Happy Пре 5 дана
Koray Пре 6 дана
I thought this song would be in the top three.
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 3 дана
It was 2nd in televote, the only thing that matters
Pido Pado
Pido Pado Пре 6 дана
She legit just fucking screams
Вася Ветров
Вася Ветров Пре 7 дана
ролик посмотрели 21тысяча "скрепоносных"
Mormus Пре 7 дана
I dont like the singing but the background music is just making my slav sences tingle
Mormus Пре 4 дана
@nisshoku to chō yeah probably that
nisshoku to chō
nisshoku to chō Пре 5 дана
I think she was nervous. Usually her voice is much more stable when they are performing live, but since this is Eurovision she probably felt nervous. I like listening to their Original version of this song though, the music video is so great (both of them)! Go_A has made some great songs, I recommend taking a look at their channel!
Ирис Перутић✿
Ирис Перутић✿ Пре 7 дана
Kaateeee🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕, не знам зашто, али МНОГО ЈЕ ВОЛИМ!!! Једноставно, освојила ми је срце❤️
hyprrtoxic_ Пре 7 дана
I never realised how similar Polish and Ukrainian were, to the point where I understood everything she said without searching up the lyrics
hyprrtoxic_ Пре 7 дана
Well they aren’t very very similar, I just understand some of the words enough
Supreme daleex
Supreme daleex Пре 7 дана
Im french but born from an english mother and I love this song even tho I dont understand anything this song has something about it i dont know what.
Supreme daleex
Supreme daleex Пре 7 дана
@Michela's disappointment and anger Good, have a great day/night. :D
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 7 дана
@Supreme daleex yes
Supreme daleex
Supreme daleex Пре 7 дана
@Michela's disappointment and anger Did saying that make you feel better buddy ?
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 7 дана
Who cares about your nationality?
Minion Skywalker
Minion Skywalker Пре 7 дана
Sorry, but this is f*ckin overrated and she provided such bop too cheesy. Ppl come on. I agree that performance, staging are cool and amazing dancing moves made show. But PPL. How you can't see that song's monotone in lyrics and monotonous electro bits have killed all folk atmosphere ? Even if "SHUM" is claiming on the modern tech remix. Such presentation don't deserved final. Even if i'm wrong, it's absolutely not top 10. Russia did it much better. P.s. begin of the song reminds me Netta - Toy. I hope i'm not single person who think almost same.
Jelena Elena
Jelena Elena Пре 19 сати
@Minion Skywalker well obviously most people don't mind the repeating. Electronic beats are usually repetitive and yes it's not for everyone. I mean It's just a song, you are taking it too deep. Just skip it if you don't like it and that's it! 😊 👍
Minion Skywalker
Minion Skywalker Пре дан
@Jelena Elena i'm not among these guys who put thumbs down to this video. I have already told: Performance has achieved a high level. I liked it. But i can't say the same about song and i can't understand: what besides a performance the song has such special to be among favorites worthily. At start of song i thought like: WOOOW. But later i'm were bored. Song sounds like looped musical plate. Lyrics still repeating too often even for pagan song in the good ancient Ukranian traditions( i respect ethnic traditions ). Only in song's end it turned in the hardcore remix to save situation. p.s. Still I'm not hater. I congratulate you. I'm just dissapoined and wanted to hear: why i'm wrong that "SHUM" is overrated.
Jelena Elena
Jelena Elena Пре дан
Sure you are not the only one, there are 21 thousands od dislikes... And 533 thousands of likes! The song is great!!!
Radion Sobolev
Radion Sobolev Пре 6 дана
на це напрошуються лише легендарні рядки легенди євробачення, Вірки Сердючки: "Лаша Тумбай"... чи все ж: "Раша Гудбай" ? ;)
Fedotov Vitaliy
Fedotov Vitaliy Пре 6 дана
А зачем ты пишешь на английском, лапоть? Так, типа думаешь, что кокошника не видно? :)
Nana_chan Пре 7 дана
Nice music dude their make me chill ! very cool dude :)
B. Mariana Nelia
B. Mariana Nelia Пре 7 дана
Ти наша гордість, гордість України! You are our pride, the pride of Ukraine! Sei il nostro orgoglio, l'orgoglio dell'Ucraina! Tu ești mândria noastră, mândria Ucrainei! Ты наша гордость, гордость Украины! 🤩🥰😍😇💙💛
Yulia Volyntseva
Yulia Volyntseva Пре 7 дана
Само совершенство!
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 8 дана
I love you totally. Sorru for being flipant. You are wonderful, but I think you know this from u earlier messages! Yum!
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 8 дана
west not " weat"!
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 8 дана
Sorry about that. I just meant that some of us in the weat know your pain.
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 8 дана
Yeah I'm drunk, but Taras is a hunk! What a babe. Even in the video with the hazmat suits! Again, love from Scotland to UKraine! XXXX
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 8 дана
You should be "dizzy with success"". Sorry. Only those in the know will get the reference. But up him! Againlove from Scotland to Ukraine. XXXX
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 8 дана
I think the whistle player on the stool is also a traditional Ukranian feature. In folklore. They are so bril;liant. Can't praise them highly enough! Again, love to Ukraine from Scotland. XXXX
Lee Harrison
Lee Harrison Пре 8 дана
I’m an Englishman. I know we finished last 🤣 but I thought this was the best song in the competition. It should of won in my opinion. The sons is a great mix of tradition and modernity.
Jelena Elena
Jelena Elena Пре дан
I really liked your song. You deserved much more than zero. 👍
Владимир Воеводзинский
Владимир Воеводзинский Пре 8 дана
OwO Пре 8 дана
Omg! Im from Poland But..i like this song!!!
Denis Rekar
Denis Rekar Пре 8 дана
The Best Song ever from me
Игорь Бурдыкин
Игорь Бурдыкин Пре 8 дана
Моя любимая песня
xXAccount Xx
xXAccount Xx Пре 8 дана
Fiero di essere meta italiano e metà ucraino
Blossomz🌸🌺 Пре 8 дана
I put on loop untill 5am and then fell asleep
Gw112 Пре 8 дана
Nothing special here,just Ukrainian domination at Eurovision as always.
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 7 дана
Exactly. UKRAINE slaying once again
Banditka Super
Banditka Super Пре 9 дана
Banditka Super
Banditka Super Пре 6 дана
@Fedotov Vitaliy лол
Fedotov Vitaliy
Fedotov Vitaliy Пре 6 дана
@Banditka Super Яка тупа істота.
Сергій Фасій
Сергій Фасій Пре 7 дана
Бандітка ти всрата 😁
Y Пре 8 дана
@Banditka Super похоже что много чего не понимаешь))
Banditka Super
Banditka Super Пре 8 дана
@Taty X я не понимаю твою зашкварный язык)))
María Teresa Martínez Mena
María Teresa Martínez Mena Пре 9 дана
Amazing song, amazing concept of colour and aesthetics!! I’m keen on rave folk!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
User User
User User Пре 9 дана
🇺🇦 Super
Be_Happy Пре 9 дана
It’s amazing 🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦
neko 🌺
neko 🌺 Пре 9 дана
:P I like the song
ADNI Пре 9 дана
Slavic magic! This is mesmerizing!!! 😮😮🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Be_Happy Пре 9 дана
Yes 🙌
валерий марков
валерий марков Пре 9 дана
esger esger
esger esger Пре 9 дана
Nesib Mirzeyev
Nesib Mirzeyev Пре 9 дана
Salam olsun qardaşlarımıza nifret düşmanlarımıza🇦🇿💙🇺🇦 qeşenq super
Nesib Mirzeyev
Nesib Mirzeyev Пре 9 дана
@Be_Happy Təşəkürler qarşılıqlıdı🇦🇿💙🇺🇦
Nesib Mirzeyev
Nesib Mirzeyev Пре 9 дана
@Be_Happy var olsun qardaşlarımız🇦🇿💙🇺🇦
Be_Happy Пре 9 дана
Love from Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤️🇦🇿
lorofcb3 Пре 9 дана
Perfection, absolute perfection, gets better every time I listen to it. Thank you Ukraine for yet another golden Eurovision moment. Love from Switzerland 🇨🇭
lorofcb3 Пре 7 дана
@Michela's disappointment and anger thanks for sharing and good for you!!🌈❤️
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 7 дана
Be_Happy Пре 9 дана
Greeting from Ukraine ❤️❤️❤️
Andrew McIlwraith
Andrew McIlwraith Пре 9 дана
I take it that the sifting of the wheat is a reference to the Stalin engineered famine between 1931 and 1934 that killed upwards of 6 million Ukrainians. So subtle, and so well done! A poke in the eye for Russia! (But I love Russia too!) Brilliant. Love from Scotland to Ukraine. XXXX
Наран Ланцынов
Наран Ланцынов Пре 10 дана
Fedotov Vitaliy
Fedotov Vitaliy Пре 10 дана
∼Azra Çınar∽
∼Azra Çınar∽ Пре 10 дана
Şarkı müq bağımlılık yaptı ddfjscvhgvj
May Lynn
May Lynn Пре 10 дана
Shum. Шум. Це прадавня пісня, яку співали навесні. Майже язична, та мабуть без майже. Прадавні хотіли викликати дощ та врожай. Ця пісня була як мантра. А тепер ця пісня змушує мене думати, що саме ГОА перемогли у цьому пісенному конкурсі.
Rodney Hasselbaink
Rodney Hasselbaink Пре 10 дана
I have an absolute blast when this comes up when i’m drunk
nimei aliu
nimei aliu Пре 10 дана
Qué esto quedase en primeros puestos es de vergüenza habian mejores
MR. Max A.
MR. Max A. Пре 10 дана
Itally, Ukrainen and French is very beautiful languages🇮🇹❤🇺🇦❤🇨🇵
GamerFlat Пре 10 дана
Вау топ дякую за таку музику і топ
Martin Kuß
Martin Kuß Пре 10 дана
Epic! 🤍🖤
Татьяна Савчук
Татьяна Савчук Пре 10 дана
ДЯКУЄМО ГО_А за неперевершений виступ!
Петр Петроа
Петр Петроа Пре 11 дана
Van Dijkjes Games
Van Dijkjes Games Пре 11 дана
My friend from India is a great friend of mine, thankyou for being you!! :)
230_Anagha Thorat
230_Anagha Thorat Пре 11 дана
This is it !
230_Anagha Thorat
230_Anagha Thorat Пре 11 дана
My friend from Netherlands suggested me this song. I don't understand the lyrics but I'm enjoying listening it 😁😭.
EU 47ronin
EU 47ronin Пре 11 дана
perfect mythological battle song
Slava ball
Slava ball Пре 11 дана
For me this is a REAL winner hello from Russia 🇷🇺🤝🇺🇦
Be_Happy Пре 9 дана
Russia is an occupier and an aggressor! Get out from Ukraine!!!
Виктория Амарфий
Виктория Амарфий Пре 12 дана
Сколько раз смотрю этот шедевр, всё равно мурашки по коже от флейты...
Сергій Фасій
Сергій Фасій Пре 8 дана
Bigbaba Juicebox
Bigbaba Juicebox Пре 12 дана
Look at me.... LOOK AT ME... i am the captian now
Mossy_Onixx Пре 12 дана
She could shoot me multiple times and i would thank her
Top Shit
Top Shit Пре 12 дана
i llove go a shum
WRENSTER Пре 12 дана
21 000 👎🏻 from russians 😂
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 11 дана
@seeyoshirun because it is not cheesy pop sung by a girly woman so they cannot write or yell 'YAAAAAS GURL SLAAAAAY"
seeyoshirun Пре 11 дана
@Michela's disappointment and anger Wtf? Why would gay people dislike this song?
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger Пре 12 дана
And gays
gain al
gain al Пре 12 дана
the3spirit Пре 13 дана
Back to this iconic song, because it's been a month, and I needed it again.
akoepemdp Пре 13 дана
Памоему аэта песня далжна бы 1 места занять
ja Пре 13 дана
Thomas Raggi right now 💃💃🕺🕺
Jose Antonio Suarez
Jose Antonio Suarez Пре 13 дана
Just discovered this song last week when Morrisey used it as one of the pre-show videos on his Las Vegas Residence ... it just shocked me out. Marvelous sound!!! It's a small world after all! Greeting from Mexico.
Nanda Пре 14 дана
they're fuckin mixed crack in this song.
Fume knight robin
Fume knight robin Пре 14 дана
Is this a song or a lsd trip?
Andrei Petrov
Andrei Petrov Пре 14 дана
Нихрена не понятно, но очень круто
Сергій Фасій
Сергій Фасій Пре 8 дана
Зайва хромосома заважає?мишебратья,чи не так 😁?))
Adam Linde
Adam Linde Пре 14 дана
I feel a strange urge to go to a rave at Chernobyl…
Lera Revutskaya
Lera Revutskaya Пре 14 дана
Завораживающая 😻
joe mamma
joe mamma Пре 14 дана
2:35 Goddamm that head banging is so agresive
Александр Марков
Александр Марков Пре 15 дана
Достойная песня и исполнение на уровне! Молодцы. Щас смотрел Россию и просто стыдно было (сам из России)
ItsSukkaPlays Roblox
ItsSukkaPlays Roblox Пре 15 дана
2:25 the backround is kinda creepy tho
Lord-Lingardinho Пре 15 дана
If there’s ever an Eastern European matrix movie with a cool chase down, this song should be played
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