Fearless Foxes: Our Story | Leicester City's 2015/16 Premier League Title

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The official story of Leicester City Football Club's incredible 2015/16 Premier League title.

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Random Videos Collection Пре 12 сати
One thing doesn’t change, I never get tired of watching this
Ali Dhaymi
Ali Dhaymi Пре 15 сати
Mahrez 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪
Luis Felipe Pilha
Luis Felipe Pilha Пре 16 сати
I still don’t get it why they sold Kante 🤦🏼‍♂️
Slept Before Woke
Slept Before Woke Пре дан
Leicester city should never forget Cambiasso who almost single handedly saved them from relegation.
MarloSoBalJr Пре дан
I may be a Liverpool... blah! blah! blah! but I was all in for the Foxes. Crazy watching them achieve the inevitable and even today they look like sustainable squad for years to come.
C D Пре дан
Kante deserves everything
pratham somani
pratham somani Пре 2 дана
why do they bother in tiki taka, its barcas way of playing or atleast was and god was that beautiful and effective
Kingsley Carter
Kingsley Carter Пре 2 дана
Who’s here in 2021
mario yu
mario yu Пре 3 дана
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Ifereimi Waqainabete
Ifereimi Waqainabete Пре 3 дана
Keep dreaming
Ivan AK
Ivan AK Пре 3 дана
Anyone noticed Kante wasn't on the preview?
DiNO 'EL'NiNO!!!
DiNO 'EL'NiNO!!! Пре 3 дана
Kevin Ng
Kevin Ng Пре 4 дана
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Bob Metcalfe
Bob Metcalfe Пре 5 дана
Interesting story which I've just found through a friend. My dad was from Leicester, and always a fan, even after he moved to New Zealand in 1959. Difficult to follow your team if you've only got snail mail but people sent in the papers for quite some time. It's a real pity he died just a few years before this happened. He would have been over the moon.
oliver suto
oliver suto Пре 7 дана
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George Russell
George Russell Пре 8 дана
Guys Your Weird
alibotg Пре 8 дана
i thnk lechster should replace totanham i the big six
Tiago Bogado
Tiago Bogado Пре 8 дана
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Horace Rowe
Horace Rowe Пре 8 дана
This was truly was a team with NO big EGO just LOTS OF TRUST AND RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER
1Deag Wonder
1Deag Wonder Пре 9 дана
Kante mahrez vardy
1Deag Wonder
1Deag Wonder Пре 9 дана
Lol 13:44 to here this about arsenal
Muhammad Januar
Muhammad Januar Пре 10 дана
Kicksbruh Пре 10 дана
A story for the ages, a legacy for centuries - well done! 🙌👏
little chucky
little chucky Пре 10 дана
Happy days
England UK
England UK Пре 10 дана
It was fantastic when Leicester won the title, great for the game, anything that breaks up the status quo domination is brilliant!
Uh jo wah 💪💪
Dert y
Dert y Пре 12 дана
I was crying when hazard scored. I was so happy
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Пре 12 дана
ranieri should have been still there bt breandan has continued with a great heart
pat max
pat max Пре 13 дана
As A Villa Fan I Can Admit I Was A Secret Raniari/Leicester Fan That Year To Watch Him SticknIt 2 Chelsea & Keep The Moneybags of City,Utd or Even Liverpool Away Was Fantastic Gave Me Blackburn Rovers Deja Vu's, WELL DESERVED CLAUDIO & D FOXES👑🏆👍
trxp tub
trxp tub Пре 13 дана
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Olly C
Olly C Пре 13 дана
I’m still curious how did they win the league over city Liverpool united arsenal Chelsea? As much as I love arsenal Leicester was amazing
mukqoni cikocge
mukqoni cikocge Пре 13 дана
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Jonathon Daniels
Jonathon Daniels Пре 13 дана
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Juise Box
Juise Box Пре 14 дана
Thank you Chelsea
James Walker
James Walker Пре 15 дана
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oliver .s
oliver .s Пре 15 дана
I'm a forest fan, but even i can respect this amazing achievement for them. One of the best stories in english football, EVER.
Sushinosaurus Rex
Sushinosaurus Rex Пре 16 дана
i'm happy okazaki played an important role on the team. He always chased a ball like a dog.He didn't get a spotlight but was an unsung hero
Shane Canning
Shane Canning Пре 16 дана
And then they sack him 🙄
Yazid Bougheda
Yazid Bougheda Пре 16 дана
This Club will Always Have a Special Place in The Heart of Every Algerian That Was a One Hell of a Journey I Remember People in Coffee Shops here Watching The Games Its was Like the Algeria National Team Playing The English Fans getting Mad at us For our Comments on the Facebook Page 😂 We Love you Leicester City ❤ And I Wish from The Bottom of my Heart that Leicester wins the FA Cup this Season The Only English title the Club Never won.
Yuan Perez
Yuan Perez Пре 18 дана
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Nizar Nordin
Nizar Nordin Пре 18 дана
Hazard deserved a statue outside king power stadium
PeGeFreestyle Пре 19 дана
Never forget
craig smith
craig smith Пре 19 дана
Amazing story, was brilliant for the Premier league, what team they put together
BRFC332 Пре 20 дана
It’s kind of funny watching players having great matches against the clubs that ended up buying them
Holly Awom
Holly Awom Пре 20 дана
I'm so happy that I got to see this greatness.
Kai James
Kai James Пре 21 дан
God bless and give you the Victory again.
Will Frost
Will Frost Пре 21 дан
Raineri that season highlighted anything in football can happen and when we beat Leicester in the feb when wel beck scored I thought we was gonna come back fair play to Leicester the greatest underdog story ever and this will never be repeated
Ant Man
Ant Man Пре 23 дана
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MunaChimso WNTV
MunaChimso WNTV Пре 23 дана
What a story. This inspired in so many ways
Murilo José Augusto
Murilo José Augusto Пре 23 дана
Acredito que todos que tiveram a oportunidade de assistir a esta campanha maravilhosa deste time , com certeza aprenderam a amar o Leicester. Eu sou brasileiro , torço pelo Flamengo mais aprendi a torcer pelo Leicester tambem...Sempre que posso assisto aos jogos.... O futebol é algo impressionante, e oque aconteceu nesse ano foi algo maravilhoso..Parabéns a todos os jogadores e aos torcedores por terem abraçado esse time..
John Hunt
John Hunt Пре 25 дана
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Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson Пре 26 дана
yes ranieri might be a leicester hero but he's nothing on oldbob, he's exforces if you didn't know and served in northern ireland at the heart of the troubles, the worst time to be there. If you ever spot him in the nags in enderby do buy him a pint of wallop juice as a mark of respect
Matthew Dooley
Matthew Dooley Пре 28 дана
Ranieri was done an injustice when he was sacked. He deserves a statue outside the King Power. Along with Jamie Vardy.
Vankai Пре 29 дана
The whole squad deserves a statue
Amyn Khaute
Amyn Khaute Пре 29 дана
vardy, mahrez, maddison, kante were all superb🔥🔥
stim Пре 29 дана
46:00 wait wtf andy carroll was in the crowd and taking the penalty kick at the same time?
TheLedgend 27
TheLedgend 27 Пре месец
Kai Volten
Kai Volten Пре месец
They did an amazing job ever in EPL history
Vuyo Sakala
Vuyo Sakala Пре месец
Im a United fan and i was emotional when they won
معـاذ ميمـون
معـاذ ميمـون Пре месец
mahrez and vardy were the main reason to achieve this miracle
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith Пре месец
I`m not even a Leicester fan and I`m still into their story from 2014-2016
CactusBoi Пре месец
I didn't know what Vardy's voice sounded like and let's just say that I was suprised.
GordonDoshy1 Пре месец
I'm a neutral and i cried when they won it. As a football fan it was a perfect example of why we love the game.
Manashwi Karmakar
Manashwi Karmakar Пре месец
Title odds: 5000-1
Kante, helped a ligue 2 team into ligue 1, then helped Leicester win the league, then helped Chelsea win the league. Always smiling, love that man.
Spesh Пре 19 дана
@rei suke and then he got lost in marks and Spencer’s looking for Percy pigs
rei suke
rei suke Пре 25 дана
And this week he helped chelsea win
Denis Owili
Denis Owili Пре месец
Vardy needs a gigantic STATUE
Hangsoo Vlogs
Hangsoo Vlogs Пре месец
some truths are stranger than fiction...
h sc
h sc Пре месец
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Salam Wati
Salam Wati Пре месец
A true football story..Ranieri & his merry band of players achieve the pinnacle with hard work ethics and skills to spare. Forever Fearless Foxes.
John Hunt
John Hunt Пре месец
The secretive order marginally cry because typhoon equally tempt pro a therapeutic moon. lovely, erect zephyr
ni gga
ni gga Пре месец
Thats is the beauty of the game ♥️😍 if mancity win the lig😴 Lister wins the lig🔥😍♥️🔥🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋⛅⛅⛅🌩️🌟💫🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
ni gga
ni gga Пре месец
Every algerian love's listercity ♥️🔥 everyone sport lister that season
Oshan Mario
Oshan Mario Пре месец
I love this club though I m fan of different club bt how difficult to win premier league beyond possible.
Merkur 2
Merkur 2 Пре месец
sasaMK Пре месец
I still remember the lad who was recorded on a phone call crying at Christmas because he believed why not? They were first in the league at Christmas and everyone said not to dream and he dared to dream, and he never woke up!
Moh Ahmed
Moh Ahmed Пре месец
As a football fan i was really mad when they sacked Nigel Pearson.. Then the unthinkable happened 😂😂
Stephen Greenhorn
Stephen Greenhorn Пре месец
What a story. Absolutely brilliant. What they achieved has given hope to teams outside the big spenders. I don't know if we will ever see something like this again. Well not for a long time anyway. There team spirit and will to win was incredible. Great seaon to look back on. Especially for the Leicester fans.
Alexandré Stenbérg
Alexandré Stenbérg Пре месец
This is enough to making me a 18 year old guy cry. This felt like yesterday and I get so sad seing how fast time passes. I am an Arsenal fan but Leicester winning was the better outcome for all
Ten C
Ten C Пре месец
I've watched this same clip like 4 times already till now without skipping any seconds. There will not be another Leicester City club to win the trophy after being the underdog team. Good job yall!
What We Think We Become
What We Think We Become Пре месец
I was depressed that season. In the worst place I could ever be mentally. I cried alot because I had to deal with being depressed but Leicester bought be tears of joy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing 🦊
Ayur Bhatta
Ayur Bhatta Пре месец
Love and Respect from a Juventus fan. One thing I have to say is that Claudio deserved a better farewell 🇮🇹
Al Пре месец
Arash Salehi
Arash Salehi Пре месец
Amazing to watch this in 2021 jamie is still jamie ,mahrez ,n'golo , whole team 🧊🧲 great love from persia
Fredi Gogoli
Fredi Gogoli Пре месец
Visionary Hub
Visionary Hub Пре месец
What a beautiful beautiful story
Dominic Cownley
Dominic Cownley Пре месец
Claudio Ranieri, what a man
minecraftQozi.małpi mininka
minecraftQozi.małpi mininka Пре месец
I love you Cludio
The red side of Madrid
The red side of Madrid Пре месец
53:00 the security guard's face when he sees vardy ... filled with disgust
Why Fhy
Why Fhy Пре месец
I’m a Chelsea fan and I was totally behind the foxes that season. When Hazard scored against Spurs it stopped them winning the league and I was so happy for Leicester. Vardy was unstoppable and that team played as one unit. The best example of a team playing for the badge and giving everything on the pitch. Leicester have been a different team since then and they deserve all the success that they have and will achieve. Chelsea are coming though. Just wait and see
Griffin Squires
Griffin Squires Пре месец
What a well put together and inspiring story!
Khurmiful Пре месец
Best story in football.
Om Prakash Pandey
Om Prakash Pandey Пре месец
Jamie vardy 🙌🙏
Chief Scout Lemur
Chief Scout Lemur Пре месец
5 years passed and I still cannot believe they pulled this off... great job Leicester
Huy Ngo
Huy Ngo Пре месец
Not a fan of LCFC but gotta love this. This is why we watch
Hector Zepeda
Hector Zepeda Пре месец
One of the most remarkable stories in world sports, amazing. If a time machine is built, you go back and bet all your money on Leicester winning the league in 15/16 lol 5000 to 1 odds.
S Varsani
S Varsani Пре месец
If Carey doesn’t get a statue. Leicester should be cancelled
ʀɪᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ
ʀɪᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ Пре месец
Bai Rashid
Bai Rashid Пре месец
Give thanketh for what Mr.Ranieri hath doneth. For thou shall not witneth a miracle like this in this life like Leicester City!
roniieee M
roniieee M Пре месец
If you believe the team has player profiles for tiki-taka, implement it! It shouldnt be about losing your football in tiki-taka, but appreciating this as a variety of football style. Leicester City couldn't have won with tiki-taka and they did it in their own way.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord Пре месец
They deserved it but what Forest did was way better
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