Tesla's Future Battery Strategy Explained

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Tesla Battery day was one of the most anticipated events of the year. Now that they've unveiled their new battery design that they are going to build themselves, let's talk about it and how it'll factor into their greater vision for the future!

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Tesla's Future Battery Strategy Explained
What we'll cover
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Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре месец
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Turbo999be Пре 7 дана
I was right,Jeff Dahn just announced he developped with Tesla a new chemistry that allowed for 15.000 cycles. The report says if charged to 60% it's almost no degradation at all, to 80% 5% degradation and to 100% 10% degradation. Tesla has the holy grail in battery. Forget the 1 million miles battery we are talking about the 5-10 million miles battery ! It is also rumored that the 4680 cell could possibly sustain 500 KW charge power from 0 to 80%.... That means 50kwh in 6 minutes ! We haven't seen anything yet. This is mindblowing news !
Rok Adamlje
Rok Adamlje Пре 26 дана
@Daniel Manning Sure, that really makes a difference on a 100k car.
Daniel Manning
Daniel Manning Пре 26 дана
Did you forget to mention Tesla sales are up because the government subsidises them. Or did you just purposely leave that out to fit your narrative
John Harbinger
John Harbinger Пре 28 дана
only problem is Sanctions against China going into affect so anything involving microchips will no longer be able to be made or sold to in/to China. That will include the equipment needed to even make the batteries and cars even if the car onboard electronics wont be installed in China. So technically speaking Tesla is going to take a Hard (L) on that factory.
Rok Adamlje
Rok Adamlje Пре 28 дана
@Two Bit da Vinci 7:14 is comparing new cell to 2170. Its 5 times the size and has 6 times the power, hence the power density is increased by around 10%, not 500%. I wish they would just detail the technical specifications...
Otto Schwandt
Otto Schwandt Пре дан
Great thorough evaluation!
Time Traveler 2025
Time Traveler 2025 Пре 4 дана
Is this like the solar panels...?
Gig27 Пре 5 дана
Wouldn't it have been cheaper to import lithium instead of building your own mine?
Gregg Rco
Gregg Rco Пре 5 дана
Elon's getting chunky.
YK Chan
YK Chan Пре 5 дана
Page 6:00 Page 5:09 Tesla battery Tesla’s tab less battery, more appropriately the - multi tab junction contacts weld less connection - There are limiting factors in the tab less architecture Tesla failed to address the public. (1) junction force, unknown (2) junction area, unknown (3) junction (force and area) retention under operating environmental conditions, unknown Environmental? condition unknown (4) Thermal expansion / contraction cycles? (5) Thermal shock, unknown (6) Acceleration / decelerations cycles? (7) Acceleration shock, unknown. Any one of above technical issue not addressed correctly will significantly set back the new architecture below the bench mark architecture ie the welded bi-tab version.
Göran Karlsson
Göran Karlsson Пре 6 дана
You are confusing power and energy. Power is measured in watts, and they promise 6 times the power. Energy is measured in watt hours, and they promise 5 times more energy. What I don't understand is, if that would be the case, why only 16% more range if you have 500% more power?
David Blalock
David Blalock Пре 8 дана
I got to say, now that the novelty of Tesla is starting to wear off, I'm starting to get board with their design language. So an engineering refresh is timely, but its also time for another design refresh.
Daniel McMahon
Daniel McMahon Пре 10 дана
So, if the new batteries are part of the structure of the car and are glued in, what happens when you need to replace the batteries? Do you replace the entire bottom of the car?
Sunil N
Sunil N Пре 11 дана
Sunil N
Sunil N Пре 11 дана
Xavier Castro
Xavier Castro Пре 11 дана
Looks like CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. had also come out with a tabless battery design. I randomly bought 955 shares today of CBAT because it was the only stock that was moving up from all the EV stocks I’m watching. I just had some surplus funds in my Robinhood and so I put it all to work. Then I saw the big jump and I started researching why. I couldn’t find anything anywhere....until I found this lonely random article dated 09/28/20: “CBAK Energy has Successfully Developed Large-sized Cylindrical Tabless Battery with 25% Boost in Energy Density and 20% Cost Saving”. What the?! Do you know what that means?! This is HUGE! I don’t want to put the link to the article here because I don’t want you to think I’m trying to spam. Google the article for yourself. The quote above is the title of the article. As far as I know, Tesla is the only one that developed a tabless battery design. Googled around “tabless battery” and the only thing Google returns is about Tesla. On Tesla Battery Day all they talk about is their “tabless battery design” and how it is a game changer for them. Now I stumble across CBAK Energy doing the same?! Look into this and tell me where my thinking is wrong. According to the article, “CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. ("CBAK Energy",NASDAQ: CBAT), a world's leading lithium-ion battery provider”...wow. The worlds leading!!! Let me know what you think. Have a good day.
Metalmogul46 Пре 12 дана
Wow, great speaker.
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 12 дана
Mighty kind of you! I feel like I have a long way to go but try to practice often
Julio Cortez
Julio Cortez Пре 14 дана
Elon retweeted this back to twomad... lemme see
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 13 дана
What now?
Steve Givens
Steve Givens Пре 16 дана
The apex of your presentation was “What a great time to be alive.” I am 71 and had a good life. However, I get a little sad knowing that I likely won’t be around when the full payoff of the Elon Musk era will be fully realized. Without going into a full analysis, I have done an extensive assessment of the full social impact of the change to batteries and EV’s, and especially FSD. As one drills down into the full social cost of driving ICE cars and allowing people to drive themselves, the impact is of staggering proportion. The full measure of the cost of driving ICE cars includes a long list of items not often associated without h it. For example, in 2019 there were about 3 million injuries and 39,000 deaths due to auto accidents. Consider the impact on the direct cost to health care and the effect on those costs if FSD decreases this by 80-90%. It comes down to things we no longer need if we adopt FSD. We won’t need so many doctors, hospitals, nurses, offices, clerks to keep insurance records, police to investigate accidents, judges and courtrooms and lawyers to litigate liability, car body shops, auto replacement parts manufacturers, jails, bail bondsmen, and on and on. All of these items are direct social cost required to support ICE vehicle ownership and cannot be used to support other more socially beneficial uses. How about drunk driving/DUI? The social impact of this alone has devastating direct and indirect social cost. Many of the costs are the same to those previously enumerated but also include the impact on families and their ability to remain financially viable. How do people with a DUI get to work? The only winner in the DUI realm are attorneys. Many of them are going to have to chase different ambulances. Think of the effect on car insurance premiums. Oh yeah, a small but notable item - maybe we save ourselves from climate change. I could continue but I have already belabored the point. You have terrific videos and I am planning to become a patron very soon. Thanks. You’re a real pro.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Пре 16 дана
first vid which explained what a tabless battery is. Many thanks. Also what is nice is that your voice is not annoying.
Ray Turchie
Ray Turchie Пре 16 дана
Executive briefing. Keep up the good work.
ADeadlyFork Пре 17 дана
The thing with grids is that if they were to apply it, technically the government would be involved and anyone that owns a solar panels know that even thought there's incentives for solar, the government still wants to keep their customers tied to them and are very strict with rules and regulations regarding going 100% solar
Jonathan Gwynne
Jonathan Gwynne Пре 18 дана
The "million mile battery" is not really very meaningful in the real world. The average American drives about 13,000 miles/year. The current battery life of ~500,000 miles is good for ~38.5 years of typical driving. The average American keeps their car for about six years - less than 80,000 miles. Assuming "Tesla Time" - i.e. the new battery technology that they want to bring to the public in four years actually ends up taking 6-10 years... That means that by 2030, Tesla will be making more batteries than it can sell in new vehicles and that will give them the opportunity to tap into the "upgrade market" - that is, sell upgrades to the relatively small number of people who still own their original Tesla Model S/X/3/Y they bought 10+years earlier. Would I pay a few thousand dollars to upgrade my 2020 Model 3's battery modules to get more capacity, range and power? You bet I would. I suspect lots more people would too. Tesla has a huge opportunity to sell their new batteries to existing customers and the service profit they'll make on doing the upgrades.
Jonathan Gwynne
Jonathan Gwynne Пре 17 дана
@Two Bit da Vinci, the US generates about 12 terawatt hours of electricity per day. In order to have a meaningful impact on grid storage by hooking up electric cars to the grid, it would take about 400 million Tesla Model 3 lomg-range cars plugged into the grid at any given moment. That's more cars than people. Tesla needs to work on energy density and cost before they focus on longevity.
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 18 дана
Jonathan, I don't think it wise, to say why something great, is not needed. Here's why it's needed... every person who has an EV has a HUGE battery storage that does nothing 90% of the day everyday. If all EVs were plugged to the grid, we could eliminate all needs for peaker power plants, plus pay out to the owners for their power contributions. my car 75kWh, my powerwall 13. Tesla won't do this, because then i'd be using up the useful life of my battery, while not accruing any miles. But if a battery had huge life, that's all possible. So rather than say something great is not needed, lets think about all the new great things, some new greatness, can bring.
phil brooks
phil brooks Пре 19 дана
was that really a grown man dancing like small boy? what a burke
Gig27 Пре 20 дана
Lower prices will open Tesla to a larger market. It will also open up the benefits of a tesla. Lower costs for repairing the car due to fewer moving parts, electricity on average cheaper than petrol.
Jan Trojanowski
Jan Trojanowski Пре 22 дана
Great information and presentation!
Sharp S
Sharp S Пре 23 дана
When petro dollar crumbles elon finds a battery When people questioning space elon starts space X.
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister Пре 23 дана
Does this mean a new and improved version of the Powerwall?
William kunz
William kunz Пре 24 дана
I believe NHRA requires a roll cage on 9 second et cars. Dodge has them on their high 9 second et cars. I have ordered Model Plaid. Will it have a roll cage built in?
Melinda Heinemann
Melinda Heinemann Пре 24 дана
Thanks for the info. I do not think Gavin Newsom has any idea about infrastructure.
BlueEternities Пре 25 дана
People expected solid state batteries.
Ainschunt Ayleuhn
Ainschunt Ayleuhn Пре 25 дана
Your explanation of how the New Tesla Battery 🔋 actually works, was the Best I’ve heard to date!
MetikalMan Пре 25 дана
Do you know if Tesla is investing in graphene? That could be applied to the next generation lithium batteries.
ybet1000 Пре 25 дана
It's Chinese since ancient times
Erik Pelyukhno
Erik Pelyukhno Пре 25 дана
Thank you for making such a concise and detailed analysis, I always look forward to watching your videos
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 25 дана
Thank you Erik!
Erik Pelyukhno
Erik Pelyukhno Пре 25 дана
Thank you for such a concise and detailed analysis, always look forward to watching your videos
lorenzo M
lorenzo M Пре 25 дана
Tesla & Space X The Future
F Пре 25 дана
We are 20 years ahead of what we would be, without Tesla. I think that's what you meant.
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson Пре 25 дана
1:40-3 you say Tesla sales have outdone all the competitors how many Sales are cars on the road, and I do not believe that statement more than I can shit golden turds.
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 25 дана
Good for you!
1911indi Пре 25 дана
How do you control ur car when it can be tracked, turned off or driven by the authorities ???
Todd Weber
Todd Weber Пре 26 дана
I feel sorry for the planet . All these mines to get the resorces out of the ground and all the polution that comes from mines . The big trucks dont run on air . Also the waste when the batteries are spent . Recyle nightmare . Battery overload on the planet . Let alone if they catch fire .
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 25 дана
have you heard about the oil industry? It has destroyed the planet more than everything else we've ever done combined. Our next video is on a secretly oil spill that's quietly been happening for over 15 years and wont stop for another 100.
Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc
Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc Пре 26 дана
His stocks would be fine if he did not attack local small business installing solar. Has anyone tested the air quality in his cars? Do we know what chemicals are being used to protect the electronics from heat and moisture? Do we know what toxins are leaking into the cab at high temperatures? Is there a link to cancer with any of these chemicals? What about electromagnetic fields? Are we getting microwaved?
Gabriel Soria
Gabriel Soria Пре 26 дана
What I personally saw as a massive leap was charge time. If your car only goes 200 miles but you can "refill" in 5 minutes than it's really much more like a normal car, only issue would be finding a charging station that could supply that. As far as longevity my assumption is about 10-20% longer life if your just thinking in the lost energy in charging and discharging compared to the old design. But also there would be much less chance of part of the roll being defective effecting the battery by much, so potentially less complete failures over the years.
Neil Jakeman
Neil Jakeman Пре 26 дана
Thanks, a great concise explanation and overview
Ben Macke
Ben Macke Пре 26 дана
Love the breakdown you did. I watched the livestream of Battery Day while I worked, so ended up missing a few things. There were a few concepts and ideas that were above me and your breakdown also helped give me a better idea/perspective.
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 26 дана
Glad to hear it Ben!
Dr Nooby Noob
Dr Nooby Noob Пре 26 дана
Has humanity forgotten about the company NanoSolar? yes the thin film company that magically disappeared from history. They already solved the coating problem, but were probably taken over by big oil and their accomplishments and patents destroyed
freeculture Пре 26 дана
No, the Y will probably not make it up there with the others, it has a bad interior design. People should avoid this model, or never use the rear seats. Yes, tall people can hit their heads really bad against a beam there, so no.
CanisSuperious Пре 26 дана
From Ludicrous mode to Plaid!!!
CanisSuperious Пре 26 дана
My car is for transportation. I paid to have the power transferred from the grid to my car. Why transfer that power back to the grid? Even getting paid to do so means I have to waste time recharging my car's power supply. Power Wall has one purpose. Grid connected power management. Instead of using my car to stabilize the grid, how about lobbying Congress to harden and modernize the grid against an EMP attack or an X-class Carrington Event solar flare. No amount of grid connected Teslas would help in those situations. Oh before anyone talks about the unlikely event of an EMP attack, because only Nukes could do it, Popular Mechanics ran a detailed article showing how to alter a conventional missile into an EMP device. If private citizens can build rockets to launch themselves into orbit to prove the earth is flat, how likely is it someone builds a dozen homemade E-Missiles and attacks key grid transfer locations?
James Strickler II
James Strickler II Пре 26 дана
Though I'm not into the incorporating batteries into the frame thing, since replacing them will be a nightmare, the data for the current longevity of Tesla batteries is decent quality. The thing that excites me is that they may also be able to use the aluminum body of the car to assist in cooling the batteries since the heat transfer to the frame will be wicked away as the car travels and air passes over the body.
Sam Chisholm
Sam Chisholm Пре 27 дана
Really good audio quality - appreciate that.
nobodynemoq Пре 27 дана
Great video! And I'm really impressed how much Elon achieved through small steps and smart thinking...
Jugger naut
Jugger naut Пре 27 дана
co2 is just a joke for me i dont care. in the 20years i dont buy and eat meat, i saved thousands of kilometers of co2 production from my old diesel.
seven Пре 27 дана
better start building some more coal fire powerplants for the electricity to power all these clean vehicles people will be driving soon
P Vdkolk
P Vdkolk Пре 27 дана
Hi Anyone my overunity electric generator nerds to be patented,..
SavageDutchman Пре 27 дана
The whole integrated battery is fine and all, but once that breaks the entire car can no longer be used right because the battery can't be replaced or am I missing something?
Mike Abbott
Mike Abbott Пре 27 дана
Awesome info. Thanks!
Jan Tuts
Jan Tuts Пре 27 дана
But so if your car's battery pack goes bad for some reason, they need to replace your car's entire chassis floor plate?!
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 27 дана
This is a question in looking into and will do a follow up video on!
Rose Silver
Rose Silver Пре 27 дана
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Richie Rich
Richie Rich Пре 27 дана
Thank you, free speech you can say what you feel Hear! hear!, but just for argument sake to Give this idiot you spoke with in Twitter the benefit of the doubt He just didn't know any better. Now he knows it was a copper mine.👍 I do have questions. does the tesla use copper Windings For the electric motor? Does the motherboard of self driving use copper? Is the the Rubber tires petroleum based? Is the metal And/or aluminium, mined? These questions are legitimate I hope you don't think I'm undermining the company Tesla. I happened to own stock.😄 Free speech cool 😎. I love the first Amendment.✌😃👍
Ace Escudero
Ace Escudero Пре 27 дана
I’m a technical skills instructor and I waste a lot of time watching multiple videos hunting for information because people can’t explain or deliver information in a methodical and comprehensive way. However, your video was on point! One and done and Subscribed. Thank you!
Squidlings Пре 27 дана
16% increase in range and 6x power? Your breakdown doesn't make sense? I think the 6x increase in power refers to the amount of amps you can draw from the cells? I've not watched the full battery day so could be wrong.
Squidlings Пре 27 дана
@Two Bit da Vinci I see, bigger cells hold more... OK I thought you meant gram for gram. 🙏💪👌
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 27 дана
yes power density is increased by 6x, and over capacity and range by 16% (keeping mass/volume equal) since there are bigger cells
Reuben Stern
Reuben Stern Пре 27 дана
rebuilding from the ground up is good. It never takes as long as you think and you can implement all the lessons you learned.
Fritz Kocher
Fritz Kocher Пре 27 дана
Great summary and analysis! The national press did not get it. Wonder what the rest of the competition gained. If they are not scared, they should be.
Mike's Best Pictures
Mike's Best Pictures Пре 27 дана
Pfffffff.... Man you talk too much, and i love to here from TESLA it self.
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 27 дана
This is a very -- comment on a video on my channel. You realize this yah? Check out Tesla’s channel if you want to hear from them!
Manj Sher
Manj Sher Пре 27 дана
Where's my solid state battery? I'll ask again next year.
icekk007 Пре 27 дана
Tesla claims the new 4680 cell has 5X more energy and 6X more power. Do they compare it with the 2170 cell? Also are we talking about energy in Wh and power in W vs. energy density in Wh/kg and power density in W/kg?
korllark1 Пре 27 дана
Investors were expecting them to announce their new space operations, including orbital mining and inter galactic trade partners.
Sean Regehr
Sean Regehr Пре 27 дана
All of Tesla's "improvements" are working towards replacing oil and gas with electricity. Everything else is fluff. They are going to get you on electricity and then you will all be fully dependent and the rate of electricity will be the strength of currency indefinitely. If you thought gas got expensive, just wait.
Len Johnson
Len Johnson Пре 26 дана
unless you have solar panels on your roof!!!!!!!!
Sean Regehr
Sean Regehr Пре 27 дана
One piece casting will mean all impact are more severe to the occupants of the vehicle. Tesla learned nothing from the old steel body construction design flaws. lmao
Len Johnson
Len Johnson Пре 26 дана
Are you employed by oil and gas companies? Or maybe OEMs?
Sean Regehr
Sean Regehr Пре 27 дана
Will Elon then commit to fully restoring all his mining sites to good as new condition? lmao You made a bad assumption about Tesla. They will continue mining always. You cannot build more batteries unless you have more material to work with. You can only recycle what was already available, so that means no gain. It is just re-suse, not creation.
Len Johnson
Len Johnson Пре 26 дана
Judging by your responses, you have never been inside a Tesla, or driven one.
IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers
IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers Пре 27 дана
Totally worthless engineering when used in colder environments.
I C Пре 27 дана
How does Tesla use different cells from other manufacturers? Can they use all of them for their cars aswell?
Sean Regehr
Sean Regehr Пре 27 дана
The dry powder is just carbon. lmao Tesla is going to fail hard after all his hard work is easily reproduced. He just copied God's intelligent design because he is incompetent to compete.
Bruno Dias
Bruno Dias Пре 27 дана
Yet another Tesla ad video...
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Пре 27 дана
I think you mismatched power and energy density. The power has nothing to do with range. The amount of ENERGY you can store inside these new cells is 5 times higher than on the old ones (because they are just bigger) and can pack more Energy in the same space, so range could be increased. But the big improvement of the tabless design is the improvement in the POWER (current / amperage) they can deliver, which is increased by the factor of 6 !!! That means, that these new cells could be charged and discharged at least 20% faster than the old ones without overheating, even with the same chemistry. So you can build faster engines (e.g. for plaid) and charge up even smaller battery packs faster.
Caldon Samis
Caldon Samis Пре 27 дана
Bill Geo
Bill Geo Пре 28 дана
What? You're saying that LiPo batteries can be 100 recycled ad infinitum?
albert johnson
albert johnson Пре 28 дана
tesla cars are ugly.
Milton Romero
Milton Romero Пре 28 дана
Awesome as always. Thanks for sharing
Someone Пре 28 дана
hey, thanks for the video, please use metrics... at least write it on the video...
Daniel Schmider
Daniel Schmider Пре 28 дана
"There's enough sand in Nevada" Yeah ok but thats still A WHOLE LOT OF SAND. You dont wanna mine all that ffs, shitty argument.
Paul Gallop
Paul Gallop Пре 28 дана
Thank you for a bit of positive news.......much appreciated in these dark times.
Vivin Arikkudil
Vivin Arikkudil Пре 28 дана
It's a shame that Duracell did nothing to innovate except for their advertisements. A start up company beat their asses
Wow you provided many technical details more then other chennals
Where is the schematic of that new design ?
Xingchi Wang
Xingchi Wang Пре 28 дана
you even mixed up anode and cathode ?!!
Adrian Bowie
Adrian Bowie Пре 28 дана
katherandefy Пре 28 дана
Your accent is awesome.
Anthony Gehring
Anthony Gehring Пре 28 дана
how do you feel this will impact LAC?
Z4yx Пре 28 дана
Electric Kia Cars are cheaper and almost pretty good as Tesla
Kilo Hertz
Kilo Hertz Пре 28 дана
Batteries are storage devices. What source do the plan to use to charge the batteries? Solar? Wind? Steam has at best about 32% efficiency due to condenser losses. High efficiency combustion turbines 60 to 80% depending on compressor inlet temperature (compressor efficiency). So where do you get the charging energy? The complete energy cycle will ultimately add all this heat to the environment. We may be able to lower the carbon footprint but how do we lower the heat footprint? Space is a vacuum. A vacuum cannot conduct heat. The only way to get rid of the heat we create is to ultimately radiate the heat into space. If we keep creating more and more energy and dumping it into planet earth we won't solve the ultimate problem. These batteries are genius. This technology is brilliant. Using breaking to charge the batteries increases efficiency, but we are still dumping more and more heat into the environment.
roxoto Пре 28 дана
maybe the Nikola lawsuit created the stock dip
roxoto Пре 28 дана
Fantastic. I didnt watch the tesla vid, thanks for this great rundown.
Juan Carlo
Juan Carlo Пре 28 дана
One of the best summaries I have experienced. Thank you
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 28 дана
Wow, thank you!
david rabbit
david rabbit Пре 28 дана
No million miles battery 👎👎👎
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus Пре 28 дана
Who are we?
MuddyDuck Пре 28 дана
Thanks for a really great summary of the Tesla Battery Day event. Have only just found your channel, but have now subscribed and look forward to future updates. 👍
Two Bit da Vinci
Two Bit da Vinci Пре 28 дана
Welcome aboard!
aysiiou Пре 28 дана
Of course Tesla is playing it's part. But the only way we are going to save the planet is by ditching the "all car" model. He says it himself, they will be short comings of material to make batteries. Today every little thing has a battery, from soap dispensers, to ktichen mixers. Seriously, can't i rub my hand on a bar of soap or push a pump anymore, and plug in my mixer and shaver? Is that whats being modern? Some things are progress, other are really just a waste of resources! And a model where every adult has a car is just not sustainable, Tesla or not.
MultiQI Пре 28 дана
As customer I doubt we will see any of these financial savings
MultiQI Пре 28 дана
One piece casting HMMM big problem if it get damaged in one place you will need to replace the whole thing. I think this would very expensive to replace andbeauty of built up car is you can replace parts at cheaper cost.
Ron Watson
Ron Watson Пре 28 дана
No, It's not 5X or 6X....it's a 16% overall increase in energy compared to the previous battery system of the same weight. What the 5X-6X is referring to is the ability to dump a vast amount of energy quickly. Great news for drag racing but only a modest gain for the average commuter.
Ashley Howard
Ashley Howard Пре 29 дана
There are current methodologies to mine lithium. In the americas the lithium is extracted from brines. In Australia the lithium is obtained from mining hard rock, so it is also mined using open cut methodologies. Hardrock lithium is converted into a product called spodumene and the brines are converted to lithium carbonate. Both spodumene and lithium carbonate are converted to Lithium Hydroxide for use in Batteries.
Captain DeStructo
Captain DeStructo Пре 29 дана
Everyone will need a Powerwall. The power-grid does not have the capacity to support all-electric transportation. Add that to the cost of your Tessla. Around $40,000 W/panels. When it's sunny weather.
E for Electric
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Jala Brat x Buba Corelli - Plesi (Mr. Hydden Remix)
Mr. Hydden
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