Everything GREAT About Skyfall!

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Skyfall! The Bond movie that lots of people loved and some people were mad for one reason or another. So pretty much like most movies! Will it still be regarded better than No Time to Die? Here's everything right with James Bond in Skyfall!

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Quasiwolf Пре дан
god the soundtrack. adele's skyfall is the best bond track - billie eilish is my favourite artist ever, but no one does it like adele.
William Inglehearn
William Inglehearn Пре 6 дана
that is temple station, with the correct colours I might add, on a deep level tub platform running a 1995 stock. it's so absolutely tiny, but I hate it with an irrational passion. I'm aware it's dumb but god
James Bd
James Bd Пре 8 дана
This is a woke Bond! the others were much better
Cloudian~ Пре 8 дана
I feel the need to say. That i was always lukewarm to craigbond until I watched the series. I loved alot about them but i also disliked ALOT about them. But your takes tip the scale.
cavjer123 Пре 10 дана
When Bond says "You still have spots"... in British English, spots are what we call zits
My parents always called them spots zits is more of a slang term
Emitz Zed
Emitz Zed Пре 12 дана
Oh piss off with that zero reference lol 😂
Emitz Zed
Emitz Zed Пре 12 дана
Every time me and my family or mates see the movie we say WE WANT CRUMBLE for sky fall
Þórarinn Snorrason
Þórarinn Snorrason Пре 12 дана
Skyfall is one of if not the best shot Bond movie. The scenes are are just beautiful all the way through.
Lil Dingy
Lil Dingy Пре 13 дана
Iron Knight Cinema
Iron Knight Cinema Пре 14 дана
11:29 I had to look up McCallan, a bottle of that stuff goes for $35,000 in the States. That was a waste of a good drink.
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Пре 14 дана
I like the guns and the police uniforms, nothing screams British more
lokis Mischief
lokis Mischief Пре 15 дана
The cinimatic precision of this movie and how beautifully shot each scene in this movie provides, placed it amongst my top five favorite movies of all time. It's a truly spectacular bond flick.
Orange boy
Orange boy Пре 19 дана
Book of life?
Massid Пре 19 дана
Make everything great about bolt
Ellinor Пре 20 дана
I´ve seen it soooo many times and I never realized the fact about the Shanghai sequence not having any dialogue. That´s so interesting.
ALIAS No. 4 and Over
ALIAS No. 4 and Over Пре 21 дан
Skywalk was Boring, I put myself to sleep watching this.
Canna Vega
Canna Vega Пре 21 дан
I like about this Bond the most, that the villain actually wins
p미i영n月 Пре 21 дан
7:14 blondbardem 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
G.D. Graham
G.D. Graham Пре 21 дан
Do cinemawins SHREK series
Antony Laws
Antony Laws Пре 21 дан
I agree with all the below comments.
reo Пре 22 дана
13:27 that Messi allegory didn’t age that well
fishpop Пре 26 дана
Okay yeah, i will agree that Kincade is a treat. Tired old caretaker that's just done with shit.
CaptCovfefe515 Пре 26 дана
0:35 shoutout to Hartford
adam teer
adam teer Пре 27 дана
adele doesn't. She oversings it like crazy. It is bottom tier bond song. the fact she won an oscar is a disgrace. Carly Simon, Cornell, Bassey x3, Matt Munro, Crowe, Garbage own the shit out of this
alanparsonsfan Пре 28 дана
One of the best Bond films ever, hitting on all cylinders. The great title song, Bond facing possible inability to get his role back, having had time to realize that he truly can die, M going through a huge range of emotions, and Bond returning to his ancestral home. Silva, what he's been through and the climax at the end of the whole thing. Two last thoughts: Craig's Bond is most like the one in Fleming's novels, and...when I I learned that Bardem was going to be in Dune, I was pleased indeed.
digby anderson
digby anderson Пре 28 дана
you should do an episode on the dark crystal
Mantis Пре 29 дана
Kincade is the best character in any james bond film and noone can change my mind.
Imfallingapart Пре 29 дана
You should do tangled
The Retro Room
The Retro Room Пре месец
Can you do the first Cars film from 2006, it's my personal favorite and I would like to see you make a video about it and what your opinion is about it. Also great video on Skyfall, I remember watching this film when it came out, now with the new James Bond coming out, now's the time to re-watch Skyfall!
Rob Walker
Rob Walker Пре месец
Problem with Skyfall, for every great thing in the film there's something not so great.
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Пре месец
Do you think he likes Paddington? These references are killing me.
King. Пре месец
RIP Craig
Sailor_Guy Пре месец
11:04 actually CinemaWins it’s actually different timeline so….to those who thinks that All the version of James Bond are connected…then you are wrong (I mean it’s fairly obvious)I mean who thinks all the bonds are connected…I know there are that type of people but they are wrong in my opinion…so yeah there are like 5-6 versions of Bond and that’s all 🤷🏻‍♂️
The Shadow Forger
The Shadow Forger Пре месец
Oh my god the meme at the very end killed me 🤣🤣🤣. "It's amazing the panic you can cause with a single computer."
The Shadow Forger
The Shadow Forger Пре месец
I've never seen "Why don't you come down here and put your back into it?" as a flirting line; I saw it as more of a sarcastic 'This door is not opening' line. But now that you've pointed it out, I don't think I'll ever *not* see it.
Sava Krgovic
Sava Krgovic Пре месец
face reaveal?
philip eisenberg
philip eisenberg Пре месец
Everything is great about Skyfall.
spike spiegle
spike spiegle Пре месец
I love this movie but in my personal opinion Daniel Craig came across as to much of blunt force with no charisma like Sean Connery. The Daniel Craig James Bond to me is basically a discount Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt,
Jeffrey Chongsathien
Jeffrey Chongsathien Пре месец
Thomas Newman soundtrack "The Moors" +10.
Jeffrey Chongsathien
Jeffrey Chongsathien Пре месец
Oh c'mon "Welcome to Scotland" +10.
Jeffrey Chongsathien
Jeffrey Chongsathien Пре месец
Roger Deakins' cinematography +100.
TheWolfNinja Пре месец
Nobody is a really good movie, can you do it sometime please?
Solider Пре месец
i add on 25 wins for the Adele intro
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Пре месец
Kimbo Stitch
Kimbo Stitch Пре месец
Shit commentary....stop dribbling over the top of the dialogue
Justin Riley
Justin Riley Пре месец
Wait why do you keep referencing Bears? What or who is Bears? Like the animal?
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Пре месец
Malory is such a great character, raplh finnes does it so well
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Пре месец
he his amazing as Q
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Пре месец
When he checks his cufflinks is so awesome
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Пре месец
When the skyfall music kicks in it gives you Goosebumps as you just want to sing along
Zach Пре месец
That wasn't 5 undercover agents Watch that video and see that there's 8 other videos listing names
Brian Пре месец
Skyfall ms movie like winter soldier Nick furys
Brian Пре месец
Cinema wins always better than sins
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Пре месец
My best bond hands down , the cast , the plot , the intro, the music , all of it
Mega 038
Mega 038 Пре месец
"As if death is just another poor excuse she won't accept for not showing up to work. Lazy younger generations. Lying about postcards."
FIAT 500
FIAT 500 Пре месец
You absolutely should move to the Scottish Highlands pal it's great here
Feckus Maximus
Feckus Maximus Пре месец
You take requests? I feel The Truman Show would be a great one for you to analyse!
Jon Goltz
Jon Goltz Пре месец
Spectre wasn't as bad as I thought, but Skyfall? Sam Mendes raised the bar so high he couldn't clear it either.
Scyobi Empire
Scyobi Empire Пре месец
First Bond movie I watched, first song I got stuck in my head, best 007 movie.
_ jeromethegreat
_ jeromethegreat Пре месец
Shit it's literally 2 am, I think I will actually go down a cyanide pills in espionage rabbit hole
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey Пре месец
You have a Javier Bardem movie and you don’t reference No Country For Old Men? Come on.
Gregor Eisenhorn
Gregor Eisenhorn Пре месец
I watched this recently in preparation to see No Time To Die and realise I'd seen too many cinema sins... The scene where Bond is chasing Silva through the undeground shouting "move!" and people doing it had me saing "Nope, certainly a sin or two there." Why? I'm from Canning Town, London. Bond would be far more likely to get "Fuck off mate." and chinned rather than people move aside.
Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett Пре месец
but its clearly a waste of Scotch
Jago Mead
Jago Mead Пре месец
lets be honest, everything was great about Skyfall
John Striker
John Striker Пре месец
RIP Albert Finney (man with beard)---- best Scrooge ever from 1970.
Dushyant Singh
Dushyant Singh Пре месец
No time to die Skyfall Casino Royale Spectre Quantum of Solace All are amazing but that’s how I’ll rank em
Argumemnon Пре месец
Sorry I give you -5 wins for making too many Paddington jokes.
Proctor Ritter
Proctor Ritter Пре месец
3:44 Since that scorpion was CGI, that means that the whole crowd was basically cheering for Daniel Craig being able to drink a regular glass of liquor lol
Mr Chavi
Mr Chavi Пре месец
Do nobody please
56independent Пре месец
We had to study this for GCSE film studies. It's a great film.
I love the villain best
Flaming Burrito
Flaming Burrito Пре месец
Hot take but i don't think any other Bond movie can come close to what Skyfall was. Cuz it showed Bond at his strongest, and his weakest, it showed people he trusted and people he couldn't blended in with amazing direction and character development and the thing i love the most, consequences of your own actions.
Miya Takamura
Miya Takamura Пре месец
To me, SKYFALL is still the best Bond movie since the Sean Connery era.
Stormy Dragon
Stormy Dragon Пре месец
One thing I liked about this is the kind of circularity it creates for Judi Dench's version of M. Her first appearance in Golden Eye was at the end of the Cold War and she was the person who knows how the world really works coming in to fix Bond the dinosaur. Now 17 years later, as the War on Terror is starting to wear on the West, she's become the dinosaur who no longer understands how the world really works.
Stormy Dragon
Stormy Dragon Пре месец
What might have been: the original plan was for Kincade to be Sean Connery, but he wasn't interested
Plain Lane
Plain Lane Пре месец
About. Fucking. Time.
Edward Davey
Edward Davey Пре месец
My GOD he spelt tennyson pike tennison!?!!? My belief in you has never been lower good SIR
Spy Пре месец
You've been McCallistered lmaoo
Alan E Lopez
Alan E Lopez Пре месец
when Bond is asked if he killed Patrice, and he says yes despite having tried to save him, I personally saw the lil hamster wheel in Craig's head turning saying " if I tell her that I'd been trying to save him, she might think I'm lying to protect myself, besides, he and I were fighting, I'm a professional, his death is on me."
Frank Incorrect
Frank Incorrect Пре месец
I love how James’ suit in the Macau scene is navy blue not the classic black and white. When he is bathed in yellow lighting it looks like the classic black and white yet Sam Mendes shows this bond movie is not the classic bond. He is shown to be weaker, older not at the top of his game anymore. This is why is suit is navy blue. He is NOT your classic bond he made HIS bond.
Bruno Tortorello
Bruno Tortorello Пре месец
That Macau joke hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha
Bailey Bopper
Bailey Bopper Пре месец
I’m pretty sure that the excavator is using bulletproof glass. Just that after a few hits that glass can and will lose integrity. Plus there’s the fact that as shown later, the man was using depleted uranium rounds in his pistol. Those have very little issue punching through body armour. One of my favourite videos showing this was done by FPSRussia. He used a depleted uranium .22 long rifle (by conventional standards, a very small caliber) round and if memory serves, it punched fully through 3 steel body armour panels. So yeah. Pretty realistic. Especially considering most modern day tanks use depleted uranium for a layer of its armour, or its entire armour.
Dimitri Fouras
Dimitri Fouras Пре месец
John Hallander
John Hallander Пре месец
notice how when silvia said 86-97 the win counter was on number 86
Maciej Wiśniewski
Maciej Wiśniewski Пре месец
20:21 *just cries a lot*
Böllersepp Пре месец
I would like to see the movie „Matilda“ R-rated. (Directed by Danny DeVito)
Tomas Hache
Tomas Hache Пре месец
bruh you just complainabout anything. its a fucking movie.
Bolu Adesina
Bolu Adesina Пре месец
Abuja shoutout! Love from nigeria
David W.
David W. Пре месец
3:43 I read it on a Quite Interesting book on animals that there is an old superstition that scorpions can be killed with strong booze. So this is what the dare is about: Finish the drink and clonk the glass over the scorpion so that the remaining drops may kill it, or let it sting you to death!
Soucerer Suspicious
Soucerer Suspicious Пре месец
Pls do Thunderbirds
DwarfGamz Пре месец
Easily the best daniels Craig bond film
PluFisIonatE Tw€nTy
PluFisIonatE Tw€nTy Пре месец
What makes it great is that it makes humanity count to 10....
Mattz Tube
Mattz Tube Пре месец
Still waiting on Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Cai Ellerton
Cai Ellerton Пре месец
14:50 I remember watching Skyfall in the cinema with my dad, at this scene he turned to me and said "holy shit that's the original Bond car" I was 10 at the time. Never let him live his childish excitement down
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams Пре месец
I don’t agree with saying James Bond is bisexual, he was trying to throw off Silva
Angelica13579sp Пре месец
Lazy younger generations lying about postcards made me laugh far more than I should. Thank you for your videos
User 1
User 1 Пре месец
There is something about Judi Dench that is heartwarming, she is also in some weird way a foster mother to her agents or Bond at least. Bond films will never be the same without her. And yes Judi Dench can get it.
Chino Cocoa
Chino Cocoa Пре месец
Seeing that you did this movie, could do an EGA video on GOldeneye? Thanks!!
Chino Cocoa
Chino Cocoa Пре месец
"BlondBardem...!" 😄
Kyle Reynhart
Kyle Reynhart Пре месец
Bond checking his cufflinks is the most bad ass, fancy, James bond - ish thing EVER
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